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VW:UUTS Chaper 6 – Mad Dragon

Chaper 6 – Mad Dragon
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TLN: Well, enjoy. Tmr I might only release 1 DOP though, need to finish a group project. Will update the release schedule again.

The Breaking Dawn Forest was a territory fought over by the various tribes. When the World Tree withered, all of the tribes across the continent were plunged into a terrible situation. In the midst of ruin, the humans, beasts, elves and demons had united together as a single empire to fight against the Undead Legion. However, these few newbie villages were located near the large graveyard, intertwined with the Undead Legion’s territory.

The Breaking Dawn Forest was a training ground for higher leveled players outside the newbie villages. Not only it was a place where the undead spawned, it was also a place for higher leveled players to grow.

From the public information provided in the website, the Breaking Dawn Forest was a place for level 5 – 12 monsters to spawn. If a player had not reached level 5, then it was best if he did not enter the Breaking Dawn Forest. Even level 5 players would at least need to come in a party, otherwise it would be very hard for them to survive.

Before leveling to level 10, players would not have any abilities. They could only use normal physical attacks, and these includes mages, priests, tacticians and bards, the cloth armored players. Thus, the newbie village would be dominated by close combat players, while the priests and the mages were forgotten in a corner.

However, when a player reached level 10 and manage to find level 2 main cities to learn their first job advancement skills, then priests would be the strongest profession. Especially the beautiful female priests, they would be the hottest profession.


I couldn’t form a group, because I didn’t have a suitable team mates. I did not belong to the official Undead Legion and also not from the Human Alliance. The only one with this kind of situation was probably only me alone. Anyway, those players from the Radiance Alliance might not even be willing to form a party with me, an ugly little skeleton.


Stepping on the fallen leaves, I reached the Breaking Dawn Forest as the day breaks. A ray of morning light penetrate through the mysterious forest, forming dotted shadows on the ground. It looked so serene.

Opening the map, the quest indicated the Green Praying Mantis’ area. It was just a short distance in front.

I gathered 100% of my enthusiasm, readied my sword and stepped into the mysterious forest. After walking a short distance, suddenly my sixth sense felt an imminent danger!


A green coloured blade split the wind as it flew towards me. There was something attacking me!

“Pu Chi!”

My defense was broken. Although I wore a +9 defense armour, I couldn’t withstand this attack. A large damage number floated on my head – 41!

What a nice brat, your attack power is too high!

Looking upwards, I saw a monster wearing an armour hanging on a short tree nearby. It was a scary-looking Praying Mantis, it’s body covered with thick green crusts that looked extremely tough and durable. There were two sharp looking blade on its two arms. It was these things that had attacked me previously!

Green Praying Mantis lv-7
Normal monster

Humph, a level 7 monster. No wonder it’s attack was so painful. However, at that moment, I have already deduced that although the Green Praying Mantis’ attack was extremely high, it’s movement speed and attacking speed was extremely slow. The time difference between two attacks was around 4 seconds long. If it was like that, then there should be no problem for me to face these level 7 Green Praying Mantises alone.

Sliding my feet, I formed a beautiful arc as I jumped at the Praying Mantis’ right side. I raised my sword. Kacha!


This damage number was still alright. The most important thing was that the Green Praying Mantis’ defense was not that tough, otherwise my Rusty Sword won’t be able to break its defense.

A level 7 monster that has less than 300 health, looks like it is going to be over soon.

“Hiss hiss….”

The Green Praying Mantis hissed loudly as it turned its body, swinging both of its blade to deal a dual damage.

I quickly retreated, my feet moving smoothly as I positioned myself behind the Green Praying Mantis. “Cha cha cha”, I quickly dealt three strokes, the strong rhythm of attack made me feel excited. It had been a long time since I felt such an exhilarating rush. Ahh, after being burdened with 3 seconds delay for a whole year, I felt like a fish that had just entered water.

I took care to maintain a safe distance and made all of the Green Praying Mantis’ attacks go to waste. But my Rusty Sword was relentlessly unleashing combos upon the Green Praying Mantis. Although it was higher leveled than me by two levels, it still died in the end.

In the mysterious forest, one was a person and the other a Praying Mantis, but they still managed to perform the pinnacle of efficient and strategic battle. After evading its attack for four times, I was more or less comfortable with fighting it.

“Pu Chi!”

Green coloured blood splashed out of the Green Praying Mantis after continuously attacking it for more than ten times. The level 7 Green Praying Mantis whined pitifully and fell to the ground, dropping a small Magic Stone. Picking it up, it turned out to be a low quality magic stone, with a quality of 14. It should be worth around 140 copper coins. It’s not that much, but for the early stages, these amount of money was too precious. After all, you would have to collect enough money to learn your skills before you reached level 10. Otherwise you could die of stress of not being able to learn the powerful skills available to you.

Throwing the Small Magic Stone into my inventory, I realized that my exp bar had risen quite a bit. Killing a monster higher leveled than you would indeed give you rich experience points. Going deeper into the forest, I looked for Praying Mantises that was alone.

After around two hours, I killed 87 Green Praying Mantises and rose to level 7. I added 20 points into strength, and my attack increased to 22-37. Killing the level 7 Green Praying Mantises became very easy, it’s a pity that the deeper I went into the forest, the higher leveled the monsters became. When I met the first level 10 Green Praying Mantis, I was almost killed. Hence I could only sulk and turn back to the outskirts of the forest, killing the level 8 monsters for my own survival.

<Heaven’s End>’s death penalty was extremely harsh. When a player died, he would rise as a soul in the nearest city. When his soul found his body and revived, the penalty for it was dropping 1 level. However, the soul could also revive inside the city, but the penalty for it was dropping 3 levels. The distance between the Breaking Dawn Forest and the newbie village was around 20 minutes, I would not want to waste 20 minutes running to my body.

Looking at the time, it was almost 4am in the morning. However, the server condition was still crowded. It was obvious that many people were still rushing to level.

“Yeah, tonight I would train until level 10 and get my job skill before logging off!”

I encouraged myself quietly, as I cruise through the depths of Breaking Dawn Forest alone. I killed the Green Praying Mantises one by one, waiting to collect the right amount of quest items to end the quest.

As I was hunting, I heard voices from afar. Evidently, another player had came here!

I quickly collected a Small Magic Stone on the ground and hid my whole body in the bushes nearby. Only my pair of eyes could be seen, no, maybe it couldn’t be counted as a pair of eyes…Only my skeleton’s pair of dark eye sockets could be seen.

“Third brother, are you certain that the King of Green Praying Mantis is in this coordinates of the Breaking Dawn Forest map?” A warrior said in a dissatisfied tone, “We have killed these Praying Mantises for over half an hour, these level 6 monsters hardly gave us any experience!”

A magic knight calmly replied, “Boss, it should be in these coordinates. One of our assassin friend was killed by the BOSS at this coordinates about half an hour ago. He didn’t dare to revive here, so he revived in the city and dropped three levels. He wasted two hours of training.”

The warrior nodded, “Humph, I hope you’re right. If we came here for nothing, you’d have to treat me for tomorrow’s supper.”

“Ha, that’s a small thing!”


The few people moved through the forest at a fast pace. Not half a minute later, the magic knight suddenly raised his hands and shouted: “Be careful, it is indeed here in this place, hahaha!”

Through the leaves, I had also seen it. A huge Green Praying Mantis was just right in front, waving its mighty blades. Its green shiny crust shone with a little shade of gold, making it looked a little different from the other ordinary Praying Mantises.

At that time, I punched my knees in regret. If only I had just walked forward a little, I could have seen this BOSS monster! However, after thinking it over again, forget it. Even if I found this BOSS, I would probably be dead, because I couldn’t even see the BOSS’ level.

That level 8 warrior couldn’t help but laughed loudly, “Brothers, we are going to be rich today! A level 12 F+ BOSS, this King of Green Praying Mantis is currently the strongest BOSS in this newbie village. If we can defeat it, it will definitely drop a strong weapon or equipment!”

The magic knight was still calm as he replied, “Boss, be more alert. This is a level 12 BOSS, and our average levels are at most level 8. We also have not learnt any skills. The chances of us defeating this BOSS wouldn’t even be 20%!”

The warrior harrumphed coldly, “Even if we can’t defeat it, we have to force ourselves to. Having such a strong BOSS right in front of our eyes and not killing it does not suit my playing style.”

“Yeah, let’s go!”


The quartet decided their roles and with the first attack from the magic knight, they all started to coordinate their attacks.

“Let’s attack!”

The magic knight roared spiritedly as he charged forward with all of his might. His hands wielded a Rusty Spear that was covered with spots of rust. A flash of light shone at the tip of the spear, as it pierced into the King of Praying Mantis’s lower jaw.


I broke in cold sweat as I watched. Isn’t this chap’s defense too high? That level 8 magic knight’s full force attack could only help the BOSS scratch an itchy spot.

“Not good, we are completely not its opponent!”

The magic knight hurriedly retreated in shock, but he couldn’t avoid the King of Praying Mantis’ attack to his head!


That was close, he was almost killed. His profession growth allowed additional growth in health. If another person were to receive that attack, he would probably be dead.

Currently, the highest leveled person in these newbie villages was level 9. Hence this level 8 magic knight was already counted as one of the top players, but he was no better than a noob in front of this BOSS.

The magic knight quickly retreated after the attack. The Praying Mantis’ movement speed was slow, hence escaping was still possible.


However, before these four people ran too far away, suddenly, a large amount of players came out from the bushes. They were an aggressive looking, elite troops with level ranging from 4-7. Furthermore, these people all had the words “Mad Dragon” in front of their names, and standing right in front of them, was a person with and ID “Descent of the Dragon”. He was a level 9 magic knight, the highest leveled player in all of the newbie villages.

Descent of the Dragon immediately charged forward as he roared, “[Mad Dragon] guild has arrived, unrelated people please retreat and leave this place. Otherwise, we wouldn’t bear the consequences!”

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  1. deadlybell says:

    cocky bastards lol in games like this if i find people like that i kill them or screw them over cause i hate when people do that just due to numbers even more so if you are already fighting what they want…. i remember once i got attacked by a guild over a field boss i was fighting….however sadly for them I was one of the top players in that game and it was a PK field so i killed them and continued on with the boss lol ahhhh fun times ;~;

    thanks for the chapter

      • deadlybell says:

        its no longer around, it was called iris online by gpotato

        as for why i put so much work into it to become as broken as i was, was due to an ex of mine she was too sickly to leave the hospital so she played games on the pc when she didnt have tests and whatnot about a month later i found out that she wasnt just sick, she was dieing due to a hereditary disease so when she wasnt on i would put all my effort into getting stronger and getting better gear in the game so we didnt need more people than just us in our party so i could spend what little time we had together, sadly just before the game shut down she passed away so i quit the game it had too many memories for me to enjoy it again, it was only later when i finally got the urge to play it again that i found out that it wasnt around anymore which was kinda sad

        • shiroyukineko says:

          Sorry to hear that… your story sounds like the anime I had just watched (shigatsu wa kimi no uso) in which I cried buckets… It’s a shame the game’s no longer around, I’d like to play it too :/

        • dharmox says:

          2 year ago i was played Age Of Wushu. We want to take a Boss for some skill in the game, some bigshot asshole guild tried to conguer the area. And we kill them 30 people of them, with only 3 of us hehehehe. After a red name for 5 hour we hide on some lousy cave lol.

        • shiroyukineko says:

          What… I didn’t know there’s so many games that allows pk… Always thought that u need to approve first before u can pvp, except during guild wars or pvp match…

  2. Diseased says:

    Every one of these VRMMO novels is the same. Right in the beginning there is some jackass who has a bunch of people then they start fighting with the MC. I was liking it up until this chapter. Hopefully this doesn’t become the main focus of the next 10+ chapters like it usually does.

  3. mythu says:

    hoho now he has 20 ability points from level 5 to level 7? Seems as he noticed he forgot about the 2 missing level points.

  4. Leon says:

    i dont get it why you people think the 3 are jackasses the mc didnt find the boss first and it looks like that hes gonna the ks the boss from them >.>

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