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VW:UUTS Chapter 10 – Let Me Live With You

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Chapter 10 – Let Me Live With You
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, TaffyGirl13
Edited By: Surjit, Shiroyukineko

TLN: Lol looked at that list of sponsors…Yay to the first sponsored chapter of UUTS. Thank you sponsors!! And sorry it got delayed so much though. Please blame it on the crazy people who kept distracting me on the chat. Next chapter will be delayed again i’m so sorry… Well enjoy the chapter!

[Rend will take the fall for them, Sorry for the late chap! :P]


Taking off the helmet gear, I took a deep breath. My body couldn’t really endure being up for 8 hrs straight. Or maybe it was because I was buried underground for so long?

Outside, there was a light drizzle. It was rare to see such a gentle rain during summer, that sent people down the nostalgia lane. I was also starting to feel strange inside. A simple rain can cause a ripple in the calm lake of my mind, where had all my determination gone to?

I went downstairs and entered a small noodle shop, shouting, “Boss, give me a bowl of beef noodles with sliced beef; the five dollar a bowl one. Remember to put extra slices of beef in it!”

The boss rolled her eyes at me and swung around, starting to prepare the noodles.

Before long, a hot, steaming bowl of beef noodles was served.The real estate crash three years ago had one good consequence The food offered by the hawkers and restaurant  had become cheaper. People who made a living playing games like me could finally afford to eat meat everyday.

To my chagrin, there were no extra beef slices in my sumptuous meal. The beef slices were simply cut as thin as a piece of paper, dammit!


Finishing off my noodles, including the soup, I rubbed my stomach as I headed back upstairs. I’d been sluggish since morning, so I pretty much fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

In my dreams, I was lying on a mountain of gold coins. My pillow was a massive Dream Magic Stone, and my mattress was a ton of glittering Amethyst Stones. I held the God-Tier Flaming Sword in my left hand and the God-Tier Cutting Blade in my right. I was also wearing the top-notch Sharp Demon Armor. With my legs crossed one over the other, I shouted to the servants below me, “Gentler. Can’t you be a bit more professional?”

“I apologize, Master!”

A girl next to my feet replied with a charming and pleasant voice. The girl was an elf wearing only cloth bandages over her body. She was currently massaging my feet, kneeling before me. Her well-developed and delicate physique could make anyone fall in love with her at first sight. Yeah, I’d be content living days like these!

In a far distance, the Undead Legion’s Commander was covered with barbed wire, kneeling on the ground. He trembled all over, shouting out loud, “Chivalrous Hero, please spare my life! I am just trying to make a livelihood. Spare this lowly life and give me a way to survive. I have an eighty year old mother and a baby son who still needs nursing!”

I ordered, “Off with his head!”

Countless Gods descended upon the earth and tore the Undead Legion Commander apart into eighty pieces. The Gods then turned the pieces of the Undead Legion Commander’s flesh into a long meat skewer. They divided the barbequed meat amongst themselves and cried out their victories.

At that moment, a delicate voice said in my ear , “Eat a grape, my King….”

Turning around, a  purple coloured grape popped into my mouth. The fragrant and sweet flavour burst in my mouth. I raised my head and looked towards the beautiful girl that was feeding me grapes, but the sight of her made me froze with shock. It was the unrivalled beauty that I dreamt of day and night – He Yi!


I cried out in shock and immediately sat up, “Lady…Lady boss, why is it you?”


“Lu Chen, damn you! Wake up right now!”

Suddenly blinking my eyes open, I realized that it was all a dream. A person dripping in sweat stood in front of me. This person was Du Shi San, my best friend.

“Shi San, why are you here again?”  I asked.

“What, am I not welcome?” Du Shi San patted a large suitcase next to him. There was even a helmet on top of the suitcase. He smiled, “My holidays just began. Being home alone is boring, so I came to live with you. In addition, we can play <Heaven’s End> together and level up together. Isn’t that great? Haha….”

I looked around the room and said, “This apartment only has a room and a hall, plus there’s no AC. Where are you going to sleep?”

“I’ll sleep in the hall.”

“Then you need to pay for the whole rent….”

“What the heck?! Isn’t that too evil?”

Du Shi San rolled his eyes, “Let’s stop the small talk. What level are you now? Do you need me to carry you? I’m already halfway through level 9. By this afternoon, I should be able to rise to level 10 and leave the newbie village. Hehe! Brother, with your 3 seconds delay, you should still have gotten to around level 8 right?”

I smiled mysteriously, “Wrong, my current level is——11!


Du Shi San exclaimed in astonishment, “How is that possible? It was already a marvel that you continued playing with a 3 second delay when everyone else would have given up, how could you have leveled up so quickly?”

I took a deep breath and said, “Shi San, I need to tell you something.”

“Yeah, what?”

“My nerve’s reflex delay time has already been reduced to —— 0.7 seconds. I just tried it this morning.”


Du Shi San was completely frozen. Suddenly, like a volcano he erupted with laughter,  shaking our surroundings. He was beyond happy, and his entire face  flushed red. He suddenly hugged me tightly and laughed, “My brother has returned. Haha, my brother, Luo Chen, has returned!”

I laughed, “Alright, don’t get too excited.”

“How could I not be excited?” Du Shi San laughed, “My brother has finally returned. Hahaha, the exceptional talent show is just about to begin. Humph, those motherfucking Chaos Illumination bastards were running rampant, doing whatever they want. We two brothers should join hands together, and topple their legendary history. Fighting God? What kind of bullshit is that?

I patted his shoulders and replied, smiling, “Don’t be anxious, Chaos Illumination is not within the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province, hence they wouldn’t appear in the Floating Ice City. Furthermore, I still have a 0.7 seconds delay. With such a large reaction time disadvantage, we wouldn’t be able to defeat Chaos Illumination currently. Let’s stay silent for a while. I am not using my previous ID, so Chaos Illumination won’t be able to find me. When the time is ripe, I will collect what they have have owed me plus the interest!”

“Alright, I’ll always support you!” Du Shi San patted my shoulders and laughed, “Lu Chen, now that you’ve reduced your delay to within 1 second, should we go drinking this afternoon to celebrate?”

“No, this afternoon, we’ll rush levels. The people who managed to gain levels in the early stage would have a higher advantage. It won’t be too late to celebrate after we’ve established our superiority. Either way, since we are living together, we can drink together at any time!”

“Hahaha, alright. This afternoon, we’ll purchase some food rations. Let’s struggle hard to level for a week without leaving!”


“Right, let me rush to level 10 in the afternoon. Meanwhile, you should train by yourself. After I leave the newbie village, I’ll look for you in Floating Ice City. What’s your ID?”

“Fallen Hero!”



“Outstanding Expert!”


“Damn, Lu Chen you bastard! Don’t look at me like that…”

Actually, Shi San was a complete newbie to have chosen such a name. If I had known earlier, I would’ve changed my ID to “Elegant Pretty Boy”.


Around two o’clock in the afternoon, the two friends went to the local supermarket and bought an n number of instant noodles and frozen dumplings. Then, they went to the restaurant downstairs that served Hunan Cuisine. At home, we went online separately. I went online from my bedroom while Shi San went online on the sofa in the living room that he would spend his future days with. Actually, this brat came from a rich family, so he should be able to live a comfortable life. However, he insisted on coming to this doghouse apartment to live with me.

At 3 pm, we went online!


Darkness filled my view as soon as I got online. However, I knew that I was inside my “home” – a tomb.

That’s right, every player had to stay in a safe place before logging off. Otherwise, their safety wouldn’t be guaranteed. Some players would buy a simple tent from NPC stores, it only cost 10 copper coins each. It could also be used for a long time. However, the Undead Legion didn’t use tents, everyone would sleep inside their tombs.

My tomb was located near the Frozen Mound. The tombstone was a little crooked.

“Sha sha…”

Climbing out of the tomb, I looked at the inscriptions written on the tombstone, full of interest. “Viscount Lu’s Grave”. Damn, it’s no wonder that the tomb was so snug and comfortable, it turned out to be an aristocrat’s graveyard!

However, these words were simply too disgusting!

Thus, I pulled out my Green Forest Blade and erased the inscription on the tombstone. At the same time, I wrote, “A single room apartment. Looking for people to co-rent. Please contact for negotiation.”


Laughing out loud, I left this comfortable little house. Lifting my sword, I strode towards Frozen Mound to visit the same old Skeleton Leader Falk. Seeing his worried face yesterday, I’m sure that he would still have quests for me.

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