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VW:UUTS Chapter 14 – Arrogant Mad Dragon

Chapter 14 – Arrogant Mad Dragon

Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Taffy
Edited By: Taffy, Shiroyukineko
TLC By: Taffy, Shiroyukineko

Under the copper-coloured city walls, a row of five people stood on top of the Floating Ice City bridge. Their names looked familiar. Each person’s ID had “Mad Dragon” written as a prefix. The person standing right in front was Descent of the Dragon, the first enemy I made in <Heaven’s End>. After our battle in the Breaking Dawn Forest, I didn’t expect to meet him here again.

Descent of the Dragon was full of dissatisfaction as he glared at the Green Forest Blade in my hands. He coldly laughed, “If I am not mistaken, the black-tiered Green Forest Blade is ranked seventh on the Floating Ice City Weapon Ranking. You must have gotten this sword from the Green Praying Mantis King, right?”

I didn’t deny it, and raised my brows, “That’s right, what about it?”

“What about it?!” Descent of the Dragon gritted his teeth and angrily retorted, “Leave your Green Forest Blade behind, and maybe I’ll let you go alive. Otherwise, don’t even dream of continuing to live your life in Floating Ice City.”

I couldn’t help but smile disappointedly, “You are joking right? Whether or not I stay in Floating Ice City, it shouldn’t be something for you to decide.”

Descent of the Dragon suddenly laughed out, his handsome face almost distorting immediately, “Really? Today, I shall let you know whether it is my decision or not!”

Descent of the Dragon roared in anger, “Brothers, exterminate this filthy Undead!”

Immediately, every single one of the [Mad Dragon]’s member took out their weapons. One of the bards in the group took out a bamboo flute and played a broken tune. Immediately, a pillar of green light fell on Descent of the Dragon. It was the bards’ beginner skill – Iron Soldier! This was a type of support skill that increases  the target’s hit rate!


A large group of players had gradually come to a halt at the entrance. The uprising here had attracted a crowd of players. Many of the players were even pointing at me, secretly whispering to each other ——

“Damn! This Undead is hiding a red name!”

“What, aren’t Undeads one of the faction that we are against? Why would this brat come to Floating Ice City?”

“Kill him! Maybe he will drop the Floating Ice City’s seventh ranked weapon…”


The situation was not in my favour. If I continued to delay, I’d probably be unable to retreat.

With a confident stride, I reached out my hands towards the east as I shouted loudly, “Look, an UFO!”

Everyone suddenly raised their heads and looked towards the direction I pointed at.

Seizing the opportunity, I rushed out of the city without looking back. The members moved quickly, and Descent of the Dragon immediately caught up. Although he was a Magic Knight, his current level was still low. Hence, he didn’t have a mount, and had no way of catching up to me.

Descent of the Dragon was beyond furious. The 25 year-old-ish spoiled young master of a rich family widened his eyes in fury as he shouted out loud, “Brothers, this brat is extremely cunning. Let’s go! We’ll enter the Frozen Forest together, and take back that black-tiered weapon that was originally ours!”

Thus, over twenty people were suddenly hot on my tail.

In the forums of Floating Ice City in the Chinese Servers, the name of the [Mad Dragon] guild was extremely well-known. They were also referred to as the Floating Ice City’s strongest guild. Looks like this reputation was not based on empty claims. They were able to gather over twenty people in such a short time. There were as many people as there are feathers on a bird in that guild; no wonder the forums were always buzzing about how there were over 1000 members enrolled in the [Mad Dragon] guild!

Soon after, we reached the forest’s edge. I disappeared in a flash, without even leaving a trace of my shadow. Only some swaying leaves indicated I had ever been present.

Descent of the Dragon led over twenty people to rush into the forest edge, his face ashen as he bellowed, “Fallen Hero, I don’t care what kind of person you are, but you have already tried to mess with the [Mad Dragon]’s scales. Even if a bastard like you was the emperor himself, I will still skin you alive down to the bone today!”

I stood silently under a dense birch tree and laughed, “[Mad Dragon]’s scales?  You dared to call such an inferior guild a dragon? If you guys are really a mad dragon, I’ll rip each of your shitty scales off one by one!”


Descent of the Dragon angrily hollered, “Brothers, he’s in the east. Enter the forest and destroy him. Let everyone in Floating Ice City know that nobody should ever provoke the [Mad Dragon]!”

“Yes, boss!”

A large group of people charged over.

My gaze swept past the area and immediately determined the positions of the players. Their battle formation was triangular-shaped, so I couldn’t face them head-on. Every single one of them had learnt their beginner skills and each skills was powerful in its own way. Facing them head on would be greatly disadvantageous.

“Sha sha…..”

The birch tree leaves swayed as I immediately disappeared from my original spot.

While I was quickly running away, I suddenly grew alert as the enemies had started their attacks!


A ray of cold light burst forth from an empty space. Without a doubt, such a magnificent ambushing skill could only be from an assassin player.

I didn’t retreat, instead, I dodged to the right in that split moment before the enemy’s attack hit me. At the same time, I pulled out my sword. My Green Forest Blade shone brightly as it collided with the assassin’s dagger, producing a loud “clank” sound.

“Hah?! Such a fast speed….”

The attacker was stunned. This person was a level 17 assassin, with the ID “Arrogant Mad Dragon”. He looked to be about 20 years old, and he still seemed juvenile. In terms of his attacking techniques, he was quite skilled. He simply hadn’t yet reached the level of a top assassin.

I froze. Even his name had Mad Dragon in it, this person must be one of Descent of the Dragon’s subordinates. I couldn’t spare him!

Suddenly in the moment when the Green Forest Blade was about to go down, Arrogant Mad Dragon gritted his teeth and bit out, “You are seeking death!”

His figure blurred for a moment as he unexpectedly retreated back in a perfect zig-zag, completely dodging my blade!

I froze again. Looks like Descent of the Dragon’s claim of being the best in Floating Ice City was not based on empty words. This Arrogant Mad Dragon’s game-playing control was really good.


A gust of wind flew out as a layer of dark green light covered Arrogant Mad Dragon’s dagger.

It was indeed the level 10 assassin skill – Cold Spike!

Cold Spike was an active skill that increases hit rate by 20% and also caused normal attack damage to increase to 125%.


I couldn’t react in time, and received the hit as the blade pierced my chest. Luckily, Arrogant Mad Dragon’s dagger was only a white-tier equipment with 3-5 attack. Otherwise, this attack would’ve been fatal.


Arrogant Mad Dragon’s eyes were filled with killing intent as his dagger brushed across my neck in a split moment. He was indeed an assassin, his moves spared me no mercy!

In that instant, my killing intent was also stirred. There was absolutely no way a person like this could be spared!


My battle boots managed to kick Arrogant Mad Dragon’s arm from an awkward angle. I borrowed this momentum and flipped my body over, whirling around in the air. The green blade covered in the dark green light of the skill fiercely cut down towards the opposite party!


With a sharp, clear sound, Arrogant Mad Dragon stood transfixed at his position. He never thought that he would be killed the moment he was winning. The attack that should have killed me was reversed to him in an instant.

As I saw Arrogant Mad Dragon slowly fall to his knees and become a corpse, I coldly snorted and turned around to continue advancing into the jungle. At the same time, I secretly wondered, “If I had picked a fight against the 20+ players alone, I would have undoubtedly died. That 0.7 second delay was still enough to cause my death!”

Angry curses resounded from afar as Descent of the Dragon charged over, bringing a bunch of lackeys. His game-playing skills were not inferior to Arrogant Mad Dragon. Now that he had learnt new skills, his killing power had obviously shot up!

Gradually, we had already gone deep into the jungle. Finally, the number of [Mad Dragon] members pursuing me had been reduced to only five. The others either couldn’t keep up with my speed, or had been attacked by monsters halfway.


I suddenly turned around and stood proud on an empty space in the forest with my sword ready. A funny scene have occurred. A frail little skeleton had raised his sword and stood proudly on the grassland, like a God that had descended down upon the earth.

Descent of the Dragon charged forwards, leading four of his lackeys. When he saw that I had no intention of running, he suddenly froze. He’d seen through my plans, and he wasn’t one hundred percent sure that he could deal with me with just five people.

For a while, Descent of the Dragon stood there, unable to do anything else.

“Boss, let’s go and destroy him. This brat has a black-tier weapon on him!” A short barbarian warrior bellowed.

Descent of the Dragon knitted his brows tightly; someone with a black tier weapon was indeed an enticing targe. However, this meant that the opposite party’s defense was extremely high, making him extremely difficult to kill.

Seeing that the opposite party didn’t dare to act, I couldn’t help but laugh loudly. I pointed at Descent of the Dragon and said, “Floating Ice City is one of the level 2 main cities in the Chinese servers. Most of the players in Jiang Zhe Hu were assigned to Floating Ice City. You guys should all know this clearly. You guys, the [Mad Dragon], is such an inferior guild, yet you want to proclaim yourself as the leading figure in Floating Ice City? That’s just wishful thinking!”

Just as he was about to act, an archer from [Mad Dragon] suddenly staggered over and shouted, “Boss, bad…..bad news….”

“Calm down, what happened?” Descent of the Dragon asked impatiently.

The archer immediately walked forward and whispered a few words in his ear.


Descent of the Dragon turned furious and roared, “Wind Fantasy has crossed the line. Bastard, to think he dared to bully my [Mad Dragon]. Come with me, we’re heading to Snowing Forest!”

“Ai, don’t go….”

I reached out o try to keep him from leaving, but Descent of the Dragon and his brothers had already disappeared like smoke. It seemed that this Wind Fantasy had come to cause monstrous trouble to the [Mad Dragon]. Moreover, what he had pulled up was even greater than what I had….


“Damn, what is this….”

Somewhat speechless, I turned around to enter the jungle. I had already exchanged my Green Bone Fan for a piece of equipment and some silver coins. Mission accomplished, it was about time to return to Frozen Mound in order to check if there were any new quests to accept.

I hadn’t even walked three steps before a bout of scorching energy suddenly headed towards me. It was a pike containing blazing energy!

Damn it, someone had pulled a sneak attack on me!

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  1. thejum says:

    Thanks for the chapter, Shiroyu! This is a fun story. Of course, I love Zhan Long so I guess my liking this story is to be expected.

  2. Michael says:

    They keep talking about hit rate, missing, dodging, accuracy etc. What does that even mean in a VRMMO… If it hits it hits, if you swung wrong you’ll miss. Does the system control their bodies and make a miss into a hit? does a hit have a chance of doing 0 dmg claiming you missed even though your blade is on them? What does accuracy do… make your body suddenly better at fighting?

    In a regular mmo i can understand these things because you cant control your toon directly. In a VRMMO where you control every detail of your characters body none of these make sense. Hits and misses should depend on your actual ability to hit or miss when swinging, not some stat on your gear. Crits as well, what do crits even mean… could i strike the same spot over and over and somehow 15% of my hits do way more dmg?

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