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(Project Leader) Shiroyukineko  – Cute kitty who loves reading and freedom. Often seen together with her laptop typing away through the night. Serial Procrastinator who would do most things last minute – which often results in delays on Release Schedule that she tried to follow (But she tried hard to keep to it though). Looks pretty normal and harmless but no one knows what’s going on in her mind. Dreams of becoming a self-sufficient NEET.

(Translator) Sephilia にゃー Currently translator for LLS because nobody else is translating it fast enough.

(Translator) Yunichan – …

(Editor) Rango  – Procrastinator, Wordsmith, Grammar Nazi, Airheaded, stealer of dreams.
I do stuff, sometimes i don’t do stuff, mostly i read stuff.
Species unidentified. Male, 6’3 or 1,95m, 72kgs, blonde, greenish eyes, Danish and Single.
Dreams of becoming a self-sufficient NEET.

Descent Of Phoenix

(Project Leader) Andy: 


Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky

(Project Leader) Shiroyukineko 

Ze Tian Ji (Way of Choices)

(Project Leader) Bbkgs 

The Strongest Dan God

(Project Leader) Andy



  1. Hoggy says:

    Shiroyukineko is your site background from blade & soul?

    I just happened to notice the character flash when I clicked f5 so I went and dug it out from your site. hehe

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