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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 97 – To reap a large profit!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 97 – To reap a large profit!
Translated by: Andy
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When Liang Nine was trying to fight with Yao Chong, an elder from the profound sect, many people that knew Liang Nine felt that it was weird.

“Did Liang Nine eat a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gall or something? When did he get so bold? In the past, even though Liang Nine is a bold and unconstrained person, he would still act like a good kid in front of people from the Profound Sect. It seems as if he’s a different person.”

“Yeah. I heard that every year he comes to the competition to make some small bets with his friends. There is absolutely no reason for him to be interested in this Yuan Increasing Pill.”

At this moment, Liang Nine was crying in his heart. When he made the blood contract, he was instigated by Ye Zifeng and prohibited any details regarding this matter to be leaked. At first, he laughed at Ye Zifeng for being so cautious but now it seems like Ye Zifeng knew what was going to happen.

Yao Chong’s expression was very ugly. He really wanted Huang tier high grade Yuan Increasing Pill created using the ancient concoction method. One thousand five hundred gold coins was already a bit too much for the pills. He never would have thought that this Liang Nine would appear out of nowhere and try to outbid him!

Liu Bingqian’s eyes lit up. She never would have thought that the pill that she concocted would be so popular.

“Big brother rough guy. If you really make a thousand five hundred gold coins, then can you…..”

Ye Zifeng smiled and deeply looked at her, “What’s wrong Bingqian. Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t take any of the money? Now that there’s so much money on the table, are you feeling jealous?”

She’d be lying if she said that she wasn’t jealous. One thousand five hundred gold coins. Even if Muyun Old Devil takes half, there will still be seven hundred fifty gold coins! This was worth way more than a single pill!

Liu Bingqian giggled, “I, Bingqian, always keep my words. But…..You earned so much this time. Shouldn’t you get me a gift?”

“Gift? What gift?” Ye Zifeng replied.

From what he can see, Liu Bingqian was the the elder daughter of the number one family in Leizhou City. She was not lacking in money at all. Why would she need him to buy her a gift?

Liu Bingqian cursed inwards, ‘You dumb blockhead.’ She then looked shyly at Ye Zifeng, “Well…. Get me whatever you want.”

Ye Zifeng scratched his head, “Uhhh. Okay. I’ll take note of this.”

When the two of them were chatting around, a fight had broken out in the audience.

Yao Chong coldly glared at Liang Nine, “Because of you, I’ve already raised the price to one thousand eight hundred gold coins! Do you still dare to outbid me?”

Liang Nine and his brother had taken out all their money and can only gather around one thousand eight hundred gold coins in total. This was approaching their limits.

“Senior I, Liang Nine, beg you. I really need this pill. I have to get it no matter what. Please let go of this matter and let me have the pill.”

“Nonsense. When did my Profound Sect need to give face to others?” Yao Chong never cared for these insignificant people and would not bother with them at all.

Liang Nine was done too. His expression darkened, “Let me tell you this. No matter what you say, no matter who you are, I, Liang Nine will take this pill today!”

“Preposterous!” Yao Chong’s expression darkened as well. He unsheathed his long sword from his back with a cold expression in his eyes.

With this move, everyone in the audience became very nervous.

As the host, Muyun Old Devil saw this and wanted to say a few words.

However, Ye Zifeng moved faster and spoke, “All you guys want to do is buy a Yuan Increasing Pill. Why do you guys need to be so unhappy?”

“It’s all because of you!” Liang Nine and Yao Chong both looked over and yelled at Ye Zifeng at the same time.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Actually, there is a better way to resolve this matter.”

“What do you mean?”

Ye Zifeng laughed and pointed at the Yuan Increasing Pills.

“Bingqian and I concocted two pills. You guys can each get it. Wouldn’t that make it easier for everyone?”

Yao Chong coldly stared at him, “That’s simple for you to say. However, I want both pills. Why do I have to give him one?”

Liang Nine was very angry too, “That’s right. I’m using my money to buy the pill. Why do I have to give him one?”

Ye Zifeng slowly revealed a sly smile, “That’s right. I understand how you guys are feeling. Thus, I have an even better idea.”

“Yuan Increasing Pill, one for one thousand eight hundred gold. If anyone is willing to offer three thousand six hundred gold coins the he will be able to take both.”

“Three thousand six hundred gold coins? Why do you just rob me?” Even though Yao Chong had seen many things in his life, he was shocked by Ye Zifeng’s highway robbery offer.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I do things very fairly.I know that three thousand six hundred gold coins is not a small amount. Thus, it is better for you guys to both split it. Of course, if the elder wants to take out three thousand six hundred gold coins, then the other person must accept the outcome, right?”

Liang Nine sighed and gritted his teeth, “I feel that this is acceptable.”

Yao Chong looked over at Liang Nine in shock, “You….You’re going to agree to buy one pill at one thousand eight hundred gold coin?”

Even if it’s concocted using the ancient concoction method, a Yuan Increasing Pill for one thousand eight hundred gold coins is very expensive.

“If you don’t agree then, we can keep on fighting it out. I can go even if it reaches ten thousand gold coins. What are you going to do then? Beat me down?” Liang Nine sighed.

“This….seems like a good idea…..” Yao Chong was too angry already. If it wasn’t for Ye Zifeng, he would started to beat Liang Nine down already.

Now that Ye Zifeng suggested something that can help Liang Nine complete the contract, Liang Nine would definitely agree to it. He didn’t want to drag this on any longer either. If it goes on any further, then he would actually go bankrupt!

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked towards Muyun Old Devil, “Senior Muyun, am I allowed to sell the pills separately?”

Muyun Old Devil cursed at Ye Zifeng for being a devious thief and pulling her into his plans. However, the higher Ye Zifeng sells his pills, the more money she’ll make. Thus, she didn’t object to anything.

“This…..If you and Bingqian both agree to it then I don’t see any problems with it.”

Ye Zifeng turned back around and smiled at Liang Nine and YAo Chong, “Well Senior Muyun has spoken. You guys should give Senior Muyun some face and buy the pills at one thousand eight hundred gold each….”

Ye Zifeng had use Senior Muyun in his negotiation. Even Yao Chong was admiring his mastery of the negotiation language.

Liang Nine was the first to open up, “Okay. One thousand Eight hundred gold coins it is. I, Liang Nine will buy it. You, the big shot from the Profound Sect, if you have the ability then buy both pills with three thousand six hundred gold coins!”

Yao Chong fiercely looked at him, “Do you think I’m stupid? Even if I’m rich, I won’t be burning money like it’s nothing. Fine. I’ll give Senior Muyun some face and buy one for one thousand eight hundred gold coins then.”

“The two seniors are sure understanding. Very straightforward. Zifeng is impressed!”

This time, Ye Zifeng was able to make one thousand eight hundred gold coins in one go after splitting half with Muyun Old Devil. He had reaped a large profit. He didn’t mind and complimented the two of them with a few words. It’ll help them feel better.

Yi Hao’s pill sold for three hundred gold coins. Xu Zhen’s pill sold for four hundred. Hua Shao was a bit crafty and sold his for eight hundred gold coins. The combined total was only one thousand five hundred gold coins. It wasn’t even half of what Ye Zifeng’s pills sold for. The result caused everyone’s jaws to drop.

Those who were calling Ye Zifeng a pretty boy immediately changed their tones.

“Damn. Which family is so lucky to give birth to a business genius. This family must not have to worry about being poor anymore!”

“It seems like Liu Bingqian brought someone to help her sell her pills instead of helping her concoct her pills. This guy is indeed worthy.”

While everyone was gossiping, Liang Nine and his brothers walked over to Muyun Old Devil and gave her the one thousand eight hundred gold coins. Muyun Old Devil was smiling very happily.

After completing the transaction, he bitterly walked over to Ye Zifeng.

“Little brother, I knew that you had something like this up your sleeves. Why didn’t you resolve the matter faster. Are you not afraid that I’ll really fight that Yao Chong and make a big deal?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I know what I’m doing. I’ve been watching you guys since the beginning of the competition. I know how much you guys can afford.”

“So that’s how it is. You know how much we can handle….”

Liang Nine nodded and then walked back to his brothers. In his heart however, he felt that something was wrong.

After a bit, he finally understood what happened and cursed out loud, “So that’s why he didn’t resolve the matter faster. He wanted to squeeze everything out of us!”

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