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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 95 – Advancement

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 95 – Advancement
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

Young master Hua = Hua Shao.

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For Liu Bingqian, someone who had always been last place during the alchemy competition, to be so bold in front of the elders, this caused everyone to be stupefied. The entire hall was filled with chatter as they talked about her.

Some supported Bingqian, while some slandered her.

“Alright. Stop chattering now. Quiet down.”

As the host, Muyun Old Devil had to keep things in order.

“Ye Zifeng is right. We must consider all the factors before allowing anyone to advance to the next round. We will make a decision once we judge everyone else’s pill! Thus, Tonghuo City’s young master’s advancement will be revoked for now. We will announce the results after we finish judging.”

As the host, and one of the leaders of the alchemy society in Tiandao City, her words were like the law in front of others.

After a round of applause from everyone, Hua Shao looked over at Ye Zifeng. If it wasn’t for Ye Zifeng’s meddling, he would have advanced to the next round already!

Ye Zifeng smiled at Hua Shao, “Don’t keep staring at me. Think about how you wanted to treat Leizhou City before. To try and eliminate Leizhou City from future competitions… this will be….”

Ye Zifeng’s eyes suddenly became sharper as if his glare had pierced through Hua Shao’s soul.

“This will be the reason of your fall during this competition!”

“You…..” Hua Shao was startled. His eyes were filled with fear. For him to be scared by a little helper brought by Liu Bingqian… It was the most embarrassing thing that had happened to him in his life.

From Ye Zifeng’s tone, it seems like he was sure that he was able to advance and will also try to suppress Hua Shao in the second round!

In just a bit, they were broken up by Muyun Old Devil.

“Next, Qushui City’s Yi Hao!”

Yi Hao longed for speed instead of quality. He was barely able to create the pill. The pill that he concocted was a common rank middle grade pill.

Thus when the judges used their qi to check the pill out, they all shook their heads in disappointment.

“Yi Hao, you should work harder. If you have time, go learn a thing or two from Liu Bingqian. Look at how much effort she put into improving during the past year.”

“That’s right. Even if you get third place by luck the other times, that was then and this is now. You need to work even harder now.”

These words were always spoken to Liu Bingqian but now it was spoken to Yi Hao. Yi Hao felt his heart shook. He knew that his skills were about the same as before. He’s been studying hard for the past year but now the elders were saying that it was not enough?

Even though the elders didn’t say anything, they had already eliminated Yi Hao.

“Alright. Let’s go look at Huangtu City’s Xu Zhen’s pill.”

Xu Zhen had already taken a step forward and smiled.

“The elders have worked hard. This Yuan Increasing Pill had been concocted using my Huangtu City’s secret technique!”

The elders waved their hands, signaling for him to stop talking nonsense. They will judge for themselves whether the pill was worthy or not.

“Hm. This Yuan Increasing Pill is not bad. It is definitely a lot better than the one that Yi Hao concocted.”

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Xu Zhen’s face as he looked over at Yi Hao. They had been rivals all these years so after the elders praised him over Yi Hao, he was very happy.

“But…..I think that this Xu Zhen won’t be able to escape the fate of being eliminated either…. Alright. Let’s go look at Liu Bingqian’s pills.”

Xu Zhen’s expression immediately turned ugly. He thought that he would be safe if he could beat Yi Hao. However, it seems like his real opponent was Liu Bingqian.

“The last group, Leizhou City’s Liu Bingqian!”

These elders were looking forward to this and quickly walked over towards Liu Bingqian.

Actually, when they were off the stage, they were already watching Liu Bingqian already. She had used an ancient concoction method and had created two pills whereas the others only concocted one. The elders already had a good impression of her already.

They all gathered around to look at the two pills.

“Not bad. Not bad. Looking at the streaks on the pill, it is definitely concocted with the ancient concoction method. Miss Liu, where did you learn such a technique?”

Another elder patted this elder on the shoulders, “Old Sha, I know that you’re filled with questions but we’re judging her pills right now. Don’t ask too much right now.”

Old Sha smiled and reached for the pill. However, when he was about to touch the pill, his finger was burned by the red qi.

“This…. Red Qi? Could it be that this is a Huang Tier high grade pill?!”

Old Sha gasped and couldn’t help but yell out.

“What? No way. A Huang Tier high grade Yuan Increasing Pill?”

For some pills, when it reaches huang tier high grade or better, there will be some special effects. This pill clearly had one of these special effects!

“A pill created using the ancient concoction method is sure extraordinary! I haven’t seen such an outstanding pill during the alchemist competition in a long time.”

“A huang tier high grade Yuan Increasing Pill…. It will have a tremendous effect on anyone that is under the Martial Spirit realm. This girl from the Liu clan sure is skillful.”

Even the people who didn’t know alchemy were shocked when they heard Huang Tier high grade. They couldn’t help but stare at the pill.

In the audience, Liang Nine’s face looked extremely ugly.

“Brother Nine, what do we do now? This is a Huang Tier high grade pill. That little brother wanted us to buy the pill with the highest bid. What are we going to do now?”

Liang Nine started to curse, “Who am I supposed to ask? I already made a blood contract with him! Shit. No wonder why I felt that it was strange. Why would he have a blood contract with him anyways? I’m afraid that he carries them around to cheat people!”

A Huang Tier high grade pill…. It isn’t as if it had never been done during the competition before. However, the person who concocted the pill isn’t Qi Zimo but the girl who was last every year, Liu Bingqian.

Even Muyun Old Devil was shocked by her own disciple. She never taught Liu Bingqian how to concoct a Yuan Increasing Pill….. In the beginning, she was worried that Liu Bingqian wouldn’t even be able to pick the correct ingredients but she was wrong.

Muyun Old Devil was the host so she had to show a calm composure. She stroked her beard and looked at Elder Sha and the others.

“Alright everyone. You’ve seen the pills that the five groups created. It is time to deliver the results.”

The elders all smiled. It seems like they have all unanimously decided on the placements already.

Elder Sha stepped forward to announce the results, “The three who will advance to the next round are Qi Zimo, Hua Shao and…..”

Liu Bingqian was feeling a bit nervous but she was confident that she will advance.

“And Leizhou City’s Liu Bingqian. The three of you will advance to the next round!”

The results were very clear already. Even without the judges saying anything, everyone could’ve guessed the results.

“This… Is this real?”

Liu Bingqian stared at Elder Sha with a hint of disbelief in her eyes. She quickly pinched her arms and felt the pain. Only then did she realize that she had escaped her fate of being last!

This…. This is simply unimaginable!

“Yay!” She screamed and turned around to hug Ye Zifeng.

In everyone’s minds, Liu Bingqian won this by herself. However, Liu Bingqian knew that this was only possible because of Ye Zifeng. Without Ye Zifeng, she would’ve had trouble picking the ingredients, let alone using the ancient concoction method.

“Big brother rough guy…… We did it! We really did it!” Liu Bingqian cried out in joy as she held Ye Zifeng’s hands.

Ye Zifeng had helped her when no one else could. The people in her Liu clan couldn’t help. That Song Shiyun couldn’t help. Even her master would only give her some pointers and wasn’t much of a help either.

Ye Zifeng had fulfilled his promise in helping her out.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Bingqian. Don’t get too excited. This is only the beginning. The real show is just starting.

He slowly turn his head and looked towards Qi Zimo.

At the same time, Qi Zimo was looking at him. A smile appeared on his usually expressionless face.

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  1. Elion Chop says:

    I have began to bate bingqian…She is like”Ye Zifeng do all the job and I take all the merits!”

    Qi Zimo is a hundred times better than bingqian,but still Plot ARmor saves the day

    • damian00e says:

      I must say I don’t hate her…but I do like Qi Zimo so far, it would be nice if Ye Zifeng would take him under his wing after the competition, too…
      Although regarding Liu Bingqian’s situation…I think he just let it be like that for her self-confidence, because he can see that she has some potential and she knows that without him she wouldn’t be able to do it, not to forget that his cultivation and flame are not high enough for his contentment yet…
      I bet he goes and and show people later how great he is and then he can go watch as people break their jaws dropping them to the ground…

    • Adahn says:

      I am more disappointed in Muyun Old Devil. For someone who’s supposedly the top alchemist of the city, she really sucks in teaching. She hasn’t even taught Liu Bingqian the basics, like the properties of each ingredient and then gets angry when she thinks Ye Zifeng isn’t enough help, while her teachings are so bad Bingqian was doomed to be last place when compared to other (good) disciples of her generation.

      With a better teacher she might not be too worse than Qi Zimo, considering that all Ye Zifeng did was provide her with teachings, he didn’t help with the concocting process. I think that proves that what’s holding Bingqian back compared to the other top talents, isn’t her lack of skill in alchemy, just the lack of a good teacher to properly guide her.

      • anon says:

        exactly. Her teacher is terrible, doesn’t teach her the basics, then keeps having her publicly humiliate herself.

        • Thibault Berthier says:

          well being good at something dosn’t mean your good a teaching it lol
          i’m 3rd rank in french boxing (savate boxe française) but after trying to teach it too the lower grade i can understand you can’t always teach what you know

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