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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 94 – To obtain a whole new level of respect!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 94 – To obtain a whole new level of respect!
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

2nd Chapter of the Week (8)

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Two pills with one set of ingredient!

This was very shocking. Even Lingfeng City’s Qi Zimo couldn’t help but look over at Liu Bingqian. Everyone, including young master Hua, was staring at her with their mouths opened.

Huangtu City’s Xu Zhen was the closest one to Liu Bingqian. When he saw this, he felt as if his heart was burning and couldn’t help but open his mouth.

“I don’t believe this. Senior Muyun, did you give her an extra set of ingredient in secret? If not, then how can she create two pills?!”

Qushui City’s Yi Hao raised the same question, “I agree with brother Xu. I don’t believe that with Liu Bingqian’s ability that she can concoct two pills with one set of ingredient. I hope that Senior Muyun investigates this.”

The two people who always went against each other were now talking for each other.

This was because they understood that if the pill that Liu Bingqian concocted actually works, then they would both be eliminated immediately!

They were the ones who ridiculed Liu Bingqian the most every time she got last place. If they got eliminated by her, then this would be a big blow to them.

Muyun Old Devil glared at the two boys. How dare they be rude to her?

“So you’re saying that I, Old Devil, as the host of this competition is cheating?”

“I didn’t say that….”

Xu Zhen’s voice got softer and softer, “That Liu Bingqian is your disciple. She’s always been last so you might have helped out a bit…..” His voice was so soft that not many people could hear it at all.

“Impudent!” Muyun Old Devil is one of the most prominent figures in Tiandao City. She was the leader of alchemy in Leizhou City of her time.

Xu Zhen was impetuous when he said those words and immediately regretted it. He immediately shut his mouth and didn’t dare to talk anymore

Muyun Old Devil’s face darkened and didn’t say anything.

She was filled with questions herself as well. Did Liu Bingqian really use the ancient concoction method? Could this be a special effect of the ancient concoction method?

“Bingqian, how will you explain this?”

Liu Bingqian hesitated. As the person who concocted the pills, she was shocked herself and didn’t know how to answer. At this time, Ye Zifeng pulled her over and was going to give an explanation.

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked at Xu Zhan, “Let me ask you this. For one Yuan Increasing Pill, even if it’s one of the highest grade, how many Fire Wind Fruit, Golden Wood Grass, Fire Dream Leaf, and Spirit Converging Ginseng do you need?

Xu Zhen was startled and looked at Ye Zifeng. He had a disdain expression on his face.

“Who do you think you are? A mere helper doesn’t have the qualifications to talk to me.”

Far away, Lingfeng City’s Qi Zimo suddenly opened his mouth.

“Even if it’s the highest grade Yuan Increasing Pill, the ingredient is still less than what Senior Muyun gave us. But, what are you trying to say?”

Muyun Old Devil was afraid that some people might make a mistake so she gave a bit more ingredients to everyone. She gave around 30% more to everyone.

Ye Zifeng looked at Qi Zimo, “If there are extra ingredients, and one separates their qi into two, then what do you think will happen when that person concocts a pill?”

“So what you’re saying is that when the purple light appeared for the first time, the first pill has been completed? You use the time later on to concoct the second pill?!”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “You’re pretty smart.”

“You…..So that’s how it is.” Qi Zimo’s eyes lit up. He nodded his head like he had gained some enlightenment. He finally understood what happened.

So that’s why Liu Bingqian used so much time to complete her concoction after the purple light appeared. So they were concocting two pills.

After the judges heard what happened, they immediately realize what happened.

“I got it. The ancient concoction method draws the extra potential of the ingredients. With the extra ingredients that Old Devil gave, she was able to draw out the ingredient’s maximum potential and concoct two pills.”

“That’s right.” Ye Zifeng nodded. This wasn’t something hard for people to understand.

The senior couldn’t help but take a deep breath, “To be able to use ingredients to this extent.This is simply too shocking. To be able to see such a display of ability during this competition, it seems like I made the right choice in coming this year…..”

When he said this, all the other seniors were like parrots as they repeated these words. They all praised Liu Bingqian and Ye Zifeng. These words were like swords that pierced Xu Zhen and Yi Hao’s ears. They felt as if they had been stabbed hundred times over.

After hearing Ye Zifeng’s explanation, Muyun Old Devil finally understood what happened. At the same time, she was shocked. She had to re-evaluate this Ye Zifeng.

“Alright. Since all five groups have completed their concoction, will all the judges decide on the top three?”

“Let’s look at these pills shall we.” The judges smiled and walked over to each contestant. First, they walked over to Qi Zimo and looked at his pill.

Liu Bingqian was feeling excited. She was waiting for the results from the judges.

She was always last place during the competitions. Now with Ye Zifeng’s help, she can finally escape her fate. If she fails this time, then she will lose her qualifications to compete next year and will also lose her confidence as an alchemist. It will be a big blow to her growth. If she succeeds in going to the next round, then she will be very happy.

She closed her eyes and waited for the results.

Ye Zifeng looked over at her and chuckled, “Bingqian, they’re starting with Qi Zimo. We still have quite a bit of time before they come over to us.”

Liu Bingqian pouted and shakingly said, “But….”

“Don’t worry about it. Be more confident in yourself. Believe in me. If I’m not confident then why would I tell your master to eliminate the bottom two? You should know that this is a battle for your dignity and a battle for you to regain your confidence.”

Liu Bingqian’s expression changed and nodded. Now, her eyes were filled confidence.

At the same time, the judges have already finish grading Qi Zimo and had moved over to young master Hua.

“No wonder why Zimo is always the first place. His ability is simply too shocking.”

“Such a big Yuan Increasing Pill, it’s effects must be extraordinary. It probably has the same effect as two normal Yuan Increasing Pills!”

Muyun Old Devil smiled as she brought the seniors to the second contestant.

“Next, Tonghuo City’s young master Hua.”

“Young master Hua’s abilities are very extraordinary as well. However, you’re still a few steps behind Qi Zimo.”

Hearing this, Young master Hua quickly waved his hands, “Zimo’s abilities are way higher than mine. I’ve tried very hard during every competition but still fall to him in the end. I guess that I will wait for Zimo to teach me a lesson again in the second round.”

“It seems like young master Hua has the qualifications to enter the second round. Don’t you guys agree?” One of the judges looked at the others and smiled.

“Hold on…..”

Ye Zifeng’s expression changed as he raised his hand.

Muyun Old Devil’s face became stiff, “Ye Zifeng, it’s not your turn yet. What do you want this time?”

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “I only want to say that you should make your final judgment after you judge everyone else. You haven’t judged the other three groups and want to promote that guy with the surname Hua to the second round?”

Young master Hua looked coldly at Ye Zifeng.

“So you’re saying that the pill that your group concocted is better than mine?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Exactly!”

“What?” Young master Hua has a history of bullying Liu Bingqian at the competition. He would have never thought that Leizhou City would have someone as hard headed as Ye Zifeng.

“Listen to me carefully. The Yuan Increasing Pill that Liu Bingqian concocted is way better than the one that you concocted!” Ye Zifeng glared at him.

That’s right. I, Liu Bingqian, earnestly request that you seniors judge the pill that I concocted before deciding whether this young master Hua can be promoted to the next round!”

While saying this, she crossed her arms under her chest and puffed her chest out in an imposing manner.

In the past, Liu Bingqian would always try to find a place to hide during the competition and will immediately return to Leizhou City after the competition.

However, she had finally rediscovered her confidence. She was able to say what she wanted in front of all these people.

Without Ye Zifeng, this would have not happen.

Ye Zifeng smiled at her and clapped his hands. Next, Yang Jing clapped, then Muyun Old Devil, then the other people from the Muyun residence. It was as if these claps were contagious.

“Not bad. Not bad. Not bad at all.”

Many of the seniors praised her confidence, “Since Leizhou City’s Liu Bingqian is so confident, then we’ll make an exception and judge her pill first!”

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