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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 92 – Battle of Dignity

Chapter 92 – Battle of Dignity
Translated by: Andy
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Ye Zifeng had absolute confidence in her and had already completed the most crucial step already. If she can concoct the pill herself, it will help her get rid of her own inner demons.

To get past the elimination round…. Ye Zifeng feels like he doesn’t have to do anything yet.

“Bingqian, if you don’t use your own abilities to beat them, you will never get rid of your inner demons. It will affect your future potential. So, be more confident. Your only flaw is that you don’t know how to allocate and distribute the ingredients. When it comes to concocting the pill, they’re definitely not your opponents!”

After receiving praise from Ye Zifeng, a surge of confidence appeared in Liu Bingqian. Ye Zifeng was right. If she doesn’t clear away the humiliation that she received during this competition, animosity will appear in her heart and will create bottlenecks when she wants to advance to the next level.

Thus, this competition was also Bingqian’s battle for her dignity. It was a battle for her to make a name for herself!

“Alright. You don’t have to help me but I need you guiding me.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked at her eyes, “Don’t worry. I know what to do. Since I’m kinda free now, I’m going to look at the other competitors.

Liu Bingqian’s expression became much more serious than before and her common tier flame appeared in her palms, continuing what Ye Zifeng was doing before…..

When other people saw this, they were all shocked at this unbelievable sight.

“Oh my god. What is that helper from Leizhou City doing? Why did he suddenly stop? Unless…. Did he think that he was going to lose so there was no point in continuing?”

“They should’ve admitted defeat immediately. Look. That Bingqian is taking over right now. It seems like she’s concocting the pill by herself!”

“She’s someone who alway gets last anyways. There’s nothing fun to watch anymore. They should’ve just forfeited!”

In a two people group, the main alchemist controls the first while the helper helps control the qi. However, Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian was doing something completely different. Liu Bingqian was the one doing everything.

Muyun Old Devil couldn’t sit there anymore and stroked her beard in anger.

“Preposterous. Jing-er. Look at the guy that Bingqian bought. He’s basically causing trouble. Look at that attitude. If he isn’t just a pretty boy, then what is he?”

Yang Jing looked at Ye Zifeng for a bit and felt that this wasn’t that simple.

“Master, just watch for some more. I feel like Ye Zifeng isn’t what he appears to be. Maybe there’s some deep meaning in doing this….”


Muyun Old Devil was unfamiliar with Ye Zifeng so it was normal for her to feel this way. After Yang Jing’s reminder, she feels like that there is something deep behind his actions as well.

In such a short amount of time, she can’t really say what this deep meaning is.

“Alright. I’ll just keep watching. If I find out that he’s really negative and gave up, then I will punish him even if he praises my beard!”

“Bingqian, listen up. First immerse the Fire Dream Leaves on the east side with your qi. When you feel that it is filled with your qi then immediately move over the Fire Wind Fruit on the north side.”

Ye Zifeng stood behind Liu Bingqian with a calm look on his face. He was guiding her step by step as if he was teaching her how to concoct pills.

Liu Bingqian was shocked. It seems like Ye Zifeng’s knowledge towards alchemy is on the same level as her own master or maybe even higher.

“Bingqian, concentrate. Don’t think about anything else. Your flames are pretty steady. That’s good. Now you can warm up the Golden Wood Grass on the south….”

Ye Zifeng didn’t use his qi to check what was happening in the cauldron. All he did was look at the color changes and the reactions when Bingqian inserts her qi. By doing so, he was able to tell how the concoction process was going.

If he wasn’t such an experienced alchemist, how would he be able to give such a detailed explanation and guidance.

When Liu Bingqian inserted her qi into the cauldron, the senior alchemists all couldn’t help but stand up.

“Holy shit. Am I seeing this correctly? It really is the ancient concoction method. Using the four cardinal directions to permeate the different types of ingredients. Incredible! This little girl from Leizhou City is not simple at all!”

Even the senior who questioned Liu Bingqian couldn’t help but praise her.

“It seems like after losing all these years, not only did she study the allocation of ingredients, she also learned the ancient concoction method. Knowing how to grow and never giving up after being shame. She is worthy of being respected!”

“Ancient concoction method…..The pill created by this method will definitely be a big commodity.” A middle aged man wearing a purple robe calmly said.

“What? Even the esteemed elder of the Profound Sect is looking forward to the completion of the pill?” One of the judges glared over at the middle aged man.

“Who doesn’t want a good pill?” The middle aged man replied, “ If that miss doesn’t make any errors towards the end, then I will definitely buy the pill, no matter at what price. However….. Will she really succeed?”

With his free time, Ye Zifeng looked at everyone’s expression and listened to them. He found that everyone was praising Liu Bingqian while loathing himself as if he was really just a pretty boy here to mess things up.

However, he didn’t care about it. At least it was better than when the people of Leizhou City called him trash.

He looked around at the other competitors. That Young master Hua can really back up his words. His alchemy skills are probably better than most people in his age group.

However, this wasn’t enough for Ye Zifeng to keep an eye on him.

The one that Ye Zifeng had his eyes on is Qi Zimo from Lingfeng City, the winner of the last competition.

“This Qi Zimo actually has a few moves huh. It seems like before I can condense my common tier flame, it’ll be pretty hard for me to beat him.”

Ye Zifeng was muttering to himself and at the same time, Qi Zimo felt Ye Zifeng’s glare and looked over.

What kind of expression ins that? His expression looks so empty. Only someone who’s heart is completely in tune with alchemy can have that kind of expression. Even Ye Zifeng was startled by this.

“Master. What’s going on? Is there something wrong?”

Qi Zimo’s servant felt that it was weird. His master had never lost concentration while concocting a pill.

Qi Zimo looked back down, “Nothing. Let’s continue.”


Ye Zifeng smiled and looked back at Bingqian. He then began to instruct her again.

“Bingqian, now concentrate all of your qi onto the Qi Condensing Ginseng on the west side!”

Bingqian was startled and revealed a shocked expression, “All of my qi?” To put everything she had onto this was very daring. She was a bit worried.

“That’s right. The other three cardinal directions are full. Now you should put the rest of the qi into the west! This is the single most important step. All of the other steps before were done to prepare for this one step. Don’t make any mistakes!”

“But…. I’m afraid…..”

Hearing that this was the most important step, Bingqian’s expression changed. Her hands started to shake. She had always been last place during the competitions but now, with Ye Zifeng’s help, she can finally escape her fate of being last.

Of course, when it came to the real deal, she was still very nervous.

Ye Zifeng know how she’s feeling and smiled.

“Bingqian, if you want other people to respect your abilities, you have to respect your own abilities first. Don’t worry. With your skills, as long as you use all your strength, this won’t be hard for you.”

“Alright!” After receiving some words of encouragement from Ye Zifeng, Liu Bingqian gritted her teeth and forced a smile.

Next, she closed her eyes and inserted all of her qi into the cauldron, towards the Qi Condensing Ginseng!

She put everything she had in this one move. As long as Ye Zifeng asked for it, Liu Bingqian will comply.

In a split second, right after Liu Bingqian inserted her qi, a purple light exploded from the cauldron and pierced the heavens. The light surrounded the entire area.

“This…. The appearance of the purple light. Did she really complete the pill?”

The seniors that Muyun Old Devil invited here were all here just to comment and look around. None of them would have thought that Liu Bingqian would be able to use an ancient concoction method. They were all surprised.

Right now, Bingqian had reached the stage where purple qi was appearing from the cauldron. All of the seniors couldn’t help but stand and look towards Liu Bingqian

Even that esteemed elder from the Profound Sect had his eyes lit up.

On the other side, the guy from Huangtu City didn’t see Liu Bingqian’s concoction method and only saw the purple light appearing from her cauldron.

Xu Zhen coldly snorted, “Hmph, who cares if she’s a bit faster. What’s there to be surprised about? Those seniors really do get surprised so easily over something so small. Well of course, since Liu Bingqian’s master is the host, they’re probably trying to be polite. I, for one, do not believe that she can make anything good.”

“Brother Zhen. What are we going to do now? That Liu Bingqian…..”

“Quiet. That Liu Bingqian will never escape her fate of being last.” Xu Zhen looked over at Yi Hao. After looking at Yi Hao, his expression darkened, “Shit. It seems like that Yi Hao is going to finish too. We need to hurry up too and not fall behind!”

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