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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 9 – I’ll teach you how to act like a person!

Chapter 9 – I’ll teach you how to act like a person!
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

Read ahead some more today and it gets pretty interesting i think….
Help me edit as you read lol. tired. need to go out tomorrow. spring break is hard.

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It was silent. The entire place was filled with silence.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Finally, it was the people from the Ye clan who finally opened their mouth.

“You bad luck trash, what are you saying? Don’t start spewing bullsh*t and make our clan lose face again.”

“Yeah. The second miss already said that this was a rare pill. How would a shut-in loser like you know what kind of pill this is?”

Ye Chen continued, “Housekeeper Du, please bring Zifeng into the cellar. We can’t have him act all crazy and spew bullsh*t in front of our guests.” As the second in charge, his words had some power in it. The servants all began to make their move.

“Hold on a moment.” There was a hint of surprise in Liu Ningzi’s tone.

“How…. how did you know that this is a solid yuan pill?” Even the old man next to her was shocked.

This solid yuan pill is a high grade pill that is used by a martial soul realm expert. No one in the entire Leizhou city has even seen this before. Even Liu Ningzi had never heard about this until recently. She had wanted to use this as a gift for Ye Chongtian to dissolve the engagement.

Liu Yige felt that something was wrong. He looked all around the box.

“That’s not right. There’s nothing written here at all. How did this guy know what it is by looking at it.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “This isn’t some high quality pill so it’s not hard to tell what it is. Also, just by looking at the color of this pill, you can tell that it is poorly made. It’s not even at the level of a huang level pill. From what I can see, it can only be considered a common pill.

“A common pill? How can he tell by looking at it?”

The entire hall was silent once again. Even though Tang Feng and Ye Xueyi knew that Zifeng was proficient in the way of alchemy, they were still shocked.

The old man Wu stared at Zifeng, “Little brother, I’ll acknowledge that you have some abilities to know what kind of pill this is. However, this is a genuine huang tier pill. On what basis are you devaluing the pill on?

Liu Yige chuckled, “Old Wu, why are you being so polite with this trash. He got lucky and was able to guess the name and now he wants to undermine us. Don’t talk rubbish with him.”

Ye Zifeng let out a small laugh, “If you guys want to cancel the engagement, then do what you what. It’s your choice. However, if you want to use this mere pill as a gift and look down on us, then I, Ye Zifeng would rather not have it!”

“Ye Zifeng, shut the hell up you shameless bastard!” Liu Yige couldn’t hold in his anger anymore and started to yell at him.

Ye Chen also coldly stared at Ye Zifeng, “Look at you, mr.big shot. They’re giving us a strong yuan pill and yet you rejected them. Let me ask you this: can you represent the whole ye clan in making this decision?”

“I can’t.” Ye Zifeng replied simply.

Ye Chen’s face frowned while Ye Zifeng glared back with a sharp look.

“Don’t tell me that you can?” Ye Zifeng rebutted.

“ Ye! Zi! Feng!” Ye Chen’s face turned bright red. He was really angry now.

“This matter regards MY marriage, and I’ll handle it MYSELF. I’ll be direct with you all. If you want to use this pill as an apology gift, I won’t accept it.” With his experiences in his past life, Ye Zifeng spoke with prestige. If he really wanted to get angry, then everyone in the hall would probably be pressured by his imposing manner.

Liu Yige angrily looked at Ye Zifeng, “You’re only a trash and yet you’re going against our Liu family? How undisciplined. And you dare talk back to you second uncle!”

Ye Zifeng looked at Yige amusingly and wanted to see what else this kid has up his sleeves.

Yige looked over at Ye Chen and smiled, “Ye clan’s second uncle, if this guy doesn’t want the pill, we can give it to you. Please allow me take care of this problem and teach that trash a lesson.”

Hearing that they were going to gift him the pill, Ye Chen felt really happy, however he still had a hint of anger in his expression, “This… Ye Zifeng is still a part of our family, if you do something like this……”

Ye Xueyi couldn’t take it anymore either and walked out, “Uncle, Brother Zifeng is a part of our family. Why aren’t you helping him but some outsider instead?

Ye Chen turned around and crossed his arms, “This kid is very rude and offended our guests. It is only natural that they disciplined him.”


Tang Feng quickly pulled Xueyi back and warned her, “This matter has nothing to do with you. Just stand there and watch the show. Don’t go and do anything crazy.”

“Mother, why are you like this too?” Ye Xueyi was not pleased.

Ye Zifeng turned towards Xueyi and said, “Xueyi, listen to you mother and stand back for now. That Yige had just reached the sixth qi refining stage and his cultivation is very unstable. His actual strength is probably only at the peak of fifth qi refining stage.”

However, even by saying that, he wasn’t sure how the power of his third stage of qi refining will match up with Yige’s fifth stage. He only said that to Xueyi to calm her down a bit.

Originally, after getting Ye Chen to agree to the battle, Liu Yige felt very happy. But now, after hearing what Ye Zifeng just said, he felt like Ye Zifeng was looking down on him.

“So what if my strength is only at the peak of the fifth stage. Against someone in the second stage like you, I can still toy with you.” After saying that, he tightened his muscles and it looked as if he bulked up quite a bit.

Ye Xueyi knows that her brother probably has the strength of a fourth stage qi refiner after beating Wang Lin, but if his opponent is at the fifth stage, especially at the peak of the fifth stage, then it will be very dangerous for him

“I’m gonna beat the cr*p out of you!” Both of Yige’s eyes widened as qi gathered under his feet. He unleashed an explosive power and charged towards Ye Zifeng.

“Bang!” Two fists collided and both Ye Zifeng and Liu Yige stumbled backwards.

Ye Zifeng stumbled ten whole steps before stopping while Liu Yige took three steps backward.

Ye Zifeng wasn’t feeling so good. Challenging someone two stages above him was a bit too much, Even if his skills and technique were superior, it was still hard for him. However, Liu Yige was even more shocked. He had used all his strength in that punch and wanted to send Ye Zifeng flying. But instead, Ye Zifeng received the punch and he himself moved back three steps.

Ye Huichi was startled and looked at Ye Chen, “Father, is that trash Ye Zifeng only at the 2nd stage of qi refining? I feel like that even i couldn’t have taken that punch head on at all.”

Ye Chen’s face turned very ugly, “You’re asking me? Who am I gonna ask? It’s possible that Liu kid held back.

It wasn’t only the Ye clan who was shocked but the people that came from the Liu clan was shocked as well.

Liu Ningzi angrily yelled out, “Yige, if you want to make a move then do it. Why are you holding back so much? You’re representing the entire Liu family right now!”

Liu Yige laughed bitterly in his heart. He wanted to say ‘I didn’t hold back’, but with so many people watching him, how could he go and lose face like that? If he said that he used all his strength and can only tie with that trash from the ye clan, then wouldn’t he be considered trash too?

“You’ve forced my hands Ye Zifeng!” A vicious look flashed in Liu Yige’s eyes. His arms dropped down like dead weights and became completely black.

Ye Xueyi couldn’t help but turn pale, “Not good! This is the Jade body technique that can only be used when one reaches the sixth qi refining stage! It seems like that guy is going to fight for real now.”

Even without Xueyi’s comments, Ye Zifeng could feel how strong the technique is. When everyone saw this they were surprised. However, Ye Zifeng didn’t flinch at all.

He wiped the blood from his mouth and started to gather all his qi energy into his arms.

“It’s no use!” Liu Yige coldly smiled. He flew towards Ye Zifeng like a cannonball. In a flash, he appeared before Ye Zifeng and struck out his fist.

In the end, even though the two were two whole stages apart, Yi Zifeng usage of condensed qi was able to cancel out Liu Yige’s punch.

However, Zifeng was forced back many steps until he reached the wall. Liu Yige immediately took advantage of this seeing that Ye Zifeng had nowhere to run. Yige flew towards Zifeng at high speed and sent out three consecutive kicks. Zifeng was barely able to dodge all three kicks, all of which left holes in the wall.

Ye Zifeng’s expression turned cold, “You really want to kill me huh? Don’t go to far!”

“So what if I kill you?” Liu Yige said that he wouldn’t hold back anymore and used all the strength that he had. If he didn’t go all out from the beginning, Ye Zifeng might mount a few sneak attacks and by then, he would become a laughing stock when he returns home. To be hit by someone who was two stages lower than him, it would be very embarrassing.

Ye Chen and the other Ye clan members only watched and didn’t try to stop the battle at all. They were all eager to see how Ye Zifeng would die in Liu Yige’s hands. When that happens, the Liu family would probably have to give a few more gifts to him as an apology. This way, even that good for nothing will be able to help the Ye clan out.

Ye Zifeng nodded and his eyes turned cold, “Fine. If you want to kill me so much, then I don’t have anything to worry about. If everything goes well, I might be able to complete my new technique after testing it out on you.”

“What?” Liu Yige was confused.

While watching Ye Zifeng, Liu Ningzi felt that something was wrong and couldn’t help but say, “Senior brother, let’s stop now. This is still the Ye clan’s territory.”

“Stop now? Junior sister, the show is just starting!” Liu Yige’s expression was filled with killing intent. At that time, he was already very furious. He had wanted to slap the cr*p out of Ye Zifeng.

In terms of speed, Ye Zifeng was unable to match Liu Yige at all. Thus, Liu Yige was able to grab Zifeng by his sides. Three stripes of blood appeared on Zifeng’s shirt. That wasn’t all. After grabbing Zifeng, Liu Yige struck him in the arm, creating another three stripes of blood to seep out.

“Brother Zifeng!” Ye Xueyi was worried and yelled out.

However, even though he was being hit, Zifeng didn’t try to run or even dodge. He used this opportunity to grab Liu Yige by the shoulders with his left hand and lightly moved his right forward. If one looked carefully, one would be able to see a small clear black death qi on Zifeng’s palm. When it struck Liu Yige, everyone was shocked.

“You!” Even before Liu Yige realized it, his entire body felt like it was struck by a giant hammer and was sent flying. Blood splurted out from his mouth onto the ceiling like an arrow.

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  1. Whynn says:

    Yige deserved that, people with no composure, and backed by unstable strength suffer like that generally in this, thanks for the chapter, can’t wait for their total reaction in the next chapter. Wonder how much recoil there was on Zifeng this time compared to previously.

  2. divinecheckers says:

    ah this is one of those satisfying chapters where we take out the trash and show our prowess. i like how its done here this mc knows how to hold back a little at least.

      • programmer says:

        well remember the metal plate and pine tree in chapter 6.
        Liu Yige was only sent flying divinecheckers may be right or Zifeng doesn’t have enough energy for the death qi

  3. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    And I hope he tells the clan that he isn’t the trash, and that they are….

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    They lose that one person, and their clan is finished…..

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        err this is wordpress? well who care as long as it didn’t change the meaning or cut some of info that might affect the story itself…. thx for chapter and don’t let few negative comment get to you

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