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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 89 – Alchemy Competition

Chapter 89 – Alchemy Competition
Translated by: Andy
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Ye Zifeng grinned, “It’s simple. If I get placed in the top three, then you guys will have to make the highest bid and buy my pill!”

Liang Nine and the others stared at Ye Zifeng and then laughed.

“Little brother, I like your thinking. But do you know where we are? We’re not in a city that’s lacking alchemists and pills like your Leizhou City. The prices for pills here are at least three times cheaper!”

“Hehe….. Just leave it Brother Nine. Don’t talk to him anymore. He’s talking like he’s actually going to enter the top three. The alchemists from the other cities aren’t as weak as the people from his Leizhou City!”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “So how about it? Are you guys willing to bet?”

“Bet! Of course we’re willing! Even if you can somehow get into the top 3, your pill probably won’t be worth much either. Why wouldn’t we take the chance?”

Liang Nine roared out in laughter. He was the boss of these people. How could he not have the courage to bet with this kid?

“Alright then. Let’s make a blood contract right now!”

“Let’s go. Who’s scared of who! Little brother, let me tell you this first. Don’t say that big brother is bullying you after you lose. This is what you asked for.”

“Of course.” Ye Zifeng revealed a sly smile.

Under the guidance of the guards, Ye Zifeng finally found Bingqian and Yang Jing. They had been waiting in the large hall for a while now.

“I’m not late right?” Ye Zifeng smiled and looked around. It was still very noisy so he concluded that there was still some time before the competition starts.

Yang Jing sighed, “Even though it hasn’t started yet, you can still hear how these people are making fun of junior sister. I can’t comfort her anymore. Why don’t young master Ye try?”

Ye Zifeng revealed an awkward smile. He really doesn’t know how to comfort women. In his past life, all his relations with women were filled with pretense. He didn’t have many private relationships at all.

“Miss Jing. If you comfort her and if I comfort her…..wouldn’t it yield the same results?”

Yang Jing looked deeply at him and helplessly smiled.

“That…. Of course it’s different. Go comfort her. I’m afraid this will affect her concocting abilities.”

“But…… Fine.”

There were two people representing each city. If there was something wrong with his partner then it will affect the result of the pill. If they failed, then Ye Zifeng can only blame himself.

Thinking about this, Ye Zifeng walked over to Liu Bingqian and smiled, “Bingqian, are you scared that you’ll get last place again later?”

Seeing that Ye Zifeng had come, Liu Bingqian’s eyes lit up and returned to her senses.

“Big brother rough guy…. Truth to be told, the past few times that I’ve attended the competition, I’ve only gotten last place. Everyone is treating me as a joke. I overheard someone talking with my master before saying that if I got last place again, then Leizhou City’s qualifications to enter the competition will be revoked in the future…. I don’t think I can assume such a big responsibility.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and tried to comfort her, “It’s only a suggestion by that person. No one agreed to it yet. Also, have some faith. With me here, you won’t get last place anymore. This is the promise that I made to you.”

Liu Bingqian was startled and looked at Ye Zifeng.

“But… If it’s like this…. Then wouldn’t there be a lot of pressure on you?

“Pressure?” A big smile appeared on Ye Zifeng’s face. He was one of the greatest alchemist in the world. There were times where his life was on the line when he concocted pills. Compared to that kind of pressure, this was nothing at all.

“Don’t worry about it. This won’t affect me at all.”

Liu Bingqian giggled, “I was a bit too unreasonable before… Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.” To have Ye Zifeng personally counsel her, she was feeling a lot better already. She even forgot about the consequences of her getting last place already.

Ye Zifeng’s expression suddenly turned cold, “Anyways…. Who was the one who suggested to revoke Leizhou City’s qualification?”

Liu Bingqian hesitated and then pointed at young man. The young man was dressed in all white with a light green belt on his waist. With a single glance, one can tell that he was from a very influential family.

“The one that suggested it is that guy. He’s the son of the city lord of Tonghuo City. He has a lot of influence around here and was 2nd place in last year’s competition. His flame is at the peak of common tier already.”

Ye Zifeng coldly snorted, “No matter how strong it is, it is still a common tier flame. Bingqian, tell me about the other competitors. It’ll be easier if I know what they’re capable of.

Liu Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng and thought, ‘Bro… You didn’t even condense your common tier flame yet….’ However, she understands that even without a common tier flame, Ye Zifeng is still able to overpower normal alchemists like Song Shiyun.

“Alright. Let me start from the beginning. Other than our Leizhou City, there are four other cities around Tiandao City.

Ye Zifeng replied, “Linfeng City, Tonghuo City, Qushui City and Huangtu City.” Each city was named after an element so remembering them wasn’t a hard thing to do.

(Leizhou City = Thunder, Linfeng City = Wind, Tonghuo City = Fire, Qushui City = Water, Huangtu City = Earth)

Liu Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng with a surprised look, “That’s right. From each city, Master Muyun picked out the best alchemists from the younger generation to participate in the alchemy competition.”

Ye Zifeng listen carefully and noted the keywords, “So everyone who’s competing is a junior?”

Before he came here, Ye Zifeng had no knowledge of the competition at all. Now, he basically knew all the basic rules and stuff.

“That’s right. The senior alchemists will all be judging the competition. It’s usually like this…”

“Usually like this?” Ye Zifeng raised an eyebrow.

“Well…. The competition is different every time so even I don’t know what’s going on this time. My master wants to be impartial so she didn’t tell me anything either. She clearly wants me to be a fool out there.”

Liu Bingqian pouted and had an unhappy expression on her face. She was disappointed that she didn’t get any special treatment as her master’s disciple.

At this time, a loud, clear, voice sounded throughout the hall.

“Everyone. Please settle down.”

Hearing this voice, everyone immediately stopped talking. They all know that this was the voice of Muyun Old Devil. Even if they have a high position in the city, they all shut their mouths to give her face.

She was wearing a long white robe today with her a jade hair piece stuck in her tied up hair. As for her chin….. The long beard was still glued on. This made some people laugh lightly.

Muyun Old Devil didn’t pay attention to everyone’s gazes and smiled, “Everyone, this competition is a very important competition in our Tiandao City. This year, my Muyun House is responsible for hosting this. I, Old Devil, am very honored. Now let me explain the rules for this year’s competition.”

When the rules were mentioned, all of the representatives from each city all listened up.

Ye Zifeng pretended to listen. Instead of listening, he looked around at the competitors and noted their movements.

On the other side Muyun Old Devil was explaining the rules, “There will be two parts to the competition. For the first part, I will give everyone a topic to concoct. The time limit will be one hour. Those who go over the time limit or make slag with be immediately disqualified. If a pill is concocted then it will be graded. The top three will enter the second round.”

After pausing for a bit, she smiled, “As for the rules pertaining to the second round, I will explain it when we get there……. Are there any questions?”

“No questions. Let’s begin!”

“That’s right. We can’t wait to advance to the second round. Allow me to awe everyone with my Tonghuo City’s superior alchemy techniques.” The young master from Tonghuo City laughed.

On the outside, he looked scholarly and elegant but on the inside, he was brainless arrogant bastard.

This time, many high ranking people from Tiandao City was in attendance. The young master from Tiandao City wanted to get them to notice him and have them take him in so he can forever cultivate in Tiandao City.

Muyun Old Devil nodded and smiled, “If there aren’t any questions….. Then the alchemy competition will officially…..!”

“Hold on…. Senior Old Devil. I have a question.” Ye Zifeng voice sounded all the way from the back. At the same time, his hand was raised up high.

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