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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 88 – To be in awe.

Chapter 88 – To be in awe.
Translated by: Andy
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Due to the fact that Liu Bingqian had been dragging her trip to Tiandao City out, her master had no choice but to send Yang Jing to go pick her up at the last second. This was why they had no time to prepare for the competition.

In reality, the only reason Liu Bingqian came was because she respected her master and not actually for the competition.

This was because the host for the competition this time was the Muyun House itself.

“Bingqian, Bingqian. It’s the alchemy competition today. There’s only an hour left before it starts. Why are you still trying to sleep?” Ye Zifeng had been knocking on Liu Bingqian’s door for a while now, trying to wake her up.

Liu Bingqian was the one who dragged him to the alchemy competition. Now that they’re here, why is she trying to stay in her room and not come out?

After Yang Jing finished washing herself, she saw Ye Zifeng knocking on Bingqian’s door and walked over.

“Young master Ye, you don’t know about this but junior sister has some past traumas with the alchemy competition. If you guys go early, you’ll ridiculed by other people. That’s why she’s pretending that she’s asleep.”

Ye Zifeng sighed, “Then Miss Jing, can you please go in and call her out?”

“That’s simple.” Yang Jing giggled. She walked towards the door and whispered, “Junior sister, I know that you’re up already. Young master Ye has been waiting out here for a while. It looks like he’s getting a little angry!”


Hurried footsteps sounded from inside the door. To Ye Zifeng’s surprise, Bingqian rushed over and immediately opened the door. Since she got up so suddenly, she didn’t have time to get ready and looked like a sweet mess.

“Big brother rough guy. Don’t be mad. I’m up!”

Liu Bingqian looked a bit anxious but when she saw that Ye Zifeng didn’t look mad at all, she turned around and glared at Yang Jing.

“Senior sister. Is it fun to mess with me?”

Yang Jing laughed, “If I don’t do this, then you’ll be late to the competition like last time. That’s not good you know.”

Ye Zifeng chuckled. Who would’ve thought that weak-looking girl have such a side to her. If she was healthy, then she would be a troublesome trouble-maker!

Liu Bingqian smiled embarrassingly and nodded, “Fine. Whatever. This time, i have big brother rough guy helping me anyways. Maybe I won’t get last place anymore!”

She looked at Ye Zifeng and felt a bit more confident.

“Let’s go.” Ye Zifeng opened up his mouth. He wanted to see what kind of alchemists existed in this continent. He was looking forward to the competition.

“Alright!” Liu Bingqian quickly fixed herself up and followed Ye Zifeng and Yang Jing out.

In just one day, the empty Muyun Residence was now bustling with people.

Right when the three of them walked out, they were crowded by the people.

Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but raise his brows, “What’s going on? Is this an alchemy competition or a food market? Why are there so many people here?”

If one out of ten people can be a cultivator, then it would take one out of a hundred to become an alchemist. Anyone who’s attending this competition should be the elite of the elite. From what Ye Zifeng can see, there shouldn’t be that many people here.

Yang Jing smiled, “Young Master Ye, you don’t know about this but during the alchemy competition, the pills concocted will be sold to the spectators. The competitors will give a portion of the earnings to the host for supplying the ingredients. These people aren’t here to compete but here to buy pills concocted during the competition.”

“So that’s how it is.”

Ye Zifeng smirked. This Muyun Old Devil is pretty shrewd to do something like this.

The crowd noticed Liu Bingqian and Yang Jing and began to giggle and gossip.

“Old Hong, do you see that beautiful girl over there? That’s Miss Liu from Leizhou City, the one who always gets last place. Her face is pretty thick huh, to come back every time….”

“Hahahahaha…. Old Feng, from what I can see, that Miss Liu is the most interesting part of the competition. To see her shed silent tears every time from being last…. I won’t ever forget that scene.”

“But look, this time she brought someone else with her. I wonder if he’s strong or not. Maybe Miss Liu won’t be last this time because of him!”

“Preposterous. How strong can a hairless brat be? Brother Chu opened up a betting stand. Do you want to go bet? I’m betting that Miss Liu will be last place!”

“Me too! I want to bet that Miss Liu will be last!” Someone else screamed out.

It was getting louder and louder until Bingqian and the others heard what they were talking about.

Liu Bingqian frowned and wanted to refute but didn’t know how to. After all, she had lost really badly during the other competitions and was so affected by it that she didn’t want to attend another competition. This was why she was hiding in her room before.

Yang Jing sighed and held Bingqian’s hands. The looks in her eyes showed that she cared for her junior sister.

Ye Zifeng was silent for a bit and then opened his mouth, “It’s not time yet…. I’m going to go look around and then come back. Don’t go in without me.”

Liu Bingqian gave him a weird look and wanted to ask for the reason but smiled instead, “Alright. Then come back quickly.”

She was the one that dragged him here for the competition so she won’t restrict his movements at all. She didn’t want him to get angry at her either.

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded. He walked into the crowd and disappeared.

A handsome and elegant youth suddenly appeared within the group of people that were slandering Liu Bingqian.

Some of these people immediately recognized him as the person who was with Liu Bingqian and asked, “Kid. What do you want?”

Ye Zifeng coldly snorted, “It’s fine if you guys gamble around but this is the Muyun Residence. It is the alchemy competition today. If you guys do something like this…..”

The leader of these people’s expression changed, “What do you want? We’re making some private bets to play around. We’re not doing anything wrong.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “What I mean is…..Can I join you guys?”

Everyone present was shocked, “No way. You’re a participant. If you enter the bet then…..”

“Aren’t you guys just playing around private? Why are there so many rules?” Ye Zifeng smiled back.

The leader saw that he wasn’t doing anything wrong and sighed, “You can join us if you want…. But we have to see how you bet. If you bet that Liu Bingqian will lose, then I’m afraid that we can’t comply with you….”

When he said that, everyone started to laugh.

That’s right. Everyone here believes that Liu Bingqian will be last no matter what. If Ye Zifeng wants to bet that he loses, then there’s no point.

“Also, do you have money to bet? You’re just a kid from Leizhou City, do you even have that much money?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and took out a large bag of gold coins from his robe. From the looks of it, there was at least a thousand gold coins in there. Now they’re finally respecting Ye Zifeng.

“Money? I have that. There’s 1200 gold coins here. Not one less.”

These gold coins came from Wang Lin and Wang Ruoxing. It also included some money that he got from Ye Chongtian.

The leader’s eyes lit up and looked at Ye Zifeng again.

“I’m Liang Nine. You can call me Brother Nine. Tell me. How do you want to bet? Let’s see if we can agree.” He wanted to do some small scale betting but who would’ve thought that it would become so big. He made Ye Zifeng state the rules so it was easier for him to follow up.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Let me ask this first. How many people are there participating in the competition?”

When the group heard this, they all bursted out in laughter. They were laughing so hard that they had to hold onto each other. They all looked at Ye Zifeng with a look of disdain.

“Little brother. You dare enter the competition without knowing this? It seems like Miss Liu really will be last again!”

“Yeah. The competition is for the five smaller cities that surround Tiandao City so there are only 5 groups participating. Did Liu Bingqian not tell you this?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Five groups huh? We’ll probably at least be in the top 3. How about this? We’ll make a blood contract. If my group can’t get in the top 3, then you can have the 1200 gold coins!”

Liang Nine was so shocked that he stood there like a rock. Even with the vast amount of experience he had accumulated over the years, he was still shocked by this guy. This was definitely the first time that he’s been here…. How can he be so confident? However, the 1200 gold coins was very appealing. It was a large amount for anyone other than large families/sects.

Liang Nine gulped, and nervously asked, “Then….. What happens if you get within the first three places?”

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