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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 86 – Definitely cannot offend!

Chapter 86 – Definitely cannot offend!
Translated by: Andy
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3rd Chapter of the week.

Not going to be at full strength until next week. The most I can do is finish up the 5 chapters for SDG and DOP this week. Will start going into the owed chapters next week!

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Being in the center of five small cities, Tiandao City was a place endowed with the energies of the heavens and the earth. To these smaller cities, it was a place that transcended the nine heavens and was filled with unlimited resources.

In the early mornings, a multi-colored qi would appear in the Rooftop Pavilion, located at the highest point of the Profound Sect. It gave off a unique feeling to cultivators. This was the reason why Tiandao City is said to have unlimited resources.

In the Inn.

“The qi energy here is sure plentiful. If I can stay here and cultivate, my cultivation will increase much faster than cultivating in Leizhou City.

When Ye Zifeng woke up this morning and took a deep breath, he felt as if his entire body had been refreshed. Even the violent and disturbed qi in his body started to calm down.

“Heh. Quit dreaming. The people of people that can stay in Tiandao City is limited. Who in the five small cities don’t want to stay in Tiandao City? Do you think you can stay whenever you want?”

Liu Bingqian smiled and suddenly appeared behind Ye Zifeng.\

“But…. If you want to stay then it’s not impossible….” Liu Bingqian said as she lowered her voice.

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng became interested in what Bingqian had to say.

“Bingqian, what do you mean that it’s not impossible?”

A complicated expression appeared on Bingqian’s face, “…..It’s pretty easy. Actually, my Liu clan has some relationships with an esteemed elder in Tiandao City. It’s not hard for him to make an exception….. He might help you if you become a part of the Liu clan…..”

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng’s expression changed as he coldly snorted.

“Impossible. Not with how Liu Ningzi treated me that day. I told you already. I will never be with her. There’s no way you can talk me into it!”

Liu Bingqian was startled as a complicated look appeared in her eyes and muttered, “You dumb blockhead. Am I not someone from the Liu clan……”

At this moment, Yang Jing’s jolly voice sounded from behind the two.

“The two of you are up pretty early. Did you want to see Master Old Devil that much?”

Liu Bingqian giggled, “I haven’t seen master in a while. If it wasn’t for the fact that master is nagging to attend this alchemy competition, I would definitely go and visit more often.”

Ye Zifeng looked around and smiled, “Well since we’re done with Wang Ruoxing, why don’t we go to your master and prepare for the competition?”

Hearing the name Wang Ruoxing, the two girls’ mouth curved up to reveal a smile.

Last night, the three of them had mercilessly punished Wang Ruoxing and beaten him half dead. The other two were also forced by Ye Zifeng to sign a blood contract and won’t bother them anymore. Ye Zifeng also handed them a sound transmission talisman and would try to extort more from them later on.

The only thing that Ye Zifeng regretted was not keeping an eye on Wang Lin. He searched the entire inn and couldn’t find him. Wang Lin probably woke up in the middle of the fights and slipped away when he saw that things weren’t going his way.

Liu Bingqian looked over at Ye Zifeng and replied, “Alright. Let’s go. We’ll probably reach our destination by noon.”

Even though Tiandao City was big, the group was lucky that they were pretty close to their master’s place. Under Yang Jing’s guidance, the group moved quickly.

When they reached the Muyun Clan’s residence, it was almost noon.

“Welcome Miss Jing!”

“Welcome Miss Liu!”

The Muyun Clan had expected for them to come and had two rows of guards welcome them at the front door. When they saw the two girls, they welcomed them loudly.

Yang Jing smiled and waved her hands, “I didn’t even leave for that many days, there’s no need for such a big welcome.”

The leader of the guards cupped his hands, “This is master Muyun’s orders. We don’t dare to disobey!”

Yang Jing looked at Liu Bingqian and revealed a smile.

“Junior Sister Liu, look how much face you have. Every time you come over, master always makes a big deal out of it!”

“It’s because master treats me with such kindness that I’m here. If not, then I have no reason to be here. I always get last place every time. I always get embarrassed during the competitions. Do you know that?”

Yang Jing laughed lightly and didn’t say anything else. She turned around and looked at the guards.

“That’s right. Did Master Old Devil wake up? I don’t want to make master unhappy if we barge in.”

Ye Zifeng looked at Yang Jing with a shocked expression, “No way. It’s already noon. How can your master not be up?”

Yang Jing shook her head, “Well…… Normally, master sleeps for about another hour….. We can wait for a bit.”

The guard had an embarrassed look on his face, “This…. Miss Jing is correct. Master Muyun isn’t awake yet. Please enter slowly…..”

Liu Bingqian and Yang Jing looked at each other and stood in place. They were going to wait.

“Still an hour?” Ye Zifeng suddenly remember how Bingqian told him that her master’s temper was a bit weird. But this is super weird.

It’s normal if their master doesn’t want to be disturbed late at night but it’s noon right now. We can’t even enter the house because their master is asleep? That’s not normal.

Ye Zifeng was suddenly curious about this Muyun Old Devil. How can a person be so weird?

“Alright then. You guys can stay here and chat around. Since there’s an hour, I’ll go and take a stroll.” Ye Zifeng told the girls what he was going to do so they won’t get worried.

“Big brother rough guy…. Be quick. I plan on introducing you to master right when we go in!”

THe guards saw Ye Zifeng and couldn’t help but gossip with each other.

“Who is that guy? How come I’ve never seen him before?”

“Master Muyun allowed Miss Liu to bring someone over. From what I can see, Miss Liu brought a pretty boy here to help cheer her up. Did you hear what she called him? What kind of relationship do they have?”

“Since it’s a pretty boy, then his alchemy skills are probably trash. Miss Liu is probably going to be last place again.”

These guards were not that familiar with Liu Bingqian since she’s always in Leizhou City so they carelessly gossiped about her. Yang Jing on the other hand…. They don’t dare talk bad about her.

Ye Zifeng smiled as he walked around the area around the Muyun Residence. He wasn’t the type of person who would spend his time waiting. Time is precious so he might as well look around.

When he saw that there was no one else around him, he closed his eyes. A cold qi condensed in his brain and shot out of his body towards the Profound Sect.

In the Profound Sect, Elder Zhao was eating and having fun with his acquaintances. Suddenly, he felt his soul fluctuate and immediately put down his food.

“Everyone, please continue eating. I’m full. Please excuse me.”

The people he was eating with saw that Elder Zhao had barely touched his food and looked confusingly at each other.

After leaving, Elder Zhao hurriedly found a quiet place and communicated with Ye Zifeng.

“You stinking brat, you woke this old man up last night and now you want to mess with me during my meal time?”

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “No way. I’m just trying to see how you’ve been.”

“Whatever. It seems like I’ve owed you in my past life or something. Tell me straight up, what happened?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Nothing much. I saw that it was pretty late last night so I didn’t want to bother you again. By the way, how much do you know about Wang Rui in your Profound Sect?”

Hearing the words “Wang Rui”, Elder Zhao’s expression changed, “You stinking brat. Tell me the truth. Did you offend him or something?”

Ye Zifeng suspiciously asked, “What? Does he have a lot of influence in your sect?”

“He’s at the Martial Spirit Realm.”

Everything was clear after these few words. A Martial Spirit realm cultivator was much stronger than one at the Martial Practitioner realm.

Ye Zifeng thought that Wang Ruoxing was randomly spitting out names but now it seems like this Wang Rui is real and is part of the Wang clan.

It seems like the reason why the Wang Clan is so daring is because they have a Martial Spirit realm cultivator backing them.

Twenty years ago, Ye Chongtian was able to shake up the entire Leizhou City by himself because he was at the Martial Spirit realm. However, the Wang Clan now have two Martial Spirit Realm cultivators and one of them even has influence in the Profound Sect.

“Don’t worry. I haven’t offended him yet….” Ye Zifeng laughed.

“What are you saying? What do you mean by “yet”?!?” Elder Zhao froze up a bit after hearing this.

“You stinkin brat. This is your first time in Tiandao City right? Let me tell you this. In Tiandao City, there are three people that you cannot offend!”

Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up and was interested in the topic, “Oh? Which three people? I’d like to hear about it!”

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