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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 85 – Letting him go?

Chapter 85 – Letting him go?
Translated by: Andy
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This time, Ye Zifeng had reaped a large profit. To be able to get so many treasure and gold coins after a fight, this was very worth it for his time.

After taking all of Wang Ruoxing’s treasures, Ye Zifeng feels that Wang Ruoxing won’t go around telling people in order to save face.

“I’m letting you go because I’m a nice person. But…. How are you going to promise me that you won’t find me for trouble anymore?”

Ye Zifeng smiled at Wang Ruoxing and reminded him, “Let me remind you. I don’t trust blood oaths anymore. If you’re like your brother and want to come at me with your life on the line again, I really am a bit scared…..”

Wang Ruoxing cursed. You. Scared? How about you have a scared expression on your face before you say that?

“Boss. Please don’t be like this. How about I make a Inner Demons Oath?” Wang Ruoxing rolled his eyes and then smiled.

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “Whatever. Don’t think that I don’t know about it. The Inner Demons Oath only affect people when they become a Martial Practitioner….. Let’s just make a blood contract.”

“What? Blood Contract?” Wang Ruoxing was shocked.

He knew that the Blood Contract is one of the strictest things there is. It has a very strong binding effect. If one party goes back on their words, then they will definitely die painfully!

“Boss….I don’t think we have to make such a big deal out of this…..”

Ye Zifeng’s expression turned cold, “So you’re still trying to revenge for yourself?”

Wang Ruoxing bitterly laughed, “Don’t joke around boss. After this all this, my lil bro and I will never forget this day. After suffering so much, how would we dare to mess with you again.”

“Hmph. All talk.”

Ye Zifeng took out a piece of paper and pen from his interspatial ring.

Seeing this, Wang Ruoxing’s expression turned ashen.

“No way…. You actually have a blood contract with you…..”

“Write your name down and leave your fingerprint there. Draw some blood and make a blood oath. If you even miss a single step then…. Hehe…” Ye Zifeng walked around Wang Ruoxing and then took out a dagger from his robe. It was the same exact dagger that he extorted from Wang Lin.

“Boss…. Don’t… Alright. I got it. I’ll do it now!”

Ye Zifeng had seen through Wang Ruoxing a while ago. Wang Ruoxing was all talk and no bark. This guy was afraid of dying. This was why he liked to fight against people who were weaker than himself.

Wang Ruoxing gritted his teeth. He had completely given up. He couldn’t do anything against Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng was only at the fifth stage of qi refining. Even those at the 6th stage of qi refining can’t beat him. If he can’t control Ye Zifeng now, then when he grows up, he will not be stopped.

“What are you thinking about? Put your fingerprint there and draw your blood to make a blood oath!” Ye Zifeng reminded Wang Ruoxing very loudly.

“Alright….” Wang Ruoxing closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He then gritted his teeth and completed the blood contract.

This time, Wang Ruoxing really admitted defeat. If he tries to mess with Ye Zifeng again, then he will suffer the consequences.

Ye Zifeng smiled and put away one of the blood contracts into his interspatial ring.

“There are two contracts. You take the other one. Take a look at it when you’re bored. You know what will happen if you go back on your words right?”

Wang Ruoxing received his part of the contract and felt very depressed. He came all the way here from Leizhou City to mess with Ye Zifeng. However, who would’ve thought that he would be the one that was messed with.

“Boss… I gave you everything that I have already and signed the blood contract. This time, can you let me go now?” Wang Ruoxing’s was hopeful that Ye Zifeng would let him go.

It’s better to have a bad life than to have a good death. Wang Ruoxing gulped and looked at Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng looked at him with an amused expression, “Well I don’t like to lie people. I said I’ll let you go so I’ll let you go. But…..”

Wang Ruoxing felt relieved at first but when he heard the second half of what Ye Zifeng said, his heart shuddered. After everything that happened, what else does Ye Zifeng want?

“But what…..?”

“I’m letting you go….. But I don’t know about Bingqian and Miss Jing…..”

Ye Zifeng turned around and saw Bingqian’s eyes lit up. It looked very cold as she looked at Wang Ruoxing. She really didn’t plan to let Wang Ruoxing go.

Wang Ruoxing was flabbergasted. He tried very hard to hold himself back.

“But…. But.. Aren’t you guys doing this together….?”

It’s fine if one person messes with him. But if they want to mess with him one by one, then Wang Ruoxing doesn’t know what to do anymore. The most important thing is that Wang Ruoxing has nothing left on his body. If Ye Zifeng had wanted some more things, then he would’ve stripped naked and gave him his clothes.

However, he made the blood contract already. If he wants to fight Ye Zifeng, then he will receive divine punishment. He can’t do anything but comply to their demands.

“Who said we’re together? He’s from the Ye clan and I’m from the Liu clan. Senior sister Jing is from the Yang clan. He does what he wants and I’ll do what I want.” Liu Bingqian revealed a big smile.

Wang Ruoxing also had a smile on his face. However, the smile looked even worse than if he was dead, “Then…. What do you girls want?”

Liu Bingqian giggled and released her killing intent, “You tried to drug us before and if big brother rough guy wasn’t so cautious then we’ll probably be in your hands right now. How can I feel good if I don’t beat you for a bit?”

“Beat? Look at me already. You still want to beat me?”

Wang Ruoxing started to sweat and felt like he was going to faint. If someone at the 9th stage of qi refining beats him, it’s not fun and games.

Wang Ruoxing looked at Ye Zifeng and only saw that Ye Zifeng had his eyes closed. He was trying to say that he has nothing to do with this.

Technically, Ye Zifeng didn’t lie. He really did let him go without doing anything.

Wang Ruoxing couldn’t rely on Ye Zifeng at all. He turned to his right and saw Yang Jing standing in front of him. He saw her graceful, elegant and peaceful look and tried to beg for forgiveness.

“The miss from Tiandao City. I don’t have any enmities with you. I’ve realized that I’m wrong and will change in the future. Please help me persuade Miss Liu to not beat me up.”

Yang Jing saw how sorry Wang Ruoxing looked and felt sorry for him. She took a deep breath and pulled Bingqian’s sleeves.

“Junior sister…. I think that he was muddle minded back there. Let’s give him a chance or maybe you can hold back a bit. Don’t beat him to death in one hit…..”

“What? Beat to death?” Wang Ruoxing felt like he was closer and closer to fainting. What kind of women is Ye Zifeng traveling with…..

Liu Bingqian looked over at Ye Zifeng and smiled, “Big brother rough guy, it might get a bit rough when I beat him…. Can you turn around and not look?”

Ye Zifeng raised his brows and looked back at her, “Uhh….It’s okay….”

Yang Jing coughed a bit and smiled at Ye Zifeng as well, “Young master Ye. You should go rest for a bit. Leave it to us.”

Ye Zifeng was dragged into a room by the two girls and continuously shook his head.

“Alright. I’ll wait for you girls in here….”

After Bingqian sent Ye Zifeng away, she sighed, “That blockhead….How come he still doesn’t understand after all these hints. I’m so mad!”

Yang Jing laughed, “You don’t want to let him see your rough side right?”

Bingqian giggled and didn’t say anything.

They were giggling as they chatted with each other. However, when they saw Wang Ruoxing again, a cold expression appeared.

“Please….. We can talk about this….. Ahhhhh!”

Wang Ruoxing screamed miserably throughout the entire ordeal…..

After a while, the two girls happily skipped downstairs to towards the rooms.

“That Wang Ruoxing really is trash. I didn’t even use 30% of my strength and he was screaming so miserably.”

Yang Jing giggled, “You got the better part. Right after he saw that I had condensed my flame, he fainted….”

On the outside, Yang Jing looked weak. She really didn’t like fighting at all. However, after being around Bingqian for so long, she learned some of Bingqian’s methods of doing things.

“Big brother rough guy, do you want to beat that Wang Ruoxing up?” Bingqian happily skipped down the stairs.

At the same time, Ye Zifeng was walking out of his room. He lifted his head and smiled, “I’m a righteous person. If I told him that I’m going to let him go, I’ll let him go.”

Liu Bingqian shook her head. She was just casually talking. If Ye Zifeng were to go upstairs and beat Wang Ruoxing, then Wang Ruoxing will really go crazy.

“We taught him a lesson today and made him sign a blood contract. I don’t think he’ll find us for trouble anymore. Oh yeah…. When are we going to the alchemy competition? When are we going to find your Master Old Devil?”

Liu Bingqian thought about it and smiled, “How about tomorrow morning?”

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    • imthejudgenjury says:

      Yeah he’s really damn stupid to be so smart. This family done f with him 3 times now and he’s still letting them go. So if something happens later I wont care one bit.

      • DMR says:

        Well, they weren’t a threat, just free money… but he’d probably have to kill em’ anyways… so why not just do it now?

        • videriant says:

          Everytime they mess with him he gets free things. Why kill them off? Plus, he’s not at the point right now where he could easily deal with the older generation if he killed off the younger.

        • DMR says:

          If he killed them and destroyed the evidence, there would be no problem. Remember, nobody knows about those idiots actions.

          He’d have to kill them anyways eventually. He might as well save himself the trouble, and he’d have less people to kill later.

        • Bobbio says:

          actually they would be able to connect it because remember wang lin? he robbed him, so if the person in that profound sect actually cared about this kid, or even if it was the father, they’d just question their son, find out that he planned to ambush him in the inn, and then would be able to connect the dots, though they might assume that he hired someone, like they’d usually think in these xianxia novels cause god knows that a person can’t be stronger than what one says.

  1. winrander5 says:

    So you’re telling me that she could’ve finish that fight really fast if she wanted but since mc was present she was holding back all the time???

  2. Erebus says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    I really want to know what that contract says now. Perhaps sommit like “Every time I see you you have to give me all the treasures you have on your body” could be fun…

  3. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    too bad I was wrong… I was singing in my head:
    “Fly away skyline pigeon fly”

  4. Seink says:

    You know…. he didnt read the contract… the contract could say anything… like ‘pay 50% of your family gains every month’ or something worse :p
    Maybe Im too evil XD

    Thanks for the translation!

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