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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 83 – Defeating you in one move

Chapter 83 – Defeating you in one move
Translated by: Andy
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The lightning qi that Ye Zifeng sent out was quickly dispelled by Wang Ruoxing.

In the next moment, Wang Ruoxing flew towards Little Dong and threw him over to Big Dong. After that, he turned around again and sent a palm strike filled with qi towards his opponents.

There are some things that you either don’t do or have to do. After everything that had happened already, he has to kill Ye Zifeng.

“Big Dong, leave your brother on side for a bit. Killing Ye Zifeng is our number one priority!” Even though Wang Ruoxing was being blocked by Liu Bingqian, he was still able to see what was going on and talk.

“You heartless thing. I don’t need you to teach me how I do things!”

Big Dong yelled back as he caught his little brother. He couldn’t stop his movements and had to drop his brother on the floor instead of softly placing him down.

His hands moved like lightning as he knocked away Ye Zifeng’s palm strikes and fiercely grabbed Ye Zifeng’s neck.

Even with the martial spirit lending its power to Ye Zifeng, Big Dong was still three whole stages above Ye Zifeng and can completely crush him. He grabbed Ye Zifeng by his neck to show him how cruel he will be.

However, Ye Zifeng wasn’t that stupid to let himself grabbed like that. He had a plan to go against Big Dong the whole time.

“Miss Jing, now!”

Yang Jing nodded and gritted her teeth. On her fingers, the condensed flame had grown very big. With Ye Zifeng’s signal, she didn’t hesitate at all and threw the fireball towards Ye Zifeng.

When one’s cultivation is lacking, one needs to learn to adapt. One needs to learn how to create opportunities when facing a difficult situation.

On the path of cultivation, your enemies won’t always be on the same level as you are. When facing a stronger opponent, you must go above and beyond your limits. You must use everything in your arsenal and everything that’s at your disposal.

Even weak cultivators can have their own methods and deal with people stronger than themselves.
Behind Ye Zifeng, a large blazing fireball was flying towards the Ye Zifeng and Big Dong.

“No!” Big Dong yelled out

Even if Yang Jing’s true power was at the 6th stage of qi refining, she was still a cultivator at the 7th stage of qi refining. After preparing for a while, her fireball had the power of an attack at the 7th stage of qi refining. Along with her innate fire abilities as an alchemist, the fireball had a very strong destructive power.

“Too late. You’ve already lost.”

Ye Zifeng laughed. He was prepared while Big Dong wasn’t. When the fireball reached them, Ye Zifeng quickly lowered his body and dodged the fireball. It slipped by his arms and flew straight into Big Dong’s chest.

A piercing cry sounded. When the fireball struck Big Dong, it left a deep imprint on his chest with a sizzling sound. Big Dong’s shirt was burnt and a bloody imprint could it seen.

“Ah!” Big Dong’s expression became twisted as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

After yelling, the rough muscle on Big Dong’s body started to expand until the veins started to pop out. After experiencing this devastating attack, Big Dong looked up as if he had been reborn.

After coughing for a bit and spitting out another mouthful of blood, Big Dong smiled, “This miss from Tiandao City, your abilities aren’t bad at all. If your cultivation was a bit higher, then I might have been burnt to crisps by now!”

Yang Jing bit her teeth. Her face drained of color. If such a strong attack couldn’t kill her opponent, she doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Seeing how resoluted Big Dong was gave Wang Ruoxing a shock. Even he who have consumed the Spirit Increasing Pill would have a hard time dealing with that fireball.

“How about you try this move then!”

Ye Zifeng moved towards Big Dong.

“Come on!” Big Dong laughed, “Ye Zifeng, your friend took so much time to form that fireball and I’ve taken the blow already. Let’s see what kind of moves you got now!”

Right now, Big Dong was feeling invincible as if he can block anything in the world.

Suddenly a “hidden weapon” type of thing flew towards Big Dong. Without even looking at it, Big Dong jumped backwards and caught the object. This thing couldn’t hurt him at all.

“Ye Zifeng. Do you have nothing better? You’re starting to throw random things now? I’m disappointed.”

“Big Dong…. You….” Wang Ruoxing was shocked. His mouth was wide open as if his face had been pulled down by someone.

“Wang Ruoxing, looking at your face, it seems like you’re shocked by my hidden strength. Let me tell you something. I’ve already broken through into the middle 8th stage of qi refining!”

Wang Ruoxing’s face turned ashen and cursed, “Big Dong. You retard! Look at what you’re holding!”

Hearing this, Big Dong wanted to curse back but looked down first. When he saw what he was holding, his face swelled up like a pig and was extremely shocked.

“What? This…..This……” He was so shocked that he couldn’t talk.

He was holding the poisoned plate in his hand.

The Ten Step Qi Shattering poison wasn’t used on Ye Zifeng but on Big Dong instead. Ye Zifeng had an amused look on his face.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “This time… Do you want me to countdown for you? Let’s see. You walked quite a few steps already. One, two, three, four, five…. Eight, nine! Whoops. You only have one step left. There’s no need for me to count down. Wait no. When you grabbed the plate, you had one foot on the ground… So you only have a half a step left.”

Ye Zifeng revealed a cold expression and continued to talk, “Don’t say that I didn’t remind you. If you even if your foot up by a little bit, you will faint immediately.”

Hearing this, Big Dong was shocked. Both of his feet felt like they were weighed down by an anchor. He didn’t dare to lift his leg up at all. He had lost all his will to battle.

On the other side, Wang Ruoxing sighed with a face filled with disappointment. This time he had traveled so far for Leizhou City in order to mess with Ye Zifeng. Who would’ve thought that not only would he not succeed but will also suffer from Ye Zifeng! This is simply absurd!

Ye Zifeng turned around and smiled, “Wang clan’s second young master… It’s the general’s turn….”

“I….” Wang Ruoxing gaze swept through the entire room. Little Dong was painfully lying down on the floor. Big Dong couldn’t move his feet at all, standing there like a statue. The two of them could not fight at all.

The tides have changed very quickly. It was now a three on one. Wang Ruoxing was by himself. His defeat was certain.

Ye Zifeng saw that his opponent didn’t want to fight and smiled.

“The Spirit Increasing Pill’s effects is very clear. However, it overdrafts your cultivation. Every time you use overuse your strength there will be a load charged to your body. If you want to continue cultivating in the future, then I suggest you stop right now.”

Wang Ruoxing gritted his teeth and yelled out, “I have no way of returning now. If the people in my family knows about this, then I will definitely be abandoned by my clan. They will give me up to the Liu clan, so what’s the point of stopping now?”

Wang Ruoxing was clear. His father, the clan master is a decisive man. As long as it benefits the clan, he is willing to give up his own son.

Liu Bingqian coldly snorted and became angry, “This guy is too stubborn. Big brother rough guy, I say that we kill him right now!”

Wang Ruoxing shuddered. He was someone who is afraid of death. He didn’t think that by talking back just now would make Liu Bingqian have this kind of reaction.

Ye Zifeng sighed and rubbed his hands, “Bingqian. You’re right. We have to deal with the roots of the problem. If we let him live, he’ll be a threat to us.”

He looked at Wang Ruoxing with a cold expression. The three people walked closer and closer to Wang Ruoxing and forced him into a corner.

Wang Ruoxing continuously moved backwards and yelled out, “Stop. Don’t kill me. I’m the second young master of the Wang clan. If you kill me, my big brother won’t let you go. My father won’t let you go either!”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Even if I don’t kill you, the people from the Wang clan still won’t let me go. Why do I have to be scared anymore?”

Wang Ruoxing was scared and then remembered what happened to Wang Lin last time, “Big Brother Zifeng. Don’t kill me! I beg you. I’ll do the same as Wang Lin. I’ll give you all my treasures. I’ll give you everything!”

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    This is getting to be too much, the other fights were much better than this one. Let me get this straight, someone correct me if I got something wrong here. He tells the girl in front of everyone to ready her fireball. Big Penis grabs him by the neck. MC yells “Now!” at the little miss. Then somehow manages to dodge while being held by the neck and yet Big P just stand there like an idiot when he should know exactly what is about to happen. This is the most minor issue I have with this fight, I won’t bother listing the others. Thanks for the chapter.

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