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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 82 – I’ll beat you anyways.

Chapter 82 – I’ll beat you anyways.
Translated by: Andy
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The meat paste/mutilated body that Ye Zifeng had imagined did not appear. However, the seven foot tall Little Dong continuously screamed miserably without stopping.

This giant mouth was formed by Ye Zifeng’s own qi and after it swallowed Little Dong, it disappeared into the air, leaving no trace of its existence behind.

After suffering from such an attack, Little Dong unexpectedly didn’t die!

The scene that unfolded in front of them seemed like a dream and reality at the same time. It was simple unimaginable.

Ye Zifeng shockingly looked at his own hands. Even he didn’t know what this Martial Spirit did.

This was because when he gathered the martial spirit’s death qi, it activated by itself. Ye Zifeng could not control it at all.

“Little Brother Dong. What happened? Are you alright?”

Wang Ruoxing moved away from his battle with Liu Bingqian and rushed over to support his bro.

Little Dong shook his head and looked blankly at Wang Ruoxing, “Boss, what just happened? I feel like I was being eaten alive. It felt very painful…..”

After a while, he looked down and his expression changed. His mouth was opened so wide that he can fit a bowl inside.

“Holy shit. Boss look. My… my hand…. Why is my hand like this?”

After saying that, everyone looked over at his hand and was shocked at what they saw.

Everyone saw that his hand looked like a dried up rotten tree branch. Starting from his fingers, his hands slowly grew older and older until it rotted.

This horrifying scene caused Wang Ruoxing to be scared shitless and took a few steps back. He looked at Little Dong as if Little Dong was a monster.

“Boss. Save me…. What’s happening to me? It hurts so much…. I feel like I’m about to die…..”

“Don’t come any closer.” Wang Ruoxing was shocked and pushed Little Dong away as if he had contracted some sort of weird disease and didn’t want it to spread.

On the outside, Wang Ruoxing acts very differently compared to Wang Lin. However, Wang Ruoxing is someone who is afraid to die as well. When it comes to a life or death situation, he becomes a lot like Wang Lin.

“Boss…..” Little Dong had a look of despair on his face. The rotting process spread out through his hand and to his arm. It slowly moved up towards his entire body, causing Little Dong to continuously scream in pain.

On the other side, Big Dong fiercely stared at Ye Zifeng.

“Ye Zifeng. What the hell did you do to my little brother?” Big Dong was different from Wang Ruoxing. Little Dong was his blood related brother. After seeing that his little brother was beaten up like this, Big Dong became furious

“I……” Ye Zifeng was at a loss of words.

He was prepared for what was going to happen after the shadow ghost told him that it was going to lend him some of its strength. However, he didn’t think that the death qi was going to be so powerful. It completely exceeded his expectations!

Yang Jing was right next to Ye Zifeng and saw everything. She was completely shocked at what happened.

“Big brother rough guy…..” Liu Bingqian was confused. The attack that Ye Zifeng just had resembles a martial spirit’s attack. When she thought about it, she immediately rejected the idea.

How can someone at the fifth stage of qi refining awaken their martial spirit? That’s simply absurd!

Big Dong watched as Ye Zifeng stayed silent, thinking that Ye Zifeng was pretending to be aloof. His anger exploded through the roof.

“Ye Zifeng! I’m going to kill your right now and avenge my little brother!”

Wang Ruoxing heard this and hurriedly yelled at Big Dong, “Don’t be so rash. Do you see what Ye Zifeng did to your brother?”

He wasn’t worried about Big Dong’s safety. Instead, he was worried for himself. If Big Dong goes down as well, then he won’t be able to handle Ye Zifeng, Yang Jing and Liu Bingqian all by himself.

Big Dong looked fiercely at Wang Ruoxing, “Wang Ruoxing, I know what you’re thinking about. I won’t have a good time if I follow a scaredy-cat like you. If you won’t help me avenge my little brother, I’ll just do it myself.”

“You…..” Wang Ruoxing stared with a complicated expression on his face.

After hearing what Big Dong said, Wang Ruoxing wanted him to go in and die by himself. However, he remembered that he can’t fight three on one either and charged forward as well.

Wang Ruoxing, Big Dong and Little Dong…..The three of them had been very close since they were just kids. They knew what each other’s weaknesses are and could cover for each other.

Big Dong was so angry that his eyes became bloodshot. Qi energy exploded from his body. A streak of bright red fire appeared on his palm as he charged towards Ye Zifeng like a rocket.

“Big brother rough guy! Use that move that you just used!”

Liu Bingqian was being held back by Wang Ruoxing and can’t help Ye Zifeng. Yang Jing’s true strength was at the 6th stage of qi refining and couldn’t help at all.

“Alright!” Even if the death qi is too cruel, Ye Zifeng won’t hesitate to use it if someone is targeting his own life.

Ye Zifeng calmed down and tried to remember the feeling of the move from before. He quickly gathered and condensed the death qi in his palm.

Streaks of cold, evil, and murderous qi appeared in the air and attacked. The monster with the big mouth appeared once again.

“Big Dong. Run!” Wang Ruoxing yelled out.

Big Dong gritted his teeth and yelled back, “Worry about yourself!”

However, at that time, the qi that was coming out of Ye Zifeng suddenly stopped coming out. The black qi that he condensed suddenly dissipated. It became a small drop of death qi as it hit Big Dong on his chest.

When it hit Big Dong, nothing happened to him.

“This… What’s going on?”

The martial spirit’s attack actually shrank and became nothing!

Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but curse at it. Ye Zifeng reacted very quickly and dodged Big Dong’s attack. If he had stayed at the same spot, he would have a hole in his chest by now.

“It failed? Ye Zifeng. I know what’s going on. It seems like you can’t continuously use this move!”

Big Dong laughed out loudly. He wanted to charge forwards and suicide with Ye Zifeng when the strange qi was on top of him. However, he would have never thought that Ye Zifeng would fail. This made him feel much better.

“Even if I don’t use that move, it’s not like i can’t be your opponent. I’ll beat you anyways!”

Ye Zifeng laughed and calmed himself down. It was a three on two battle already. Since Bingqian was taking care of Wang Ruoxing, it was a two on one.

Big Dong laughed loudly, “Laughable. Do you think two people at the sixth stage of qi refining will be able to beat someone at the eighth stage of qi refining? Let’s not talk about two people. Even if you bring five, no even ten more people at the sixth stage of qi refining, the results will be the same!”

Ye Zifeng eyes scanned the room and then smiled, Miss Jing, when I charge forward, release your common tier strength to the maximum and send it towards me. Alright?”

“But…. This….” Yang Jing was startled. From what she can tell, it seems like Ye Zifeng wanted to suicide with this Big Dong.
“Don’t worry Miss Jing. Just throw it over. I’ll be fine.”

After saying that, Ye Zifeng moved like lightning and charged towards Big Dong.

“Big Dong, don’t let him get close to you!” Wang Ruoxing looked over and reminded him.

After Big Dong calmed down, he looked at Ye Zifeng and threw out a punch towards Ye Zifeng. A red beam appeared from his fist and flew towards Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng then smiled and suddenly turned around to dodge the attack. The beam continued to fly towards Little Dong.

“Big brother! Save me…..” Little Dong was on the floor, still in pain. He couldn’t move at all. The rotting process had already reached his shoulders. His face ashen. He was in so much pain that he couldn’t even lift his own arm.

“Ye Zifeng. You bastard!”

Big Dong cared for his brother and quickly retreated his attack while jumping back. He didn’t want to get close to Ye Zifeng.

“Do you think that this is all I got?” Ye Zifeng laughed and lightning qi appeared from his hands. He looked at the lamps in the room and struck them with the lightning qi.

Wang Ruoxing’s expression changed immediately. While fighting Liu Bingqian, he was slowly moving towards Ye Zifeng, looking for a chance to make a move. Who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng would have a move first.

“Shit. Not good. That guy wants to run!” Wang Ruoxing cursed inwards. He quickly condensed some qi energy and struck the lightning qi flying towards the lamps to divert it.

After that, he took a deep breath. It was very late at night already. If the lamps were to go out, the battlefield will become chaotic and Ye Zifeng will definitely be able to control them.

Wang Ruoxing gulped. This Ye Zifeng is very crafty and hard to deal with. Why did he get himself into this mess….

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  1. zagyu says:

    why oh why the story become like this….
    the mc is pussy huh….didnt even dare to kill enemy who want to cripple and kill himself…

    dang it….its always like this…the premise is good but after that….

    oh btw ty for the chapter…..

    • zamer01 says:

      It’s not that he doesn’t want to kill them, it’s that unless the martial spirit helps, he’s unable to win in a head-on fight. Also, you have to think of the repercussions that would occur from killing, especially in the city. His two opponents are also at the 8th and 9th(temporarily who is currently fighting Lui Bingqian), which are several stages above him in terms of raw strength which was the reason why he was able to beat the brat from the Lin family(because of the Martial Spirit), and using the “ghost” from the elder to beat Bingqian in the tournament that he’s now not able to use at the moment.

  2. The German cross fitter vegan engineer who also like to vape and have a girlfriend says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Johnny Clune says:

    That was really anti-climactic. The martial spirit made it sound like he would at least turn all his opponents into a bloody mist. All we get is the weakest opponent slowly dying from the same effect we saw on the tree at the beginning. Vomit after seeing your power? Give me a break… Thanks for the chapter!

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