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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 81 – The Martial Spirit’s Might!

Chapter 81 – The Martial Spirit’s Might!
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy

Double Martial Spirit -> Dual Martial Spirit

Couldn’t finish up the extra chapters last week :/
Will have 5 guaranteed regular chapters each week and will have to slowly clear up whatever’s left from before. (5 Chapters left)

1st Chapter of week.

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The voice appeared out of nowhere. Ye Zifeng felt as if he had fallen into an abyss. The place was very foggy. There were mountains everywhere. This was the place that he had been trying to get to but couldn’t!

Starlight filled the sky. The stars were aligned just like the diagrams in the ancient times. A large eerie shadow appeared in the sky.

“Bring me back. Someone’s trying to fight me!”

If this was any other time, Ye Zifeng will definitely stay and have a chat with the shadow ghost. However, right now, he was in a fight with someone. He didn’t have the time to be here chatting away.

“…..Don’t fret. The time here is tens of million times slower than the time outside. You can stay here for a year and not even a second would have passed “

Ye Zifeng was startled. This kind of nonsense…. He had never heard of such a thing before, even in his past life.”

“Then what do you want from me?” Ye Zifeng curiously looked at the mysterious martial spirit in front of himself/

The shadow ghost coldly snorted, “You dumbass…. What kind of situation are you in right now? You’re about to be beat up. I had to step in before your body starts using my energy to recover itself!”

Ye Zifeng was surprised and continued asking questions, “Then…..You have healing properties and can condense death qi….could it be that you’re a dual martial spirit?!”

It is very rare for a person to have a dual martial spirit. If Ye Zifeng can awaken the dual martial spirit when he reaches the martial disciple realm, then without a doubt, he will be the number one young genius in Leizhou City.

“Don’t try to probe me with useless words. I’ll stay this again. Right now, you have the strength and the ability to be on even grounds with me. You just need to remember one thing. Don’t die. If you die, I’ll have problems too.”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Then when I’m in danger or a life or death situation, how are you going to help me?”

Ye Zifeng likes to plan ahead. He knows that he will bring danger to himself in the future. He wants to see what this martial spirit will do when the time comes.

The shadow ghost was silent for a bit and then sighed, “Alright. Since you’ve been feeding me for so long, I’ll lend you some of my power and show you what I can do. Don’t get scared……”

When Ye Zifeng used the Thunder Spirit Pill, the profound tier Golden Marrow Pill and even when he used the Soul Binding Pill, the spirit would absorb most of its power.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Heh. Nothing under the power of a Martial lord will scare me. I’ll see what this guy’s got.” As a martial lord in his past life, he had seen a lot of things already. There aren’t many things that can scare him.

“Fierce huh. I like it…. But if this is the first time you see my power… hehe…. You might even vomit.”

“Vomit?” Ye Zifeng was startled, “Is it really that serious?”

At that time, light engulfed the space that he was in as Ye Zifeng started to fly upwards…..

When Ye Zifeng returned to his senses and opened his eyes, the two large guys that Wang Ruoxing brought along were standing in their original positions. They haven’t moved at all.

“That shadow ghost didn’t lie… The time in the mysterious space is completely different from the real world.” Ye Zifeng’s mouth curved up into a smile.

Yang Jing was standing very close to Ye Zifeng and lifted one of her eyebrows, ‘What shadow ghost? What lie?”

Ye Zifeng couldn’t explain anything because the two large men had rushed towards him and was prepared to strike his chest.

Ye Zifeng gritted his teeth and quickly dodged. He hurled the table in front of him to the two guys. “Bang.” The table exploded from the two guy’s punches.

“So I’m the weak link here huh? You’re both focusing me….. Wait…. I forgot to ask that shadow ghost how I can use his power….Could it be the same way as before?”

Ye Zifeng started to concentrate. He felt a bit worried.

“Young master Ye, how about we…..” Yang Jin looked at the doors. Anyone can tell that she was trying to run away.

“You want to run? Do you think you can get away?” Wang Ruoxing smiled sinisterly. He cut off their escape as quickly as he ate the Spirit Increasing Pill. He had used the Spirit Increasing Pill already. How can he let them escape after doing all this?

“Big Dong, Little Dong! Go block the exits. Don’t let them escape.”

“Got it!”

One of the two guys quickly moved towards the door and blocked the exit. The other one stood in front of the on guarding the door and fiercely stared at Ye Zifeng.

At the same time, Wang Ruoxing didn’t waste any time and gather qi energy in his arms. He lifted a large cabinet and blocked the windows.

Now that the doors and windows have been blocked, the entire place was like an inescapable cage.

“Ye Zifeng, either you die, or I die. Don’t think about running away!” Wang Ruoxing was furious.

Ye Zifeng softly chuckled, “Who said I was going to run away? I don’t remember saying anything about running away.”

Even if he’s weaker than his opponent, he won’t choose to run. In such a small place, he won’t be exposing his back to the enemy. That is something that a rookie would do, not something that Ye Zifeng who has been through many battle would do.

“You’re looking to die!” Wang Ruoxing snorted. His expression became twisted from anger.

With an explosive and strong movement, nine streaks of qi energy appeared from Wang Ruoxing’s palm like snakes and flew towards Ye Zifeng.

Seeing this, Liu Bingqian jumped in between the streaks of qi and Ye Zifeng. Qi energy condensed on her palm and formed a shield.

The horrifying qi landed on the qi shield and created sparks.

“Wang Ruoxing, I’m your opponent! Watch yourself!” A cold expression appeared on Liu Bingqian’s face.

Wang Ruoxing was originally at the 8th stage but after consuming the Spirit Increasing Pill, he was able to unleash the power of someone at the peak of the 9th stage. If Ye Zifeng really fights him head on, Ye Zifeng will be blown away very quickly.

Wang Ruoxing was a smart guy. He was controlled by the soul spirit’s divine sense before and knows not to get close to Ye Zifeng anymore. If he gets controlled by Ye Zifeng again and gets a beating from Liu Bingqian, he won’t be able to survive.”

“Ye Zifeng, stop hiding behind a woman. Fight me one on one!”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Jokes. Do you think we’re competing on a stage right now? Also if you can’t beat someone who’s lost to me, what qualifications do you have to fight now?” Even though Ye Zifeng’s cultivation was not that high, he still has his imposing manner to make up for it.

The fact that he has beaten Liu Bingqian is known throughout Leizhou City. Wang Ruoxing can’t rebutt at all.

“Big Dong, Little Dong. Your mission is to take care of Ye Zifeng for me!”

Wang Ruoxing was being hindered by Liu Bingqian and couldn’t do anything. All he can do now is command the other two to do his work.

At that time, Ye Zifeng’s expression became serious. He looked over at Yang Jing, “Miss Jing, can you hold that guy at the 8th stage back for a bit? I want to see if I can take care of this guy first.”

He didn’t want to fight against the 8th stage cultivator and wanted test if he can use the martial spirit’s power on the 7th stage cultivator first.

“Alright. Fine.” Yang Jing nodded. Even though she was weak, she still had to try.

That guy at the seventh stage of qi refining was Little Dong.

Little Dong cracked his knuckles, “It seems like I’m being underestimated. For a mere fifth stage qi refiner to say that he’ll take care of me…. I don’t even know where this guy got all that courage from.”

Wang Ruoxing turned around and reminded Little Dong, “Don’t be too careless. Don’t fight in close combat. I don’t know what kind of secret this guy has. It can stop your movements.”

“Don’t worry boss. I know what to do.”

Little Dong’s mouth curved up into a sinister smile. For Ye Zifeng to say that he can beat himself was a kind of humiliation to him. Little Dong really wants to beat Ye Zifeng up.

On the other side, Ye Zifeng was concentrating his energy and tried to condense the death qi into his palm. He can feel that all the energy in his body was flowing towards his arms into his palm. Two of the very visible veins on his arms started to glow.

“You dirty brat. You’re looking to die by standing there!” Little Dong coldly laughed. He gathered his qi into his hands and created a white mist.

“Go!” He commanded the white mist to attack Ye Zifeng.

Suddenly, Ye Zifeng opened his eyes and struck his palm out towards the white mist. A giant black palm appeared and dissipated the white mist.

The palm strike felt gloomy, cold, evil and was filled with killing intent. As it flew towards Little Dong, it started to condense itself until it struck him. Right before it struck Little Dong, the black qi turned into a large monster and completely enveloped Little Dong. Seeing this, even Ye Zifeng was shocked at what was happening.

The seven foot tall Little Dong couldn’t even react at all. A large mouth appeared from the black qi and swallowed Little Dong. Immediately, an indescribable, miserable scream echoed throughout the entire inn.

“Holy shit…. This…. What the hell is going on…..” Wang Ruoxing was shocked as he watched the scene and stopped moving. He felt cold sweat running down his back…. Both his legs started to shake…..

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  1. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    So his spirit is either a variation of Pacman or Kirby… hope it’s Kirby… stealing powers is awesome 😛

      • DMR says:

        I don’t play that game nor recognize that character.

        Pac and Kirbs are more well known… so I’d stick with em’

      • cahcuy says:

        LOL If his spirit is like Alex Mercer, then doesn’t if he ate someone powerful he’ll get their power and can use it for himself?
        That’ll be pretty OP

  2. Voster says:

    First chapter of the week and now it’s almost Friday…. No new updates. I appreciate your work but if you can’t keep your promises don’t make them….

  3. Conrad says:

    “…..Don’t fret. The time here is tens of million times slower than the time outside. You can stay here for a year and not even a second would have passed “

    This sentence is basically incorrect. If the IN is slow, then the OUT is fast. Exactly means second by second years passed and Feng died long ago…
    If it says time passes slower… Then the situation is different.
    time slower then time outside. its might just be me but feels incomplete.

    It is easier to say like this: Time here is accelerated. When I say this it is correct but says the opposite with the first sentence.
    You got adrenaline rush ,heart beating fast and the world slows down not because time outside passes slowly, but because you processing passing time faster.

    Time here inside is millions time slower. That is STASIS.

    Just explained cuz everyone just passed by it not thinking at all. With simple comment it might have become an argument.

    • Shadizer Silverhand says:

      For some reason people make this mistake more often than you’d think, it definitely should have been faster rather than slower. As written he’d have been beaten to death before he even had his consciousness reach the martial spirit’s space.

  4. Johnny Clune says:

    Thanks for the chapter and thank you for all the work you do! Keep them coming at your own pace. I would cut your guaranteed chapters down from 5 to maybe 2 a week and release the others as bonus chapters if you manage to get them done. So that you don’t break your “promises”. I’m getting really tired of these entitled little shits commenting that don’t know how to appreciate a free meal. As a side note: Big Dong, Little Dong! Hahahaha… some things translate so well into half-English.

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