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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 79 – Never falter!

Chapter 79 – Never falter!
Translated by: Andy
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Sponsored by: Noah Noonan, Anonymous (R.P.)
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“Second bro. You really are crafty. Who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng and the girls would be stupid enough to enter the black inn that we opened up in Tiandao City. Your brother, I, admire you!”

In one of the rooms on the first floor, Wang Lin couldn’t hold back his excitement and continuously praised his brother. He will bow down to whoever that can help him teach Ye Zifeng a lesson.”

Wang Ruoxing laughed loudly, “Since they chose to go onto the smaller path, they were bound to arrive late at night. There won’t be any inns open at all at this time. If they don’t come over, then they’ll have to sleep on the streets!”

“Second bro is right. This…..I think the drug’s effects should be kicking in now. Should we get the innkeeper to check it out?”

Wang Lin was feeling very energetic. He was thinking about how he can beat Ye Zifeng up later and started to crack his knuckles.

“It’s not like you’re going to sleep with the two girls. It’s only teaching that Ye Zifeng a lesson. You don’t have to be so excited…..” Wang Ruoxing shook his head and lightly smiled.

“Right….. What are we going to do with the two girls later? We can’t offend them…..”

After being reminded about the existence of the girls, Wang Lin started to fret.

“That’s why we had the innkeeper separate them into two rooms. When they wake up tomorrow, they’ll find Ye Zifeng beat up and unconscious. They won’t even know what happened. They definitely can’t trace it back to us.”

“Hahahahaha. So that’s how it is….great….GREAT! Second bro, to be able to get revenge this time…. It’s all thanks to you!” Wang Lin felt very grateful to his brother.

Wang Ruoxing nodded and called the innkeeper over, “Feng Cheng, go up and check them out. If the two beauties are out of it, come down and tell us immediately alright?”

“As you wish, second young master.”

Wang Ruoxing immediately called innkeeper Feng again, “Hold on.”

“Does the second young master have anything else for me to do?” Innkeeper Feng was startled.

Even though he was way older than Wang Ruoxing, with his position, he still had to be polite with the kid.

“…..Feng Cheng. This time, you’ve done a great deed. I’ve brought some gold coins with me today. I’ll give it to you as a reward. If you continue cooperating with us, you’ll get endless amount of benefits.”

Wang Ruoxing smiled while taking out a small bag of coins and placing it on Feng Cheng’s hand.

Innkeeper Feng received the bag and weigh it with his hands. He can feel that there was around a hundred gold coins in there. He stood there and smiled.

He stood there and smiled, “Many thanks to the second young master.”

“Alright. Now go up and check out the situation.”

Other than meeting up with Feng Cheng, Wang Ruoxing also brought two of his bros with him from Leizhou City just to be safe. One is at the 8th stage of qi refining and the other is at the 7th stage of qi refining. With their large muscles, they look like two towers while standing next to Wang Ruoxing.

Liu Bingqian who is at the 9th stage of qi refining is the only one that can threaten Wang Ruoxing. Thus, he had to drug her and separate her from Ye Zifeng. With that, Ye Zifeng will definitely be finished.

While thinking about what’s gonna happen, Wang Lin couldn’t help but smile. He felt so pleased that his mouth went dry.

After a while, Feng Cheng returned with a smile on his face and reported, “Second young master, I’ve already checked up on them. The two girls have eaten the food and are lying down on the table.”


Wang Ruoxing had been suppressing his feelings because he was very anxious. Now that his plans have borne fruit, he can finally release his joyful emotion. He was stuck on the big road waiting for Ye Zifeng for about half a day and could not get him. This made Wang Ruoxing very angry.

Wang Ruoxing revealed an evil smile, “Lil bro, your chance has come! Come upstairs with me. Tonight, you’ll be able to beat Ye Zifeng and no one will stop you!”

The two brothers laughed and with a few of their bros, they rushed upstars.

“It’s the 2 eastern most rooms. Right here…..”

Wang Lin smiled and kicked the door open.

They saw the two beauties lying down on the table with the midnight snacks half eaten besides them. It seems like they were knocked out.

“Second bro. The drugs worked!”

“Of course.”

At the same time, Wang Lin looked lustfully at the two girl’s body. Images started to appear in his mind and he started to lose himself.

Wang Ruoxing coldly smiled and looked over, “Lil bro, are you having some wicked thoughts? Do you want to make moves on them?”

Hearing this, Wang Lin came back to his sense, “How would I dare? I’m just looking. If I offend them, I won’t be able to live anymore.”

Wang Ruoxing laughed, “Well…..they’re drugged, so they won’t know anything. Even if you want to do something to them…. They won’t know at all….”

Wang Lin smiled and revealed a mischievous look, “Second bro is right! After I finish teaching Ye Zifeng a lesson, maybe I’ll come over and cop some feels….”

“Hahahaha….Lil bro. How many years have we been together. I know exactly what you want.”

The two brothers had grown up together and had done many deeds together. They know each other very well.


Suddenly a weak voice sounded from somewhere.

Wang Lin stopped laughing and furrowed his brows, “Second bro. Did you hear that? I feel I heard someone was groaning.”

Wang Ruoxing looked over at his brother and then at the people behind him, “Did you guys hear anything?”

“Nothing.” The people behind them were pretty far and couldn’t hear anything.

“Brother Lin, could it be that you’re so excited that you hallucinating?”

Wang Lin thought to himself for a bit. The other people didn’t hear anything but he knows that he really did hear it. It was very weird. Could he really be hallucinating due to excitement?”

“Whatever. I don’t care about that right now. Let’s leave the girls here for now. Second bro, let’s go teach that Ye Zifeng a lesson.”

Wang Ruoxing shook his head and called his friends over.

“Alright! Let’s do this. We’re going to cripple that Ye Zifeng. We’ll beat him until he turns retarded!”

Wang Lin laughed and rushed up to knock down Ye Zifeng’s door.

“Ye Zifeng! Your time has come. Watch me beat you down today!”

However, before he could step into the room, he felt a surge of qi energy coming from inside the room.

Before he could even react, he was sent flying out of the room. He slammed against the wall on the other side and fainted.

“Lil bro!” Seeing this, Wang Ruoxing was shocked and ran towards his little brother.

Wang Ruoxing’s reaction was lightning quick as he immediately helped Wang Lin up. He checked him out and saw that it was not a life threatening injury.

Wang Ruoxing looked up and saw that Ye Zifeng was solemnly sitting by the table, looking at the midnight snack in front of him.

“You! You’re still awake?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked towards Wang Ruoxing, “In order to teach me a lesson, you guys actually came all the way to Tiandao City from Leizhou City….You guys really have nothing better to do.”

“You. You didn’t eat the food?” Wang Ruoxing’s eyes widened and looked at Feng Cheng, “What happened Feng Cheng? Didn’t you say that they ate the food already?”

“It’s true. They really did!” Feng Cheng was extremely shocked and scared.

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “All I did was throw the food out. Did you really think that I ate it?”

Wang Ruoxing listened carefully and smiled, “You said that you threw the food away?”

“That’s right. Exactly. You know how to listen very well.” Ye Zifeng laughed.

Wang Ruoxing’s eyes lit up, “Good. Good. Good thing I was prepared or else I really won’t be able to teach you a lesson this time..”

Feng Cheng was startled and didn’t understand what Wang Ruoxing meant. It seems like Wang Ruoxing had something else up his sleeves.

“The second young master means….”

Wang Ruoxing replied, “Ye Zifeng. I’m not afraid to tell you this. I didn’t only drug the food. I also poisoned the plates with the Ten Step Qi Shattering Poison. Since you’ve touched the plates, the poison in your body should be taking effect now.”

When Feng Cheng heard this, he was shocked and his throat turned dry.

“Second young master… This… You didn’t tell me this at all.”

Wang Ruoxing impatiently turned around towards Feng Cheng, “It’s not life threatening. It’ll only make you faint. Get someone to bring you to your room to lay down. The poison’s effect should be activating soon. The effects will disappear by tomorrow.”

“Alright… Alright…” Feng Cheng’s face ashen as he got someone to bring him to his room.

Ye Zifeng nodded and stood up, “Oh? Ten step qi shatterer. Well is the poison what its name implies? If I walk ten steps, will I fall too?”

Wang Ruoxing chuckled, “If you don’t believe me, how about you take a few steps and see. I’ll even help you count down.”

“Thank you for you trouble.” Ye Zifeng had a deep look in his eyes and really stepped forward.

Wang Ruoxing laughed and extended both of his hands to help Ye Zifeng count down.

“One step, Two steps….”

“Five steps, Six steps….”

“Nine steps, Ten steps…”

“Now fall!” Wang Ruoxing had a cold look in his eye and yelled out.

However, Wang Ruoxing was shocked. Ye Zifeng was standing there, not falling at all.

“How…. How is this possible?”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Do you want me to help you continue? Eleven, Twelve…..”

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  1. Gumption says:

    Mc is a trash, can’t kill a simple villain, let’s wait when someone he cares about get killed, then we gonna go drama and sh:t going he should’ve kill them before, ugh facking disgrace, and I thought the novel is starting to show promises and redeeming itself.

    • Zero says:

      You read too many novels where the MC has the universes thickest plot armor. You can’t just kill whoever you want when you want to do it. Things do have consequences, I mean they even live in the same city and everything. Doing things indiscriminately and haphazardly is what leads to war

      • shadowtrap2010 says:

        i would say it fine to murder this 2 since they secret coming around to kill him?
        he probaly have bone disolve solution leave no evident?

  2. Leafyeyes417 says:

    Heh, now that the brothers are alone and no one knows they are there, you can do whatever you want~ Kill them Ye Zifeng! >:D

    Thanks for the chapter!

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