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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 77 – Entering the city!

Chapter 77 – Entering the city!
Translated by: Andy
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The fact that Tiandao City has an abundance of qi from the heavens and the earth was something known throughout the many smaller cities that surrounded it.

Unlike Leizhou City, this place was very suitable for a cultivator to train and cultivate. Many people would come from smaller cities to secretly train and awaken their martial spirits here.

However, if you want to stay in Tiandao City, you must have your own residence or have a short-term stay due to special reasons. Otherwise, the patrolling black armor guards will deport you out of the city.

When Ye Zifeng and the girls reached Tiandao City, it was already night time.

“Finally. We’ve finally arrived at Tiandao City.” Yang Jing looked out the window and smiled.

Traveling on the smaller road and jumping up and down had given her a headache. When she saw that they have arrived, she felt very happy.

“Big bro rough guy. Wake up. We’re here.” Liu Bingqian moved towards Ye Zifeng and tried to wake him up.

In the past, she was always unwilling to attend the alchemy competition. Everytime she went on the stage, it was as if she was going onto her own execution ground. But now, she has Ye Zifeng with her and wasn’t feeling scared anymore.

Ye Zifeng opened his eyes and returned to the present world from the world in his memories. Ye Zifeng still felt a bit dazed. He saw an elegant and refined girl right in front of himself staring right into his eyes.


“Big brother rough guy. We’re here.”

At that time…

“Get out of the carriage. What business do you have to come to Tiandao City so late? Do you have the admission documents?”

Outside the carriage, a man impatiently yelled out. It was one of the guards from Tiandao City.

A hint of anger flashed in Liu Bingqian’s eyes, “That guard is probably looking down on us because of our small carriage. That’s why he’s yelling like this!”

Yang Jing smiled, “Then… Do you regret sitting in the small carriage?”

“This….” Liu Bingqian’s cheeks turned red. She looked at Ye Zifeng, “Well….. There are some benefits…”

“Did you hear me? I’m telling you guys to get out of the carriage!” The man outside continued to yell.

“Coming. Coming. Stop yelling like that. Senior sister Jing, give them the admission documents.” Liu Bingqian sighed and looked over at Yang Jing.

If one wants to enter Tiandao City, unless you already have your qi registered as a honored guest, then you must have admission documents as proof.

Yang Jing smiled and nodded. She took out a piece of paper with the words “Tiandao City Old Devil” on the front and handed it to the guard through the windows.

“Do you not know how to come out and give me the documents?”

The guard snorted and received the documents. He looked down and was startled.

“What? Old Devil? You’re the Old Devil’s guests?”

The guard stared blankly at the document as if he had been beaten by someone. His heart sank like a capsized ship.

“Old Devil?” Another guard heard this and quickly walked over to hit his head.

“You can’t even tell who’s here and display such an attitude? You newbies don’t know how to do things at all!”

After saying that, the other guard revealed a big smile and walked towards the carriage, “I’m sorry. My friend is new here and don’t really know the rules. It’s late at night and he’s feeling pretty tired. I hope you guys won’t mind it.”

Yang Jing softly laughed, “No worries. I know that you guys have worked very hard already. Now that you know who we are, quickly let us in.”

Hearing that Yang Jing didn’t mind, the guards felt better and quickly commanded the others.

“Did you hear that? Open up the gates. Let Old Devil’s friends in. If you are any slower and make them mad, don’t even think about coming back tomorrow.”

The newbie guard’s expression suddenly changed and quickly nodded, “I’m sorry. I really am a new guy and don’t know the rules. If I offended you in any way, I hope you guys can let it go.”

Yang Jing smiled, “No worries. If one doesn’t know any better, one cannot be held responsible. Now open the gates. We’re in a hurry.”

“Thank you. Thank you.” The guard quickly took out an azure colored treasure and inserted his qi into it. With that, the gate started to open up.

After this little incident, the three returned to their seats and waited.

“Senior sister Jing. That guy was very rude. Why are you so polite with them. We’re Old Devil’s disciples. We don’t have to be afraid of them.” Liu Bingqian was a bit mad. Even though she was around the same age as Yang Jing, she was far less mature than Yang Jing.

“Just leave it. Even though they’re a bit snobbish, it’s part of human nature. The only reason why they were so vicious was because they wanted some benefits from us when we entered. They’re probably not that bad.” Yang Jing sighed and had seen through the guard’s intentions.

“But…..” Bingqian pouted.

“Compared to that…….” Ye Zifeng had been silent for a while now and finally opened his mouth, “Is Old Devil really all that? Even the guards know who he is? He’s probably a top figure in Tiandao City right?”

Liu Bingqian and Yang Jing both looked at each other and laughed.

“Of course he’s all that. He’s one of the best alchemist in Tiandao City! Since you came all the way here, I’ll introduce you.”

Liu Bingqian laughed loudly and then a worried expression appeared on her face, “However, Master Old Devil’s temperament is a bit weird. So don’t……”

“Don’t what???” Right when Ye Zifeng was gonna ask, his eyes lit up and immediately opened the curtains to look outside.

Right when the gates opened, an abundant amount of qi energy gushed out from the city. The qi would make any cultivator want to calm themselves down and try to absorb it.

“To be able to experience this every time I come to Tiandao City. This really is helpful for my cultivation.” Liu Bingqian took a deep breath.

Ye Zifeng’s expression changed as well, “Yeah. The qi here is much better compared to Leizhou City….. If I can train here…..”

Liu Bingqian smiled and shook her head, “It’s no use. Don’t think about it. Tiandao City has a rule that prohibits outsiders from training here. This time we came because of master Old Devil but we can only stay here for at most half a month. It’s pretty hard to get any results in half a month.”

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows, “Really? That’s strange tho. What if I hide in a corner and secretly cultivate. Can they still find me?”

“In accordance of the rules, anyone found overstaying their welcome will be severely punished.”

Liu Bingqian opened the curtains and pointed outside, “Do you see those black armor guards? They patrol the city every day to find such people. If any outsider were to be found overstaying, even with my master’s help, they would get beaten up.”

Ye Zifeng looked at the black armor guards. All he can see is that they have a special treasure in their hands and was looking for something.

He smiled and then felt the qi around his body. He understood what she meant now.

So when an outsider enters the city, the city gates would leave a qi imprint on their body for fifteen days. After fifteen days, the imprint would disappear and the guards will be able to find them easily.

“Big Brother Rough Guy. What are you thinking about?” Liu Bingqian watched as Ye Zifeng stare out the window.

Ye Zifeng looked back at her and smiled, “Nothing much. Oh yeah. Where are we going to stay tonight?”

“Where are we going to stay? This……”

An embarrassed expression appeared on Liu Bingqian’s face. Yang Jing had the same expression too.

“No way. We don’t have a place to stay for the night?” Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but yell out.

“As of right now…. No.”

Ye Zifeng was astonished. The two women in front of him….. Can it be possible that these two had rushed things and forgot about the most important thing?

“Well we were suppose to have a place to stay but since you took the smaller path, we lost a lot of time and all the inns are probably full…..” Liu Bingqian’s voice became softer and softer.

“How about…. We go and live with your master?” Ye Zifeng’s mouth began to twitch.

This time, Yang Jing bitterly smiled and answered, “Master Old Devil hates when people come over at night. If we go over right now, we will definitely be yelled at.”

Ye Zifeng looked at the two girls. If Yang Jing said this, then it must be true.

“If the three of you don’t mind, you can come stay at our inn.” A deep voice sounded behind the three.

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