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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 76 – Avoiding Confrontation

Chapter 76 – Avoiding Confrontation
Translated by: Andy
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“Second Bro, we’ve been waiting idly here for quite a while now. Is Ye Zifeng really going to come?” Wang Lin was a bit skeptical about this.

There were only two paths to go from Leizhou City to Tiandao City, a big path and a smaller narrower path. The Wang brothers were already hiding at the big path outside of the city and waiting for Ye Zifeng. There was a clear advantage to hiding outside the city. Ye Zifeng will see that there’s no one following the carriage and it makes the ambush more of a surprise. The only disadvantage is that Ye Zifeng might not take this path.

“Brother Lin, why do you think I asked you to get people to destroy the Liu clan’s big carriage?”

Wang Lin thought about it. Truth to be told, he didn’t really know. He thought that it would inadvertently alert the enemy and that his brother made a mistake. He shook his head and asked, “Why?”

Wang Ruoxing revealed a sly smile and explained, “If the Liu clan’s big carriage goes on the smaller path, it might be a little unstable but the people inside the carriage can still bear with it. However, if it’s a small carriage going on the smaller path, it will be extremely shaky and unbearable.”

Wang Lin was still skeptical about the whole thing, “But, Ye Zifeng is very cautious. You should know that this guy is very slick and doesn’t think like a normal person.”

Wang Lin knows Ye Zifeng’s methods well enough. He had been wanting to teach Ye Zifeng a lesson and have observed him for many days.

“If he’s traveling alone, then I would agree with you. However, you should know that he’s also traveling with Miss Bingqian and an alchemist from Tiandao City.”

Wang Lin was startled and started the put the pieces together, “Second bro is saying…..”

Wang Ruoxing smile grew bigger, “Even if Ye Zifeng feels that something is wrong, he can’t neglect the other two’s opinions. I heard that Ye Zifeng wasn’t good with women so he might not be able to convince them. Also, with the fact that we’re not following him, he’ll probably think that someone pulled a prank on the Liu clan and destroyed their carriage. This time, I dare to say that he will definitely take the big path!”

From Leizhou City to Tiandao City, the big path is shorter and smoother. Generally speaking, if one doesn’t have brain damage, one would choose to go on the big path.

An hour passed….. Two hours passed…..

“Second bro. It’s been so long. Ye Zifeng didn’t really take the smaller path did he?”

“This…” Wang Ruoxing had been waiting for Ye Zifeng for so long that he became very anxious. He had all his brothers and friends hide in the big path with him. If Ye Zifeng really went on the smaller path, then all his efforts are wasted.

“Let’s wait for a bit more…. Maybe there was some delay….”

Half an hour passed…… An hour passed…..

“Second bro, it’s been so long. No matter how much delay they had, they should at least be here by now. How come I can’t even see a single shadow?”

Now, even Wang Ruoxing was uncertain his own plan.

Did Ye Zifeng really go on the smaller path?

Could the news about him being bad with women be fake?

On the smaller path, the carriage with jumping up and down as it moved.

Liu Bingqian’s clear eyes were staring at the resting Ye Zifeng.

Suddenly, the carriage ran over a small rock and landed very hard as the entire carriage shook.


Liu Bingqian’s delicate body shook slightly as she fell towards Ye Zifeng. Under this situation, she reached her hands out and grabbed onto his hands.

Ye Zifeng opened his eyes, helped Bingqian up and smiled, “Bingqian, the carriage shook twelve times and yet you fell thirteen times already. You even fell a second time right after getting up once. When did you become so fragile…..?”

Liu Bingqian’s face turned red as she looked over at Ye Zifeng and muttered, “Mind your own business. Who told you to go on the smaller path. If we took the bigger road before, I wouldn’t be in such a sorry situation!”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Well if that’s the case, then why is Senior Sister Jing able to keep herself still? Every time something happens, you always make a big deal out of it. Also, why do you always fall in the same direction? Towards me….”

“I…..I don’t want to talk with you anymore.”

Liu Bingqian’s cheeks turned red. Her intentions were seen through by Ye Zifeng. Seeing how he was uninterested, she sighed and turned towards Yang Jing and held her hands.

“Senior sister Jing, it’s nothing for Zifeng and I to be on the smaller road but it must be hard for you. Look how pale your face has become. I’m worried………”

Yang Jing nonchalantly smiled and waved her hand, “My face has been pale for the past few years. Compared to that, the Pure Yang Dan that Young master Ye gave me is slowly making me feel a lot better. Come to think of it, I still need to thank Young master Ye for it.”

“No need to be so polite. This time, we’ve caused trouble for Miss Jing for having you come pick us up.”

Yang Jing needed the support of the Pure Yang Pill to live and since Ye Zifeng was able to concoct one for her, she is very grateful to him. Therefore, when Ye Zifeng suggested to take the smaller path, she gritted her teeth and agreed.

As for Liu Bingqian, she immediately agreed. She immediately thanked the people who wrecked her clan’s big carriage.

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked out the window of the carriage. The smile on his face became very serious.

“I’m on the smaller path already. Will you still try and catch me?”

Two hours passed. Wang Ruoxing’s calm expression finally turned into an impatient one.

“That’s strange. Could he really have gone to the smaller path?”

Wang Lin dully looked at his brother. If Ye Zifeng really went on the smaller path, then didn’t they just waste their time waiting here?

“Second bro, what should we do now? How about we set off too. Maybe we’ll be able to catch up to him.”

Wang Ruoxing furrowed his brows and finally shook his head, “No. We can’t do that. If we frantically rush over without preparing anything, we’re basically publicly announcing that we’re going against the Liu clan. That would defeat the purpose of us being cautious.

Wang Ruoxing had some people lay down a spirit formation here and if Ye Zifeng had taken the bigger road, the formation would have been able to separate him and the girls. It’s fine if they fight in some other place but he can’t afford to offend the Liu clan.

No matter how much he wants to teach Ye Zifeng a lesson, he doesn’t want to offend the Liu clan and make the two families fight. His father, the clan master would definitely punish him. However, the Ye clan were already enemies with the Wang clan. If he beats Ye Zifeng up, nothing will change.

“So what now second bro? If we don’t decide quickly, they’ll reach Tiandao City before us!” Wang Lin was very impatient. It’s starting to look like his wish of teaching Ye Zifeng a lesson won’t be coming true today.

“Don’t worry lil bro. Ye Zifeng can avoid us once but he can’t avoid us forever. When he gets to Tiandao City, he definitely won’t be in the same room as the girls. We’ll strike then!”

Hearing this, Wang Lin became happy again, “Second bro. That’s a great idea! Since Tiandao City is pretty far away from Leizhou City, Ye clan’s clan master won’t know what happened. Even if we cripple him, he probably won’t find out.”

“Lil bro, when the time comes, I’ll let you cripple him yourself.”

“Thanks second bro. Second bro is the best!” Wang Lin was extremely happy right now.

The two had always been pranking and bullying others ever since they were little. They can already imagine the look on Ye Zifeng’s face as he begs them to let him go.

On the smaller path, inside the carriage.

“Ahhh. Being famous has its price…. I don’t even know if I’m right or wrong by doing all this….”

Ye Zifeng laid back on his seat and felt a bit tired.

He wanted to silent concoct pills and only after his cultivation rises would be come out. However, if he hides too much, he might alert other people. Last time when Ye Chen sabotaged his cauldron was an example of this.

Right now, he showed a bit of his own ability and became very important in the Ye clan. However, this came with responsibilities.

With great power comes great responsibilities. All good things will come with bad things. His future will depend on what he does now.

Seeing how Ye Zifeng was always in deep thoughts and not looking at her, Liu Bingqian was feeling a bit disappointed.

“Big brother rough guy. Since we have nothing to do, why don’t you tell me how you learned alchemy? I didn’t hear anything about the Ye clan hiring an alchemist master.”

Yang Jing smiled and nodded in agreement, “Actually I’ve been wanting to ask too. Who is your master? How can you concoct something so difficult like the Pure Yang Dan so easily?”

The two girls stared at Ye Zifeng. Their gazes pierced through him.

“Actually. I don’t have a master. I flipped through a few books and read about alchemy…..”

Naturally, Ye Zifeng won’t be telling them the truth. Let’s not say anything about the girls not believing it, even he himself won’t believe how he learned alchemy…..

Liu Bingqian looked disappointed, “Hmph. Fine. But I’m willing to bet that you’ll tell me sooner or later.”

When she said that, she had a cute childish look on her face.

Ye Zifeng smiled and didn’t answer her.

They’ve been jumping up and down so much that they’ve gotten used to it. Ye Zifeng closed his eyes as his mind returned to the Black Tortoise Continent, the place where he started to learn alchemy.

He sighed as silently muttered two words, “Jia Lan…..”

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    As for Liu Bingqian, she immediately agreed. She immediately thanked the people who wrecked her clan’s big carriage.

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    Now it seems like the author just decided to say “screw it” and just ignore the fact that the whole thing even happened. Now they are even talking about letting Lin get the final strike against Zifeng in their little “plot”. It always annoys me when authors can’t even keep up with the facts in their own stories.

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