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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 72 – I’ll win even if you act shamelessly

Chapter 72 – I’ll win even if you act shamelessly
Translated by: Andy
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Ye Zifeng thought about it and then involuntarily laughed, “Which one am I? Well you’ll know after you watch me concoct the pill.”

“You…..” Yang Jing’s expression changed.

In Leizhou City, there isn’t man who wouldn’t honestly answer her when she asked a question. There was nobody who answered like Ye Zifeng and kept her waiting. This guy is simply too hateful.

“Alright. I’m going to start. Please don’t disturb me.”

When Ye Zifeng turned to face the cauldron, he became very serious as if he was a different person.

A Pure Yang Dan isn’t as hard to concoct as the rumors. However, to someone with a 5th stage of qi refining cultivation, this was a pretty hard task to accomplish. If he makes even one tiny mistake, the entire set of ingredient will turn into slag.

He looked at the cauldron and inserted his qi into it to slowly warmed up the ingredients. After a while, he added some more firewood into the fire.

Yang Jing saw his movements and was surprised, “Dual-tasking! To be able to increase his qi’s temperature and the flame’s temperature at the same time while maintaining the same temperature for both. This is a move that experienced alchemists use. As expected, this Ye Zifeng is not simple at all.

Yang Jing watched as Ye Zifeng slowly inserted the firewood into the flames and gasped.

Liu Mu furrowed his brows and looked at Bingqian, “Qian-er, is Ye Zifeng’s dual-tasking method that extraordinary?”

Liu Bingqian was shocked as well. When she heard her father’s question, she started to laugh.

“Of course it’s extraordinary! When you insert your qi into the cauldron, you need to know how much you inserted and need to feel around. While doing that, Zifeng is also controlling the temperature of the fire by adding more and more firewoods. Just look at what he’s doing. The amount of wood that he puts in is different every time.”


Hearing this, Liu Mu started at Ye Zifeng’s hand.

The first time, it was two small firewood. The second time, it was a large firewood. The third time, Ye Zifeng chopped a firewood in half with his bare hands and inserted one piece.

“It really is a different amount everything. Who would’ve thought that something as simple as inserting firewoods would have such a profound method….. However, from what I know, Ye Zifeng doesn’t have an alchemy master. Could he have learned this all by himself?”

Liu Mu stared at Ye Zifeng with a confused and surprised expression.

“I don’t know about this either…. Maybe he really did learn this by himself….” Liu Bingqian shook her head. She didn’t meet Ye Zifeng too long ago and doesn’t know many of his secrets. If Ye Zifeng doesn’t say anything, then she won’t ask anything.

However, she was sure of one thing. The Ye clan didn’t have an alchemist. If Ye Zifeng wants to learn alchemy, he would have to read from books….

In just a while, a purple gas appeared from the cauldron.

“This…. What is this purple gas?”

Liu Mu saw this scene and couldn’t help but ask. Originally, he thought that Ye Zifeng would definitely not be able to concoct the pill but when the saw the expression on the two girl’s faces, it looked like Ye Zifeng was doing fine.

Liu Bingqian smiled and explained to her father, “When a purple gas appears, it means that the ingredients are slowly melting and condensing into a pill.”

Liu Mu furrowed his brows. Could Ye Zifeng actually successfully concoct the pill?

He looked over at Liu Yige, signaling him to come over. Yige saw this and hurried over.

“Clan master, what do you need?”

Liu Mu suppressed his voice and whispered, “It seems like this Ye Zifeng is about to concoct a Pure Yang Dan. We can’t just sit here and do nothing.”

Liu Yige felt delighted and asked, “Then clan master means….”

“You see…..” Liu Mu pointed at where Ye Zifeng was sitting.

Liu Yige didn’t know what he meant and scratched his head, “This…. May clan master clarify…”

Liu Mu sighed, “You stupid blockhead!”

(TL: In chinese blockhead (木头) is the same as log (木头).

“Blockhead?” At first Liu Yige thought Liu Mu was yelling at him but when he looked over at the logs of firewood besides Ye Zifeng, he quickly realized what Liu Mu meant.

Liu Mu wanted to mess with the firewoods that Ye Zifeng was using!

Liu Yige understood this and smiled, “Alright. I got it. I’ll go right now!”

“Be a bit more low-key. Don’t be too excessive…..” Liu Mu delightfully smiled and nodded.

“Of course.”

Liu Yige looked around and when no one was looking at him, he slipped out of the room.

He quickly returned with a servant who put a bunch of new logs of firewood by Ye Zifeng’s side.

Ye Zifeng was concentrating very hard since he had reached a crucial moment.

However, when he picked up one of the new log of firewood, a shocked expression appeared on his face. He felt it a bit more and realized what happened.

He furrowed his brows, and looked over at Liu Mu. It seems like this old fox still has tricks up his sleeve. Liu Mu sat there with a sly smile, waiting for Ye Zifeng to mess up.

As the Liu clan’s clan master, he was shamelessly trying to sabotage a youngster.

“Nephew Zifeng, why are you not concocting the pill and staring at me. Could there be a problem?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I want to say something. The firewood that this servant bought is a bit too light…”

Liu Bingqian looked at the firewood and gasped, “Could those all be hollow wood?” She walked over a picked up a firewood and examined it, “Father, what’s going on?”

While concocting a pill, one will need to use solid wood. Even a beginner knows that. If they use a hollow wood, then the fire won’t be strong enough for the pill to take shape.

After hearing this, Liu Mu’s expression changed and coldly looked at the servant, “You useless thing. What are you doing? Who told you to bring hollow wood. Go back and get some solid wood.

“I’m sorry master. I saw that there were some leftover wood in the yard and brought them here. This one did not know that they were useless for concocting pills. I’m sorry. I’ll go back right now.”

After being yelled at, the servant apologized and turned around.

Ye Zifeng coldly snorted, “No need. If I wait for you to come back, I’m afraid this pill will turn into slag already….”

Liu Mu pretended to awkwardly smile, “Nephew Zifeng. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that my servants would be so useless. I hope you can excuse him.”

Ye Zifeng’s expression turned very cold. For Liu Mu to do something so underhanded, he’ll be losing face even if he wins.

“Whatever. When I came to the Liu clan by myself, I’ve already prepared for things like this.”

Ye Zifeng sighed and looked back at the cauldron with an even more serious expression.

Liu Yige and Liu Mu looked at each other, shocked. It seems like Ye Zifeng is still going to continue.

“Ye Zifeng, if you waste this set of ingredient then you lose. You said it yourself. You only have this one chance.” Liu Yige yelled out to remind him.

“I don’t need you to remind me of my own matters.” Ye Zifeng threw the last solid firewood into the fire. His eyes lit up and a glistening ray of light appeared from his body. On his fingers, a tiny amount of light entered the cauldron.

Yang Jing’s expression changed and stood up, “Light from your fingers? This is something that appears before one condenses a common tier flame! Could it be that you’re almost a huang tier alchemist?”

It was a very crucial moment for Ye Zifeng so he didn’t answer her.

Right now, he was only at the fifth stage of qi refining. If it wasn’t for the fact that Liu Mu had forced him, he would not have used this move. If one doesn’t have enough strength, not only will one fail, one will also feel a recoil effect.

Because of this, Ye Zifeng didn’t condense his flame but used a fire qi instead. He infused the fire qi with the last firewood to increase its temperature.

“You have to succeed…..” Liu Bingqian was shaking. She closed her eyes and prayed for Ye Zifeng’s success.

After a bit, the cauldron started to shake and make a hissing sound. The last firewood had been burned out and the temperature of the cauldron wasn’t high enough. Bingqian heard this and her heart started to beat very fast.

After a bit, the shaking finally stopped. Everyone was silent.


Ye Zifeng let out a long sigh. His entire back was filled with sweat.

“Since you’re done. Open the cauldron up and show us.” Liu Mu was staring at the cauldron hoping that Ye Zifeng had failed.

Ye Zifeng nodded and opened up the cauldron. When he opened it up, a burnt and charred smell leaked out.

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