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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 69 – Winning without a fight

Chapter 69 – Winning without a fight
Translated by: Andy
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Everyone that was present had a shocked expression on their face and were speechless.

Liu Mu stared blankly at Song Shiyun. He didn’t expect Song Shiyun to say something so demoralizing.

As one of the alchemy geniuses in Leizhou City, he didn’t even dare to compete with Ye Zifeng. His confidence was completely shattered by Ye Zifeng’s words.

Ye Zifeng didn’t even start concocting pills yet either. All he did was talk for a bit.

“Shiyun. What are you talking about? Continue concocting. Don’t be influenced by his blabbering. He’s talking bullshit.”

Song Shiyun fiercely shook his head, “No. He’s right. If I continue like this, I will turn one set of ingredient into slag. He found all the crucial flaws in my concoction process. I can’t do this. I’m not worthy to be his opponent.”

When Song Shiyun looked at Ye Zifeng again, he saw that Ye Zifeng was smiling. What happened today took all of Song Shiyun’s confidence away. This kind of blow to his mental state might affect his future development as an alchemist.

Liu Mu was getting angry. To Song Shiyun, this was only a little friendly competition. However, to Liu Mu, this match had ten percent of the business channels on the line.

“SHIYUN! Quickly concoct the pills. Who cares if you make some slag. Concoct as many pills as you can. Ye Zifeng’s only good at talking. In reality, he might not even be able to concoct as many pills as you.”

Liu Mu was very anxious and wasn’t acting like a noble clan master anymore. It was almost as if he had his hands around Song Shiyun’s neck and forcing him to concoct pills. If it wasn’t for the face that he didn’t know how to concoct pills, he would’ve pushed Song Shiyun aside and work himself.

“No…..I can’t. I can’t win against him.”

Liu Mu coldly looked at him and snorted, “Didn’t you say that you’ve been working hard in order to be able to concoct pills together with Bingqian. Could it be that you can’t even step over a hurdle like this?” Liu Mu was thoroughly disappointed with this Song Shiyun who appeared fierce while he was cowardly at heart. After this, he won’t regard this guy highly anymore.

“Bingqian….Okay….Fine. I’ll try.” Song Shiyun thought about Liu Bingqian and his expression changed. He gritted his teeth and walked back towards the cauldron.

Ye Zifeng laughed again, “Your feelings are unstable making it hard for you to form your flames. Also using three sets of ingredients is already past your limit. From what I can see, it would be a miracle if you can concoct even one pill.” Ye Zifeng continued to exert pressure on Song Shiyun with his talks.

Song Shiyun’s face sank, “One pill. I have to concoct at least one pill. I can’t act like this in front of Bingqian…..”

He knows that if he can’t even concoct a single Qi Nurturing Pill, then his title as one of the genius alchemists in Leizhou City will mean nothing.

Ye Zifeng coldly snorted, “Who are you concocting pills for? Is it for yourself or is it for Bingqian? If you don’t understand this, then why are you even concocting pills?”

Liu Mu coldly stared at Ye Zifeng, “Alright. Stop talking. If you continue then…..”

“Am I breaking the rules? I don’t remember you mentioning anything about not talking or commenting on the blood contract.” Ye Zifeng answered with a unyielding and confident look.

“That……” Liu Mu’s expression changed as he realized that Ye Zifeng was right. Ye Zifeng was a gentleman who uses his mouth and not his fist. If Liu Mu wants to blame someone, then he should blame Song Shiyun for not having enough willpower and determination.

Liu Mu started to worry. Originally, he wanted to use Song Shiyun’s alchemy skills to make Ye Zifeng back off. However, the one who backed off was not Ye Zifeng but Song Shiyun.

Song Shiyun forced himself to calm down. It was just as Ye Zifeng had said. His control over his common tier flame is not very efficient. His fingers had started to shake and his heart sank.

He looked up at Liu Bingqian and gritted his teeth, “I refuse to believe that I can’t even concoct a Qi Nurturing Pill today!”

Song Shiyun’s face turned serious. The flame on his fingers became much more exuberant and transmitted its energy into the cauldron.

Ye Zifeng lightly shook his head and laughed, “Don’t be too excited. If you use such a large flame to concoct pills, you will easily burn all the ingredients…..”

He paused for a bit and then continued to talk, “Besides, to concoct something as simple as a Qi Nurturing Pill, why are you trying to show off by using your condensed flame? It’s fine to use firewoods you know.”

“I don’t believe it. I am the number two genius in Leizhou City. How can I not even concoct a Qi Nurturing Pill?”

Song Shiyun continuously shook his head. His mind was slowly sinking as if it was in quicksand. He couldn’t free himself from Ye Zifeng’s grasp. His flames became wilder and wilder….. Time past very slowly…..”

Suddenly, a bang sound sounded from inside the cauldron. When Song Shiyun heard this, his entire body stiffened. He didn’t move at all. He didn’t know he should do.

“This…. What kind of sound is this?” Liu Mu asked shockingly. He was very anxious. He can already guess what happened but he didn’t want to believe it.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “If you want to know what it is, ask him to open the cauldron.”

“Shiyun, open up the cauldron…..” Liu Mu furrowed his brows and yelled out.

Song Shiyun’s face ashen as he looked up. His movements were very slow. It was as if he was moving towards his execution ground.

“Song Shiyun, move quicker. You’re a man aren’t you? Show us what you got and open up the covers.” Liu Mu was extremely angry. He didn’t call him Young master Song or Shiyun anymore but called him by his full name instead.

“Uncle Liu, I……”

“Come on. Unless you want me to come over and open it myself.”

Song Shiyun was biting on his lips. After hearing what Liu Mu said, he started to move quicker and reluctantly walked towards the cauldron.

He felt his heart ache as he opened up the cauldron.

Everyone looked over and a shocked expression appeared on their faces.

Inside the cauldron, there weren’t any pills at all. It was completely black!

Liu Mu was stupefied. He thought that at the very worst, Song Shiyun would at least make something. However, Song Shiyun actually turned all three sets of ingredient into charcoal….

“You….. You really are useless!” Liu Mu was so angry that he couldn’t control himself.

Song Shiyun was the one controlling the flames in the cauldron. He knew exactly what had happened.

“Uncle Liu, I’m sorry. I……”

Liu Mu hatefully looked at him, “Don’t call me uncle Liu! You piece of trash. How can you not even make something as simple as a Qi Nurturing Pill. Do you think that you can still call yourself a genius anymore?”

“I…..” Song Shiyun’s face turned pale and couldn’t talk back. If it was someone else who had turned the ingredients into charcoal, he would have definitely laughed and ridiculed them. Liu Mu’s reaction was very kind already. If he was really really angry, Song Shiyun would’ve been kicked out of the house already.

Ye Zifeng softly laughed and looked at Song Shiyun, “You lost control of your flame, didn’t control the temperature correctly and didn’t insert you qi at the right time. This is a good lesson for you. Remember this, If you want to teach someone else a lesson, you shouldn’t mess up.”

Song Shiyun looked at Ye Zifeng with a surprised look. Ye Zifeng was a few years younger than he was but when he talked, he looked like a mature and staid esteemed grandmaster. In the way of alchemy, Song Shiyun has no choice but to respect Ye Zifeng.

“Ye Zifeng, where did in the world did you appear from. How come you know so much?”

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “I didn’t appear from anywhere. My skills aren’t that high now. I told Uncle Liu already. I’m not as good as Bingqian but I can guarantee that I am better than everyone else.”

Ye Zifeng then turned to Liu Mu and smiled, “Uncle Liu, do you think that I still need to show my skills?”

“You?” Liu Mu’s expression was very ugly. However, Ye Zifeng was right. Song Shiyun couldn’t even concoct a single pill. Even if you randomly call a servant, they were guaranteed to at least a tie.

Thus, the match didn’t have meaning anymore. It was impossible for Ye Zifeng to lose.

Liu Mu trembled for quite a while and finally sighed, “Fine. Zifeng. I admit that it’s your win….. This match, you won without even fighting.

“Winning without a fight?” After hearing this from her father’s mouth, Liu Ningzi was at a loss. She stood there like a wooden doll, staring blankly at Ye Zifeng.

The alchemy skill between the two of them…. Was their skills so far apart that one side can win without doing anything?

Liu Bingqian looked happily at Ye Zifeng, her eyes showed an extraordinary splendor. She knew that she didn’t choose the wrong person.

“Uncle, I’ll take my leave.” Song Shiyun heavily sighed. His face looked extremely ugly. He didn’t have any face to stay at the Liu clan anymore. He cupped his hands and bowed to everyone. Under the guidance of the servants, he left the Liu clan’s residence. From now on, it seems like Liu Mu won’t be caring about him anymore.

Ye Zifeng watched as Song Shiyun left and smiled, “Uncle Liu, It seems like I won the battle without even competing. I wonder if our bet still counts.

“Hold on…..” Liu Mu suddenly opened his mouth.

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