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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 65 – A young man’s ability must be respected!

Chapter 65 – A young man’s ability must be respected!
Translated by: Andy
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The entire Liu clan looked at each other with dismay for quite a while. They all had a shocked expression on their face.

“Ye Zifeng? Why would he come to our Liu clan? Did you see correctly?” Other than a shocked expression, Liu Ningzi had another expression on her. One that no one can tell what it represented.

Hearing this, the servant quickly answered, “Second miss, I am absolutely sure that it is the Ye clan’s Ye Zifeng. I saw him along with the master during the Heavenly Clan Gathering.

Liu Bingqian was completely shocked as well. She was thinking about why Ye Zifeng came over? Could it be that he wanted to find her?

“After all these years. I didn’t expect something like this. I did not expect that someone from the Ye clan would still come to our Liu clan.”

Liu Mu regained his composure and let out a long sigh. He looked as if he was thinking about many things that happened in the past.

Twenty years ago, Ye Chongtian and Liu Mu were very close friends. However, a few years ago, due to some dispute over similar interests, the two clans slowly drifted apart. With Ye Chongtian’s temperament, he made things difficult for Liu Mu and the two clans eventually broke off with each other.

However, today, Ye Zifeng personally came as the Ye clan’s young master.

“Other than Ye Zifeng, did anyone else come?”

The servant shook his head, No one else. It’s only him.”

Liu Mu’s expression changed and furrowed his brow, “A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger. He’s just a youngster and yet he dares to come to the Liu clan by himself?”

Liu Yige snorted, “Clan master, from what I can see, you should send him away. Our Liu clan doesn’t want anything to do with his Ye clan.

Liu Bingqian coldly stared at Liu Yige, “I told you already. When my Liu clan is talking, an outsider should not intervene.”

“You!” Liu Yige’s face turned red. He fiercely clenched his fist. He looked at Liu Mu and then at Liu Ningzi and finally calmed himself down.

Originally, Liu Bingqian didn’t hate Yige. However, this guy was always butting heads with Ye Zifeng and she didn’t like that at all. Every time they family talks about Ye Zifeng, they would both go against each other.

“Father, the Ye clan didn’t have anyone over in a long time. I feel like we should try and repair our relationship. We can use this opportunity to do so. You can also see if he has the qualifications to come with me for the alchemy competition.

Liu Bingqian pouted and looked sincerely at her father.

Liu Mu smiled and looked at Bingqian, “What’s up with you. What kind of abilities does Ye Zifeng have? Why do you want to bring him with you so much? Can he even concoct a pill? Fine. If you want it that bad, then I’ll go ask that Ye Zifeng what he’s doing here.”

A complicated expression appeared on Liu Ningzi’s face. She wanted to excuse herself and go back to her room but was stopped by Liu Mu.

“Ningzi, you come with me too.”

“I’m coming too……?” Liu Ningzi was startled.

The Liu clan’s guest room was completely different from the Ye clan’s. One can clearly tell that the master paid much attention to the room and extravagantly decorated the room. There were many antiques and paintings everywhere.

Ye Zifeng didn’t get bored while waiting in the guest room at all. He carefully analyzed the arrangements of the room. Suddenly a smile appeared on his face.

After a while, Liu Mu and the others appeared in his sight.

“Ye Zifeng greets Uncle Liu!” Ye Zifeng quickly walked over and respectfully bowed.

Liu Mu smiled and waved his hands, “Zifeng, there’s no need to be so polite. I still remember the time when I held you in my arms and now you’re already an adult…..”

These words didn’t have a queer feeling at all. It had a very intimate feeling. However, it was actually telling Ye Zifeng that he was of the younger generation and if he wants to talk business then Liu Mu would not hold back and try to dominate him.

“Zifeng, let me reintroduce you. This is my eldest daughter, Liu Bingqian. You guys have met during the Heavenly Clan Gathering.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Miss Bingqian is a both nimble and tranquil, well versed in letters and martial arts, and has a very pure heart and spirit. To be able to be friends with such an extraordinary girl is my luck.”

Liu Bingqian’s face turned red. How can he say such embarrassing things. However, she was feeling good after hearing this.

“This is my younger daughter…” Liu Mu pointed at Liu Ningzi.

Liu Ningzi looked down. She wanted to leave because she didn’t want to see Ye Zifeng. It would be very awkward if they met. This situation was exactly what she was afraid of.

“Miss Ningzi, we meet again.” Ye Zifeng smiled.

He understood what Liu Mu was thinking. Liu Mu had a smile on his face but his friendly manners were belying hypocritical intentions. He purposely introduced Liu Ningzi to make Ye Zifeng lose control of himself and make him say something bad. This will put Ye Zifeng at even more of a disadvantage when dealing with Liu Mu if that happened.

Thus, all Ye Zifeng did was casually greet her.

“You…..” Liu Ningzi was startled. Seeing how Ye Zifeng didn’t ridicule her, she began to smile again. She was feeling much better.

Liu Mu on the other hand, looked at Ye Zifeng with a deep expression and laughed. He then called for his servants.

“Where is everyone. What are you guys idling for? Give Young master Ye a seat.”

Ye Zifeng cupped his hands and smiled back, “Many thanks, uncle Liu.”

When everyone sat down, they noticed Ye Zifeng looking around the room, “When I first entered uncle Liu’s home, i was shocked by the amount of antique and paintings throughout the house. For example, this picture of the Pearl Palace made from spirit threads. For uncle Liu to have such an item, you must be a very serious collector.”

“So nephew recognizes this picture of the Pearl palace? Actually this was given to me by a friend. I thought it looked nice so I hung it up. I don’t really know what kind of profound meaning it has.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Oh? So did your friend also give you the picture of the Jade Sea Sword on the left, and the Octo Desolate Realm Diagram on the right too? How about the Ancient Desert King Diagram above the tea set. From what I can see, these four items should be part of a set. If a collector doesn’t have the heart for it, they won’t be able to complete the set.

While saying that, he glared at Liu Mu.

“This…..” Liu Mu looked shockingly at Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng looked as calm as always and continued to talk, “The way that they are put up forms a small high level formation. If you boil some spirit tea here, the formation will exert some sort of mental pressure where I am at right now. Uncle Liu, what do you think?”

Ye Zifeng pointed and smiled at the tea set while talking.

When he said this, everyone else was startled. This was the first time that Liu Bingqian and the others heard about this. They felt as if they had been enlightened.

“So it was like this….”

The two girls just realized that the antiques in their house could have such an effect.

Liu Mu’s expression changed. He would have never guessed that this Ye Zifeng would know so much about antiques. He even saw through the formation.

It was rare for Liu Mu to find someone who knew so much about antique like himself. He’s starting to see Ye Zifeng in a better light and won’t treat him as a mere younger generation anymore.

“Hahahaha….That’s right. Wow Zifeng, I didn’t expect you to know so much about these rare antiques given your young age. You really are a hero amongst the younger generation. Even uncle, I, am admiring your.”

Ye Zifeng smiled. Inside, Ye Zifeng was thinking that if these broken things were considered rare, then the gifts he received in his past life would all be considered priceless artifacts.They were all just interesting playthings to him that he looked at when he had free time.

“Uncle, the main reason I came over here was to give you a present.”


Everyone in the Liu clan was shocked. Ye Zifeng came empty handed, what present was he talking about?

Liu Yige had been standing there for a while now and couldn’t hold it in anymore, “You came here empty handed. What do you have to give as a gift? I’m afraid that you came here to try and rope our Liu clan into your alliance to go against the Wang clan.”

Liu Mu fiercely looked at Liu Yige, “Shut up.” This phrase sounded very angry but in reality, Liu Mu was only pretending.

If Ye Zifeng can’t see through this, then he might as well go die right now.

Ye Zifeng smiled and pretended that he didn’t hear Liu Yige.

“Nephew Zifeng, what is this present that you are talking about. Can you take it out so uncle can have a look?” Liu Mu smiled.

“Of course.” Ye Zifeng nodded, stood up and extended his hand out. On his hand was a jade interspatial ring.

This wasn’t the ring that he extorted from Wang Lin. It was the ring he got from Ye Xueyi after their exchange.

“Uncle, the present that I brought is in this interspatial ring. However, it’s a bit too big so I hope everyone can take a step back and allow me to take it out…..”

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