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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 64 – The esteemed guest is here!

Chapter 64 – The esteemed guest is here!
Translated by: Andy
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During all these years, the business channels between Leizhou City and Tiandao City had been dominated by the Liu clan and the Wang clan. All of the smaller clans wanted to have a good relationship with them.

Thus, when the Ye clan treated everyone else as equals, the gave the smaller clans a special kind of friendly feeling. Ye Zifeng’s speech about how the Ye clan’s prosperity will become everyone else’s prosperity was a great bargaining chip for everyone.

This time, the Ye clan was like a dark horse that appeared out of nowhere and fiercely struck the Liu clan and the Wang clan.

“What? The Ye clan was able to rope in half of the other clans as their ally?” Wang Ruoxing was unconvinced by the news and looked at his older brother.

Not even the flourishing Wang clan has so many allies. How could the fallen Ye clan rope in so many people?

Wang Tianzhi thought about it and then asked, “Did Liu Xingjian failed? How could this be? He definitely told me that he had succeeded in poisoning Ye Chongtian!”

“Young master, Liu Xingjian did indeed succeed. Ye Chongtian was lying down on his bed. The one who dealt with everything was Ye Zifeng!”

Wang Ruoxing was shocked, “What? Ye Zifeng? He’s someone from the younger generation. How can he rope in all these businessmen from the senior generation?”

“It is true…..”

The messenger didn’t know how to explain either. He was only watching outside the Ye clan territory and didn’t enter with everyone else. When he saw how everyone came out with a satisfied look on their face, he deduced that Ye Zifeng had done his job and persuaded everyone.

Hearing this, Wang Tianzhi started to think to himself. He thought that Ye Zifeng won the Heavenly Clan Gathering by fluke. However, this time, he was able to persuade so many seniors into allying with his Ye clan. This was definitely not by fluke.

“This Ye Zifeng is not simple at all. He is a threat to our Wang clan.”

Wang Ruoxing knew what his big brother was thinking about and murderous look appeared on his face.

“Big bro, how about we……” He lifted one finger and ran it across his neck as if he was cutting it.

Wang Tianzhi thought about it and then shook his head, “Not right now. He’s very hot right now. If we go overboard, the Ye clan will definitely retaliate. We’ve already plot against Ye Chongtian once. This time, he will be more careful. If he goes crazy, no one will be able to stop him.”

Wang Lin coldly snorted, “I don’t care. Big bro, Big sis, we can’t let him go like this. He’ll just continue to grow and become a thorn on our sides. Even if we don’t kill him, we have to cripple him.”

Wang Ruoxing nodded. He was the closest one to Wang Lin and cared for him the most. After learning about how Wang Lin was bullied by Ye Zifeng, he had been trying to find a way to get back at him.

“That’s right big bro, I agree with lil bro. Even if we don’t kill him, we have to stop him from becoming dangerous. We’ll have to fight sooner or later, so why not do it now. We can’t wait until it’s too late.

Wang Lin and Wang Ruoxing were both waiting for Wang Tianzhi’s reply. However, Wang Tianzhi was warned by Elder Shen already and didn’t want to trouble Ye Zifeng for the next year.

“We’ll talk about this later. You guys heard what Elder Shen said last time right? To protect Ye Zifeng like this….. He must have his own reasons. We shouldn’t be so hot headed.”

Wang Mengxi nodded, “I agree with big bro.”

“Alright. I understand then.”

Wang Lin sighed. He then turned towards Wang Ruoxing and exchanged glances with him. The two of them then left together.

As Wang Lin walked out, he groaned with displeasure, “Second bro, I don’t understand. Our Wang clan can easily squish Ye Zifeng. Why aren’t we doing so? Big bro isn’t like how he was before. It’s only a warning from an elder, he doesn’t have to be so scared.”

Wang Ruoxing looked around and when he saw that no one was around he coldly laughed, “From what lil bro is saying, even if big bro doesn’t agree, you won’t let Ye Zifeng go?”

“Second bro, you’re willing to help me?”

Wang Ruoxing laughed, “Little bro, ever since we were little, we’ve being doing bad things behind big bro’s back. Do you think I’ll leave you hanging this time around?”

“Really? That’s great second bro. You’re at the 8th stage of qi refining. If you’re willing to make moves, then this Ye Zifeng will definitely not live to see another day!” Wang Lin laughed very loudly.

Wang Ruoxing shook his head, “Maybe. Ye Zifeng was able to beat that Liu Bingqian who is at the peak of qi refining. He must have some special moves up his sleeves. I feel like we should mount a sneak attack against him!”

“However, we need to wait for a good chance. Are you willing to wait?”

Wang Lin was shaking with excitement, “As long as we can kill that bastard, I don’t care how long I have to wait.” Wang Lin had never been humiliated and bullied by anyone since he was born. Thus, his hatred for Ye Zifeng was on another level. If it wasn’t for the fact that his cultivation was low, he would have made his moves already.

Wang Ruoxing looked up at the sky. He somewhat had an idea of how he would deal with Ye Zifeng already.

It wasn’t unreasonable for Ye Zifeng to want to try and rope in the Liu clan. After all, their clans must be pretty close if they were able to have an engagement. If it was the Wang clan, he would definitely be chased out the second he walked into their manor.

After changing into a brand new blue robe, he walked to the Liu clan by himself.

Actually, Ye Chongtian wanted to go with him but with Ye Zifeng’s disapproval, he gave up on going. At least he was going to the Liu clan and not the Wang clan. The Liu clan’s clan master Liu Mu had a pretty good relationship with the Ye clan so Ye Chongtian wasn’t so worried.

In the Liu clan’s family hall.

“No way. Definitely not. Qian-er, when did you become so muddle-headed! You can ask whoever you want to the alchemy competition. Why do you want Ye Zifeng to go with you?”

“That’s right. Sister Bingqian. Did you forget that he was the one who beat you to become the number one in Leizhou City? Father will never approve of this!”

Liu Ningzi sighed. She had a helpless expression on her face. She also didn’t understand why her sister wants to invite that Ye Zifeng to go with her.

“I don’t care. I’ve already promised him. This time, I’ll definitely bring him along. You guys will make me a liar if you make me take back my words.” Liu Bingqian complained. Her face showed a resolute expression.

Liu Bingqian saw how angry everyone was and immediately walked towards her dad and lifted his hand.

“Daddy, you’ve always let me do what I wanted. Come on. Talk to them about it. I’ve heard that we have a pretty good relationship with the Ye clan too.”

While saying that, she shot a glance towards Liu Ningzi. Everyone knew what she meant by doing that. Liu Ningzi and Ye Zifeng had an engagement and the two families almost became relatives.

Liu Mu thought of the old days and shook his head. He bitterly laughed and sighed, “That was many years ago. At that time, the Ye clan was one of the three great clans. But now…..”

He sighed again and looked at Liu Bingqian, “It’s not like dad doesn’t want to help you, but…… the two clan’s relationship isn’t like how it used to be…..No one from the Ye clan will even come to talk with our Liu clan anymore….”

At that time, a servant came running into the room with a panic look on his face.

“Master, Master. There’s a guest who wants to see you. He’s waiting in the guest room already. I hope the master can go over quickly!”

Liu Mu furrowed his brows, “Is this the first time you’ve received a guest? Let him sit in the guest room for a while. I need to talk with my daughter and will go over later. Go and tell him that.

In the last few days, many smaller clans have visited him to gain some benefits and give him gifts. He didn’t want to pay attention to them anymore.

“But….. But, that guest is……”

Liu Mu was very impatient and glared at the servant, “Who is it that’s making you make such a fuss. Our Liu clan is one of the top clans in the city. We shouldn’t do something like this in front of guests. Even if it’s some esteemed guest, you should relax a bit and remember where you are. There’s no reason to be shocked.”

“Master, it’s the Ye clan’s young master. Ye Zifeng is here!”

“What?!?” Liu Mu was shocked after hearing this.

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