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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 57 – Well, we are friends….

Chapter 57 – Well, we are friends….
Translated by: Andy
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“Go to the forest at night? That’s…..not too good….. My heart isn’t ready yet. Also I don’t really know you that well yet…..” Liu Bingqian’s eyes showed a complicated expression as she trembled a bit.

Ye Zifeng looked confusingly at her, “Why does your heart need to be ready to concoct pills?”

“Concoct Pills? You want me to go to the forest to concoct pills?” Liu Bingqian stared at him with a red face.

“What else would we do besides concocting pills?” Ye Zifeng was still confused, “Also, if we are going to compete in the alchemy competition, we need to work together. We can use this chance to get to know what we’re capable of.”

“So that’s what you meant.”

Liu Bingqian softly replied and calmed down. However, there was a hint of disappointment in her eyes.

“Then…. What about the secret? What does the sword have to do with concocting pills?

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Come with me and don’t worry about it. You’ll understand once you see it.

This time, when Liu Bingqian walked into the wilderness with Ye Zifeng, she wasn’t scared like she was last time. They’ve known each other for a while now and was pretty comfortable with each other.

“Do you remember the three promises that I told you about last time?” Ye Zifeng suddenly asked.

Liu Bingqian smiled, “Of course. I, Liu Bingqian, always keep my promises no matter what. Don’t worry about it. I’ll keep your alchemy skills a secret.”

“To be so upright…. It seems like you’re completely different from your sister.” Ye Zifeng laughed.

After hearing Ye Zifeng talk about her sister, Bingqian’s expression darkened a bit, “I am me and she is she. Of course we’re different. Come to think of it, after that I found out that you’re Ye Zifeng, I’ve been wanting to ask you something. Since you and my sister were matched before you guys were born, how do you feel about her?”

Liu Ningzi was completely different from her sister. Liu Bingqian was a lady from a wealthy family but she didn’t act like one. Liu Ningzi on the other hand was a bit more refined. It’s hard to say what kind of girl Ye Zifeng liked, but he’d prefer someone more on the gentle side.

Ye Zifeng coldly replied, “That day when she came to my house and forced me to cancel the engagement, I vowed to never be with her. Ever. I have no feelings for her at all.”

Liu Bingqian’s eyes suddenly lit up as she stared at Ye Zifeng, “Oh okay! Then i’m relieved.”

“Relieved? Relieved about what?” Ye Zifeng was confused again, “I’m bad mouthing your sister but you’re not mad at all….”

“What’s there to be mad about? The whole thing was my sister’s fault in the first place. I don’t care if other people yell at me for taking an outsider’s side instead of my family’s. I, Liu Bingqian, will speak my own mind and make my own judgment based on what I know.

Ye Zifeng bitterly laughed and shook his head. He really didn’t understand what this girl was thinking at all.

“Alright. We’re here.”

Ye Zifeng started to dig. Soon after, the top of the cauldron could be seen.

“When did you paint this common tier cauldron? It looks pretty good. It’s all shiny. I like it.” Liu Bingqian smiled and helped Ye Zifeng.

“This isn’t paint. It is the effect of the starlight diagram patterns.”

Liu Bingqian laughed and rolled her eyes at Ye Zifeng, “So you know the term starlight diagram. That’s something that a profound tier cauldron possesses. How can a common tier cauldron…..”

She was laughing but when she looked at the cauldron, she suddenly stopped. Her voice was shaking out of excitement.

“No way. This is a real starlight diagram!? This…. What is going on here?”

An alchemist only care about two things: Rare ingredients and a good cauldron.

A profound tier cauldron like this will make every huang tier alchemist go crazy. Looking at the cauldron, Bingqian can tell that this profound tier cauldron was clearly the same cauldron as the one that Ye Zifeng bought.

“Brother rough guy. What’s going on. Please tell me what’s going on. How can a mere common tier cauldron jump tiers and become a profound tier cauldron.

Ye Zifeng smiled and dug the the cauldron out.

“Do you remember that I melted the Ancient Violet Cloud Sword?

Liu Bingqian was shocked and then realized something, ‘The Ancient Violet Cloud Sword? Could it be…..”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “That’s right. I turned the sword into spirit liquid and upgraded the cauldron to the profound tier.

While talking, he inserted his qi into the cauldron and then thirty two star patterns immediately lit up and a dazzling blue light appeared.

“Holy crap. Brother rough guy, are you some kind of saint? How do you know about upgrading a cauldron. Even I don’t know about this. So spirit liquids have this kind of use….” Liu Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng and couldn’t help but feel a strange aura coming from him.

“This…. You’ll know sooner or later.” Ye Zifeng mysteriously smiled.

As the number one alchemist in Leizhou City, Liu Bingqian was always praised by many elders and seniors. However, the people who knew alchemy in Leizhou City was very little and none of these people could help her or talk to her. When she met Ye Zifeng, she felt as if she had met the one. Someone who can spend time with her, help her and talk to her about various things.

After Ye Zifeng inserted his qi into the cauldron, he smiled and looked at Liu Bingqian.

“Bingqian, the starlight diagram is already lit. Help me start a fire. I’m about to concoct a pill.”

Liu Bingqian nodded. She had been dreaming of the day when she would be able to use a profound tier cauldron to concoct pills. In the past, she had cried and begged her master to let her use his profound tier cauldron but was rejected every time. Now, Ye Zifeng was going to let her fulfill her dreams. When she thought back to the time when she wanted to make Ye Zifeng her apprentice, she became very embarrassed.

“Alright. Alright. I got it.” She immediately got up and found some firewoods for the fire.

Right now, she had already forgotten about her identity as number one alchemist in Leizhou City and was following Ye Zifeng’s commands. She was like a servant girl for him. If anyone else had seen her, they wouldn’t know what to think of it.

“Bring me the ingredients from last time. Do you remember it? Phantom Ginseng, Demonic Fog Grass…..”

Every time Ye Zifeng said something, Liu Bingqian would immediately obey his instructions. Although she didn’t know what kind of pill Ye Zifeng was making, she knew what each ingredient was.

“Nice. Using this profound tier cauldron is way better than using that common tier cauldron!” Ye Zifeng laughed. When he looked inside the cauldron, his face suddenly became serious.

He remembered that it took him a sleepless week to concoct just two common grade soul binding pills. He had also failed numerous times. No matter how hard he tried to save his ingredients, he had to use everything up in the end.

Now that he has the profound tier cauldron, it is way easier for him to concoct a soul binding pill.

“Bingqian, can you use your peak stage of qi refining qi to warm the cauldron up a bit. You only need to use a bit of qi.” Ye Zifeng was very serious. He stared at the cauldron and watched as the ingredients mixed together.

Liu Bingqian was staring at Ye Zifeng. That serious expression that he had when concocting a pill made Bingqian feel attracted to him even more.

Seeing how Bingqian didn’t move, Ye Zifeng looked over slightly, “Bingqian. What happened? I was talking to you.”

Liu Bingqian quickly returned to her senses and was embarrassed, “Oh. Sorry. You want me to warm the cauldron up? No problem….”

She hurried over and reluctantly smiled while inserting her qi into the profound tier cauldron.

Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up and immediately waved his hands, “Alright. That’s enough. That’s enough.”

It seems like he made the right choice to bring her a long. With her qi, it was much easier for the ingredients to mix into a pill. The ingredient was able to absorb the power of the starlight diagrams much better and faster.


Looking at the pill’s grade, it was already at the peak of huang grade, almost reaching the profound grade. A pill like this could be kept for a few days and won’t melt so quickly like the common grade pill he made last time.

“Bingqian, it’s all thanks to you. Your peak qi refining qi is really useful. To be able to concoct a pill this quickly… it seems like I have to quickly increase my cultivation as well..”

Hearing how Ye Zifeng complimented her, Bingqian was feeling very happy, “No no. It’s all thanks to the profound tier cauldron. If it was the common tier cauldron, it would have exploded from all the qi I inserted.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded. He then put the pill away in his sleeves. With this pill, he can now freely communicate with the elders for another month or so.

“Brother rough guy…..I have a request…..” Bingqian suddenly smiled and stared at the cauldron.

“Do you want to use this cauldron to concoct pills?” Ye Zifeng laughed and asked.

Bingqian nodded with a excited expression on her face. She was looking forward to using the cauldron.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Of course you can. The whole point of bringing you here was to tell you about the profound tier cauldron. Who told me to treat…..”

“That’s great! I’ve always dreamed of using a profound tier cauldron…..”

Liu Bingqian was starting to tear up. Out of excitement, she jumped towards Ye Zifeng and hugged him very tightly. Her ample chest rubbed against Ye Zifeng which caused his mind to go blank.

Ye Zifeng felt like he was in a mess and then continued to talk, “Who told me to treat you as a friend….?”

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      • Knightlight says:

        no way around it, thats exactly how this relationship is going to work out, the introvert getting pushed down by the outgoing person (introverted cause he was just way to crazy about pill concoction that hes hardly done anything else in his life)

  1. Nyamsus says:

    of course she not mad…
    now she flirt with you all the time~ without feeling guilty stealing her L.Sis Fiance

    • Robbini0 says:

      L. Sis already broke up him with, and tried to do so in a somewhat humiliating way.

      He’s fair game for anyone now, provided they’re both willing.

  2. GuldTasken (@GuldTasken) says:

    I assume he might be blind to her affection till a rival for her hand comes around or something. OR simply this is going to calmly sink into him and develop to a cultivation/alchemist couple. I hope for the latter since it is fun to see an engrossed previous Wizard(At least it seems like he never had a woman in his previous life) to become slightly infatuated with the sensation of embracing one.

  3. Confused says:

    After Ye Zifeng inserted his qi into the cauldron, she smiled and looked at Liu Bingqian.
    I never thought that Ye Zifeng was a woman until this sentence

  4. Light says:

    Goddamn oblivious protagonists! I started reading Chinese novels to escape them, and now they’re coming here too?!?!
    On a more serious note, I hope that this doesn’t continue too long. Hopefully either he realizes or else she tells him.

  5. kouk2002 says:

    “What’s there to be mad about? The whole thing was my sister’s fault in the first place. I don’t care if other people yell at me for taking an outsider’s side instead of my family’s. I, Liu Bingqian, will speak my own mind and make my own judgment based on what I know.”

    Wow a real person. Someone with brains. Don’t think I’ve come across someone else who acts like this in Chinese novels ( well probably have but it’s rare ). Always seem to jump to the stupidest conclusions, listening to people who obviously have ill intent, ignoring what they know about the situation.

    If you didn’t like her before, surely this line won you over. I’m sold completely and hope they do get together.

  6. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    this dense guy
    bingqian should go on the offense. a fierce offensive.

    “Big brother rough guy, let’s go and ‘concoct’ something else.~”*while undressing*

  7. mrel says:

    Chapter 56 links to chapter 58 and chapter 58 does not link to the previous 57, please fix so it is not necessary to find it in the ToC

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