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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 56 – Come to the forest with me!

Chapter 56 – Come to the forest with me!
Translated by: Andy
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Need to fix my sleep schedule too lol. Been sleeping at 5AM everyday fml.

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After finishing Long Rui off, Ye Zifeng didn’t even look back and walked straight into the treasury.

“Hong Shen…. Hong Shen. Did you hear what he said before? He said that he was Ye Zifeng….” Long Rui struggled to get himself up and a shocked expression appeared in his eyes.

Hong Shen quickly ran towards Long Rui and helped him up and leaned him against the doors. After all, having someone lie there looking half dead in front of the treasury was not a pretty sight at all.

“Yeah. You didn’t hear wrong.”

“Who’s Ye Zifeng?” Long Rui thought about it and felt that this name was very familiar. He didn’t know where he heard it before.

“Long Rui. Did you get beaten so much that you lost your memories? Ye Zifeng is the winner of the Heavenly Clan Gathering yesterday. He is the Ye clan’s young master who helped the Ye clan climb in ranks once again. Hong Shen had just gotten the news a while ago but he immediately knew who he was.

“No way. That’s Ye Zifeng? No wonder why he was so strong at the 4th stage of qi refining….” Let’s not talk about Long Rui now. Even Liu Bingqian who was at the peak stage of qi refining lost to him. This news was spread throughout Leizhou City already.

“Yeah. This time you were unlucky.” Hong Shen bitterly smiled. He was still thinking about how he bad mouthed Ye Zifeng a while ago. He was worried that Ye Zifeng might come after him because of it.

“Oh my god. Just what kind of person did I just offend…” Long Rui was extremely shocked and felt his entire body shiver.

In the treasury’s medicine cage.

A beautiful girl wearing a rose print dress was lost in thought while looking at a dazzling lineup of ingredients. She sat there not moving at all. She looked like she was dozing off and yet she looked like she was waiting for someone.

Ye Zifeng smiled and called out, “Bingqian.”

Hearing this, Liu Bingqian was startled and looked over. When she saw Ye Zifeng her half conscious expression lit up. It looked as if she came back from the dead.

“Brother rough guy!” She blinked a few times and a happy expression filled her face.

It seems like she was already used to calling him big brother already.

“Well, I’ve kept my promise and came to find you. So don’t say that I still owe you anything.”

Bingqian moved over and wanted Ye Zifeng to sit next to her.

Suddenly, she saw that there was some blood on Ye Zifeng’s hands and got worried, “Brother rough guy, how come you’re injured? Were you fighting with someone?”

Ye Zifeng immediately retracted his hand and shook his hand. In reality, how could that count as a fight. It was completely one sided. It was because he was hitting so hard that some skin came off of his hand.

Of course, Liu Bingqian didn’t know what happened. She suddenly thought about Wang Tianzhi and the others and a cold expression appeared on face, “I got it. Did the people from the Wang clan try to mess with you? You can tell me who try to fight you. I’ll go with you and teach them a lesson.”

Even though Bingqian was very beautiful, she was not very elegant and reserved at all. She was very carefree and did whatever she wanted. Ye Zifeng however, liked this point.

Also, no one would hate someone who truly cared for them.

“It’s nothing. It’s only a superficial wound anyways. Actually I kinda tripped and fell while I was walking here.” Ye Zifeng smiled and didn’t want her to be rash.

“Really?” Liu Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng’s hands carefully.

“Yeah. Think about it. If I was fighting someone, the only place injured won’t be my hands.” Ye Zifeng was very calm.

Liu Bingqian softly said “Oh,” and nodded. She smiled like a lovable girl, “Fine. I’ll let it go this time… However, let me tell you this. If Wang Tianzhi or anyone tries to make trouble for you in the future, remember to bring them my way and I’ll handle them for you!”

Ye Zifeng bitterly laughed. He had Elder Shen standing behind him already. He didn’t need to make trouble for Liu Bingqian at all.

However, out of respect, he cupped his hands and smiled, “Then I’ll have to bother Bingqian….”

Ye Zifeng knew that Bingqian did not look down on him at all. Even though both of their clans were enemies, she stilled worried for him and thought about his well being. Other than his own family members, Bingqian treated him the best.

Liu Bingqian smiled as well, “Alright. Let’s not talk about this anymore. This time, other than talking to me, did you want to bring some ingredients home after coming to the medicine cage? Don’t worry about it. I’ve prepared some for you already.”

Bingqian knew that deep down, she needed to use some ingredients to keep Ye Zifeng here every time Ye Zifeng came here. If she doesn’t Ye Zifeng might not be interested at all. Even though it was a bit forced, she was taking baby steps.

However, out of Bingqian’s expectations, Ye Zifeng shook his head.

“What? You don’t need the ingredients that I prepared for you?” A disappointing expression appeared on Bingqian’s face.

Ye Zifeng looked at Bingqian’s cute expression and laughed, “To a crazed alchemist like me, how could I not need ingredients? This time, I have enough contribution points so I can get some ingredients myself.”

Liu Bingqian softly said “oh” again and smiled, “I get it. You must’ve secretly kept some contribution points from before. Let me guess. You still have twenty points? Forty points? Sixty points?”

Looking at how Ye Zifeng continuously shake his head, Liu Bingqian was shocked, “No way. Could it be that you have 100 points left over?”

“Not One hundred. Five hundred.” Ye Zifeng replied.

“Five hundred? Are you kidding? Last time when you completed your mission, you tried so hard and only got 460 points. How can you have more than what you started with.” Liu Bingqian was getting angry. She thought that Ye Zifeng was playing a prank on her and purposely made her disappointed.

“I didn’t lie to you. Look. I have the badges with me.” Ye Zifeng waved his hands and the contribution point badges came out of his interspatial ring.

As the badges fell out, Ye Zifeng was counting, “30, 50, 80, 130…. 500!”

“Holy crap! There really is 500 points! Brother rough guy, what did you do? Did you rob the sect’s storage area?” Liu Bingqian held each badge up one by one and was filled with shock.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “If I have the ability to rob the sect, then why am I even learning here?”

“You’re right…. But….” Liu Bingqian scratched her head. How did Ye Zifeng get 500 contribution points out of nowhere.

She looked at Ye Zifeng and stopped her sentence.

“I won’t ask about how you got these contribution points, but don’t think that you can pay back the 100 points and not come and see me anymore….”

“Of course. These are two separate things.”

“Oh…. Then that’s fine.” Liu Bingqian smiled. If she can see him, then she doesn’t care about it anymore.

After talking with Bingqian for a while, Ye Zifeng started to look at the ingredients in the medicine cage.

“Not bad Not bad. The Phantom Ginseng, Demonic Fog Grass and other important ingredients are still here. I was afraid that they would be replaced but it seems like I was thinking too much.”

If Ye Zifeng wanted to maintain the soul spirit communication between the two elders, he needs to make more Soul Binding Pills to keep their soul spirits intact inside of him.

“Alright. I’ll take three of this…. That thing is not bad either. Let me take five of these….. Hmmm those look good too. Let me take eight of these….” While looking at the precious and rare ingredients, he looked like a child who just got his allowance.

Liu Bingqian couldn’t help but remind him of something, “Big brother rough guy… All those ingredients are worth more than five hundred contribution points already…..”

“What? Five hundred is not enough?” Ye Zifeng returned to his senses and was startled.

Bingqian started to giggle, “In the qi refining stage, there is no one who would spend their contributions on ingredients like you.”

Not only did Ye Zifeng use all his contribution points on ingredients, he made it look like he ransacked the entire medicine cage. To make the medicine cage run out of stock on certain ingredients…. It’s making the people who were responsible for refilling the ingredients very gloomy.

“However, Brother rough guy. Other than the ingredients you got last time, I don’t know any of these new ingredients. What are you trying to make?” Bingqian was very confused.

“This……” Ye Zifeng thought about it for a bit. A complicated feeling arose in his heart.

Finally he sighed and said, “Bingqian, promise me you won’t tell anyone. I feel like that I’m disrespecting you as a friend if i don’t tell you anything.”

Liu Bingqian was startled and looked at Ye Zifeng, “Brother rough guy, what do you want to tell me? Could it have something to do with alchemy?”

“Do you remember that I received the Ancient Violet Cloud Sword yesterday?” Ye Zifeng finally decided to say it.

“…. Yeah. Of course I remember it…..” Bingqian’s face suddenly turned red as she remembered how cool Ye Zifeng looked while holding the sword. She even dreamt about it last night.

“That sword…. I bought it to Boss Chang and had him melt it down…..”

“What? You melted the sword? Why?” Liu Bingqian was taken aback. She looked as if she turned into stone.

Ye Zifeng hesitated but decided to tell her anyways, “Don’t ask anything. If you want to know why, then come to the forest with me tonight…..”

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  1. vexatory says:

    “What? You melted the sword? Why?” Liu Bingqian was taken aback. She looked as if she turned into stone.

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