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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 54 – How can we let you be so domineering

Chapter 54 – How can we let you be so domineering
Translated by: Andy
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Sponsored by: Yahya Ayyash

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“Zifeng has seen the elder.” Ye Zifeng smiled and politely greeted the elder. He looked as if he was the victor.

Shen Li was one of the more well known elders in the sect. This is because he usually goes around and discipline disciples to make himself feel better.

“Elder….Elder Shen.” Wang Tianzhi was shocked. His heart sank like a capsized ship. If it was a normal day, he would not be afraid of Shen Li. However, this time, he was caught breaking the rules in public, making him feel very nervous.

Shen Li’s face changed and coldly snorted, “Wang Tianzhi. You’ve got the nerves to fight inside the sect and try to kill someone? Do you think that we elders don’t exist?

Wang Tianzhi was stunned and tried to explain, “That is definitely not the case. Junior brother Ye and I are just exchanging pointers with each other. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them…..”

Shen Li looked over at the other people with a fierce expression. He knows that the Wang Clan is very domineering in Leizhou City and most of these people would listen to him. If they don’t, then they’ll have a hard time living in the city.

Everyone that was there shivered. Xiao Mu and Wang Lin both tried to explain for Wang Tianzhi.

“That’s right Elder Shen. We’re just exchanging pointers with junior brother Ye to get to know him better. We get along just fine.”

“Yeah. Just now, when Big bro took out his Sky Dancing Sword, he even let junior brother Ye feel it. However, the qi in the sword went out of control and big bro couldn’t control it. That’s why you saw the scene that you just saw.

They were obviously in the same group and were obviously trying to defend Wang Tianzhi. The people next to them started to talk and tried to help Wang Tianzhi.

Seeing how everyone was going against Ye Zifeng, an angry expression appeared on her face.

“Elder Shen, they’re lying. Wang Tianzhi was saying that he would kill Brother Zifeng before. If he doesn’t kill brother Zifeng, then his surname won’t be Wang!”

When she said that, everyone was startled and held in their laughters. Wang Tianzhi had embarrassed himself by saying such thing.

Wang Tianzhi’s expression sank and clenched his fist. If he knew the elder was going to be here, he would not have said such thing and turn himself into a laughing stock.

Shen Li coldly snorted. Actually he had talked with Ye Zifeng through his soul spirit already. He knew exactly what happen. Also, the lies by these bystanders, he was able to see through it immediately.

“Wang Tianzhi, I’m warning you. Ye Zifeng will be heavily nurtured by the sect. If you dare touch him, the punishment will not be something as simple as expulsion. Do you understand?” Shen Li sounded very strict. A cold murderous aura seeped out from his body and landed onto Wang Tianzhi, suffocating him.

“I…. I understand.” Wang Tianzhi was very arrogant but he was only a qi refining stage disciple. How can he talk back to a martial practitioner elder?”

Shen Li coldly laughed and retrieved his aura. Wang Tianzhi’s face looked very red as if he was a dead pig. The difference in strength was the difference between the heavens and the earth.

Wang Tianzhi didn’t understand what was happening. Shen Li was linked to the Wang clan in countless ways. Why would he help Ye Zifeng and go against him?

One should know that Shen Li even gave him a Supreme True Yuan Dan as a prize during the gathering! Just what did Ye Zifeng do to pull Shen Li to his side?

Shen Li quietly moved towards Wang Tianzhi and whispered, “It’s not like you can’t ever mess with Ye Zifeng anymore. Just wait. In a year, you can do whatever you want with him. You can go and kill him too.” One year later, the effects of the soul restriction will be lifted. By then, Shen Li won’t care if Ye Zifeng’s dies. Afterall, it won’t affect him anymore.

Wang Tianzhi’s eyes lit up. Even though he didn’t understand why he had to wait a year, he received Shen Li’s instructions and was feeling better.

“I understand Elder Shen’s teachings.”

Shen Li nodded and turned towards Ye Zifeng, “You. Come with me.”

After finishing with Wang Tianzhi, Shen li brought Ye Zifeng to the Heart Nurturing Pavilion. This was where Shen Li usually goes to rest. He sat down at his usual spot and started to drink some wine.

“Thanks Elder Shen for saving my life.” Seeing that there were no strangers around, he cupped his hands and bowed.

Shen Li furrowed his brows, “No need to thank me, I rescued you for my own good. I’ve warned Wang Tianzhi just now. He won’t be bother you that much anymore. However, don’t relax just yet. If anything happens, call me immediately.

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded.

Elder Zhao started to laugh, “Elder Shen, just by looking at you, it seems like this kid has be causing trouble for you.”

“You know what’s up and you’re still asking?” Shen Li was in a bad mood. He drank some more of his wine to cool down.

As an elder in the sect, all the qi refining disciples will all respect and bow when they see him. However, he was constantly being pushed around by this kid in the fourth stage of qi refining. It seems like for a whole year, he’s going to be Ye Zifeng’s bodyguard.

Elder Zhao laughed, “So within this year, I’ll have to thank Elder Shen for your troubles. I’ll have to go back to Tiandao City in these few days so I’ll leave Young Master Ye’s safety to you.”

As a guest from Tiandao City, he’ll return to Tiandao City after a day or two of rest. It was a very normal thing.

Seeing how Elder Zhao was rejoicing in other people’s misfortune, Elder Shen was feeling very mad. Every time he thinks about how he needs to protect Ye Zifeng, he would feel very unhappy. Today, Wang Tianzhi was looking for Ye Zifeng, the next day, it could be Xiao Mu. The day after that, Wang Lin might look for trouble too. It was very troublesome.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Elder Zhao is incorrect there. Ten days later, I might be going to Tiandao City. When I get there, I’ll have to bother Elder Zhao to look after me.”

Hearing this, both of the elders were shocked and spoke at the same time, “You’re going to Tiandao City?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded.

“Aish….If you’re going to Tiandao City, then you should look for Elder Zhao some more.” Shen Li’s eyes lit up. It seems like the troubles will be evened out. He was feeling much better now.

Elder Zhao on the other hand, had a bitter expression on his face. His mouth twitched as he asked, “You stinkin brat. What are you doing in Tiandao City?”

Ye Zifeng didn’t hide anything and told them about the alchemy competition.

“No way. Liu clan’s Liu Bingqian invited you to compete in some Alchemy Competition?

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded, “That’s right. However, it’s only a maybe right now. Even if I want to go, Bingqian needs to get the Liu clan leader’s approval.”

“What did you just say? Did you call her Bingqian directly?” Both Elders took a deep breath. No wonder why Liu Bingqian was holding back so much. It seems like the relationship between these two far exceeded everyone’s expectation.

“What’s wrong with calling her Bingqian? We’re friends so there’s nothing wrong with that….” Ye Zifeng was startled and replied.

“This….” The two elders looked embarrassed. They thought that Ye Zifeng was pretty smart but it seems like he was pretty dumb when it comes to relationships between a guy and a girl. To say something like this…… He really is inexperienced. The two elders were pretty old already and didn’t want to butt into their relationship so they didn’t say anything.

However, this gave the elders a clearer view on things. It seems like Liu Bingqian fell for the Ye clan’s young master. To invite him to the alchemy competition, it seems like good things will happen.

“Alright. I understand…. When you come to Tiandao City, just come find me if you have any problems.” Elder Zhao sighed and accepted the reality.

“Thank You elders.” Ye Zifeng smiled and turned around to leave.

“Hold on” Elder Shen remembered something and called for Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng looked back and replied, “Does Elder Shen need anything?”

“Your father, Ye Chongtian… Did he ask someone from the sect to give you some contribution points?”

Ye Zifeng was startled. He didn’t think that the news would reach Shen Li so quickly. There were things that happens behind the scene in the sect. The people that were friends with the Ye clan didn’t care about the Ye clan anymore after all these years.

“That’s right. As Elder Shen saw, my cultivation is very low and is easily bullied by people like Wang Tianzhi. I want to train harder so i can make the two elders’ jobs easier. I wanted to get some contribution points and exchange it for some goods.

“Actually. You right. You really are too weak right now. If you didn’t use the soul spirit to attack Liu Bingqian, you probably wouldn’t have beaten her. She could’ve destroyed you in two hits.”

Ye Zifeng laughed. He could tell that Elder Shen understands him.

“It’s exactly as Elder said. I need to quickly raise my cultivation level so I won’t give trouble to the two elders. So…. If you guys can help out a bit….”

Shen Li nodded, “I can give you contribution points. I’ll be in charge of this and gift you 500 points!’

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