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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 53 – I’ll play with you until the end

Chapter 53 – I’ll play with you until the end
Translated by: Andy
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It’s not like Ye Zifeng didn’t expect Wang Tianzhi to come mess with how, but, he didn’t think that Wang Tianzhi would come so quickly.

In the Wang clan, other than Wang Lin, the other members of the younger generation were at the 8th stage of qi refining. Wang Tianzhi was at the peak of qi refining. If they really fought, then Ye Zifeng will definitely lose.

Afterall, he relied on the fact that Bingqian held back to beat her. He had to use quite a bit to strength to beat her even while she was holding back. If they fought again, he would definitely lose.

“Oh? What does Young Master Wang need that you are willing to wait here for me?”

Wang Tianzhi let out a cold laugh, “You know what I want.” A cold aura seeped out from his body. His expression was not friendly at all.

Ye Xueyi coldly looked at him, “If you want to fight my brother, you’ll have to get through me first!”

“Don’t be rash.” Ye Zifeng pulled his sister back and closed his eyes, “The sect prohibits students from fighting against each other. Do you, Wang Tianzhi, want to break the rules?”

“Rules? Let me ask you this. Do you know who set these rules? If my Wang clan wants to do something in Leizhou City, no one can stop us!”

Ye Zifeng talked to Shen Li through his soul spirit and then continued to smile, “No one can stop you? Haha! Do you think that the elders of the sect are all empty shells?”

Wang Tianzhi began to laugh as well and a mocking expression appeared on his face, “Do you think the elders are so bored to care about these trivial things? Even if I accidentally kill you today, the worst thing that will happen is that I will be expelled. That’s nothing much. I’ll just bring my siblings and train in the Profound Sect in Tiandao City.”

“You want to kill me? You dare do such a thing? Can you handle the consequences?” Ye Zifeng said this very loudly.

Wang Tianzhi was somewhat startled. He thought that he was being imposing but who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng was even more imposing.

“Big Bro, don’t be rash….” Wang Mengxi frowned. She didn’t want her brother to go too far. However, before she can go talk to Wang Tianzhi, she was pulled back by Wang Ruoxing who looked fiercely at her, telling her not to but in.

Wang Tianzhi was very angry now, “You think that I won’t dare? So what if I kill you today? There is no one that can stop me here!”

“Fine. If you want to kill me, then come at me! I’ll play with you until the end.” Ye Zifeng was as sturdy as a million year old mountain. Even with such a strong opponent in front of him, he didn’t move and was not afraid at all.

Wang Tianzhi gritted his teeth and stared at Ye Zifeng. That guy still dared to talk back to him. Wang Tianzhi’s eyes lit up and a sky blue colored sword appeared in his hands. A murderous aura exploded out.

Seeing this, the students who were watching the scene were so shocked that they all moved back a few steps. They all thought that they would only argue but they actually started to fight!

“Not good. That’s Young master Wang’s Sky Dancing Sword. I heard it’s a grade 1 spirit tier weapon. It’s very strong!”

“I heard that Wang Tianzhi rarely uses his sword and only used his fist in fights. When he brings his sword out, he is out to kill. Ye Zifeng, what are you standing there for? Run!”

“Ye Zifeng, did you really melt your Ancient Violet Cloud Sword? If you didn’t, then bring it out right now! If i’m not wrong, it’s probably in your interspatial ring right?”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “I don’t have it. I really did melt did down. Right now I don’t have any weapons…..Wait. I almost forgot…..”

Saying that, he reached into his robes and pulled out a dagger, “Wang Tianzhi, your brother gave this to me out of respect. Usually I would use this as a fruit knife but today I’ll use this to fight against you.”

Seeing this dagger, Wang Lin’s face sank and looked over at Wang Tianzhi, “Big brother. No matter what, you have to fight for me! Ye Zifeng has bullied me too much!”

Wang Tianzhi became even angrier, “Ye Zifeng. You’re really looking to die!” Originally, he wanted to get revenge for himself but now after Ye Zifeng reminded him, he has to get revenge for his brother as well. Now he won’t even hold back a tiny bit.

Qi exploded out from the Sky Dancing Sword and gloomy shadows appeared from the sword one by one.

“Sky Dancing Shadow. This is a spirit tier weapon’s skill! You should be grateful that you are able to die to this sword!”

Saying this, Wang Tianzhi disappeared with the shadows and when he reappeared, the Sky Dancing Sword was one inch away from Ye Zifeng’s throat.

However, Ye Zifeng had expected this to happen already so he’s been gathering his qi. When Wang Tianzhi and the sword reappeared, Ye Zifeng quickly dodged.

“Die!” After missing the first attack, Wang Tianzhi became angrier. Ye Zifeng looked like he was playing around with him.

Wang Tianzhi roared and continued to chase Ye Zifeng. However, Ye Zifeng didn’t want to fight with him at all. Everytime, Wang Tianzhi got closer, he moved away. When it looked like Wang Tianzhi was about to hit him, Ye Zifeng dodged.

Watching this, Wang Mengxi was shocked, “I feel like….. There’s something weird with Ye Zifeng.”

Wang Ruoxing also felt it, “Third sis, you’ve noticed…..”

Wang Mengxi nodded and became serious, “I can see it. Ye Zifeng doesn’t want to fight with big bro at all. He looks like he’s trying to buy time. What is he waiting for?”

The two of them had a bad feeling about this…

The tempo of the battle was getting faster and faster. Wang Tianzhi was using all his strength to strike out. His aura surrounded the entire place, striking fear into many people’s heart. Wang Tianzhi was in the air. With his sword, he strike fiercely towards Ye Zifeng.

“Be careful brother Zifeng!” Ye Xueyi was shocked and couldn’t hold back anymore.

She used her qi and struck towards the attack and pulled Ye Zifeng behind her at the same time.

Seeing this, Wang Tianzhi coldly snorted, “Ye Zifeng…. Using your sister as a shield. Are you not embarrassed?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I didn’t ask to do such a thing. Let’s go again then.”

“Alright. At least you’re brave! Today, I, Wang Tianzhi, will grant you an intact corpse.

Ye Xueyi’s expression was brimming with worry, “Brother Zifeng, I’m afraid that an accident might happen. I’ll hold him back. You should run away.”

Ye Zifeng shook his head and laughed, “No need. You’ll find out soon why I’ve been enraging Wang Tianzhi. Just leave him to me.”

“Brother Zifeng, you…..”

He moved Xueyi to the side. He then turned to face Wang Tianzhi and provoked him by curling his finger, signaling for Wang Tianzhi to get at him, “Come on. Let’s continue.”

To curl your finger against an opponent in the middle of battle was a great insult.

Wang Tianzhi grinded his teeth, “YE ZI FENG! DIE!”

Just before, Ye Zifeng wasn’t provoking that much. However, now… this was a different story.

Wang Mengxi who was hesitating finally couldn’t hold back anymore, “Big Bro, let’s stop for today. Ye Zifeng is acting very strange.”

“Why should I stop now? The show’s just starting. If I don’t kill Ye Zifeng today, my surname won’t be Wang.” Wang Tianzhi was about to explode. His veins were popping out already. Why would he stop now?

He moved like lightning, straight towards Ye Zifeng.

“Let’s go!” Ye Zifeng laughed loudly. Ye Zifeng started to get serious. He watched as Wang Tianzhi appeared in front of him and dodged away very quickly.

“Ye Zifeng. Are you going to fight me or not?” Wang Tianzhi was so mad right now. To run while provoking someone. That’s cowardly. Every strike that Wang Tianzhi sent out either hit nothing but air or was easily blocked. He felt like he was being controlled by Ye Zifeng.

Time slowly passed.

Suddenly, Ye Zifeng felt a weak ripple appear in his mind. When he felt this, his mouth curved up to reveal a sly smile.

The moment that he’s been waiting for has finally arrived.

Wang Tianzhi took a deep breath. He can see that if he doesn’t beat Ye Zifeng in one hit, he would be endlessly chasing him.

He was thinking to himself and suddenly noticed that Ye Zifeng was in a dead end. He was startled and then became very happy.

“Ye Zifeng. Your time has come!” Wang Tianzhi roared. He infused all of his anger and qi into his Sky Dancing sword. There was so much power going into the sword that it started to cry and tremble.

Ye Zifeng was cornered. He had nowhere to go. He was about to be killed by Wang Tianzhi.

The audience members who were watching all sighed and closed their eyes, not wanting to watch the results.

“Bang!” Wang Tianzhi’s sword was less than an inch away from Ye Zifeng’s chest before it was stopped for a frightening force.

Wang Tianzhi was startled. Before he can pull his sword back, he saw the sword shake and break down. His Sky Dancing Sword crumbled into hundreds of pieces.

“This….” Watching his treasured sword break down, he was feeling shocked. He didn’t understand what happened at all.

Suddenly, a white robed old man walked out from the crowd. It was Elder Shen, Shen Li.

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