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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 50 – Melting the treasure sword!

Chapter 50 – Melting the treasure sword!
Translated by: Andy
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“Oh my god…..” Chang Wucheng held the sword and his pupils shrank. He was so shocked that he couldn’t make any sound.

Even if someone who doesn’t know anything about swords held it and examined it, they can tell that the sword was very impressive.

“Ye Zifeng. Do you have brain damage or something? Why are you trying to melt down such a nice sword?”

Chang Wucheng observed the sword some more, ‘This… If I’m not wrong…. This sword is a spirit tier weapon!”

“Good eyes boss. That’s right. This is a spirit tier weapon.”

Chang Wucheng had a ridiculing smile on his face, “I get it. You probably got this sword using some underhand method and couldn’t sell the sword so you came here asking me to melt it. Isn’t that right?”

Ye Zifeng only laughed, “One hundred gold coins. I will use one hundred gold coins to pay for the fees and have you keep this secret. If you don’t want to do it, I’ll go find someone else…..” He knew what kind of person Chang Wucheng was. This guy love making money more than anything else.

Saying that, Ye Zifeng started to put the bag of gold coins back into his robe.

Seeing this, Chang Wucheng immediately stopped him and smiled.

“Little brother. Hold on. For one hundred gold coins? I got you.”

Ye Zifeng stopped his movements and held the bag of money in the air.

“How long will it take? Give me a good estimate…..”

“If you want me to melt down a spirit tier sword then… It’ll take around two days.” Chang Wucheng smiled.

“150 gold coins. If I add another fifty gold coins and have you work harder, then how long will it take?” Ye Zifeng took out another bag of gold coins.

Chang Wucheng only wanted to tease Ye Zifeng for a bit but who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng would take out fifty more gold coins.

“One day. I will work all night and finish it by tomorrow.”

While saying this, Chang Wucheng was confused. Why did Ye Zifeng want to melt down this treasured sword? Why was he in such a hurry? Could it be that he actually used some underhand method to obtain this sword?

After hearing that it was going to take until tomorrow, Ye Zifeng shook his head and started to leave.

Chang Wucheng hurriedly stopped him, “Hold on. Two hundred gold coins. I’ll start immediately and do my best. I will use all my resources to help you melt this sword. Give me 2 hours. I’ll skip dinner and and won’t do anything else until I’m done!”

One should know that a blacksmith’s most profitable job was not selling weapons but melting and smelting weapon and ores. There weren’t many blacksmiths in Leizhou City so it was a very profitable business. They didn’t need to use many resources. All they needed was their own labor. If Ye Zifeng really gives 200 gold coins, then Chang Wucheng would make a profit of 190 gold coins!

“You should’ve said so earlier. 200 gold coins? No problem.” Ye Zifeng smiled and put 200 gold coins on the table without even blinking.

If Ye Huichi found that that Ye Zifeng went and melted his sword right after he receiving it, he would definitely go crazy.

“Wow. Ye clan’s young master is sure extravagant.” Chang Wucheng complimented Ye Zifeng while cursing him inwards.

“However, Young master Ye, are you sure you won’t regret melting this sword?” After Ye Zifeng showed that he has money, this Boss Chang started to call him Young master Ye instead of trash. This shows how money rules the world.

“I definitely won’t. This ancient sword’s spirit liquid will be very useful to me.”

“Very useful? Are you joking? Whatever. I don’t know what kind of disease you contracted and I don’t care. I’ll just do as you say and turn to sword into liquid for you. Don’t regret it later.”

“No problem.” Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded.

Looking at how determined Ye Zifeng was, Boss Chang could only bitterly laugh and shake his head. He opened up his furnace and lit it up. Since he had Ye Zifeng’s permission and confirmation, he can now start working on it. He took the sword and threw it into the furnace.

However, this was a spirit tier sword so it won’t melt that easily. Boss Chang got up and got some special ingredients from the back room. When he got back to the furnace, his expression suddenly turned very serious.

This was because he can’t be careless with 200 gold coins on the line. To him, not only was the money on the line, his pride as a blacksmith didn’t allow him to fail.

After he melted the sword, he retrieved the spirit liquid of the ancient meteorite that melted.

This spirit tier molten meteorite was the real reason why Ye Zifeng picked the sword as his reward.

“Young master Ye, I’ve finished within two hours. Come and take a look.”

Chang Wucheng was breathing heavily and profusely sweating. In these two hours, he had poured all of his energy into melting the sword.

“Huh? You’re done?” Ye Zifeng was sleeping on the side and was awoken by Boss Chang. Considering that he had been preparing for the gathering for the week, it wasn’t surprising that Ye Zifeng was feeling very tired. He worked very hard to concoct the two soul binding pills and then he had to endure the illusions on the heavenly stairs while defending himself against the two elders. He was not only physically tired, but mentally tired as well.

He used these two hours to catch up on some sleep.

“Young master Ye, all of your meteorite spirit liquid is in here.”

Ye Zifeng got up and retrieved the jade box from Boss Chang. A purple aura surrounded the box and an ancient odor extruded from the box.

“Mhm. Nicely done.” Ye Zifeng nodded.

“Since I’ve done my job, then….” Chang Wucheng started walking towards table with the gold coins.

“Then…. You can give me back that little bit of spirit liquid that you kept and then you can take the money.”

Chang Wucheng was shocked and rebutted, ‘What do you mean? You think I stole your spirit liquid?”

“Come on. I don’t have time to waste here. Don’t think that because I was sleeping that I don’t know what you did. I’ll have you know that I know exactly how much molten metal was extracted from the sword and exactly how much you stole.”

Ye Zifeng didn’t even need to be awake to know what happened. Just by looking at how much liquid was in the box, he can tell that some of it was missing. As an alchemist, he needs to know and be able to estimate a precise amount of ingredients needed for refining. By weighing the sword, he knows exactly how much spirit liquid can be produced.

This Chang Wucheng would never be able to cheat Ye Zifeng in 100 lifetimes.

Seeing how Boss Chang wasn’t reacting, Ye Zifeng continued to talk, “Do you really need me to say it? You took about 80 drops of the spirit liquid, almost as much as half the box. It’s fine if you took a little bit, but you were greedy. Do you think you can fool me after taking so much?”

Chang Wucheng’s mouth twitched and slapped his own head, “Oh my. I’m getting forgetful. I couldn’t fit it all into that box so I stored the rest in a smaller box. If you didn’t say anything, I would’ve forgotten about it.” He thought that since Ye Zifeng was so young, he was easy to fool. Who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng would know the precise amount that he stole. Unlucky.

Ye Zifeng coldly looked at him, “Alright. I don’t need you to explain anything. Just go get it.”

The imposing expression that Ye Zifeng had startled Chang Wucheng. He immediately went to the back and brought the small box out.

“That’s better.” Ye Zifeng smiled again. He took the box and left.

Ye Zifeng left the city and went into the wilderness. When he reached his destination, it was already very late.

However, it was better for him to work at night. No one would be able to see him and he can work peacefully.

Under the bright moonlight, he walked towards the place where he kept his cauldron.

With so much meteorite spirit liquid, I refuse to believe that I can’t turn you into a profound tier cauldron.” Ye Zifeng smiled as he talked to himself.

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  1. Cyclloid says:

    crazed alchemist, turns sword into pot, or at least that’s the plan.
    If he is successful, he will get a pot that is 2 tiers above his current pot.

  2. Yuncchi says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!! Huh… I thought he wanted to create a new weapon…. but actually to upgrade his cauldron? Truly the mad alchemists!!

  3. Adahn says:

    I love how the author brought the usual tropes upside down. That the sword would help with his might now and the bottle would help with his cultivation long-term is just for people who can’t think outside the box.

    Smelting the sword in a cauldron that would help him make more effective pills is another way to upgrade his long term strength while appearing impatient. At first I thought that he would sell the sword for pill materials, but having him build something that will truly help him long-term was far better.

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