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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 5 – One Try, Three Pills

Chapter 5 – One Try, Three Pills
Translated by: Andy
Edited? by: Andy

Had free time before my flight. Somehow finished this very quickly.

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“Holy Sh*t. What the f*ck is this?”

At first he saw something appear on his palm and didn’t care much for it. But then it started spreading and it covered both of his arms. There were red lines all over his arms and it looked as if all of his blood vessels had appeared on top of his skin. If someone who didn’t know what was going on saw this, the would probably think he had contracted some sort of weird disease.

He moved his arms all over the place to see if they still worked and after a while, he tired himself out. He then rubbed his eyes and pinched himself to see if he was dreaming. He tried to suppress the color from appearing on his skin, but nothing worked. Moreover, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t use any of the Shadow Ghost’s spirit powers. He didn’t even know whether or not there were some requirements to use the spirit’s power either.

“I don’t care if I can’t use that damn spirit’s power…. But these red lines are too visible. He can’t leave it alone. What if someone accidentally sees it?” Ye Zifeng was getting worried.

He calmed down and tried to think of a solution. He went into his dream realm to find the shadow ghost but this time, it was completely empty. There was nothing in there at all.

“It seems like I’ll have to wear long sleeves during the summer now…..” Ye Zifeng couldn’t think of a solution and sighed.

Right at that moment, quick footsteps could be heard approaching the room.

Ye Zifeng could tell who the footsteps were belonged to, it was Ye Xueyi.

“Brother Zifeng, that pill you gave me. It wasn’t fake. It was a real Huang tier Golden Marrow Pill!” That was the first thing Xueyi said after flying into the room.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “I told you already. You didn’t believe me.”

“No way…..” Ye Xueyi gasped, looking very surprised and amazed.

“No way. There’s no way. Could it be that you actually went and stole from some alchemist?” She still didn’t think that Ye Zifeng could refine pills, let alone a huang tier pill.

She had just gone to the store to get some ingredients and wanted to use this super inferior tier fake Golden Marrow Pill to help lower the price by a bit. Who would’ve thought that when she showed the pill to the clerk, he would tell her to wait and brought the owner out. After evaluating the pill, the owner confirmed that it was a real huang tier Golden Marrow pill. By exchanging the pill, she was able to get all the ingredients and the store even gave her an extra 30 gold coins.

“Only 30 gold coins?” Ye Zifeng coldly laughed. The ingredients are worth around 20 gold coins and the pill is probably worth at least 100 gold coins. Ye Zifeng was not very happy with the owner of the store. It wasn’t because he ripped Xueyi off, but because he was probably looking down on the Ye family.

“You’re not satisfied with 30 gold coins? Two years ago, you were fighting with me for just ten copper coins. After losing to me, you cried for half a day!” Ye Xueyi smiled. She didn’t have to spend a single coin and she got thirty gold coins in return, she was feeling really good.

Ye Zifeng on the other hand felt a headache coming. Even if it was two years ago, this trash wasn’t that young then. And yet, he was still fighting with his own younger sister for some copper coins. The most important thing was that he lost! That was utterly disgraceful. Man that guy was trash to the max…..

“Alright alright, let’s not talk about the old days…” Ye Zifeng shook his head and smiled slightly. That guy’s history is completely black. It seems like he has to suffer a bit before he can build up his reputation.

He sighed and then looked at the bag that Xueyi was holding. “Did you get everything that I asked for?”

“Of course! Look. Everything is in here.”

Ye Zifeng examined the ingredients and muttered to himself, “Hm…. Even though the quality is not that great, everything is still here. I can finally start refining some Golden Marrow Pills.”

Hearing that he was going to refine some pills, Ye Xueyi couldn’t help but stare deeply at Zifeng. Looking at how serious he was, it seems like he actually had the aura of an alchemist. He looked nothing that that weak and sickly good for nothing Ye Zifeng at all.

“Xueyi, Xueyi, get the hell out here!”

Suddenly a voice called from outside the cellar.

“This voice…. Its mother!” Ye Xueyi’s expression changed. Before she was able to react, the woman was already in the room. Looking at her face, anyone can tell that she was very angry.

That woman is Tang Feng. Ye Xueyi’s mother but not Ye Zifeng’s. The two of them had the same father but different birth mothers.

“Mother, you came….” Ye Xueyi softly said as she gulped.

“Good afternoon, Madam Tang…” Ye Zifeng smiled and greeted her.

Seeing how Ye Zifeng greeted her, she was a little shocked. Normally, Ye Zifeng wouldn’t even make a sound breathing while he was in front of her. How come he wasn’t scared today?

She ignored him and turned towards Ye Xueyi, “How many times did I tell you, you’re talent is not bad and you have a good future in front of you. Why are you always around this good for nothing? I’ve told you this many times already. Why do you never listen to me?”

She showed no mercy to Ye Zifeng while talking about him. Actually, she was just too used to calling him a good for nothing.

Ye Xueyi was a bit mad and rebutted, “Mother, Brother Zifeng isn’t a good for nothing!”

“Don’t call him brother!” Tang Feng glared at her. “If he isn’t a good for nothing trash, then who’s that guy that everyone in Leizhou City is calling trash? Also, I heard that this guy became crazy from being beaten too much. Saying something that he was to refine pills. Hahahaha. What can he make besides slag? I’ve already told you father to not waste money on this guy, but he really is getting old. He actually went and go him the ingredients himself. It was really funny. You’ve should’ve seen the look on his face after hearing what this trash did to the ingredients.

Ye Xueyi wanted to talk back but couldn’t find a way at all.

“Oh right, I came to talk to you about something else. If it wasn’t for the guards by the doors, I wouldn’t have known that you sneaked out and bought some ingredients for this guy. Xueyi…. When did you become so dumb? The ingredients aren’t that expensive but it’s still money. You can’t be like your father and throw your money away for this guy.”

After Tang Feng stopped talking, Xueyi finally said something, “Mother. I didn’t use any of my money. Brother Zifeng refined a huang tier Golden Marrow Pill and exchanged it for the ingredients.

Tang Feng was shocked. She looked at Xueyi and then looked at that pile of slag on the side.
“A huang tier Golden Marrow Pill? How is that possible?”

Xueyi nodded and with a serious look she said, “It was a real huang tier Golden Marrow Pill. When I went to the store before, the owner came out and gave me all the ingredients and an extra 30 gold coins in exchange for it.”

Saying that, she took out a small coin pouch and took the gold coins out.

“Look. It’s all here.

There were exactly 30 gold coins on the table!

When Tang Feng saw this, her eyes widened and her expression changed. 30 gold coins wasn’t a small amount. It was about what she received in a month’s time.

“I know now…..”

She dryly chuckled a few times and fiercely looked at Ye Zifeng, “You dishonest bastard. Tell me the truth. Where did you steal it from? If the Ye clan offends an alchemist because of you, the entire clan will fall!”

“I refined it.” Ye Zifeng replied.

Ye Xueyi stood in front of Zifeng, trying to protect him and said, “Mother, at first I had the same thought as you. However, brother was locked up in here and cannot leave. How could he go out and steal something, let alone something from an alchemist? He probably did refine it himself.”

Stealing a pill was not a small crime. If Tang Feng had told her father about this, who knows what will happen to Ye Zifeng?

Tang Feng coldly glared at Xueyi, “Then I’ll ask you this. Did you see him refine the pill with your own eyes? He probably stole it from somewhere before he was locked up.”

“I…..” Ye Xueyi couldn’t answer that.

However, after thinking for a while Xueyi opened her mouth again, “But mother. You’ve known brother Zifeng for so long already. He usually locks himself in his room and not go out at all. Every time he sees someone besides me he would get scared. Where did he get the courage to go and steal from an esteemed alchemist?”

Tang Feng thought about it for a while. She knew what kind of person Zifeng was. He could not have gone out and stole from someone like an alchemist.

“Fine. He didn’t steal it. It probably fell from the sky or something and he accidentally picked it up.”

Tang Feng coldly smiled and continued talking, “Okay. there’s no point in arguing. Xueyi, go back to the store and return the ingredients. If the store owner doesn’t let you, come back to mother and we’ll go together.”

“Mother…. Why are you in such a hurry to return the ingredients. Let’s believe in brother Zifeng.” Ye Xueyi pulled Tang Feng’s arms and pleaded.

“You!” Tang Feng was furious. Xueyi had never argued with her like this before.

Ye Zifeng suddenly smiled and said, “Whether you believe it or not… How about I give it another try and show you?”

Tang Feng coldly looked at him, “Yeah okay. If you make another pile of slag, how can I go back and return the ingredients?

“Doesn’t Xueyi have thirty gold coins? If I can’t refine a pill, then you can have all of it. And also, I’ll never concoct pills again”

Hearing this, Xueyi was shocked, “No. I can’t do that. At most, I can only take a few copper coins as the middleman. Thirty gold coins is not a small amount, how can I keep it all for myself?”

Tang Feng then fiercely glared at Xueyi, signaling her to not speak anymore.

A smile then appeared on her face, “Wow, how unexpected of you to not care about money at all. It sees like you’ve gotten more daring as well. Fine. Then i’ll go along with your oath of “never concocting pills again” and see what you can do.

She had turned something that Ye Zifeng had casually said into an oath. This Tang Feng woman is very scheming.

However, Ye Zifeng didn’t mind at all. He was a heaven tier alchemist. If he can’t even concoct such a low level pill, then he shouldn’t be concocting pills anymore.

“Madam Tang, If I can somehow create a Golden Marrow Pill, then you have to keep whatever happened today a secret.

“Fine. I promise you.” Tang Feng looked deeply at him. She didn’t know what that good for nothing has up his sleeve but she’s got nothing to lose either.

After saying that, he immediately prepared the ingredients and lit the furnace.

In a while, then a strong aroma started to seep out of the furnace.

Tang Feng was surprise but didn’t do anything.

An hour later, purple steam appeared from the furnace.

Tang Feng knew that a purple steam would only appear when a high quality pill was being concocted.

After seeing the steam, she couldn’t sit still anymore. She jumped up and walked towards the furnace.

“Sit back down. I’m in a critical moment right now so don’t bother me.” Ye Zifeng frowned and coldly said. The imposing manner in Ye Zifeng’s tone had caused Tang Feng to return to her seat immediately.

When she sat down, she felt that something was wrong. Why was she forced back by that good for nothing’s words?

After two hours, the fire in the furnace stopped burning and started to cool down.

Ye Zifeng let out a long breath and looked towards Tang Feng, “I’m done. Do you want me to open the furnace or do you want to open it?”

Tang Feng gulped, “Let me do it.” At that time, she felt very nervous.

She slowly moved towards the furnace and opened the lid.

At the same time, rays of golden light appeared and filled the entire room. It was dazzling and very blinding.

Tang Feng’s expression froze. Her jaws fell and she couldn’t say anything. All she could do was stare at Zifeng as if she had never seen him before.

In the end, because Ye Xueyi was somewhat mentally prepared, she was able to withhold the shock and finally spoke.

“Three pills in one try…… and they’re all high quality pills!”

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