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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 49 – Alchemy Competition?

Chapter 49 – Alchemy Competition?
Translated by: Andy
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Idk if I can get 2 chapters out tomorrow. (Last Final tomorrow) Anything I miss this week will go into the weekends 🙁

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After looking around everywhere, Ye Chongtian couldn’t find Ye Zifeng anywhere.

“Huichi, where did your cousin go?”

Ye Huichi rubbed the back of his head and embarrassingly smiled, “When Elder Shen was announcing the conclusion of the gathering, he took the Ancient Violet Cloud Sword and left first…..”

“What? He left? Why didn’t you stop him?” Ye Chongtian was shocked.

“Why would I stop him? He wanted to bring his sword out to show off a bit. I would do the same.”

Ye Chongtian sighed and glanced at him, “Bring the sword out to show off…. Do you think that he’s like you?” Saying that, he felt that something was off. A few years back, he’s been using Ye Huichi to set an example for Ye Zifeng, telling Zifeng to be more like Huichi. But now, it was the other way around…..”

“Ye Zifeng. Ye Zifeng! Why are you walking so fast? Stop!”

Liu Bingqian was running after him and had a bitter look on her face. At the same time, the sun was setting and the afterglow of the sunlight shined on her face, making her look very beautiful.

She’s been watching Ye Zifeng the entire time and was the first one who saw Ye Zifeng leave. Right when everyone was celebrating, Ye Zifeng left and she followed him.

Ye Zifeng smiled and suddenly stopped. He turned around, making her run into him.

Liu Bingqian was startled and immediately took a few steps back, “Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to stop? You made me run into you!”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “You wanted me to stop so I complied. Now you’re saying that it’s my fault?”

“I don’t care. It’s your fault.” Liu Bingqian had a stubborn look on her face.

Ye Zifeng didn’t have time to argue with her so he cupped his hands and properly greeted her, “For Miss Bingqian to follow me for so long, I don’t think it’s to argue with me right?”

“This….. Of course I’m not here to argue with you. But…. Why are you running away so fast? It seems as if you have something important to do.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “It’s getting dark. I’m afraid that all the weapon stores are about to close. I need to get going.”

“You’re going to a weapon store?” Liu Bingqian thought about it and nodded as if she understood what he meant, “So that’s how it is. You want buy a sheath for that sword right? Well hold on for a bit…. I have something to give you. It won’t take much time…”

“You want to give me something?” This time, it was Ye Zifeeng who was startled. He thought that Liu Bingqian was here to beat him up or something. He would have never thought that she was here to give him something.

Liu Bingqian giggled and took a sealed letter out of her robe, “Here. This is it.”

Ye Zifeng looked suspiciously at the letter and raised his brow, “This…. Could this be a…..”

“Love letter?”

Under these circumstances, it was the only thing that Ye Zifeng could think of…

Liu Bingqian yelped in embarrassment and looked down.

“What are you saying? Open it and read it. This is an invitation.” Her eyes looked very delicate and paired with her red face, she looked very beautiful.

“An invitation?” Ye Zifeng looked at Liu Bingqian. He opened it up and saw words appeared in front of him.

“Yup Yup!” Liu Bingqian nodded with an excited expression on her face. “I can see that you liked to practice alchemy. When I received this, I thought about you and thought that you would be interested so I came here to give it to you.”

“An alchemy competition invitation from the Muyun clan in Tiandao City? It’s an invitation from from your master, that old devil Muyun. But why is it so soon? It’s happening in ten days.

When Ye Zifeng was chatting with Liu Bingqian in the past, they’ve talked about her master, the old devil from the Muyun clan before. He was the one who taught Bingqian to concoct pills. To be able to turn a qi refining stage disciple into a huang tier alchemist, this guy wasn’t simple at all.

“Yeah. Do you want to go with me?”

Ye Zifeng’s eyes immediately lit up. The only reason that he participated in the Heavenly Clan Gathering was for the glory of the clan and so he can win a nice prize. However, an alchemy competition was different. He was a crazed alchemist. There was nothing better than a competition where he can win rare ingredients as prizes. This invitation means a lot to him!

“Miss Bingqian, this is too much for me. I think that you should find someone else……” However, Ye Zifeng gracefully declined.

Liu Bingqian softly laughed, “In Leizhou City, there isn’t anyone that can knows as much alchemy as I do. Other than you, there isn’t any other good candidates out there. We can go together and represent Leizhou City.

“So that how it is. If we go, we’ll be representing Leizhou City…..” Ye Zifeng pondered for a bit. He knows that Bingqian looked for him to participate because she had seen him concoct the Thunder Spirit Pill. She knows how good he is.

However….. My Ye clan beat your Liu clan. If i go with you to Tiandao city, I’m afraid that the people in your clan will start to gossip. So I don’t think I should…..”

“Who cares if they gossip? I, Liu Bingqian don’t care about what other people think of me. This is one of my principles. Even my father’s word can’t shake me. Unless, the reason you don’t want to go is that you’re not giving me face.

Seeing how she keeps on arguing with him, if he doesn’t go, he would be disrespecting her.

“Alright fine. I’ll promise you then. Ten days later, i’ll go to Tiandao City with you to participate in the alchemy competition.

“Really? You won’t back out?” Bingqian’s face turned red and she began to smile happily.

“I won’t back out.” Ye Zifeng reaffirmed her, “However, even if I agreed, you still need to get your clan to agree.”

“I’ll think of a way.” Bingqian confidently replied.

“Also, even after what happened during the gathering, you still came to invite me. I really have to thank you, Miss Bingqian.”

Bingqian smiled back, “Didn’t I tell you not to call me Miss Bingqian anymore. Just call me by Bingqian…..”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Alright then. If I just call you Bingqian, I don’t have to think that you’re part of the Liu clan.

Hearing this, Bingqian expression darkened and let out a long sigh.

The two clans has tension from the past and now after the gathering, the tension grew more and more. However, this is private matter. Bingqian was a nice person and he couldn’t disregard her just because of the tension between the clans.

“Alright. I’m done here. Next time we meet, we shall talk about our plans in the upcoming competition.” Bingqian was feeling better and better. She didn’t want to waste anymore of Ye Zifeng’s time.

Ye Zifeng confusingly looked at her, “Next time we meet? When will that be?”

Liu Bingqian then pouted playfully, “Did you forget? I bought you for one month. Unless you want to go back on your words”

“Oh… That….I wouldn’t dare. I won’t go back on my words.” Ye Zifeng was surprised. At that time, he really needed ingredients for that Soul Binding Pill. Now that he thought about it, he shouldn’t really be doing something like this in the future.

“Alright then, when you have time, come to the treasure hall to find me. I’ll be there.” Bingqian happily replied.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Alright. I promise I’ll come.”

“Well I gotta go first. I think my father and sister are trying to find me.”

“Be careful on the way back!” Ye Zifeng reminded her and walked towards the weapon store.

Liu Bingqian watched as Ye Zifeng disappear into the store and then muttered, “Hmph. That Ye Blockhead! How can there be someone so slow and stupid in the world!”
“Boss Chang. Is Boss Chang here?” Ye Zifeng opened the doors to the weapon store and started calling out.

The people who lived near the square were usually all merchants and workers. As merchants, they usually won’t go and watch the gathering.

Ye Zifeng ran here right when the gathering concluded so many of the people here don’t know about Ye Zifeng’s achievements.

Boss Chang’s full name is Chang Wucheng. When he heard Ye Zifeng calling for him, he walked out with a towel on his shoulders.

“Ye clan’s trash young master, what are you doing here? Didn’t you see that the sun is setting already? If you want to buy anything, come back tomorrow…..”

Ye Zifeng took out a large pouch of gold coins from his robe.

“Here is one hundred gold coins, but I’m not here to buy anything.”

Chang Wucheng was startled, “If you’re not buying anything, then what are you doing here? Why are you taking out one hundred gold coins?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and showed the owner his shining Ancient Violet Cloud Sword.

“Oh. Nothing much. I want you to melt this sword down in your furnace as soon as possible!”

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