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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 46 – Supreme True Yuan Dan

Chapter 46 – Supreme True Yuan Dan
Translated by: Andy
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In Ye Zifeng’s previous life, he was a well respected figure in his own regards. But after he crossed over into the Martial Spirit Continent, he became the trash that everyone bullied. This victory now marks the beginning of Ye Zifeng’s journey to the peak in this life.

“Brother Zifeng. It’s time for the award ceremony. You deserved it!” Ye Xueyi was very excited. At first, she didn’t think that the Ye clan could even get into the second round let alone winning it all.

“Wow! Cousin Zifeng! You can actually beat a peak stage qi refiner. I really admire you. From now on, I’ll treat you like my real big brother and follow whatever you do.

Ye Xueyi glanced over at him, “You’re talking like you guys were never related….”

Ye Huichi embarrassingly laughed and rubbed his head. He was ashamed of all thing things that he did to Ye Zifeng in the past and looked over at him with a guilty expression on his face.

In the Martial Spirit Continent, the weak respects the strong. For Ye Huichi to start respecting Ye Zifeng after all this, it was normal.

Ye Chongtian slapped Ye Zifeng’s back and laughed, “Zifeng….I didn’t notice how strong you’ve become after all these years. I’ve neglected you. From now on, the Ye clan will fully support you and help you raise your cultivation.”

Ye Zifeng looked over at the people of the Ye clan and bowed. In the clan, there were some people who truly cared for him and liked him. However, there were also people who hated him and wanted to harm him. But none of that didn’t matter today. Today, Ye Zifeng had bought hope to the clan. They all started to view him in a new light.

“Father, Xueyi, everyone…. I’m going to go get the reward.”

When Ye Zifeng walked out of the Ye clan’s encirclement, he instantly became the center of attention amongst the other clans.

He didn’t only take first place in the first competition but he also defeated Liu Bingqian who was at the peak stage of qi refining. His nickname as trash was slowly disappearing.

In addition, many of the other clan’s daughters all coquettishly glanced over at him.

“Father. Look at how heroic Ye Zifeng looks. How about I marry him and bring him into our family….”

“…… Are you retarded? Do you think you can match with Ye Zifeng?”

“That’s right. Let’s not talk about bringing him into our family, he probably won’t agree to take you as a concubine….”

“Yeah that’s right. Did you guys not hear about it? I heard that Liu clan’s second miss, Liu Ningzi is Ye Zifeng’s fiancee. Only a beauty like her can match with someone like Ye Zifeng. There’s no place for someone like you.”

Seeing how everyone was chattering loudly, Elder Lin coughed, and tried to settle everyone down, “Okay, stop chattering. The award ceremony will now commence…”

Since Ye Zifeng is the winner, he will be the last one to go up onto the stage. He stood in the back and started to ponder what kind of prize he will get.

“Shi Chen!”

Shi Chen began to laugh and walked out of the crowd. He happily walked up to Elder Lin. This time, both his older brother and sister were disqualified and he was forced to actually participate in the gathering. However, with some luck, he was able to get into the top 20. His clan was very satisfied with the result.

“Your reward is the Nurturing Heart Chronicles, a common tier martial skill that can help you with your meditation and increase your qi. If you practice and work hard, you should be able to get a better placement five years from now.” Elder Lin handed the prize to Shi Chen and smiled.

“Thank you, Elder Lin.” After being forced to participate, he was able to obtain a common ranked martial skill. He was feeling very happy.

“Next, Xiao Mu!”

Xiao Mu had his head down and looked gloomy. When he walked over to Elder Zhao, he snorted at him to remind him how he had failed to suppress Ye Zifeng.

Elder Zhao wanted to say something but he couldn’t. This time, in order to help the Xiao clan, he lost his precious soul spirit and had to make a spirit oath. Making things worse, Ye Zifeng had also planted a soul restriction on him so he needs to take care of him and make sure nothing happens to him in the next year.

Elder Zhao looked awkwardly at Xiao Mu and took out a bamboo flute, “This is the prize for the 11th place. It is a grade 2 common tier treasure. As for the usage…..”

Xiao Mu grabbed the bamboo flute and walked away, “You don’t need to tell me anything. I’ll ask the elders in my clan when I go back.”

Elder Zhao shook his head and bitterly laughed. This Xiao Mu doesn’t know the difference between the heavens and the earth. He will never catch up to Ye Zifeng in ten life times.

Ye Xueyi got fifth place and her prize was a jade interspatial ring. It was only a bit better than the ring that Ye Zifeng took from Wang Lin.

“Brother Zifeng. Do I look good with this ring?” After putting on the ring, the first thing she did was run towards Ye Zifeng and asked for his opinion.

“Of course you look beautiful.” Ye Zifeng didn’t lie. He really thought she looked beautiful.

Ye Xueyi giggled, “But what I want to wear is the ring that you brought back a few days ago… How about we trade rings? I’ll let you wear mine and you can let me wear yours.”

Ye Zifeng looked confused and asked, “But…. Isn’t your ring better than mine?”

“Brother Zifeng…… You big dummy…….”

Ye Zifeng stood there looking all confused. He scratched the back of his head. He didn’t think he said anything wrong…..

Shen Li looked at the ranking list and a complicated expression appeared on his face, “Since the Wang clan’s juniors were ranked 2nd, 3rd and 4th, will you all come up at the same time to receive your prize.”

“Let’s go then.” Wang Tianzhi’s mouth twitched as he looked towards his siblings. The three walked up onto the stage together with a gloomy expression. After finding out the Ye Zifeng had won, they had a depressed look the entire time.

To be able to take the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, the Wang clan showed that they had enough plenty of strength. However they lacked one thing, luck. They were unlucky that they had to go against Ye Zifeng.

If it wasn’t for Ye Zifeng, the Wang clan would definitely be able to get into the second round and fight against the Liu clan. With their lineup, they would have probably beaten the Liu clan as well.

“Wang Mengxi, the prize for 4th place is a grade 8 common tier treasure, the Refreshing Jade Pot. If you make tea with this pot, the tea will slowly nourish your qi and help you cultivate.

“Thank you Elder Shen….” Wang Menxi smiled. She wasn’t like Xiao Mu. Even when Shen Li didn’t uphold his promise, she didn’t mind at all.

“Wang Ruoxing. The prize for 3rd place is a grade 1 spirit tier treasure, the Violet Gravel Armor. With this armor, a normal low-mid qi refining stage disciple will not be able to harm you at all.”

“Hmmm. Lil Bro Wang Lin will probably be happy if I give this to him to play with.”

Wang Ruoxing smiled and received his prize. He was wearing a long robe with a long sash on his waist. He had long hair and his face was filled with makeup. He probably had more makeup on than all the the girls here. It made everyone look at him with disgust.

However, the audience ignored his appearance and started talking about the prize.

“A spirit tier treasure for the 3rd place? What will the prizes for first and second place be?”

“It seems like the sect is getting more and more extravagant. This year’s prizes is much better than the ones from five years ago!”

“Alright let’s stop talking. It’s Wang Tianzhi’s turn….”

Wang Tianzhi calmly walked towards Shen Li. A cold expression filled his eyes as he looked at Shen Li. He didn’t greet him and stood there staring at him.

He won’t be like Xiao Mu and bad mouth the elder. However, the expression in his eyes explained everything. He blamed Elder Shen for not making a move against Ye Zifeng.

“Wang Tianzhi. Tiandao City’s Muyun clan provided a Supreme True Yuan Dan, a profound tier pill as the prize for the second place. It will help you when you breakthrough from 9th stage of qi refining into the martial disciple realm.

“A Supreme True Yuan Dan? One at the profound tier as well?” Everyone in the audience was shocked. Even Liu Bingqian, Leizhou City’s greatest alchemist was shocked as well.

Wang Tianzhi wanted to calmly receive the prize and walk off like a king but when he heard what the prize was, he couldn’t stop shaking at all.

This profound tier supreme real dan can help increase a qi refiner stage disciple’s success rate of breaking through into the Martial Disciple Realm by at least 30%. With Wang Tianzhi’s talents, he will definitely be able to break through with the help of this pill.

Shen Li then whispered something to Wang Tianzhi, “Tianzhi…. Don’t disappoint me. To give you this….. Let’s say that it’s to compensate for what happened….”

“Elder Shen…. You….” Wang Tianzhi understood what happened. This was something from Elder Shen’s personal collection of items.

To lose to Ye Zifeng and not being able to compete with the Liu clan was something that the entire Wang clan was depressed about. However, to be able to receive this pill, it was a blessing in disguise for Wang Tianzhi. If he had gotten first place, he probably would not have received a prize like this!

“Many thanks to Elder Shen.”

Elder Shen was someone with great integrity. He was willing to compensate the Wang clan with something from his personal collection due to his failure.

‘Alright. Will the first place, Ye Zifeng come up!” All ten elders stood on the stage and called out.

Ye Zifeng suddenly opened his eyes. He was falling asleep and now it was finally his turn.

“Zifeng is here….”

“As the first place, you can pick something from these three items…..”

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