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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 40 – I did something to it. ?

Chapter 40 – I did something to it. ?
Translated by: Andy
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At first Bingqian thought that Ye Zifeng was playing around and started to giggle. But then, she saw that Ye Zifeng’s expression looked serious and she had to think about it seriously as well.


“Yeah. I’m not lying.”

“You’re Ye Zifeng? Don’t joke around. How can you be Ye Zifeng…..?”

Liu Bingqian thought about it and suddenly something hit her. It felt as if a needle had pierced her head.

“It’s the truth” Ye Zifeng bitterly smiled. Liu Bingqian thought that Ye Zifeng would be shocked after knowing who she was but the opposite had happened.

Ye Zifeng didn’t have a bad feeling towards Bingqian. However, since she’s was from the Liu clan, he probably won’t be getting that close with her anymore. Afterall, he still can’t forgive the Liu clan for what they did to him.

“Sister Bingqian! What the heck are you doing? Why did you run towards Ye Zifeng?” Liu Ningzi finally caught up and couldn’t help but be startled.

Hearing this, Bingqian was shocked, “Ningzi, tell your sister the truth. Is he really Ye Zifeng?”

Liu Ningzi pursed her lips and looked over at Ye Zifeng, “Aish. Big sis. From the way you’re talking, it seems like you know him or something”


In front of her sister, Liu Bingqian didn’t know what to say. She knew that Ye Zifeng was her sister’s fiance. She also knew that her sister went over to the Ye clan, tried to cancel the engagement and embarrassed him. So right now, Bingqian was feeling a bit ashamed and guilty. A mix of emotions swelled up within her and she was speechless.

Seeing how Bingqian was very stiff, Ye Zifeng took the initiative and replied, “I met her when I went to the treasury in the sect.”

“So that’s how it is.”

Liu Ningzi nodded and then glanced over at Ye Zifeng. She had changed her view of Ye Zifeng. She would have never thought that the man that she had embarrassed would be able to reach the top and take first place in the gathering.

“Ye Zifeng, you…..” Liu Ningzi was hesitating. She wanted to say something but nothing came out.

“If you don’t have anything to say, then I’ll leave first. We’ll see each other again when it’s time for us to fight.” Ye Zifeng smiled, elegantly bowed and turned around.

“Hmph. Who does he think he is? Acting all high and mighty like that. So what if you got first place in the first competition” Liu Yige walked forward and fiercely looked at Ye Zifeng’s back.

“So what if you get first place in the competition? If you have the ability, then why don’t you go and try to get first place?” Bingqian was in a bad mood. Her expression turned cold and yelled at Liu Yige.

“I…..” Liu Yige didn’t think that by saying that, he would make Bingqian react like this.

However, Liu Yige didn’t give up and rebutted, “We weren’t here in the morning so we didn’t see how this guy did it. Maybe he used some kind of method to get first place. If he didn’t have such a method, then tell me this. How did a fourth qi refining stage brat like him get first place?”

The two girls understood what Liu Yige was trying to say. They also thought that it was weird. The Ye clan had fallen and shouldn’t have much connections outside. What kind of methods can they employ? But if Ye Zifeng did it by himself, then that would be very scary.

“Alright. Let’s not think about it anymore. We’ll see how strong he truly is during the battle.”

The Heavenly Clan Gathering is separated into two parts. The first part is the heavenly stair climbing competition while the second part is a three on three battle between the first place clan of the first part and the winning clan from the previous gathering.

The winner of the battle will not only gain glory in Leizhou City, but it will also receive a large amount of rewards. The outcome is very important to both families.

The expression that Ye Chongtian uses to look at Ye Zifeng is completely different from before.

“Ah Zifeng. This time you’ve helped the clan gain a lot of glory. It is worthy of a celebration. The entire clan will celebrate when we go back! But how did you win? How did you beat Wang Tianzhi? Why don’t you tell me about it and your plans to fight the Liu clan?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Father, this is too much. I’m only here to fill the third spot. How would I have a plan to fight against the Liu clan?”

“Who said that you were here to fill up the last spot huh? Who said that? Get out here right now!”

Ye Xueyi started to giggle, “ Father, stop it. It was you who said it.”

Ye Chongtian looked at Xueyi and sighed. She had always been on Ye Zifeng’s side. Now that something like this happened, she didn’t even hesitate and sold her father out immediately.

“Did I? Ahem…. I’m getting old. I don’t really remember.” Ye Chongtian’s face turned bright red and forced a smile.

Ye Zifeng was only joking as well and smiled, “I heard that the the next part will be a three on three battle. Whoever wins two fights will win the whole thing.”

Ye Chongtian was startled and asked, “Zifeng. Even I don’t know what the second part of the competition is. Where did you hear about it?”

“Don’t worry about it. I got my ways.” Ye Zifeng smiled and continued, “But that’s not important. The important thing is how we should fight them.”

Ye Chongtian thought about it and felt that something was not right.

He realized something and cursed, “What the fuck? Is this even a competition? They have a Liu Yige, Liu Ningzi and Liu Bingqian who are respectively at the 6th, 7th and peak stage of qi refining. How can we win? No way. I need to talk with the elders. This is too unfair. The competition is meant to test the younger generation’s potential and not their actual strength. This kind of direct battle gives the Liu clan too much of an advantage!”

Ye Zifeng lightly smiled, “But what if the elders in the sect are in cohersion with the Liu clan? What can you do then?”

“This….” Ye Chongtian was speechless. He looked at Ye Zifeng again. From his point of view, it seemed as if his son had completely changed into a different person.

In a competition like this, backdoor deals are bound to happen.

Ye Zifeng was already prepared for everything. He won’t be a sore loser and blame his losses on these backdoor deals. That’s something that only weaklings would do. Since the Liu family likes to play this way, then Ye Zifeng will play with them.

He smiled and and looked at Ye Chongtian and Ye Xueyi, “Father, did you think about it like this? We’ll have Huichi fight against Bingqian then Xueyi can fight against Ningzi while I will finish off Liu Yige.

Ye Chongtian’s eyes lit up. This was a good plan. They can lose one first fight and then win the next two. With two wins, they can win the entire thing.

But after thinking about it again, his face suddenly darkened.

“Zifeng, you’re only giving us the best scenario. It’s not likely that this will happen. If we can think of it, then the Liu clan can think of it as well. They will make us draw straws to make the pairings. We have to very lucky.

Ye Zifeng had a mysterious smile, “But what if we are that lucky?”

“Ye Zifeng? What do you want from us? We got our soul spirits back and we’ve also made a spirit oath. We also told you about the second part of the gathering already. What else do you want from us?” Elder Zhao knitted and brows and spoke in an imposing tone.

“Yeah. leave. We don’t want anyone to see that we have any relations at all.”

Ye Zifeng didn’t care about what they were saying and walked in between them.

“Don’t chase me away yet. Actually, I’m here to see how you guys are doing. Have you guys gotten used to your soul spirits yet?” Ye Zifeng had a sly smile that sent shivers down the two elder’s backs.

“What do you mean? What are you talking about? Getting used to our own soul spirits?” Hearing this, Elder Zhao became very nervous.

Ye Zifeng still had that sly smile on. This was not a smile that a normal person can make….

Shen Li furrowed his brows and closed his eyes. In just a few seconds, he suddenly yelled out, “Elder Zhao, use your divine sense to examine the soul spirit that you got back. It seems like this kid did something to it.”

Elder Zhao quickly closed his eyes and examined his soul spirit. His entire body froze…

The two of them made a grave mistake… Who would’ve thought that this kid would leave something behind for them. When he returned their soul spirits, he looked so normal and sincere. The two of them found that there was some sort of restriction placed on their soul spirits but they don’t know what it is.

“You stinking brat. You dare to do something to us? How about I kill you right now!” Elder Zhao was so angry that he wanted to kill Ye Zifeng with one slap. He was very welcomed by the people of Leizhou City. He wanted to take this chance to rest up and have fun at Leizhou City while helping out with the gathering. But instead, he met this Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Kill me? Don’t forget that you guys made a spirit oath.”

“You!” Elder Zhao couldn’t do anything. If looks could kill, then Ye Zifeng would’ve died over a thousand times already.

“Stop staring at me like that. Let me tell you this. The restriction that I placed on your soul spirits is called The Twin Spirit. If I were to die then……… you guys should know what that means for you guys…..”

Elder Zhao snorted, “Don’t try to trick us like that. Even if you know this kind of spirit restriction technique, your cultivation is only at the qi refining stage. It won’t be that effective!”

“As expected of Elder Zhao! You do know a lot of stuff. However, I can guarantee that it will last for at least one year. If I die, even if you guys don’t die, your cultivation will drop down all the way to the martial disciple realm. To lose so much of your cultivation for someone like me. Do you think it’s worth it?” Ye Zifeng had a calm look on his face.

This time, Elder Zhao couldn’t say anything.

“Actually, I don’t really need you guys to help me during the actual fight. I know it’s hard with so many people watching. All I need you guys to do is help me when I’m drawing the pairings!”

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