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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 4 – Martial Spirit Awakens!

Chapter 4 – Martial Spirit Awakens!
Translated by: Andy
Edited??? by: Andy

I thought I could finish this early during my 3 hour lecture but the professor showed a movie and i was captivated by it.

I don’t know about tomorrow either. I’ll be flying back home for spring break. If I don’t get anything out tomorrow, definitely Saturday!

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Watching Ye Zifeng pull out a Golden Marrow Pill, a hint of excitement appeared in Ye Xueyi’s eyes. She stared at the pill and was speechless.

Because Ye Zifeng had absorbed most of the energy from the pill, the level of the pill had dropped from profound tier to huang tier. Even though it was only a Huang Tier pill, Ye Xueyi still didn’t believe what she was seeing. After all, only a Huang Tier ranked alchemist could refine such a pill. How could this dumb brother of her’s refine something like this? In the entire Leizhou City, the amount of Huang ranked alchemists could be counted on one hand.

*(Pill rankings: Heaven > Earth > Profound > Huang. Each rank is further separated to high, medium and low quality)

It wasn’t until Ye Zifeng had waved his hands in front of her face when she came back to her sense.

Xueyi pursed her lips and with a serious look she said, “Brother Zifeng, tell me the truth. This Golden Marrow Pil….. Where did you steal it from?”

“Steal? What? I refined this myself.” Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows. He was one of the best alchemists in the entire universe. If he had the ingredients in front of him, he could make any pill within the capabilities of the Qi Refining realm.

“No way! You know I grew up with you. I know exactly what kind of books you’ve been reading and what you’ve seen your whole life. If you had made a lewd painting of some beauty instead, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve seen those paintings and books that you’ve kept hidden. However, I have never seen you read or even own a book about alchemy.” Ye Xueyi said with a stern face.

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng felt awkwardly embarrassed. He thought that he was quite bad before he crossed but this trash was actually so lustful. He doesn’t even know what to say anymore. It seems like he had to fix his reputation later.

“Don’t worry about it. You’re my brother and I’ll help you out. When we go out in three days, I’ll go with you to return the pill to wherever you stole it from. We don’t want to offend an alchemist if he were to find out it was you. I won’t tell father about this either!”

Ye Zifeng could only smile bitterly. That alchemist that you’re talking about isn’t someone else. It’s your brother and he’s standing in front of you! However, hearing what his sister had said, he felt warm inside. Even though Xueyi knew that he was a trash, she was still worried about it.

“Xueyi, from what you know about me, do you think that I’m the type of person who would go steal from someone?”

Ye Xueyi’s expression change. She had just realized it. Her brother is a sick and weak trash, even if he had 10000 times the courage, the amount of courage he has would still be zero. He doesn’t even have to guts to go and steal candy from kids, let alone a pill from an alchemist. But then, where did this Golden Marrow Pill come from?

“Unless, this is a a fake pill?”

Ye Zifeng was speechless. He didn’t know how he can out talk this sister of his. The best way to convince her is to show it to her personally. The she’ll definitely have to believe it.

“Well…. How about this. Let’s say that your brother had a sudden enlightenment and my talent in alchemy had finally awoken!” This was the best excuse that Ye Zifeng could come up with.

“……….. Something like that….. Is that even possible?” Xueyi replied suspiciously.

“I think so?…… It’s possible.” Ye Zifeng awkwardly smiled and nodded.

Ye Xueyi continued looking at him with a suspicious glare, “Fine the. If you want me to believe that you refined this pill, then….. How about you refine a pill in front of me. Then i’ll believe it!”

Finally. Ye Zifeng felt really happy. After spewing all that bullsh*t, he was waiting for Xueyi to ask him to prove himself.

“Then, how about the ingredients?” He smiled towards Ye Xueyi. Even the best housewives cannot cook without ingredients. To refine pills, he needed ingredients. This time, if he can refine more pills, then maybe he can breakthrough and reach the peak of the 3rd stage of Qi Refining.

“When did brother start to like refining pills? Could it be that your talents in alchemy had actually awoken?”

Ye Xueyi giggled happily, “If it’s ingredients, then don’t worry about it. Father dotes me and he’ll give me whatever i want if it’s not too much.

Ye Zifeng quickly shook his head, “No. He can’t be the one paying for the ingredients this time.”

“Why not?” Ye Xueyi thought for a while and finally understood what he meant, “Ah….. I know what you mean. If father pays for the ingredients again and you make a bunch of slag again, he’ll definitely be mad and lock you up for a few more days.”

Ye Zifeng smiled weakly and didn’t say anything.

As someone who had experienced another life time, his temperament was obviously unlike a normal younger’s. He didn’t want Ye Chongtian to know his secret yet.

If Ye Chongtian knew about this, he might make Zifeng refine pills every single day and slow down his cultivation progress. He knew what it was like being an expert in alchemy and cultivation. Alchemy was used to assist his path of cultivation. If he revealed that he was an alchemy master, then the other clans might suppress him and hinder his cultivation. He could also be easily killed by others as well.

“Alright then. If you say so. Then I’ll use my own allowance this time.” Ye Xueyi pouted.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Thanks sis, if i can make another Golden Marrow Pill, then we can split the profit. However, you have the keep this secret between us…..”

Although the Golden Marrow Pill was a low ranked pill, it could still fetch quite an amount of money. This was because it could only be created by a Huang ranked alchemist. In any clan, a Huang ranked alchemist is like a money tree and can help the clan sustain its finances.

Ye Xueyi started to giggle and then bursted out laughing, “Brother, you looked so serious while saying that. I was almost fooled. If you can refine an edible pill, even if it’s a common pill, I will be super excited!”

“Then you should prepare yourself for when the time comes in a bit.” Ye Zifeng smiled.

He retrieved the Golden Marrow Pill and put it in Xueyi’s hands, “Oh yeah, don’t think that this is a fake. How about this. Go to the store and sell this…..” Pills can be turned into money and money turn into more pills.

Xueyi nodded and smile, “Okay. Even if this is a trash pill, I should be able to get some money for it….. probably.”

Zifeng bid Xueyi goodbye and sat back down on the ground.

The three day bet is almost here. Wang Lin is at the 4th stage of Qi Refining while he was only at the 3rd stage. Even though he rejoined all his meridians and gained some strength, the trash’s body was still way too weak. Although pills can help him break through, it can’t strengthen his body immediately.

In order to have a strong body, one would need to train seriously.

It was a good thing that Ye Zifeng was a Martial Lord in his past life. He was able to remember some secret training methods for the Qi Refining Realm.

“Hmmm. All of my skills in my past life utilized fire so I can assist myself in the ways of alchemy. But now my body is way too weak and cannot handle the flames. What sort of training method should I use?” Ye Zifeng thought to himself.

He had a lot of options to choose from and was wondering about it for a while.

He continuously muttered to himself and then suddenly smiled, “Oh yeah. Why don’t I check what kind of Martial Spirit this kid has?”

Everyone had a chance of awakening their own Martial Spirits after reaching the Martial Disciple realm, but even without reaching that realm, there were still methods to see what sort of Martial Spirit one has. However the methods are too complicated and normal people aren’t able to have a preview of their spirit.

Ye Zifeng was lucky that he had come across a few methods in his past life. Even with his experience, he still couldn’t be careless. In order to check, he needed some time and luck. If he was unlucky, he won’t be able to see anything at all.

He calmed himself down and began to meditate. He examined his soul and felt the pulse from his spirit.

He felt as if he was sucked into a dark starry space, inside a dream realm filled with mist. There were mountains all over the place and the mist covered his view.

Suddenly, he felt something familiar yet not so familiar next to him. It was a giant shadow ghost. The shadow ghost stood there, staring at him. It didn’t attack him or get close to him. It just stood there, awkwardly staring at him.

“A Devil type Martial Spirit? No….. It shouldn’t be. It’s too big to be a devil type spirit.” Ye Zifeng was shocked. He had never seen a spirit like this even in his past life as a Martial Lord.

Ye Zifeng began to think to himself, ‘It seems like that trash didn’t have a choice but to be sick and weak. It might be because of this mysterious spirit inside of him….’

The shadow ghosts swim in circles while it watched Ye Zifeng mutter to himself.

Suddenly a deep and cold voice could be heard, “I originally thought that with your weak body, you would never have the chance to see me. You haven’t awakened your spirit yet and you’re only at the 3rd stage of Qi Refining realm. How can you see me…. And communicate with me?

Compared to how shocked Ye Zifeng was when he saw the spirit, the spirit was even more shocked when he saw Zifeng!

“How about this. I can see that with your body, you probably won’t live to become a Martial Disciple. If you die, then my existence means nothing at all. So I’ll help you out and let you use some of my power.” The shadow ghost continued to stare and coldly said.

“What? I’m not even in the Martial Disciple realm yet and I can still use the power of a Martial Spirit?” As a Martial Lord in his previous life, he had never heard of such thing before. As the smart person that he is, he kept the crossover a secret from the shadow ghost.

In the next moment, Ye Zhifeng felt his head get heavier and heavier. The dream realm covered in mist dissipated and he regained his consciousness.

When he woke up, he began to think about the shadow ghost. He didn’t know what it was and what it could be. All he knows is that it can communicate with him in his consciousness. It was definitely something out of the ordinary.

Normally, a person’s Martial Spirit is something that is dead. It represents the person’s hidden powers. A living Martial Spirit was very rare but not sought after. To use its full power, one must train it and level it up.

Thinking about this, Ye Zifeng felt a bit bitter. He didn’t feel so happy about his Martial Spirit. It was one thing that he had to cultivate and train this trashy body but now he has to train his spirit too. This was because the rank of his spirit determines his strength in the future. Every cultivator wants a strong spirit to begin with so the ceiling of their cultivation can get higher and higher.

“Oh right. The shadow ghost said something about lending some of its power to me. What kind of power does this thing even have?”

Ye Zifeng opened his hands and extended both of his arms out. He was staring at his hands and suddenly, the expression in his eyes changed…….

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  1. Davecojo13 says:

    Tysm for the chapter!!! Don’t worry about when u get it out just remember to eventually get it out and not burning out.

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    Thanks for the chapter XD

  3. Adriatik says:

    Why…..why can’t any of these main characters in these types of novels just fucken say the truth. I love this novel, I do, already surprisingly. But the fact that he didn’t tell his father the truth and wasted materials for no reason pissed me off..a lot.

    • Soushi says:

      He gave the reason himself. If he said the truth, he will be forced to create pills all day and would hinder his cultivation.

      • Adriatik says:

        Going off my response to Kinglight, you have again made a viable point that I have to give you credit for, in fact I agree with you and concede to that. Though off of what’s been shown of his father’s personality most likely I do not believe that would have been the case……to the extremity you mentioned. Yes he would of been asked to make some pills to help out his family and I do believe form the love he’s been shown so far in the brief situations that have occurred, he is going to help out his family anyway. In fact he clearly says he is going to get back his clans honor. So now here my snip bit, he has hindered his own cultivation by making it hard for him to procure support from his clan by cutting them off from the real abilities he actually has. And although that may not damn him, if he did the other situation in which he didn’t lie, I still believe it would of been easier on him self.

        • Soushi says:

          He might be thinking that his father will probably think that he has talent in creating pills, so he’ll be forced to create pills. So he’s trying to increase his cultivation to a considerable level so that others don’t look down on him before telling the truth. There’s also the possibility that other clans might get jealous of Ye clan and plan to assassinate him.

      • Adriatik says:

        That said, I am just making a discussion on what could of happened and what might of been better, that said I do enjoy discussion on possible other outcomes after a good chapter, so please take no offense to my replies.

    • Kinglight says:

      well, to say that her brothers soul is dead and that you are some other person wouldn’t bode well and would just make them mostlikely 1. Think you are crazy 95% of the time, or 2. make them hostile against you for possessing someone of their family and restrain you, or 3. just use you all the time for your benefits and not feel you family.

      • Adriatik says:

        You do have a point, although making a pass that since he was beaten to the point of half death he managed to remember his past life would of have been viable here…..Its what I expected from his personality that’s been shown so far. Actually to be honest rather then expected, much like the current outcome, it would have fit his personality and it’s what I hoped for. Either would have worked in my opinion.

  4. Adriatik says:

    For all my anger though, let me stop being unappreciative for a sec and actually voice out that I do more that anything else in my life enjoy these translations…it’s what keeps sane and sadly the only joy in my life, light novels and books, and the best stories I’ve read have been xanxia or wuxxia, terms be damned. Grammar as well. So rather then the copy paste the thank you that is usually put here, I wanted to make my heartfelt feeling clear here since I do not want any of my previous callous words leading to any distaste towards the translator.

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