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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 39 – I am Ye Zifeng!

Chapter 39 – I am Ye Zifeng!
Translated by: Andy
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“Ye Zifeng?” Hearing this, a shocked expression appeared on Liu Ningzi’s face. She felt as if she had been slapped by these words. It felt very painful.

She returned to her senses and looked over at Yue er, “Yue er, when did you start lying to me? Even if Ye Zifeng can beat my senior brother, Wang Tianzhi would be able to destroy him with a single finger. How did he get first place? It would be a miracle if Ye Zifeng was able to enter the top 10!”

Seeing how her master didn’t trust her, Yue er’s face turned red, “Second miss. It’s true. I went and watched with Miss Bingqian’s servant girl Xiao Lu. If you don’t trust me, you can go and ask her.”

“Are you for real?” Liu Ningzi could feel her heartbeat rising rapidly. Her lips suddenly felt dry.

“It’s true!”

Liu Ningzi knitted her brows and looked suspiciously at Yue er. However after being with Yue er for so long Liu Ningzi knew what kind of person she was. She wasn’t someone who would lie about something like this. But how did that trash Ye Zifeng suddenly become so strong and get the first place of the gathering?

Could it be………Could the younger generation of Leizhou City fallen to such a low level?

“Fine….During the 2nd part of the competition, our Liu family will fight against them. Then we’ll see if it’s true or not.”

Liu Ningzi looked angrily at Yue er but she didn’t know why she was angry….

In the sect, the entire audience was shocked.

Ye Zifeng got first place while Ye Xueyi got 5th place. This time, the Ye clan was the biggest winner of the heavenly clan gathering. Ye Chongtian was extremely happy. He couldn’t stop smiling after hearing all these praises about the way he teaches his son.

“Brother Chongtian. For your Ye clan to have a young master like this, he’ll definitely grow up to be someone extraordinary and became famous throughout the entire city!”

“That’s right. After all these years, the Ye clan will finally rise up again. You guys will finally return to your rightful spot as one of the three great clans in Leizhou City.

“Uncle Chongtian, can you tell us how you trained Ye Zifeng? We want to learn from you as well!”

Ye Chongtian laughed loudly, “I’m as surprised as you are. For my son to suddenly become so outstanding…. It seems like the heavens have not forgotten about us!”

If it was Wang Tianzhi who won, all these other clans would definitely be all over the Wang clan and try to kiss up to them.

However, it was Ye Zifeng who won. The ones will will fight the Liu clan will be the Ye clan and not the Wang clan.

Wang Tianzhi clenched his fist and stared at Ye Zifeng. First, Ye Zifeng beat up his little bro and now he took his first place. Wang Tianzhi was beyond angry.

“Big brother….Just forget about it….” Wang Mengxi stood behind him and sighed. She understood how her brother felt. She knew that he had prepared for this moment for the last five years. However, a loss is a loss.

Wang Tianzhi sighed, “I don’t care if it’s anyone else, but why is it Ye Zifeng? Mengxi, you already know that I asked father to get one of the elders to mess with Ye Zifeng……”

Wang Mengxi thought that it was strange as well, “Maybe… maybe the elder was afraid that he would get found out so he didn’t do anything?”

“It’s fine if that happened. But when Ye Zifeng got off the stairs, the first thing he did was go over to one of the elders. From what I can see, the elder that we tried to buy out was already bought out by the Ye clan!”

Thinking that he knew what happened, Wang Tianzhi was very mad. He looked at the elders with a look of disrespect.

Although Ye Zifeng had said that he won’t go and look for the two elders after the competition, he tried to look for them anyways. However, all of the elders were talking with each other and laughing. None of them showed any suspicious signs so he could not identify them.

But as expected, right after everyone congratulated him, Ye Zifeng was pulled aside by Elder Shen and Elder Zhao.

“The taste of getting first place.. It’s not bad right?” Elder Zhao spoke in a mocking tone.

“Oh…..” Ye Zifeng looked at the two people in front of him and immediately understood what they meant, “So it was you guys!”

“Ye Zifeng. Listen up. We helped you get the first place so don’t play anymore tricks. If you don’t give us our soul spirits back, we’ll get mad!’

Ye Zifeng was startled and smiled, “Of course Of course. I wouldn’t dare to offend two experts like you guys. I was just trying to help my Ye clan gain glory and return to the top. If I had offended you two in any way… I hope that both of you can forgive me.”

Shen Li coldly looked at him and seeing that Ye Zifeng looked pretty sincere, he replied, “That’s in the past. Let’s not talk about it. Now, give us our soul spirits back.”

Ye Zifeng stared at the two and then began to laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Elder Zhao’s disliked Ye Zifeng’s attitude.

“I’ll return the soul spirit to you guys but….. What’s gonna happen in the future? I’m worried that I might die randomly in the future while walking home or something…..”

Elder Zhao snorted, “I knew you had something planned. Fine… We can make a blood oath and promise not to cause any problems for you.’

“Blood oath? Haha. To martial practitioners like you guys, a blood oath isn’t even that effective. You guys should at least be making a spirit oath.” Ye Zifeng coldly looked at the two.

“Spirit Oath? How do you know something like this?”

Elder Zhao and Shen Li were both startled. They both stared at Ye Zifeng, thinking about how this kid was very mysterious. How did he know all these things? How did he know about spirit oaths?

“Fine. Whatever you want….”

Shen Li and Elder Zhao both looked at each other and inserted their qi into into their head and started to make an oath to their martial spirits.

After seeing that the two had finished, Ye Zifeng cupped his hands and bowed, “I, Ye Zifeng, apologize to the two elders. I will formally apologize another day. But now, let me return your soul spirits.”

Ye Zifeng closed his eyes and dissolved the binding effect of the Spirit Binding Pill with his qi. After that, the strands of soul spirits came out of Ye Zifeng and quickly returned to its respective owners.

“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe that something like this would happen. As a mere qi refining stage disciple, how did you bind the soul spirits of a martial practitioner?” Shen Li confusingly asked. Now that he got his soul spirit back, he was feeling a bit better.

“That’s right. It doesn’t seem like you used any treasures either. How did you do it?” Elder Zhao asked as well.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “This…. It’s a secret right now. Maybe if I have a chance in the future, I’ll let both elders know.”

“You stinking brat!” After being played by Ye Zifeng, Elder Zhao wanted to beat him up. But then he suddenly remembered that he made a spirit oath and stopped.

Behind the three people, Lin Ke suddenly walked over.

“Elder Zhao, Elder Shen, the people of the Liu clan is already here. We should get ready as well.

Ye Zifeng looked at Lin Ke and then back at the two, “How about this. I’ll tell you guys how I did it but you guys have to help me out during the battle.”

“In your dreams!” The two replied at the same time.

The battle will be held in an open arena with many spectators. If they were to help him out, they would definitely get exposed immediately.

Ye Zifeng turned around and shrugged, “Then that’s too bad. It’ll be a secret for now.”

“So the Liu clan is here huh.” A cold and menacing smile appeared on Ye Zifeng’s face.

He will never forget about the night when Liu Ningzi stormed into his out and asked to cancel their engagement. He will never forget about something as embarrassing as that.

He walked over to the resting room and wanted to go and greet the people of the Liu clan.

“Miss Bingqian?” Ye Zifeng was startled. Right when he entered, he saw Bingqian standing on the other side of the room.

“So it’s big bro rough guy…” Bingqian had a cold appearance on her face before. But now, after seeing Ye Zifeng, the cold expression disappeared as she skipped over Ye Zifeng.

“Miss Bingqian…. You…..” Ye Zifeng was speechless. But after he saw that Liu Ningzi and Liu Yige was walking behind Bingqian, he put two and two together and figured everything out.

Bingqian looked at Ye Zifeng and then smiled at him.

“Big bro rough guy, did you get into the top 10? I heard that the results of the competition was very shocking. There was some guy named Ye Zifeng who was able to beat the Wang clan’s young master and is waiting to fight against my Liu clan.

Ye Zifeng finally understood, “Yeah. I should’ve known. When I didn’t see you at the first competition, I should’ve known that you were someone from the Liu clan. You’re Liu Bingqian….”

Liu Bingqian giggled, “How is it? I didn’t tell you who I was on purpose. Did I surprise you?”

“Oh no. But let me tell you this…. I am Ye Zifeng!”

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    • Jiick says:

      Lol so true – the story really might develop into such a direction. Thanks for the chapter. When you first started translating this novel I was a little bit skeptic if this would be interesting but I was mistaken and it really is a lot fun fun to read ^^

  1. zii says:

    ye zifeng lost nothing, he bought the cauldron, and he’s giving her advice, he’s letting her use it cuz she’s annoying

  2. Seinky says:

    He hates to lose, even if its a matter of who surprises who XD
    You dont surprise me! Its ME who surprises you! XD

    Thanks for the translation!

  3. Seink says:

    He hates to lose, even if its a matter of who surprises who XD
    You dont surprise me! Its ME who surprises you! XD

    Thanks for the translation!

  4. Tomasz Zając says:

    I know wuxia is by tradition riddled with plot holes, but this is such tankerload of bovine excrement… How could he possibly not hear which clan superfamous, city’s #1 alchemist is from? It would be stupid even in western setting, much less in family-centric eastern setting…

  5. in-come says:

    Every time a cliff shows up, a small part of me gets depressed.
    Protect the readers from depression! End all cliffhangers!

  6. Girls Generation says:

    The Oath thingy is a damn cheesy plot idea, its the one and only solution for insurance and overly used in just the first 40 chapters.

    Author should mix it up a little. Kill the opponent to prevent future troubles, he can even resort to blackmailing even or feed him a poison pill timebomb. He’s a professional alchemist, surely he can craft that. If he can craft a spirit binding pill to counter someone of way higher martial rank that him, surely he can do the same for poison pills.

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