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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 35 – Path of Suffering.

Chapter 35 – Path of Suffering.
Translated by: Andy
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In the illusion realm, Ye Zifeng was killing emotionlessly and very quickly. Outside, the judges of the gathering were all shocked at how fast Ye Zifeng was advancing.

“Who the hell is this Ye Zifeng? On the outside he looks like a pale-faced scholar but his killing abilities are so ruthless. He didn’t lose his mind in the illusion at all. It seems like he’ll grow up to become someone exceptional.

“Yeah. When he reached the twentieth level, he was behind quite a few people. But now, he’s shot up to the third place! It seems like i’ll have to re-evaluate this kid!”

“For the Ye clan to have a son like this, it seems like they’re about to rise again.”

Hearing the compliments from all the elders, Elder Zhao’s face turned extremely ugly.

From what he knows about Ye Zifeng’s past, he didn’t think that Ye Zifeng would reach the top ten. He didn’t know why the Xiao clan asked him to help out. But now, he really had to step out and stop him.

“Elder Zhao, I see that you aren’t looking so well. Is it because you’re not used to the air here?” One of the sect’s three great elder, Shen Li, noticed the change in Elder Zhao’s expression and laughed.

Elder Zhao laughed awkwardly, “Perhaps. I rushed here from Tiandao City and didn’t have a chance to rest. I’m just feeling a bit tired.”

“So is that so? Then you should go rest for a bit.”


Shen Li looked at Elder Zhao with a deep expression.

Elder Zhao was shocked and replied, “Then I won’t be impolite and will listen to the elder….”

Shen Li turned to everyone else and smiled, “Everyone please continue maintaining the formation. I’ll bring Elder Zhao to get some fresh air and will return very quickly.” Shen Li was the strongest elder in the sect so the other elders didn’t dare to disrespect his decision.

Shen Li stood up, pulled Elder Zhao to the side and smiled, “Alright you can tell me. Is it the Xiao clan, Rong clan or the Wang clan?”

Elder Zhao trembled, “Elder Shen, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Shen Li coldly smiled, “You know exactly what I mean. Don’t try to act stupid in front of me.”

Elder Zhao somewhat understood his meaning and asked, “Could it be that Elder Shen is also….”

“That’s right. The Wang clan asked me to help out. We have to prevent Ye Zifeng from entering the top ten. We cannot let the Ye clan have any hopes to rise in power!” Shen Li had a resolute expression in his eyes.

Elder Zhao’s eyes lit up. He thought he had to work by himself and was afraid that someone might find out about his deeds. However, now that he has one of the great elders of the sect on his side, it made his mission much easier.

“So that’s how it is. Elder Shen has the same plans as well. Then I won’t hide it anymore. The Xiao clan asked me to deal with Ye Zifeng.”

“Good. Then we have a common goal. It’ll make things easier.” Shen Li smiled and nodded, “When Ye Zifeng is at the 40th level, his physical and mental strength should be exhausted. When he gets to the Path of Suffering, we’ll take turns and increase the output of the formation on him. I don’t believe that he’ll be able to handle it!”

After experiencing all these illusions, Ye Zifeng opened his eyes and he was already at the 39th level. He looked down but all he could see was smoke. He couldn’t see Ye Xueyi or the other participants at all.

However, when he looked around, he saw a girl standing on this level as well. It seems like she’s waiting for someone and not moving at all.

“Hey. Are you from the Wang clan?” Ye Zifeng suddenly asked.

The girl’s face was filled with shock, “We’ve don’t know each other… how do you know that I’m from the Wang clan?”

This girl was called Wang Mengxi, Wang Tianzhi and Wang Lin’s third sister. Her looks were only alright and could barely be called a beauty.

When she said that they don’t know each other, she meant that Ye Zifeng shouldn’t know her. She on the other hand, knew who Ye Zifeng was. Afterall, who didn’t know who Ye Zifeng was after what he did five years ago.

“I guessed.” Ye Zifeng shrugged.

“Guessed?” Wang Mengxi didn’t believe him.

“Well I’m not randomly guessing either. In Leizhou City, only the younger generation of the other great clans can come out of the illusion realm before me. Since the Liu clan isn’t participating, only people from the Wang clan can be ahead of me. Since you’re here, you’re probably waiting for the other clan members right?”

Hearing this, Wang Mengxi nodded, “So that’s it. Not bad. You’re right. I’m Wang Mengxi form the Wang clan. I heard that Ye Zifeng was a dumb and stupid coward but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

“These people can call me whatever they want. But one day, they will regret it. For those who wants to hurt me, I, Ye Zifeng, will remember them and pay the debt back ten fold!”

Ye Zifeng glared at Wang Mengxi with a fierce expression. When he gets his revenge, he will not discriminate. As long as they’ve offended him, whether they’re a guy or a girl, whether they’re pretty or ugly, he will exact his revenge.


Wang Mengxi started to sweat profusely. The person in front of her did not seem like a qi refining stage kid at all. Instead, he looked like a supreme expert.

Ye Zifeng coughed and right when he wanted to continue going up, Wang Mengxi suddenly called out, “Ye Zifeng, wait a bit!”

“What do you want? Don’t waste my stair climbing time.” Ye Zifeng raised his brows and turned around.

Wang Mengxi pursed her lips up and spoke, “Stay here and wait with me. Don’t go up. It’s very dangerous up there. After an hour, the people who can reach the 39th level should be less than 15. If you can get in the top 15, then the Ye clan can gain quite a bit of glory.

“That’s too bad. I’m not satisfied with being in the top 15.” Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head.

“You…. Listen to my warning!”

Of course, Ye Zifeng can see that this was only an excuse. The heavenly stairs formation isn’t dangerous at all. The real dangerous ones are the people who are maintaining the formation. He knew that Wang Mengxi knows that there are judges who will mess with him when he goes up.

“Heh. It seems like you’re a completely different person compared to your brother Wang Lin….” Ye Zifeng laughed.

“What do you mean?” Wang Mengxi was startled by Ye Zifeng’s words.

“I’m complimenting you…..”

Right after that, Ye Zifeng jumped up to the 40th level.

However, when he foot reach the ground, he felt a strong pressure pressing on top of him. It made it very hard for him to breathe.

“The Path of Suffering?” Ye Zifeng was startled.

“Ahhhh.” His entire body was in pain. If felt as if each and every cell in his body was being attacked by millions of small bugs. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had prepared himself before stepping onto the 40th level, he would have definitely fainted and rolled down the stairway. Right now, Ye Zifeng was kneeling down, trying to gather his energy.

Entering the Path of Suffering after leaving the illusionary realm will give any cultivator a big blow to their mental strength.

Even though Ye Zifeng knew that the pain was fake, and that it will all be gone after he leaves the Path of Suffering, he was still greatly affected by it.

However, this was nothing compared to what he had experienced in his past life. Once, he had used himself as a guinea pig and ate 100 different pills until his body almost exploded. Since he was able to endure something like that, this kind of fictitious pain was nothing compared to that!

“Come on!” Ye Zifeng yelled out and stood up. He started to climb the stairway slowly.

41st level! 42nd level…… 50th level. Along with the painful expression that he was showing, he had a smile on his face. To be able to smile under such circumstances, it wasn’t something that anyone could do.

Seeing this smile, the elders and the experts from Tiandao City were all shocked.

“Ye Zifeng…. He. Is he really at the fourth stage of qi refining? Is this really his first time participating in the gathering?”

“To be able to handle so much pain as a mere fourth stage qi refiner. His willpower and mental strength is very strong. Even in Tiandao City, there aren’t many people in the younger generation that can match his willpower.

The ones who were the most shocked was Elder Shen and Elder Zhao. They messed with the formation and made Ye Zifeng experience 2x more pain than normal. This was why Ye Zifeng felt such an impact when he first reached the 40th level. Who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng would stand up and continue to climb. It seems like no matter how much the elders messed with the formation, Ye Zifeng would continue to climb.

If this keeps going, then even Wang Tianzhi who was at the 55th level would be surpassed by Ye Zifeng.

Elder Shen glanced over at Elder Zhao. They were able to communicate their intents with just an exchange of glances. It seems like the only choice that they have now is to attack him with a soul attack.

To be able to force two peak level martial practitioner experts to use soul attacks on him, a fourth stage qi refining kid, Ye Zifeng really was something else. No one in the world would believe that the two experts would have to resort to soul attacks but they didn’t have any choice. If they don’t do it, then even if he stops on this level, he will definitely be in the top 10, maybe even the top 3. This will help the Ye clan gain a tremendous amount of glory.

“I’ll help you maintain the formation. You go.” Elder Shen looked at Elder Zhao and whispered.

“But….” Elder Zhao was starting to feel nervous.

“There’s no buts. If it keeps going like this, our reputations will be slandered. If we can’t even stop a fourth stage qi refiner here, then we’ll lose all of our face and the Ye clan will rise in power once again!” Elder Shen was determined.

“Alright fine!”

Elder Zhao took a deep breath and sent his soul into the formation……

At the same time, Ye Zifeng noticed the change in the formation. His heart shuddered and his painful smile turned into a cold smirk.

“So you’re finally coming to deal with me huh. I’ve been waiting…..”

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    I can see Ye Zifeng explaining how he was able to endure the path of suffering:
    “I was beaten even day by the young masters of the Wang, Xiao and Mu clans. For helping me train, I will surely return my ‘gratitude'”.

  2. JioFreedo says:

    the novel itself is the stairs, the translator is the leader who maintain the formation, and us readers are the student who climb at the stairs and now we enter the path of suffering same as Ye Zifeng

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