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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 31 – Bone Age Test

Chapter 31 – Bone Age Test
Translated by: Andy
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I was suppose to look over the chapter and release it at around 1AM. But then my friend wanted to do some late night gaming until 4AM ._.

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“Brother Zifeng, What did you feed me? Why do I feel my entire body getting hotter and hotter. What is this burning sensation?”

Ye Xueyi’s lovable body trembled as she tightly hugged herself. Sweat began to form and her breathing became harder and harder.

“Sis, don’t say anything. Come to my room quickly. I’ll help you circulate your qi around.”

Saying that, Ye Zifeng went and pulled her hand.

“Hold on.”

Suddenly, an unusual idea popped into Ye Xueyi’s head causing her face to become bright red.

“Brother Zifeng. This isn’t some sort of aphrodisiac……..right?”

Ye Zifeng’s face stiffened. When he came back to his senses, he bitterly laughed, “How can that be. What kind of person do you take me for? This is a special Soul Binding Pill. It will arouse your martial spirit’s hidden potentials so that’s why you are feeling a burning sensation.

“So it’s like that. Then it was my mistake. I’m sorry brother Zifeng.”

Ye Xueyi closed her mouth. Her face was still bright red and didn’t dare to look at Ye Zifeng anymore.

“Don’t worry about it…. In the future, if I really make some aphrodisiac or whatever, I wouldn’t be such a beast and use it on my own sister.” Ye Zifeng put his hand up, swearing that he wouldn’t do something like this.

“So you’re planning on making some in the future…..” Ye Xueyi pouted playfully.

Ye Zifeng helplessly chuckled, “Okay. Let’s go in the room to rest. I still have to help you circulate your qi around…..”

“Okay! Thanks brother Zifeng.” Ye Xueyi appreciated the fact that Ye Zifeng had spent an entire day concocting this pill for her.

Thus, she obediently entered Ye Zifeng’s room and allowed him to help her circulate her qi. With every circulation, she felt a strong power moving in her body. She was shocked at what was happening. The night passed very quickly.

The heavenly clan gathering, a once in five years competition that everyone in Leizhou City pays attention to. It was a competition where large clans can show off their strength and small clans can rise in power. There were around thirty something clans in Leizhou City. Each clan were allowed to send three people to participate, totaling to around 100 participants.

According to the rules, only people under the age of twenty five can participate. Thus, most of the participants are in the qi refining stage.

As the host of the competition, the Spirit Ashen Sect invited seven martial practitioner realm experts from outside to make sure the competition was fair and impartial. They also had three of their elders help host the gathering as well.

Early next morning, there were many people waiting outside of the sect. Seeing that the gathering did not start yet, the people of the Ye clan decided to walk around.

“Hey look. Isn’t that the trash Ye Zifeng? Why is he here at the heavenly clan gathering? Is the Ye clan planning to use him as a cannon fodder?”

“That’s enough. Don’t call him trash anymore. That’s all in the past. Didn’t you hear about how he completed the thunder rhino mission from the sect? While completing the mission, he killed three thunder rhinos!”

“Three thunder rhinos? Really? Wow that’s impressive. It seems like I have to re-evaluate this Ye Zifeng.

“That’s not all. I heard that Miss Bingqian has a very close relationship with Ye Zifeng. You have to be careful if you want to talk about him. If Miss Bingqian overhears you talking about him and you offend her, she will never concoct pills for your clan again. Anyways, why isn’t Miss Bingqian here yet?”

“Are you stupid? The Liu clan was the winner of the last gathering. According to the rules, they will be the last clan to compete. Why would Miss Bingqian come here so early? Alright, let’s stop gossiping. Look. There comes Ye Chongtian and the Ye clan members.”

Everyone stopped gossiping and shut their mouths. They stopped talking about Ye Zifeng. None of them wanted to offend the Ye clan. Although the Ye clan had fallen, Ye Chongtian is still an expert at the Martial Soul stage and was one of the strongest beings in Leizhou City.

“Wow. It’s so quiet and peaceful today.” Ye Zifeng felt refreshed.

Ye Xueyi giggled, “Yeah. Well since brother Zifeng did so many unbelievable things, all those people who laughed at you before finally shut their mouths. This is great!”

Ye Huichi laughed as well, “Heh. Even though you got rid of your status as a trash, you still have that status as a coward…”

“Ye Huichi. What do you mean by that.” An angry expression appeared on Ye Xueyi’s face.

“What do I mean by that? You can ask him yourself. During the last gathering, didn’t he run away? He didn’t even have enough courage to participate. After that, he became the laughing stock of the entire city!”

Ye Zifeng sighed. His “past” was giving him a headache.

“You’re right. However, like you said, that was in the past. We’re living in the present right now. Just you wait and see. This time, at the heavenly clan gathering, I will erase my past embarrassments and make a name for myself.”

Ye Huichi was startled and with a sour tone he replied, “Cousin, your ability to bluff is getting better and better. Fine. I wait for the results.”

“Alright stop talking. There’s someone coming out.” Seeing how these kids were going against each other, Ye Chongtian felt worried.

At this time, a Martial Practitioner elder came out of the sect. It was Lin Ke, one of the three great elders of the sect.

When he appeared, everyone shut their mouths and lined up.

“The heavenly clan gathering will be starting soon. Please line up and wait for me to administer the bone age test to you. If any clan wants to cheat, then don’t even think about participating in the gathering in the future.

“No way. No one said anything about a bone age test!”

“Yeah. I wasn’t notified about it at all.” A few fairly new small clans who didn’t know about this started to complain. They wanted to take advantage of the situation and bring some of their stronger juniors in. However their plans backfired. They weren’t able find a replacement fast enough so they had to enter with just one or two people.

Shi Chen’s clan was one of these small clans. After his older brother and sister had to drop out, he was the only one participating. Originally, he wanted to watch the competition as a participant, but now, now he had to actually try and gain glory for his clan.

Elder Lin coldly looked at everyone, “When we handed out the invitations, we clearly told everyone that people above the age of twenty five cannot participate. Since you guys tried to cheat, you got what you deserved.”

Saying that, he went up to the first person in line and felt his meridians, “Okay. Almost 22 years old. Go in…..”


“Hmm….. 18 years old. Xue family’s youngster, you can go in too….”

Seeing that there was a bone age test, Ye Zifeng’s expression turned ugly.

“Brother Zifeng. What happened? Did you not get enough sleep last night? Are you not feeling well?” Ye Xueyi was worried after seeing Ye Zifeng’s expression change.

Ye Huichi chuckled, “Let me guess. Does your stomach hurt again? Do you want to run away like last time?”

Ye Zifeng didn’t pay any attention to Ye Huichi and gritted his teeth. He made up his mind and raised his hand. After he did that, Ye Huichi was shocked. He only wanted to joke around and didn’t think that Ye Zifeng would actually try to drop out.

“No way. Cousin Zifeng. Do you really want to drop out?”

“Of course not.” Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head.

“Elder Lin. Can I ask a question…..?”

“You bastard. Are you crazy?” Seeing Ye Zifeng raise his hand, Ye Chongtian was startled. What in the world did Ye Zifeng want to do now? Did he want to embarrass the clan again? However, what Ye Chongtian didn’t know was that Ye Zifeng was actually worried about his bone age. He wasn’t sure about his bone age after crossing over. He didn’t know what kind of method the elder employed but it might cause some problems.

Everyone turned around and stared at Ye Zifeng. They didn’t know what he wanted to say but if he offends Elder Lin in any way, he would definitely get punished.

Elder Lin furrowed his brows and took two steps forward.

“If you have anything to say, say it quickly. Don’t waste everyone’s time.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Actually it’s nothing big. First of all, I would like to say that I agree with the way that the Elder is handling the process. However, I would like to ask the elder to not announce everyone’s age. You should know that there are many female cultivators here and it is sort of a taboo to say a girl’s age out loud…..”

No matter in what world, asking for a girl’s age and telling other people their age are considered a taboo. The girls here all wanted to say something but they were afraid that they would offend Elder Lin. Who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng would help them say something like this. Because of this, their view of Ye Zifeng changed dramatically.

Ye Xueyi giggled, “Brother Zifeng. I didn’t think that you would be considerate….” Ye Xueyi also didn’t want everyone in the arena to know about her age.

Ye Zifeng smiled and remained silent.

Borrowing this chance that Ye Zifeng created, many of the girls started to speak up as well. The entire place was filled with noise and that forced Elder Lin to change the way he did things.

Elder Lin looked at Ye Zifeng with admiration. With just a few words, he was able to create such a motion. It seems like Ye Zifeng is a person with high integrity.

“Alright then. I won’t be announcing the ages anymore. From now on, I’ll just announce if you pass or not.”

Elder Lin sighed and continued to administer the test, “You pass….”

“You also pass….”

One by one, people started to enter the sect slowly. In just a bit, it was Ye Zifeng’s turn.

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