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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 30 – Special Soul Binding Pill

Chapter 30 – Special Soul Binding Pill
Translated by: Andy
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Sponsored by: Anderson Miguel Silva de Oliveira, Edward Schave!

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After receiving a beating from Ye Zifeng, Wang Lin limped home while shamelessly covering his face. It was already very late when he reached his house. He didn’t bother stopping by the main hall to greet his father and went straight towards his room.

“Hey little bro. Where did you hang out today that made you come home so late? Did you eat dinner yet?” A strong handsome youth looked at Wang Lin and questioned.

This person was none other than Wang Lin’s older brother, Wang Tianzhi. His cultivation level was already at the peak of qi refining. The two brothers were very close. Every since they were young, they went through thick and thin together. Because of that, they always looked out for eachother.

Wang Lin answered dispiritedly, “None of your business.”

Wang Tianzhi was startled. Since they’ve rolled together from a young age, Wang Tianzhi knew Wang Lin’s character very well. He knew that Wang Lin was beat up by someone. Without saying anything, he walked towards Wang Lin and grabbed his shoulder.

“Lil bro, move your hands…. Let me see your face….”

Wang Lin furrowed his brows, “I told you already. It’s none of your business!”

Wang Tianzhi felt that something was strange. He forcefully moved Wang Lin’s hands away and took a good look at his face. Every part of Wang Lin’s face was swelling. It looked like a pig head.

“This….” Seeing this scene, Wang Tianzhi became very angry. There weren’t many people in Leizhou City who dared to bully his little brother.

“Lil bro, tell me the truth. Which bastard did this to you? I’ll help you take care of him! You big bro is at the peak of qi refining. There aren’t many people who can fight against me!”

Wang Lin sighed and expressionlessly shook his head, “No need. I’ve already decided not to bother him anymore.”

Wang Tianzhi stared at Wang Lin, “Bro, did you eat the wrong medicine or something? Normally, if someone bullies you, you would definitely pay them back by a hundredfold! When did you become such a sissy?”

“Who’s a sissy? Do you think I don’t want to get revenge on him?”

Wang Tianzhi started to think and randomly guessed, “I recall that you’ve been messing with this Ye Zifeng kid. Last time, you were beaten by him…and you called five of your bros out today…. Could it be that the five of you guys all lost against him?”

Wang Lin’s expression sank. His big brother had hit a sore spot.

“You really lost? Five against one and you still lost? Didn’t you say that he was only at the third stage of qi refining….?” Wang Tianzhi had a shocked expression on his face.

Wang Lin sighed, “No. He’s already at the fourth stage of qi refining.”

“So what if he’s at the fourth stage. Aren’t you guys in the fourth stage as well? Now that I think about it, didn’t you bring someone who was at the fifth stage of qi refining? You guys should’ve been able to beat him one on one…..”

Wang Lin shook his head, “We couldn’t beat him at all…. Also, I’ve already made a blood oath to not bother him anymore. Don’t butt into this anymore.”

In the past, whenever Wang Lin loses to someone, he would immediately find Wang Tianzhi to get revenge for him. However this time, Wang Lin offended the cautious minded Ye Zifeng who made him take a blood oath.

“You made a blood oath? Then this is a bit problematic. If I were to help you and teach him a lesson, I might hurt you in the process….” Wang Tianzhi awkwardly sighed.

Wang Lin had a pitiful look on his face, “Big bro. Do you have any way to cancel a blood oath? I can’t deal with this guy’s arrogance!”

Wang Lin had given Ye Zifeng a hundred gold coins, a interspatial ring and a precious treasure dagger. Then he was made to take a blood oath. After that he was beaten up. As a spoiled second generation noble, he could not take such a humiliation!

“This….. Unless a Martial Lord comes and help you cancel the blood oath, then you should follow it accordingly. However….”

Wang Lin looked sad until he heard that last word.

“However what?”

“However, as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with you, and I’m not beating up this guy for you, then I think the effects of blood oath won’t be triggered.” Wang Tianzhi smiled.

Wang Lin suspiciously looked at his older brother and asked, “What do you mean?”

Wang Tianzhi laughed, “Did you forget? Leizhou City’s Heavenly Clan Gathering is next week. If Ye Zifeng dares to participate, then I’ll definitely teach him a lesson!”

Wang Lin understood what his brother meant. During the gathering, all of the younger generation would fight for their own clan’s glory. If his brother were to beat Ye Zifeng up, he can say that he was trying to gain glory for his clan. It was a great opportunity for Wang Lin to get revenge.”

“Big brother. Each clan must send three people to participate. My cultivation level is too low so I won’t be able to participate. I hope you can tell second brother and third sister about this and have them teach Ye Zifeng a lesson too!”

Wang Tianzhi laughed loudly, “Good! Even without Ye Zifeng, I would’ve taught those people in the Ye clan a lesson anyways. We have to completely suppress them and not give them a chance to return to their position as one of the three great clans.”

On the other hand, Ye Zifeng was alone in the wilderness concorting pills. He was preparing for the Heavenly Clan Gathering.

He used the phantom ginseng, demonic fog grass and the other ingredients to create a pill that can defend against soul attacks. It was a special pill that was much more complicated to concoct than the Thunder Spirit Pill and the Golden Marrow Pill. Without the help of his ghost flames, it would take more than a night to finish.

However, once he concocts this pill, he can guarantee that there is no one in Leizhou City who can penetrate his soul defense. Afterall, there were not many people who knows about this pill in the world, let alone in Leizhou City.

During the gathering, the usage of pills and items was prohibited. However, eating a special pill before hand was technically not against the rules. Even if it was, it will be hard for the judges to detect such pill in his body.

“I’ve failed again. It seems like it’s not my day today. Let’s wait until tomorrow….” Using his fourth stage of qi refining qi to concoct pills was a bit too exhausting.

The second day, the third day… Each day passed very quickly until it was finally the night before the gathering.

“Xueyi, why isn’t Zifeng back yet?” Ye Chongtian was pacing back and forth in his private study. It was very late already and there was still no sign of Ye Zifeng.

Ye Xueyi thought about it and then nodded, “Oh yeah. In the sect, brother Zifeng told me that he might not return until the day of the gathering.”

“Hmph. That good for nothing. He probably went out to fool around again to take some pressure off himself!” Ye Chongtian cursed. However, deep down, he was worried for Ye Zifeng. He was afraid that something had happened to him.

“No way father. Didn’t you notice that Brother Zifeng is different from before? He doesn’t go out to play around anymore!” Ye Xueyi was very confident in her brother.

“This….. No matter what he’s doing, he should’ve came back tonight. The gathering is tomorrow!”

Ye Chongtian was very worried. His son had changed too much recently. This made him start to worry about his son even more now. Maybe Ye Zifeng can bring the Ye clan back to it’s former glory days. He didn’t want his son to be in some sort of accident before the big gathering.

At that time, Ye Zifeng’s voice could be heard coming from the gate.

“Father, did you hear that? Brother Zifeng’s back!” Ye Xueyi excitingly yelled out.

Ye Chongtian was finally relieved of his worries.

“It’s good that he came back. That’s good.” Ye Chongtian let out a long sigh. If Ye Zifeng didn’t come back, and he had to participate with two people, he would be the laughing stock of the entire city.

Ye Zifeng ran into the study with a happy look on his face, “I did it! I did it!”

Ye Xueyi and Ye Chongtian looked at the scene. They had never seen Ye Zifeng so excited before and wondered what had happened.

“Brother Zifeng, what happened? Why are you so happy?” Ye Xueyi asked.

When Ye Zifeng saw Ye Chongtian, he calmed down and suppressed his excitement. He pulled Xueyi’s hands and said, “Xueyi, come with me. I have something to give you!”

Ye Xueyi looked at her father. After getting Ye Chongtian’s approval, she followed Ye Zifeng and ran out.

“Brother Zifeng, what do you want to give me?” Ye Xueyi excitedly looked at Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng was getting impatient, “Come Xueyi. Eat this pill. It’ll be useful for when you participate in the gathering tomorrow!”

“Pill? Brother Zifeng. You spent these few days concocting pills?

“That’s right.” Ye Zifeng nodded and retrieved a small box from his sleeve. There was a blood red translucent pill in the box.

“What is this pill….. It looks like it doesn’t taste good.” Ye Xueyi hesitated.

“Come on lil sis, who cares if it tastes bad. I put a lot of work into making this pill. This pill will increase your soul defense by a lot. It is a special pill made for the heavenly clan gathering! After many sleepless nights, I finally succeeded in making two pills.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that he wanted to make one for Ye Xueyi as well, Ye Zifeng would’ve returned home a day earlier.

Hearing this, she was a bit scared, “Brother Zifeng. You really want me to eat it?” Ye Xueyi had never taken any kind of pills in her life. She was able to get to the 8th stage of qi refining by purely relying on her talents and hard work.

“Come on. If you don’t eat it soon, this Soul Binding Pill will melt!”

“Okay!” Without saying anything else, she reluctantly swallowed the pill. In a split second, a one of a kind unprecedented feeling rushed through her body.

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