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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 28 – One against Five

Chapter 28 – One against Five
Translated by: Andy
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Actually, without Zifeng calling them out, they would’ve ganged up on him together. However, Zifeng calling them all out actually had the opposite effect.

“All of us? Ye Zifeng. Don’t be so arrogant. Don’t look down on us and think that you can beat all of us by yourself!””

“Stop talking rubbish with him. If he wants us all to go at him then we’ll comply. Let’s see how arrogant he can be after we beat him up.”

Ye Zifeng’s cold expression was filled with a murderous aura. He didn’t like to bully people who were weaker than him. However, these people wanted to walk right into their own graves, so Ye Zifeng had no reason to let them go.

“If you guys aren’t afraid, then come try me.”

“Brother Lin…..” Two of Wang Lin’s bros were startled by Ye Zifeng’s gaze. They looked at Wang Lin and was waiting for his command.

Wang Lin’s face sank, “Don’t look at me! Ye Zifeng is only one person. Why should we be scared of him. Take out your weapons!”

After Wang Lin sent out his command, the four people behind him all took out a rod and pointed it towards Ye Zifeng. They were used to ganging up on people and overpowering them. However, they don’t want to take anyone’s lives so they only use a rod as a weapon.

Seeing all of this, Ye Zifeng shook his head.

“We’re all cultivators. We should be using our qi to decide this matter. There’s no need to use this kind of weapons. It’ll just hold you back.”

Wang Lin chuckled, “Stop talking rubbish. For people under the fifth stage of qi refining, their qi is very weak and unstable. Using a weapon is much better than using qi at our level.”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Don’t blame your own inabilities on your qi. You guys are simply degenerates of all us cultivators. Let me teach you guys how someone under the fifth stage of qi refining uses his qi.”

“Fucking bullshit. You’re looking to die!” Wang Lin could not hold in his anger anymore. He gave the signal to attack and all five of them flew towards Ye Zifeng.

“Hahaha….. Come on!”

Ye Zifeng made some seals with his hands and roared. He punched out at the unlucky person who was in the front. His fist landed on the rod and the rod exploded due to the sheer force of his punch. The punch continued moving forward and landed on the guy’s chest. The victim spat out a mouthful of blood and grasped his chest. He was in an immense of pain.

“I’m not done yet.” After punching the guy, he stomped on his arms and punched his chest a few more times. A painful cry could be heard. When Wang Lin and the others arrived to surround him, Ye Zifeng moved quickly and left their encirclement.

If it was anyone else, they would turn around and run with their tails between their legs if five people with similar cultivation level ganged up on them. Ye Zifeng however, charged forward and took the initiative to attack. Ye Zifeng was experienced. He took advantage of the opponent’s momentum and turned it around against them. Doing this, he was able to take down one of their members before the real fight even started.

“And then there were four…..” Ye Zifeng smiled.

“This guy doesn’t have much qi. How can he do something like this? He attacked with no hesitation at all. It feels like he’s an experienced killer.” The group looked at what Ye Zifeng did and became scared.

“I might not be able to win against all five of you, but I can guarantee that the first person who attacks will suffer!”

Using what just happened to his advantage, he was able to give some pressure to Wang Lin and his group of goons.

Wang Lin looked left and right at his bros and had a cowardly expression on his face. This was because he liked to bully people who were weaker than him. Now that he realize how strong Ye Zifeng was, he was feeling scared.

“You go!”

“What the fuck? Why should I go and attack first? Why don’t you go?” The group argued with each other, none of them wanting to strike first.

“You go!” Wang Lin pushed one of them forward. The one who was pushed looked over at Ye Zifeng and then at Wang Lin. He was scared and didn’t want to go.

“Bunch of good for nothing. Fine. We’ll just all go and attack together!”

Wang Lin threw his rod to the side and used his Wind Splitting Fist to attack. The others didn’t care about whether they killed Ye Zifeng anymore and all used their strongest attacks. They all attacked at the same time.

Ye Zifeng sighed, “I did tell you guys to all attack at the same time…. Come on!”

Ye Zifeng lifted his fist and gathered his qi into his arms. A golden light started to surround his arm.

“Qi solidification with a golden light? No way. Aren’t you at the third stage of qi refining? When did you break through to the fourth stage?” Wang Lin was shocked. Last time, he was already beaten badly by Ye Zifeng who was at the third stage. This time he got a few brothers who were at the fourth or even one at the fifth stage to try and take care of him. But who would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng had broken through to the fourth stage!

Ye Zifeng fiercely punched the ground. The ray of golden light entered the ground and exploded. A loud explosion could be heard and the ground exploded, causing Wang Lin and his friends to be off balance. In front of Ye Zifeng a giant fissure appeared and a giant rock flew towards Wang Lin.

“It’s too bad that you guys found out too late.” Ye Zifeng shook his head.

This caught Wang Lin and his friends in surprise. The tremendous force behind the rock knocked them all down upon impact. The rock shattered and the pieces landed all over their bodies.

One of the 2nd generation nobles who was down forced himself back up with great difficulty. He saw Ye Zifeng’s shadow coming towards him and tried to run away. However, Ye Zifeng grabbed him by his collar and threw him towards the pile of rocks near the fissure. The kid’s head hit the rocks straight on and fell unconscious.

“And then there were three….” Ye Zifeng stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin shook his head and angrily yelled, “No way. You’re at the fourth stage of qi refining. I’m at the fourth stage too and we also have someone who’s at the fifth stage. How did you beat us like this? How are you so strong?”

Ye Zifeng coldly laughed, “It’s simple. The way that you guys cultivate suck. You guys take things for granted and don’t cultivate seriously. You guys like to bully the weak, but in reality you guys are the weak ones. How could you call me strong?”

Wang Lin had a strange look in his eyes, “But. No matter how we we are, we should also be stronger than a trash like you…..”

Ye Zifeng looked deep into Wang Lin’s eyes and smiled.

“I’ve told you already. I’m not the same Ye Zifeng that I was before. You need to remember that!”

Wang Lin was startled. He was speechless.

From Ye Zifeng’s point of view, fighting against five people that was like Wang Lin was easy. They posed no threat to him at all.

“Brother Lin, are we still going to fight? I’m afraid that we aren’t his opponent.”

“Yeah brother Lin. Ye Zifeng is too cruel. Two of our brothers are knocked unconscious already!”

Wang Lin fiercely stared at him, “You guys accepted my money and now that you can’t win, you want to run?”

Ye Zifeng smiled and looked at the two people who stood in front of Wang Lin.

“You guys want to run? That’s fine with me. I, Ye Zifeng don’t have any grudges against you guys. I don’t want to hurt you guys if I don’t have to. You guys can leave, but Wang Lin stays behind.” When he said those last words, a murderous aura emitted from his body.

The two people’s faces sank. They looked at each other and decided.

Ye Zifeng was like the devil. With just a few words, he was able to persuade them to leave.

“Okay. We’re leaving!”

“Brother Lin. We’re sorry. We’ll help you with some other things in the future if we have the chance.”

The one thing that people were afraid of the most during a battle wasn’t a strong opponent. It was a friend betraying you. Right now, Wang Lin was feeling very dismayed.

“If you guys run away today, don’t ever think about getting benefits from the Wang clan anymore! Also don’t ever call me brother again.” Wang Lin was very angry. The was a sense of defeat in his tone. If his two friends ran away, he won’t be able to hold Ye Zifeng down by himself. Ye Zifeng would definitely not let him go.

“Who cares if you don’t think of us as brothers anymore. Other than your Wang clan, we can still follow the Liu clan. We can also go and follow the Xiao clan as well. Following them would be way better than following a self-centered stuck up brat like you.” The two knew that they had no chance with Wang Lin anymore so they let out all their thoughts about him.

“You!” Wang Lin was so angry that he was about to faint.

The two wanted to continue slandering Wang Lin but Ye Zifeng interferred.

“Stop talking. If you want to leave then leave!” Ye Zifeng didn’t want to dirty his hands by beating these two. If they kept talking rubbish, he would’ve ended them himself.

“Let’s go. Let’s go.” The two of them looked into Ye Zifeng’s eyes and immediately ran away.

“And then there was one….”

Seeing how the situation had turned against him, Wang Lin wanted to run as well. However Ye Zifeng suddenly struck out against him and knocked him down.

“Wang Lin. We’re not done with each other yet. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

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