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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 27 – All of you. Come at me!

Chapter 27 – All of you. Come at me!
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:

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Ye Zifeng was just standing there, not talking at all. Looking at how Ye Zifeng was reacting, Bingqian thought that her idea caused him to become angry. A hint of disappointment appeared on her face.

“Sooooo? Do you think it’s a bad idea? It’s fine if you don’t like it.”

Ye Zifeng came back to his sense, “No no no….. I was silent because I was shocked at how great this idea is. This is a great idea. You can buy me for a month. Miss Bingqian, thank you for your help. You really saved me there.” One hundred contribution points wasn’t much. But to Ye Zifeng, it was as if Bingqian had sent him some coal during a snow storm.

After crossing over, there were not many people were truly kind to him. There was Xueyi and now there’s Bingqian. And also…… Shi Chen can somewhat count…..

Bingqian immediately smiled and looked at him, “This isn’t much. As a friend, this is the least that I can do. Alright now.. What are you waiting for…. Go and get your ingredients.”

“Many thanks to Miss Bingqian…!”

Even though he had lived two lives, he had never experienced true love. Everyone that he came in contact with were filled with pretense and had ulterior motives. Although he was in a few romantic situations, most of them did not feel real at all, thus he didn’t know how to truly deal with women.

Looking at how Ye Zifeng was like a child when he picked the ingredients, Bingqian smiled, “Oh right. Big brother rough guy, don’t call me Miss Bingqian anymore. You can just call me Bingqian….”

“Okay Bingqian.” Ye Zifeng blurted out. He was concentrating on finding the right ingredients and unconsciously went along with what she said.

Bingqian began to tear up. Ever since she was little, she followed her master, the old devil from the Muyun clan, around and studied alchemy. She rarely had the chance to make friends much less a male friend. This feeling that she had was very different and indescribable.

“Phantom Ginseng, Demonic Fog Grass…. And lastly, this Chasing Dust Fruit. Okay. Everything’s here….”

Bingqian looked at him and confusingly asked, “Big brother, what kind of pill are you making? I can’t even tell what kind of pill these ingredients will make….”

Ye Zifeng had a mysterious smile, “Hehe…. This…. Is a secret!”

Bingqian became more and more curious, “What? Come on. Tell me about it. I’m your benefactor. If I wasn’t here, you won’t be able to get these ingredients.”

Ye Zifeng thought about it and smiled, “Okay. Since you’ve helped me out, I’ll tell you something. I’m gonna make a pill for the Heavenly clan gathering next week.

Bingqian was shocked, “You’re participating in the gathering with such low level of cultivation? Doesn’t your family have anyone stronger?”

“Well I mean…. The gathering isn’t testing how high your cultivation is…. Don’t judge me by my cultivation. Maybe I rise all the way to the top during the gathering!” Ye Zifeng smiled.


Bingqian giggled and looked at him. She didn’t put a single word that he said to mind. As a cultivator at the peak of qi refining, even she wasn’t so confident about rising all the way to the top.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “It’s up to you whether you believe me or not.”

“Fine. Then we’ll meet at the gathering. Maybe we’ll become opponents. If that happens, then I might even hold back let you win!” Bingqian smiled.

“Miss Bingqian is sure considerate. Then I’ll thank you in advance.”

Bingqian furrowed her brows, “What did I tell you to call me before?”

“Senior sister Bingqian???”

“Junior sister Bingqian????”

Bingqian flipped and yelled, “You… If you’re gonna act like this….. Give me back those ingredients!”

“Hey Hey. You can’t go back on your words!” Ye Zifeng was startled. The ingredients were very important to him. He’d rather lose face than lose his ingredients.

“It’s a woman’s specialty to go back on her words!”

“Fine fine.” Ye Zifeng forced a smiled and reluctantly said, “Bingqian…”

After seeing the usually calm and imposing Ye Zifeng with such an awkward expression on his face, Bingqian laughed, “Okay okay. I’m not gonna play with you anymore. You wasted so much time looking at the ingredients already. It’s getting late so you should go home….’

“Huh?” Ye Zifeng was confused, “But… How can I take these ingredients from you for free. I didn’t even talk to you about alchemy yet. This… this isn’t fair for you.”

Bingqian smiled, “Heh. Do you think you can actually help me out? I do admit that your way of alchemy is better than mine. But with your cultivation level, you can only make a small amount of pills at a time. The sect wants me to create a large amount of Spirit Tempering Pills. You won’t be able to help me.

Ye Zifeng didn’t retort. If Bingqian didn’t want his help then that’s better for him. He didn’t want to waste his precious time just to be with her anyways.

Ye Zifeng smiled back and changed the topic, “The Heavenly Clan Gathering is so close and you’re still focusing on making pills? Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to get a good rank at the gathering?”

“Uhh…. I’ll practice when I need to….”

Ye Zifeng was somewhat surprised and then laughed, “Practice when you need to? Aren’t you being a bit too cocky.”

However Bingqian wasn’t being cocky or anything. Even though she is talented, she relied on many pills to reach the peak of qi refining stage. Now that she’s there, she has to overcome a huge bottleneck before she can advance to the next realm. There wasn’t any use in practicing at all. She needed some sort of enlightenment to advance.

“Haha. I’ll show you that you that even geniuses can be knocked down if they don’t practice.” Ye Zifeng laughed in an imposing manner.

Bingqian smirked and then replied, “Okay. Is that so? Then I’ll have to see what kind of abilities you have to back up your words next week.

After saying goodbye to Bingqian, Ye Zifeng walked to where he hid the furnace.

Leaving the furnace in the wilderness will allow Ye Zifeng to have some peace while concocting pills but it will also bring some trouble.

“How long are you guys going to follow me? Just come out.” Ye Zifeng sighed and turned around.

Five people walked out from behind a shrub. It was Wang Lin and some of his friends who were all at around the same level as Wang Lin.

“Ye Zifeng. You have guts. You knew that we were following you and yet you brought yourself to this desolate place outside of the city. Are you tired of living?” One of the guys fiercely yelled at Ye Zifeng.

Hatred filled Wang Lin’s eyes and he coldly said, “Bros, when we capture Ye Zifeng, let me cripple his arms and legs!”

His arm was broken by Ye Zifeng before and even after using some expensive medicine, there was still some pain lingering. When he heard the news that Ye Zifeng had returned to the sect, he went and looked for a few brothers and followed Ye Zifeng.

“Huh? Where’s Xiao Mu? Why didn’t he come? Aren’t you guys bros?” Ye Zifeng looked around.

Wang Lin’s expression became stiff. He did go and find Xiao Mu but Xiao Mu didn’t want to offend Bingqian. After hearing about Ye Zifeng’s relationship with Bingqian, Wang Lin was startled. However, he was unable to hold himself back and wanted revenge on Ye Zifeng.

“The reason why he didn’t come is because we can deal with you ourselves!”


Ye Zifeng saw Wang Lin’s expression and had already guessed the real reason why Xiao Mu didn’t come.

One reason that Xiao Mu didn’t join these fools was because he was afraid of Bingqian. However there was another reason why he didn’t gang up with these people. The Xiao clan was not as strong as the Wang clan so Xiao Mu was guaranteed a spot in the Heavenly Clan Gathering unlike Wang Lin. Xiao Mu could wait until then to get his revenge and no one would be able to do anything to him.

“Wang Lin. Why are you bothering me so much. Don’t you know that I, Ye Zifeng, am not the same softy that you can casually bully anymore.

Wang Lin coldly chuckled, “Well there’s only one way to find out! Brothers, Let’s go!”

Ye Zifeng was very annoyed with these people. If he can run from them once, they’ll continuously bother him so he might as well finish them off right now.

“It looks like I have to teach you guys a lesson.” Ye Zifeng had a fierce expression.

“Brother Lin. This Ye Zifeng brat is being too arrogant. Why don’t we just kill him. We’re in an isolated area anyways. No one will know that we killed him.’

“Yeah. That’s right. Brother Lin, go kill him. We’re all brothers so we won’t tell anyone.”

Although Wang Lin hated Ye Zifeng, he was a coward. He didn’t have to courage to kill him.

“Let’s not talk about killing him…. No matter how weak the Ye clan is, Ye Chongtian is still an expert in the Martial Spirit realm. If he finds out somehow and gets angry, we’ll all be dead.”

Hearing the name Ye Chongtian, Wang Lin’s brothers all shivered and threw away the idea of killing Ye Zifeng.

“Hahaha….” Ye Zifeng suddenly laughed.

“What’re you laughing at?” Wang Lin stared blankly at Ye Zifeng. Ye Zifeng was surrounded by a group of people and not only is he not begging for mercy, he is actually laughing. This caused Wang Lin to feel nervous.

“I’m laughing at how you guys are thinking so hard. You’re all talking like my life is in your hands already….Don’t just stand there. All of you. Come at me!”

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  1. Reiji Ozora says:

    I see “concorting” a lot when these chapters are posted.. But that is not actually a word. The word that should be used is “concocting”.

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    Cupcake +1 for Andy. Thanks for getting this out after such a late class. I know how difficult that must be!

    I’m always curious how an author goes about transitioning a character of this type (mechanical, non-experienced in romance MC) into someone that can handle it and it be an integral part of the story(since it’s under the genre. A lot of Chinese authors have a hard time with this, I think. “Subtle romance” does not count for anything lol.

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