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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 26 – I’ll buy you for a month!

Chapter 26 – I’ll buy you for a month!
Translated by: Andy
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Bingqian looked coldly at Xiao Mu. With just one glance, she can tell that this guy is a dandy and not very benevolent. She hated this kind of people.

“You want me to move away?”

Xiao Mu smiled, “Yes Miss Bingqian. I hope that you can move away from here. This one can’t thank you enough if you do so.”

“Then let me tell you this, NO WAY!” Bingqian solemnly stared at Xiao Mu

Hearing this, Xiao Mu’s expression immediately changed and clenched his fist.

A hint of coldness flashed in Bingqian’s eyes as she looked at everyone that was present. She then added a few words, “You guys want to bully a friend of mine? There’s no way I’ll let you do so.”

“Hold….. Hold on, Did you just say that he’s….your, Miss Bingqian’s friend?” Xiao Mu was shocked. His mouth was opened so wide that you could put a fist in it.

Originally everyone thought Bingqian came over because she disliked people like Xiao Mu and wanted to protect the weak.

Who would’ve guessed that Ye Zifeng was Miss Bingqian’s friend. Now, in the future, if anyone wanted to bully Ye Zifeng, they would have to think about the consequence that comes with it.

“You bastard… You actually made friends with Miss Bingqian. Now you can do whatever you want in the sect. Congratulations.” Xiao Mu’s mouth twitched. He had a sinister look in his eyes and fiercely stared at Ye Zifeng.

Bingqian lightly laughed and an embarrassing expression appeared on her face, “No. That’s not right. You guys got it wrong. He didn’t make friends with me. I was the one that asked him to be my friend…. Isn’t that right, big brother rough guy….”

While saying that she walked towards Ye Zifeng with a charming cute look on her face.

Just before, the people in the hall were still chattering. But now, after Bingqian said something like that, the entire hall became so quiet that one can hear the buzzing of a fly.

“Did you guys hear that? Miss Bingqian said that she was the one who asked him to be her friend….”

“Also, did she call him ‘big brother rough guy’?”

“Oh my god! I’m not dreaming right?”

Everyone looked at each other. Each and every person in the hall was filled with shock, not knowing if they were all in the same dream or not.

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows, “Our relationship…. Can you not talk about it so casually in the sect? It’s very awkward and embarrassing…..”

What Ye Zifeng didn’t realize was that his words not only did not clear up the situation, but it stirred things up even more.

“What kind of relationship do you guys have?” A few people curiously asked.

Bingqian cheerfully smiled and was about to answer, “Our relationship huh? Of course it’s…..”

“Alright. Stop. Let’s go. Let’s go to the treasury.” Ye Zifeng’s expression darkened, grabbed her hand and walked towards the west side of the sect.

Shi Chen who was there quickly yelled out, “Hey. That’s the wrong way. That way leads to the forest.”

Ye Zifeng embarrassingly turned around, looked at Shi Chen and nodded. He then walked Bingqian towards the east side. In a bit, they both disappeared from the people’s view. Xiao Mu wanted to block his path but he was afraid of Bingqian. All he could do was watch as Ye Zifeng swaggered away.

“Young master Xiao. What should we do about Ye Zifeng?”

“What else can we do? We’ll just get him next time. Besides, the Heavenly Clan Gathering is happening soon. When that time comes, if he has the guts to participate, I’ll teach him a lesson!” Xiao Mu coldly snorted with an annoyed expression.

Ye Zifeng walked with Bingqian until there was no other people in sight.

He then asked, “Alright. Why did you come looking for me?”

Bingqian pouted and replied, “I actually didn’t go looking for you. I was just passing by and coincidentally saw that there was a group of people surrounding someone. When I saw that it was you who was being surrounded, I went over and helped you out.”

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows and suspiciously looked at him, “Really? From what I know, disciples in the ninth stage of qi refining should leave class around an hour after me…..”

An awkward expression appeared on Bingqian’s face, “This……”

“Seeing how you’re thinking about it for so long, you must have lied to me about just passing by.” Ye Zifeng looked at Bingqian. With his exceptional perception, he was able to easily see through Bingqian’s lie.

Bingqian’s expression turned ugly and protested coquettishly, “Fine. You win. I sneaked out and waited at the front doors to find you.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Actually, I don’t need you to come find me. I would’ve gone to find you anyways.”

Bingqian’s face turned red as she stared at Ye Zifeng.

“Really?” She was a proud and arrogant girl. Who knows how many rich and pretty boys had tried to flirt with her. However she didn’t pay any attention to their words. But now, she felt a mysterious feeling building up inside and her heart was beating faster and faster due to Ye Zifeng’s words.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Yeah. I came to the sect for two reasons today. The first reason is that I promised my sister that I would attend the lectures. The other reason is so I can come find you…… for fifteen contribution points so I can get some more ingredients.” He couldn’t bear using the low quality ingredients in the pill shops. He wanted to get more contribution points and exchange them for high quality ingredients in the sect.

Hearing that Ye Zifeng had come to find her for contribution points, Bingqian’s expression changed immediately. The feeling that she had quickly faded away.

“You came to find me just for those fifteen contribution points huh? Not for any other reason?”

Ye Zifeng was startled by the fact that Bingqian’s tone had taken a 180 degree turn so suddenly. She was using a charming voice just before and now her voice was stern. He thought that it was strange. He didn’t say anything that offended her in any way.

“What other reason would there be? Miss Bingqian, did I say anything that offended you in any way just now?”

Bingqian dully smiled, “No. You didn’t say anything wrong. It’s just that I… Ah. Let’s not talk about this. Well I’m someone who keeps my words. Let’s go to the treasury and get some ingredients.”

“Then many thanks to Miss Bingqian.” Seeing how Bingqian had kept her promise, he felt really happy to have made a friend like her.

“Stop right there. Where do you think the treasury is? Do you think you can just casually walk in here without a contribution badge?”
(TL: I think they only give it out after the sect missions and then take it away when they leave.)

Right when Ye Zifeng reached the doors of the treasury, he was stopped by a guard.

Very quickly, Bingqian who was behind Ye Zifeng reached the doors as well.

“So you’re saying that without a contribution badge, even I, Bingqian can’t enter? Then you can go tell the elders that it’s not I who don’t want to concoct pills for them but rather I can’t due to the fact that there is a guard blocking my way.”

When the guard saw Bingqian, his expression turned very ugly, “Miss Bingqian! If it’s Miss Bingqian, then of course you can freely enter the treasury without any problems.”

“Good.” Bingqian nodded and then pointed at Ye Zifeng, “This is a friend of mine who is going to help me. I’m going to bring him in. There shouldn’t be any problems right?”


The guard was about to say something, but then he saw that Bingqian’s icy gaze and gulped.

Who knows what kind of fit this girl would throw, if she got angry. She might reject all of the sect’s elder’s requests to concoct pills if she was offended. This wasn’t something that a mere guard like him was willing to risk. If something went wrong, he would definitely be beheaded. All he could do was close his eyes and let Ye Zifeng in.

“This….. This is definitely not a problem! Miss Bingqian, if you need anything that’s within the scope of my ability, I will definitely help you out.

Bingqian smiled and looked at the guard, “Then you should remember this guy well. He’s going to come at random times and you will let him through.”

“Random times? This……” The guard had a difficult look in his eyes.

Bingqian smiled at him again, “If you do as you are told, I can say some good things about you when in front of the elders. You can even get a promotion. Of course, if you don’t and disappoint me then….. ‘ahem’…..”

WIth a chance at promotion, the guard had no reason to decline the offer anymore, “Don’t worry. Don’t say anything about random times, even if he came every day, the doors to the treasury will be opened to him!”

In the precious medicine cage.

“Wow. I would have never thought that your prestige was so high.” Ye Zifeng laughed.

“Of course, I am Leizhou City’s number one alchemist. If it’s not for the fact that my service is expensive, the amount of people who seek my service would create a line straight from the sect to my house.”

Bingqian was proud of herself. Suddenly she thought about how Ye Zifeng had concocted the Thunder Spirit Pill and looked over at him, “Big brother rough guy, you’re wasting your talents by hiding your ability. You’re knowledge in alchemy is so much better than mine. There are many things that I’ll have to ask for your guidance for.

“You’re too courteous…. Everytime I come over, I’m getting 15 contribution points. It’s an equivalent exchange and not some guidance.

While chatting, Ye Zifeng looked at the ingredients in the medicine cage and surprisingly said, “How come the ingredients are different from last time? Hmmm. So they can change over time.”

Seeing how Ye Zifeng was acting like a child, Bingqian couldn’t help but smile.

“The ingredients inside the cage will change after a specific amount of time. It’s nothing strange.”

Ye Zifeng laughed loudly, “Great! This time I happen to need some ingredients to make a pill that helps me resist spirit attacks. This Phantom Ginseng is not bad…. This Demonic Fog Grass is not bad either, and this……”

Ye Zifeng named a series of ingredients, some of which even Bingqian didn’t know about. Without knowing the ingredients, there was no way that she would know what kind of pill he was going to make.”

“Big brother rough guy…… you’re too greedy. All these ingredients cost over 100 points already!”

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng was startled, “It’s that much already?” In the past, as a heaven tier alchemist, he had all the ingredients that he needed. There was no limit to how much he can use. So when he made pills, he didn’t place any particular importance on the ingredients.

“You look like you’re in a hurry. Do you need all these ingredients now?”

Ye Zifeng embarrassingly sighed, “Yeah. This is a bit of a problem. I need them before next week. Last time I used up too much contribution points…… I don’t have any left.”

Last time when he swallowed the three Thunder Spirit Pills, he permanently gained the lightning attribute and strengthened his body. Although the effect was good, he was left with no contribution points or money….

“I have a solution! I can help you get all these ingredients.” Bingqian looked at him with a flushed face and her eyes closed.

“What kind of solution do you have?”

Bingqian blushed as she said, “Well it’s not that good of a solution but… If you come chat with me about alchemy every three days for a month, I can pay you 100 points in advance. If you promise me that you’ll come, I’ll buy you for a month. We can talk about the rest later…..”

“A month? You want to buy me for a month? A hundred points in advance?” Ye Zifeng was shocked and felt like he was going to be in a mess.

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