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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 24 – The Clan Master’s troubles

Chapter 24 – The Clan Master’s troubles
Translated by: Andy
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When Ye Zifeng swallowed the third pill, he dropped down onto his knees, faced upwards and spat out a mouthful of blood. The surge of violent lightning qi appeared in his body.

“Go and be absorbed by that damn spirit!” Ye Zifeng continued to spit out blood as he tried to move the lightning qi into his arms.

The lightning qi was very violent but since it was only qi from a common tier beast, the martial spirit had no problems absorbing it. Since the spirit had a big appetite, quickly and easily absorbed the qi.

After that, a white light flashed in Ye Zifeng’s body. He was startled for a bit but then a happy expression appeared on his face.

“Very Good! I’ve finally broken through the bottleneck of the third qi refining stage! I’ve finally reached the fourth stage!”

Taking three thunder spirit pills continuously was very dangerous for a cultivator, but it was one of the best methods to refine one’s body. The first pill opens and clears up the meridians, the second pill fixes the meridians, and the third pill refines the meridians.

Although attribute pills made from common tier ingredients were not that effective, the way that Ye Zifeng uses them makes it effective. A normal person would not be able to take one or two pills let alone three in a row. With this, Ye Zifeng was able to strengthen his lightning attribute by quite a bit.

As for the fact that his spirit absorbed most of the energy, Ye Zifeng didn’t think much about it. It’ll probably be beneficial for him later on. He’ll worry about it when the time comes for him to breakthrough into the martial disciple realm.

Ye Zifeng had finished what he needed to do and cleaned up. By the time he returned home, it was already almost midnight.

When he reached the doors, he saw Ye Xueyi pacing back and forth with an anxious face

“Xueyi, are you looking for me?” Ye Zifeng walked up and greeted her.

“Brother Zifeng. You’re finally back. Everyone’s waiting for you.” Ye Xueyi replied

Ye Zifeng looked up at the dark sky and embarrassingly replied, “Sorry. I went out and bought a furnace today. I forgot to tell you that I was going to refine some pills. It was my bad.”

Ye Xueyi raised her brows and shook her head, “It’s not about that…. It’s about father…. He came home today! He didn’t see you in the house or the sect and thought that you went out to fool around in the city. He’s really mad right now!”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Preposterous. Why would I, Ye Zifeng, go out and fool around? That old man is belittling me too much.”

Ye Xueyi spoke softly, “Uhhhh…… Back in the days, you would go out and fool around everyday…. You’re a frequent visitor of that uhhh Lady’s House and that Beauties Court or something……”

Ye Zifeng immediately became petrified…… Damn that good for nothing Ye Zifeng…. There was no way that he could get out of this now….

Ye Zifeng coughed, “Okay. Then if it’s like this, I’ll go and see father. You should go back to your room and rest up. It’s getting late.”

Xueyi shook her head, “No. Father told me to go see him with you. He said there was something important that he had to tell us.”

“Something important?” Ye Zifeng was confused, “Okay then. Let’s go see him together.”

“Zifeng you brat. So you do know how to come back. Tell me the truth. Where did you go tonight?”

Right when Ye Zifeng stepped into the room, Ye Chongtian immediately started yelling at him. When the Ye clan clan master becomes angry, it is very scary. He knows all about Ye Zifeng’s old habits. Ye Zifeng probably got offended by someone outside and came home to vent his anger or something.

“Father. Please calm down. When you weren’t here, brother Zifeng gained a lot of face for our Ye clan. Didn’t I just tell you about all this?” Ye Xueyi pulled Ye Chongtian’s sleeve.

Ye Chongtian shook his head, “It’s because I have some expectation for this kid now that I’m angry. If he was still a good for nothing like back then, I wouldn’t even be able to get angry.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Oh. Then I thank you for having some expectations for me.”

“…. You wanna get beaten?” Ye Chongtian don’t know why but it seems like his son had changed a lot. He was able to gain face for the family but for some reason, Ye Chongtian feels that Ye Zifeng became more and more infuriating and deserves to be beaten.

“Hmm then tell me where you were when the Liu clan came to cancel the engagement. Under the heavens, is there anything more important than your own son’s wedding?” Ye Zifeng had an insulting tone in his voice as he stared right into Ye Chongtian’s eyes.

This question allowed Ye Zifeng to flip the spear and strike back against Ye Chongtian. Technically, he wasn’t Ye Chongtian’s son so he doesn’t need to treat him like his old man.

Seeing how Ye Zifeng had an imposing manner, Ye Chongtian was slightly startled. His angry expression disappeared and started to laugh bitterly. He knew that the Liu family was coming to cancel the engagement but he left without telling anyone anyways.

“Brother Zifeng…. Father… let’s play nice. We’re a family.” Ye Xueyi stood in between the two, trying to mediate the situation.

“If this guy would grow up and train harder instead of going to fool around outside, then I won’t have a reason to be angry!” Ye Chongtian sighed.

“How do you know that I went to fool around instead of training?” Ye Zifeng asked. If Ye Chongtian continues to view him this way, there’s nothing to talk about at all.

“Heh. You’re not at home and you’re not training in the sect. You’re trying to tell me that you’re training outside? Don’t try to be slick. From what I can see, you were definitely fooling around outside!”

“Then when the Liu family came, you weren’t at home and you weren’t in the sect. You went out alone without saying anything. From what i can see, you were definitely fooling around outside as well!” Ye Zifeng coldly smiled.

“You!” Ye Chongtian was getting really angry now.

“Fine. I’ll tell you.” Ye Chongtian calmed himself down. “You want to know where I was that day? The answers right here. Look for youself.”

“Hmph.” While saying that, he threw a golden invitation card at Ye Zifeng, telling him to look at it.

Ye Zifeng raised his brows and looked at the contents of the invitation.

“Heavenly Clan Gathering?”

Ye Xueyi was the first one to speak, “Could this be the important gathering that happens once every five years in Leizhou city that determines the rankings of each clan?”

Ye Zifeng smiled indifferently, “What? Leizhou City’s clan ranking is determined by something this insignificant? This is too arbitrary. What’s the point of participating this kind of useless gathering? I’m not going. Oh yeah. Since it happens once every five years, did I participate last time?

Ye Xueyi whispered and reminded him, “Brother Zifeng. Last time you ran away saying that your stomach was hurting. Even though you registered, you didn’t actually participate. Because of that, you became the laughing stock of the entire city.”

Ye Zifeng had an amazed expression on his face and then immediately laughed at himself. That trash Ye Zifeng was really too stupid. He couldn’t help but laugh.

“However, even if it’s insignificant, at least the people will acknowledge the results. This is a good opportunity for our Ye clan to raise in the rankings. There’s no harm in participating…”

Ye Chongtian was shocked and thought he was dreaming, “Zifeng. You’re not kidding right? This time, you really want to participate?”

Just before, Ye Chongtian was in trouble. Each family had to send three people to participate. Ye Xueyi and Ye Huichi were automatically qualified to participate. However as for the third spot, Ye Chongtian didn’t know who to choose. There was Ye Hong, who had some talent, but he was adopted. He wasn’t actually a part of the Ye clan. There were no other juniors who were qualified to participate beside Ye Zifeng. They were in this situation last time as well. Since Zifeng ran away last time, Ye Chongtian didn’t even try to ask him.

Thus, after Ye Chongtian receive the invitation, he immediately left Leizhou City to the other branches of the Ye Chan. he hoped that the other branch clans could send someone over to participate. However, the other branch clans all refused to see Ye Chongtian. They didn’t care about him at all. Because of this, he was fuming with anger. When he returned, and saw that Ye Zifeng wasn’t home, he got even angrier.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “How about we talk about the prizes? The better the prize, the chances of me participating will be higher.”

“This is a chance to improve every clan’s ranking. Everyone in the entire Leizhou city will be focusing on this gather.” Ye Chongtian excitingly said.

“And the prize? I refuse to believe that there isn’t a prize the winners of the gathering.” Ye Zifeng had a strange smile on his face.

He was different from Ye Chongtian. Ye Chongtian was already a martial spirit expert. He wanted to focus on raising the power of his clan. However, Ye Zifeng didn’t care about the clan that much. He wanted to quickly raise his cultivation and return to the top of the world.

Ye Xueyi thought about it, “Five years ago….. Let me think… I don’t remember what kind of prize the top 10 participants got, but I got a tier 2 common treasure as the 11th place.

“Treasure? That’s good…..” Ye Zifeng was surprised. Although a tier 2 common treasure was not that good, it was still able to help one increase their strength significantly at lower levels. If the prize for the 11th place was a tier 2 common treasure, then who knows what the prize for top 10 would be. Maybe the prize will surprise him!

“Alright. This gathering, I, Ye Zifeng will definitely participate. When will this gathering take place?”

Hearing that Ye Zifeng wanted to the gathering, Ye Chongtian felt relieved. The problem’s that has been bothering him for the past few days was finally solved.

“A week from now…..”

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  1. amon says:

    cant wait for his omnipotence with lightning attribute.

    needs enough lightning power and control then whenever enemies grab their weapons,he’ll just electrify the steel

    • Light says:

      I’m not so sure. So far it seems that unless he actually trains it it’s likely just a passive resistance. Considering his previous level though, chances are high that he’ll be able to use it, although I’d imagine that because of his current power his effect, while levels better than what a normal person his level has, shouldn’t be enough to fight people. Judging by the fact that Ye Xueyi got 11th place and was probably in the upper ranks of the Martial Disciple level back then, it’d be hard for him to win with Ye Zifeng’s current strength.

  2. Leafyeyes417 says:

    I thought that Mr.Super Alchemist needed fire to refine pills… I know he said more than once that he had a “Ghost Flame” or something like that. Does the Ghost Flame come from the lightning element instead of the fire element?

    Thanks for the chapter!

      • Leafyeyes417 says:

        I’m talking about back before he “died” and became the “trash” of the Ye clan. In chapter 4 he said “All of my skills in my past life utilized fire so I can assist myself in the ways of alchemy.” But now he seems to be using lightning instead of fire? Thats what I’m confused about.

        • Andy says:

          oh. He’s not using the lightning to refine things. I think he’s using the lightning to help him fight in the future.

        • Adriatik says:

          Ah well it was just a matter of convenience to be honest, if their was a choice between fire attributed high point mission over lightening he would of chose that. However their wasn’t but considering his character why would he waste materials? Especially since eventually he will probably require resistance to all elements based off the fact of how easy it was for him to gain the herbs that almost all of the time lie next to a elemental beasts cave. And since he will probably take up more missions as such matter will probably proceed as I’ve stated.

  3. Dark says:

    In a few places the names are wrong. Ye Chongtian instead of Ye Zifeng or Ye Xueyi & vice versa. A few typos as well. Hope you correct them soon.

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