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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 23 – Eating three pills in a row!

Chapter 23 – Eating three pills in a row!
Translated by: Andy
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When a common tier beast dies, their qi energy would slowly scatter. The longer he kept the rhino horns unused, the weaker the qi becomes. This was why Ye Zifeng immediately went to get a new furnace after his old one blew up.

Without his ghost flames and a large amount of true qi, Ye Zifeng was at best a peak level huang tier alchemist who has a vast amount of knowledge right now.

However, being at the level was all he needed.

After the first pill was finished, Ye Zifeng put the pill into a small box. He then immediately put the second rhino horn into the furnace. He didn’t want to waste any time at all.

Second pill done. Third pill done!

He had continuously refined three pills without stopping at all. His entire body was drenched in sweat from sitting by the furnace for so long. While he was refining the pills, he used 110% of his concentration and energy. If it was any other alchemist, they probably would not have this much perseverance. They would need at least three days to do what Ye Zifeng had just done.

As the crazed alchemist that he is, Ye Zifeng will hold out until the end no matter how tiring the process was. He want to refine pills using the fastest speed possible. He was always competing with himself.

The fire in the furnace died out and Ye Zifeng had three sparkling and translucent pill in front of him. A blue light spiraled around the pill creating a sizzling sound.

“Oh my god! That’s a huang tier Thunder Spirit Pill!” Bingqian was shocked and unconsciously blurted out as she watched Ye Zifeng place the pills in front of him. Right after these words left her mouth, she knew she made a mistake. Ye Zifeng found where she was hiding.

When Ye Zifeng led her back to the city, she was constantly reminded and warned that she could only come back tomorrow.

However, she was very curious and wanted to watch what Ye Zifeng was doing. After thinking about it for a while, she decided to go watch him. She took advantage of the fact that Ye Zifeng was concentrating very hard and hid behind a tree. After watching for a while, she entered an unconscious state of awe and lost control of herself.

After he heard this, Ye Zifeng immediately turned towards her and angrily yelled, “You didn’t leave? You were actually hiding behind a tree and secretly watching me?”

Bingqian knew she was in the wrong and frantically apologized, “Sorry. There aren’t many people who can refine pills in Leizhou city. After meeting someone like you who can also refine pills, I couldn’t resist…….”

“Couldn’t resist what?”

Ye Zifeng’s expression was very cold. There was a cold and gloomy aura around him. A murderous qi was released by Ye Zifeng towards Bingqian which caused her to shiver.

Bingqian had never seen a third qi refining stage student who could actually put some pressure on herself.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Don’t be so mad! I’ll promise to keep your secret. I swear!”

Ye Zifeng’s anger slowly accumulated and coldly yelled, “You can swear. But this time, use your qi to make an blood oath. If you break the oath then when you reach the martial disciple realm, your soul will shatter and you will die in misery.”

“Do I have to make such a cruel oath?”

“You. Must!” Ye Zifeng’s expression was very austere. His murderous aura filled the entire area.

Bingqian was startled by his aura and quickly murmured, “Okay. Okay. I, Bingqian will promise to keep the fact that you can refine pills a secret. If I break this promise then when I reach the martial disciple realm, my soul will shatter and I will die a miserable death.” While saying that, she activated her qi and fused it with her blood. Then she scattered the blood on the floor, completing the oath.

This was a very cruel oath. If Bingqian breaks it, then she will not dare to enter the martial disciple realm. She’ll be stuck at the qi refining realm forever. With her talents, she would definite regret it if she breaks the oath.

“Big brother rough guy…… I’ve already made the oath. It was my bad. Please forgive me okay?” Bingqian pitifully looked at Ye Zifeng. She had a guilty and ashamed expression in her eyes.

She had finally found another alchemist in Leizhou city. She didn’t want to ruin their relationship, so, she started calling Ye Zifeng “Big brother rough guy” again.”

After seeing that she completed her oath, his started to calm down again. Actually, he knew that Bingqian didn’t have any ill intents at all, but he wanted to be safe.

“Big brother rough guy…. please…..”

Seeing how pitiful she looked Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but let the matter go, “Whatever. Forget about it. I brought you here with me so I should’ve been more cautious. But now that you’ve seen me, remember to keep it a secret.”

“I made a blood oath already. I’ll definitely keep it a secret!” Bingqian earnestly looked at Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng nodded and accepted her apology.

“But big brother rough guy. With you alchemy skills, you can make easily make a name for yourself in Leizhou City. Why don’t you take advantage of this? Why are you doing this in secret.” Bingqian curiously asked.

“I don’t want to become well known due to my alchemy skills. As a cultivator, I want people to know my name because I am a strong cultivator. So I need to refine pills in peace and raise my cultivation level. I don’t want to deal with worldly matters at all.” Ye Zifeng calmly replied.

Back in the days, the Ye clan had too many enemies. Now that the Ye clan had fallen, none of those enemies want to see the Ye clan climb back up again. If Ye Zifeng the alchemist suddenly appears out of nowhere, then everyone will try their best to suppress him. Therefore, he didn’t want to expose himself and have some expert suppress him out of nowhere.

Ye Zifeng hesitated a bit but finally spoke again, “Okay. You’ve seen me finish refining the pill already. Shouldn’t you leave now? Unless you want to bother me while I’m cultivating too…..”

“I have one last request to make.” Bingqian smiled, “You seem to know a lot about the way of alchemy. Since the sect frequently asks me to refine pills for them, how about you come to the treasury and talk about alchemy with me sometimes?

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “No way…. I……”

Bingqian quickly interrupted him, “Don’t reject me so quickly. Don’t you need some rare and expensive ingredients? Then how about every time you come, I’ll let you take some ingredients with you. You know… those ingredients from the treasury can’t be bought in stores…..”

Ye Zifeng was in a predicament. Bingqian was offering him rare ingredients for some of his time. She can somehow tell that Ye Zifeng loved rare ingredients and would not reject the offer. However, he didn’t want to waste his cultivation time…..

“How much is some…..”

Bingqian was startled. It seems like Ye Zifeng wasn’t going to refuse her.

“Every time you come, I’ll give you 5 contribution points worth of ingredients. How about it? It’s basically the same as repairing the broken walls mission…..”

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “No way. I’ll have you know that the last time I did a mission, I got a total of 460 points. If I can get 460 points in a month, that’ll come out to around 15 points every day. If you’re offering less than 15 points, I won’t do it.”

“15 points? You want to earn 15 points by talking alchemy? Why don’t you just rob these points from me then….” Bingqian was shocked. Ever since she was little, there were countless amount of guys who would chase after her and try to talk to her. However, this Ye Zifeng was being too ridiculous. He wanted her to pay him 15 contribution points just for talking. What kind of logic is this?

Ye Zifeng smiled, “That price corresponds to my third qi refining stage. If my cultivation raises in the future, then the price will exponentially increase as well!”

Bingqian was fuming. She stood up and pouted, “Fine. Fine. Fifteen points it is. Starting from tomorrow, I’ll be going to the sect to get ingredients every three days. If you have time, come and talk with me.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “If that’s the case, then I’ll see you the day after tomorrow. Please…..”

“You….”Bingqian groaned. She didn’t want to see this guy anymore. She turned around and left. This time, she left for real. Being able to set up a time to talk to Ye Zifeng, Bingqian felt really happy about it for some reason. As for the reason, she didn’t know why she felt like this.

After Bingqian left, Ye Zifeng’s expression became serious.

The process of absorbing the energy from the thunder spirit pill isn’t that hard. However, this time, he wants to try and see how much energy he can absorb with the help of the spirit.

The most important factor is if the mysterious shadow ghost will absorb the energy from the pill like it did the other time.

“Let’s try one first and see how it goes.” Just like before, he licked the thunder spirit pill and felt an immense numbing sensation throughout his body. It felt as if he was struck by lightning. In the next moment, he swallowed the entire pill.

An uncontrollable violent lightning energy appeared in his abdomens.

He calmed himself down and started to control the qi in his dantian. He slowly moved the thunder qi to the veins on his arms. A white mist started forming on top of his arms. He could feel his arms becoming stronger. The thunder qi continuously moved towards his arms as if it was being sucked in.

‘Nice!” His plan was successful. He was very happy and immediately put the second pill into his mouth.

Once it entered his mouth, the thunder qi quickly replenished itself in his dandian.

“Ohhh this feels great!” Ye Zifeng screamed and fiercely punched the floor. Dust started to fly around and a hole appeared on the floor. He wanted to use the thunder qi immediately and allow it to assimilate with his own qi.

Under the help of his spirit, he was able to absorb the energy of the two pills into his body. Although the spirit took most of the energy, he was still able to have some for himself.

“Hmmmm. Should I eat the third pill?”

Ye Zifeng hesitated for a bit. After pondering for a bit, he finally popped the third pill into his mouth and chewed it.

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    • Andy says:

      hmm. i think so. i went and reread the raws and that’s what it says. so im guessing that he’ll show himself before she reaches the Martial disciple realm

    • night0lw says:

      So does this mean she can show people with no consequence and tell people after she pass that level? Wouldn’t doing those lecture expose him and what happened to his sisters share

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