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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 206 – Who entered?

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 206 – Who entered?
Translated by: Last

Debt chapter and announcement

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The Liu Clan had experienced an unforeseen accident causing their morale to drop low.

“What should we do big sis. Are we still going to go forward even though everyone looks like this?” Liu Ningzi wrinkled her brows as she became restless.

“We will continue forward. If we could not handle this much setback then wouldn’t we be landing onto the enemy’s grasp?” Liu Bingqian’s charming face became resolute.

She turned around and swept a glance at those lying down on the floor: “You people should stop pretending to be dead. I clearly saw those who were affected by the shock wave from the explosion.”

“Mistress Bing, we were not pretending to be dead…..” The people lying on the ground were trying to take the opportunity to be lazy. They were startled after being called out to so they could only give out an embarrassed smile.

“Hurry up.” Liu Bingqian’s face became cold. She considered this as unsatisfactory. After receiving a huge attack, she fell into a bad mood as her expression was especially chilly.

“Hurry up…”

“Ye, yes.” When they saw that Liu Bingqian was about to get angry, they laughed and hurriedly patted they butt as they stood up. However, they were secretly annoyed that Liu Bingqian was able to see so clearly.

The current sect mission was very important to Liu Bingqian because it would determine whether she could be an exchange student to the Profound Sect or not.

Although she did not have a strong desire, she still wanted her family to earn some honor so she was unable to tolerate being lazy.

However, Liu Bingqian had the determination but not the methods, after all they were out in the open while the enemy was hidden.

Ye Huichi, who remained silent until now, fixed his collars as he suddenly began to speak.

“Since we are currently unable to determine the location of the Rong Clan, why don’t we head to the direction of the fierce beast? In the end, every team would need to hunt the monster core of the fierce beast for their sect mission.”

His words had hit everyone’s reasoning.

“That’s right. Although the enemy is hidden and I am out in the open, everyone’s goal is still to hunt the intelligent fierce beast. This Ye Clan little brother’s words are pretty good.

“Sigh……I wonder who the hidden expert in the Rong Clan could be. Could we even repel this enemy with just us?”

“What are you afraid of. Don’t we have Mistress Bing with us?”

While everyone was discussing with each other, Liu Bingqian’s eyes were filled with confusion.

She deeply sized up Liu Huichi and felt that he was only at the standard level and would not say any of these things. It felt like someone was teaching him what to say.

However, no matter how she thought about it, it was only a guess and might not be real.

“Big sis Bingqian, what do you think? Why don’t we follow his words and search for that intelligent fierce beast?”

“This……might also be good.” Although she felt suspicious about all this, she had no real evidence to back up her reasoning. In the end, without any other good plans, she cannot unreasonably reject other people’s good proposal because of her own misgivings.

“If everyone does not have any leads, why don’t we set this place as a starting point and expand from here?” Ye Huichi’s words were somewhat stiff but it was still a fluent that no one could point out any mistakes.

Naturally, if Ye Zifeng did not let the Rong Clan and the Wang Clan show their faces, the Liu Clan would not have any of these misgivings.


Inside the gloomy cave.

Ye Zifeng suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes flashed as his mouth curved into a radiant arc.

“The Liu Clan is here and they are about to enter this cave.”

Xiao Mu stopped his steps and looked back: “Impossible, how did you know?”

He knew about Liu Yige’s matter. However, Ye Huichi was a piece that he planted from the start of the mission so he did not know.

“You do not need to care about these things.” Ye Zifeng faintly smiled as he closed his eyes.

Sometimes, keeping the followers in the dark was a good method in preventing betrayals.

“Then what should we do? If they came here, then the hard work that we did to find the fierce beast would be disrupted by them?” Xiao Mu muttered.

“Disrupted?” Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head: “We have not yet reached the target yet you are saying they will disrupt us?”

Xiao Mu’s complexion changed: “Young Master Ye. are you saying that……”

“After entering this cave, do you think that I have set my heart on going to the deepest part of the cave or not?”

“This……” Xiao Mu carefully recalled and it seemed that Ye Zifeng did not do such a thing.

Since entering the cave, Ye Zifeng had been putting marks everywhere and arranging a few things. He did not pay any attention at all to Wang Mengxi’s guidance towards the fierce beast.

At the beginning, he thought that Ye Zifeng was making preparations to hunt the fierce beast. But now that he looked at it, Ye Zifeng was only thinking about the Liu Clan.

“Since we have not yet laid our hands on the fierce beast, disrupting us is far from the truth.”

He paused for a moment and continued: “Since the Liu Clan ignored our warning, then they should carry the consequences. Moreover, with them here, they could help us gauge the fierce beast’s strength.”

Originally, Ye Zifeng wanted to use Wang Tianzhi’s matter to show off their strength, but since they advance towards the mountain while knowing there is a tiger, then nothing could be said. They now have clear conscience to do what should be done.


When the Liu Clan arrived at the entrance of the cave, the spirit energy of a fierce beast surged towards them, forcing a feeling of fright to rise up.

After all, the spirit energy’s nature and amount was completely different from the two earlier fierce beasts…

“It seems this is the place where the intelligent fierce beast lives.” Liu Ningzi’s eyes glittered as she rigidly stared at the entrance. She looked forward and discovered that the cave was very deep.

“Small Young Master Ye is really good. You can actually rely on your ‘enemy search’ technique to find this cave.” A few Liu Clan members laughed mischievously as they gave him a thumb up.

Actually, this was not something that Liu Huichi found out but taught to him by Ye Zifeng through the spirit papers. How far to the north, how far to the west, all of them had been clearly written on them.

Ye Huichi felt so much pleasure from hearing this. Ever since he was small, only his father Ye Chen had praised him and no one else.

But now, he was enjoying the praises of these people.

Liu Bingqian smiled at Ye Huichi with manners and turned around to look at everyone.

“Ok. Since we have reached the fierce beast’s location, everyone should pay attention. The difficulty of this third mission is a lot harder than the first two. If we truly met danger, I have already warned you and you can use your life saving medallion…”

With Liu Bingqian here, the pressure everyone felt in their hearts rapidly plummeted, as if the targeted Crystal Rock Elephant had already fallen to the ground.

“Let’s go, everyone move forwards. There might be people who have already started to fight the fierce beast? Don’t let them catch the worm first.”

Liu Bingqian’s eyes filled with determination. As someone in the 9th stage of qi refining, this did not only carry the weight of her martial level but also carried a special kind of responsibility.


The deeper they walked in the cave the darker it became.

Liu Bingqian relied on the flame on her fingertips to light up everyone’s path.

Occasionally, she would be able to see that there were strange marks on the walls, Different arrowheads were drawn as if pointing them to the deepest part of the cave.

“This is strange. Why would there be marks inside the cave? Moreover, they seem to be quite recent.” Liu Bingqian walked towards one place as she looked at the mark in astonishment.

She suddenly thought about the beat-up Wang Tianzhi.

“Could it be…… them? Could it be the people from the Rong Clan had already entered this place?”

She did not dare guess that this was done by Ye Zifeng anymore and placed this on the Rong Clan’s heads.

Moreover, the mark on the cave would ensure that the people returning after finishing the mission would be able to follow the marks and return easily. This was most likely what the mark mean.

“Big sis, what are we going to do?” Liu Ningzi was frightened as her complexion changed: “If they beat us to the fierce beast and obtained its core, then we would have failed this mission.”

“Then why are you staring blankly for?” Liu Bingqian was spurred by everyone’s mood and adding to the darkness of the place, she also could not help but be slightly afraid.

An anxious light soon flashed through her eyes.

“Quickly catch up to them. Charge through to the deepest part of the cave and don’t let the Rong Clan take a march on us…”

The people of the Liu Clan begun moving forward again but Ye Huichi remained at the back. After seeing everyone has left, he brought out the spirit incense that was given to him by Liu Yige.

Until now, he still could not understand the uses of the spirit incense.

Since Ye Zifeng ordered him to do this, he could only follow his words.

He brought out a flint and used them to light up the spirit incense. After seeing the smoke swirl up, he slowly moved towards the center of the cave.

At the same time, the spirit energy inside the cave seemed to have a focal point. The mark on the walls begun to condense the smoke from the spirit incense, becoming a small whirlpool.

“Heavens, what is this incense? Why is it so strange…” Ye Huichi never imagined the incense to be so powerful that he became instead from being startled. He retreated a few steps and threw the spirit incense on the ground.

Liu Bingqian and the others in the lead also felt something strange was happening.

“What’s the matter?”

They had now stopped moving and looked back. They felt that something was wrong but they could not see any clues.

But, when Liu Bingqian saw the smoke from the spirit incense rose, her expression instantly changed.

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