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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 204 – Just one person?

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 204 – Just one person?
Translated by: Last

2 of 4 debt chapters! Enjoy!

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“The Rong Clan’s team? It can’t be? How could the Rong Clan’s team have entered the crystal valley?”

The two girl’s eyebrows wrinkled as their faces were painted with astonishment.

Originally, they had thought that the possibility of it being the Xiao Clan was greater.

But now, they looked at the direction Ye Huichi was pointing to and saw that Rong Shan had appeared. Although they were still quite far, when they saw the Liu Clan, they took a step and quickly escaped.

Anybody would love to bully pushovers. In the eyes of the Liu Clan team, the Rong Clan team were 100% pushovers.

But, they did not know that the Rong Clan were already relying on Ye Zifeng.

“What should we do big sis?” Liu Ningzi eyes lit up with surprise. She was clearly suspicious of Rong Shan’s appearance.

“What else should we do but chase after them. If there is something wrong, we can just ask Rong Shan after we grab him…” An anxious expression appeared on Liu Bingqian’s charming face.

Actually, this method did not have any problems. But, who could have known that after Rong Shan offended Ye Zifeng, they were able to quickly make up and even run errands for Ye Zifeng…

“Okay. Did you all hear what big sis Bingqian said. Pay attention and go forward together. At the very least, we must take hold of someone from the Rong Clan.

After her voice came out, the two girls calmed their hearts and quickly surrounded their bodies with qi. They adapted to the scattered qi in the crystal valley and with the quickest speed, they charged forward.

“Catch up…”

Everyone else looked at each other and nodded their heads as they tried to catch up.

The only person that remained on the field was Ye Huichi.

He looked around his surroundings. After confirming that there was no one else, he moved towards the shrub that let out a sound.

“Come out. Ye Zifeng had asked me to meet up with you.”

Hearing Ye Zifeng’s name, the shrub shook a bit. The person inside extended his limbs and stood up.

“You are, Liu Yige?”

“You are, Ye Huichi?”
I am, Last

The two people were shocked when they saw each other. Naturally, they knew each other. On that day, when Liu Ningzi came to the Ye Clan to annul their engagement, both of them were there and they even had a friendly relationship in secret.

“Aren’t you Ye Zifeng’s enemy? Why are you helping him?” The two of them asked the same question at the same time.

After speaking, they stood there like two logs as their eyes were filled with astonishment.

As matters stood, they had finally come to an understanding, the other side had already become Ye Zifeng’s subordinate.

Liu Yige let out a long sigh: “I truly never could have imagined this. For a long time now, you and Ye Zifeng could never see eye to eye. I wonder, when did you start helping him?”

“I also want to ask you the same thing. Previously, you came to our place with Liu Ningzi to annul the engagement. Didn’t you want to kill big brother? How did you become his messenger?”

When Liu Huichi said ‘big brother’, his voice carried a lot of intimacy. From the admiration in his voice, one could easily tell what this meant and it was extremely clear.

This was because he used to call his own big brother as a ‘good-for-nothing’ in the past.

The two people sighed and felt that all things in the world could change. An enemy yesterday would become a friend the next day.

Naturally, if it was not Ye Zifeng, this would be incredibly difficult to achieve.

“Let it be. Let’s not discuss this for now. Ye Zifeng had sent you to be the messenger, does he have something for me to do?” Ye Huichi decided to get back to the main topic. When all was said and done, he was part of the Liu Clan’s team. If he fell behind for too long, it would arouse other people’s suspicion.

Liu Yige nodded his head as his expression gradually became solemn.

“That’s right. Young Master Ye had asked me to give you this bag of spirit incense. Later, when you reach the cave, light it up.”

“Spirit incense?” Ye Huichi laughed mischievously. His face let out a malicious smile: “I understand. This is spirit incense that can put people to sleep right? Come to think of it, the two beauties of the Liu Clan aren’t bad. Big brother truly has an eye for things.”

“What the hell are you thinking, we are still undertaking the sect mission…”

Liu Yige couldn’t help scolding him. Although his relationship with Liu Bingqian was not that good, they still grew up under the same roof, as for Liu Ningzi, it did not need to be said.

If he wanted to trap someone, he wouldn’t go and trap his own Clansmen. This could be considered as his bottom line.

“Enough. When I tell you to take it, just take it. Stop asking so many questions.” Liu Yige unhappily replied.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Ye Huichi still laughed mischievously, but now he stopped spouting nonsense and just kept the spirit incense in his chest.

Liu Yige helplessly shook his head and turned around to leave. When all was said and done, if his tracks were discovered by others, then it would be bad.

“Is that all? Are there any other things?”

These past few days, Ye Huichi had kept his mouth shut. Most of it was due to Ye Zifeng’s incitement and he was afraid that he might say unnecessary stuff to the enemy. As a result, when he met Liu Yige, he wanted to say a few more things.”

“Ah, that’s right. Young Master Ye had asked me to remind you of something.”

When Ye Huichi heard this, his expression filled with delight: “What did he say? Could it be that because I helped him big time, he’s going to give me 100 gold? I still want to use it to gamble…”

“You…” Liu Yige was slightly stunned. Seeing Ye Huichi’s immature appearance, he could only sigh and shake his head.

This Ye Huichi in front of him was a complete good-for-nothing, yet he still had the mind to call Ye Zifeng a good-for-nothing before. Still, no one knew what had actually happened to the past Ye Zifeng.

“He let me remind you of one thing. Every time you talk with him, don’t only write 2-3 words in one page. He remembered every time you did it. When he returns, he would ask you to pay back the amount based on the market value, when you exceeded the use of 20 pages. 2 pages for 1 gold.”

Hering this, Ye Huichi was stunned and the blood in his entire body went cold.

“It, it can’t be.” He felt that it was strange for Liu Yige to remind him since Ye Zifeng could have written it to him. But the truth was, Ye Zifeng was afraid that he would waste a few more pages to reply to him.

Spirit paper was not necessarily precious. In Ye Zifeng’s eyes, this amount of money was not much, but the amount of spirit paper that a person could bring was limited.

Ye Huichi slightly paused: “But, how am I supposed to pay it back. If I follow according to his words, I would have to return the money he gave me earlier and have me spit out 2-3 more times……”

Liu Yige laughed and patted his shoulders: “Then you should work harder. He added one more thing. If the sect mission was accomplished without a glitch, then he would not ask back the money from the wasted spirit paper. Looking at you downcast look……”

Ye Huichi became happy: “What are you saying, aren’t I full of energy?”


After half an hour.

Ye Huichi had with difficulty caught up to his team. His face was full of sweat as he gasped for breath.

“What has happened. Have you caught up with the people from the Rong Clan?”

He wiped the sweat pouring from his forehead as he raised his head and looked at the two girls from the Liu Clan.

Before Liu Bingqian had the chance to speak, a male servant from the Liu Clan spoke up: “Idiot, can’t you look with your own eyes. If we had truly caught up with the people from the Rong Clan, why would the mood be so gloomy?”

Ye Huichi smiled with embarrassment. He carefully looked around the surroundings as he felt that the mood was really depressing.

“It can’t be. You truly did not catch up?” Ye Huichi was stunned.

This couldn’t help but baffle others. With Liu Bingqian’s strength at the 9th stage of qi refining, as long as the distance could be seen, it should have been easy to catch Rong Shan. How did the other party escape?

Seeing that Liu Bignqian was not saying a single word, Liu Ningzi sighed.

“This is indeed very strange. It was as if that Rong Clan member had completely understood the terrain. Every Time we were about to catch up, he quickly moved to a small road and shook us off.”

“This……” Ye Huichi slightly frowned as his expression was dyed with doubt.

Although Ye Huichi helped Ye Zifeng and knew that all this was dealt from ye Zifeng’s hand, he still couldn’t help but feel like a tiny star swimming in the vastness of space.

Although he was on the side of the unparalleled, he could not understand a single thing no matter how much he looked at it.

“Wait a minute. Everyone, quickly take a look. There seems to be someone lying down over there. Could he be dead?”

Suddenly, the Liu Clan servant couldn’t help but shout and pointed far away.

Everyone quickly charged ahead and lowered their head to see the badly battered person, who was lying on the ground. He was bruised from head to toe. Everyone sucked in cold air and couldn’t give any response. They could only exclaim and sigh.

“Is there anyone who could recognize this Rong Clan member? How could he be beaten to this point, this is too pitiful, right?”

“That’s right. It even seems that he might be crippled, sigh……”

“However, this is too strange. He is clearly part of their group so why was he left alone in this spot? Where could the others have gone?”

Liu Bingqian and Liu Ningzi quickly caught up and begun to look with everyone else.

Seeing the person lying on the ground, Liu Bingqian slightly sighed just like others. She also felt that he was too tragic to look at.

However, she suddenly paid close attention and looked at the person. Her expression was filled with doubt as her charming face immediately became deathly white.

“What’s wrong big sis. Could it be you recognize this person?” Liu Ningzi’s beautiful eyes flashed with suspicion.

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