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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 202 – Bullying intolerably!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 202 – Bullying intolerably!
Translated by: Last

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One person, one punch. Since there are 10 people then it’s 10 punches.

Everyone’s fist landed on Wang Tianzhi’s face. Each of their attacks may not contain any real damage but the shame and humiliation made him angry to the point that he almost fainted.

The title of Lei Zhou City’s number 1 qi refining expert was incredibly radiant. Normally, when people see him, no one would dare disrespect him.

But now, Ye Zifeng not only punched his face, he took the lead to punch his face and formed a line to punch his face……

When the wall falls, people would push forward. This concept was not difficult to understand and Ye Zifeng was currently using this tactic to lead everyone.

“Ye…… Ye Zifeng. I will kill you. I will dismember your body into thousands of pieces…” Wang Tianzhi was flustered and exasperated. He placed all his hatred on the leader.

“Don’t blame me for being vicious and merciless. This is all retribution. Try to remember those people who forfeited before, weren’t you the one who bribed them to do so? Also, the fact that we don’t have any experts at the 9th stage of qi refining, wasn’t that also you who bribed the sect elder to do so?”

“You…” Wang Tianzhi was shocked.

Ye Zifeng’s voice did not contain any ripples and continued to sound: “Doing this is fine, but you must make sure whether the person you are doing this to is a pushover or not…”

These words carried an air of grandeur and seriousness. It was enough to put light in everyone’s eyes as they pursed their lips and give birth to admiration to Ye Zifeng from the bottom of their heart.

However, right now, Wang Tianzhi was badly battered and his injury was not shallow. How could he have the chance to consider anything? Red blood was pouring down from his face as his rage overflowed. If Elder Shen did not use his soul spirit to suppress his retaliation, he would have directly charged ahead…

“Bastard Ye Zifeng. You are only a good for nothing trash. How dare you treat me like this…”

Wang Tianzhi actually held back a bit when he was going to teach Ye Zifeng a lesson, but he never imagined that he would suffer a counterattack and be fiercely suppressed by his opponent. His heart was beyond sullen…

“Right now, you are still talking about the previous me. Isn’t this leaking out your lack in confidence to fight against me?”

Ye Zifeng faintly laughed. Xiao Mu, who was beside him, thought that he was not satisfied and was about to hit Wang Tianzhi again. But, he was pulled back by Ye Zifeng.

“It’s enough. You have done enough. If you make the injuries too clear, the Wang Clan would not find trouble with you people but they would find trouble with me.” Ye Zifeng’s words seemed to imply that he feared the Wang Clan, but his tone and appearance did not carry a single bit of it.

This is enough? If anyone said it, it would be fine, but Ye Zifeng saying it is out of the question. Everyone couldn’t help but suck in cold air. Wang Tianzhi was almost beaten to the point that his head looked like a pig, but unexpectedly Ye Zifeng told everyone that it was enough. Now that the situation was like this, what was the difference between adding one more punch?

“Ye…… Ye Zifeng, you, your… bullying is too intolerable…” Wang Tianzhi’s thoughts began to burn as his rage once again increased, but he was once again suppressed by that soul spirit to the point of being unbearable.

After a long time, he finally could not endure the rage in his mind and with a plop, his entire body became weak. He became dizzy as he could not stand still anymore. He directly fell on the floor and he lost consciousness.

“Big brother…” Wang Mengxi shouted. She ignored everything and quickly rushed forward. His beautiful eyes overflowed with worry.

However, when she was about to take the first step, she was immediately blocked by Xiao Mu and the others.

“Wait a moment, who allowed you to go over there?” The corner of Xiao Mu’s mouth let out a sneer.

Wang Mengxi resentfully looked at him: “You…” At this time, she thought about making a move as long as she could help her brother.

“Just let her go.” Ye Zifeng smiled in relief. He waved his hand towards Xiao Mu and the others. When they saw it, they nodded their head and opened a path for Wang Mengxi to move.


After Wang Mengxi found a place to let her brother settle down, Ye Zifeng spoke.

“Miss Mengxi.”

Ye Zifeng raised his eyes towards Wang Mengxi. The latter, hearing what was said, shivered. Her delicate body couldn’t help but tremble.

She had always thought of his big brother Tianzhi as the most glorious existence. But now, his glory had been heavily trampled by Ye Zifeng. It was easy to imagine her current state of mind.

“Wha…… What’s wrong?” Wang Mengxi tightly bit her lips and fearfully looked at Ye Zifeng.

“Right now, you should know that being able to speak to me like this is already me giving you face.”

Everyone else from the Wang Clan had already been forced to use their life saving medallions and return to the entrance of the Scarlet Blood Valley. However, Wang Tianzhi was now heavily exhausted and injured by the soul spirit.

Comparing their situation was like comparing the earth and the sky.

“What, what do want me to do?” Wang Mengxi looked at Ye Zifeng in the eyes as if she had a slight understanding. By giving her face, it also served as a warning.

“The sect mission this time requires everyone to defeat the Crystal Rock Elephant in this crystal valley.”

Wang Mengxi slightly frowned: “You have already brought down this Crystal Rock Elephant and taken its monster core. What else do you want?”

“No no no……” Ye Zifeng faintly smiled: “Don’t you think that this third sect mission was too easy? It was even easier than the previous two missions.”

“This…… aren’t the sect elders just making the mission easier and the contest becomes a contest of which group becomes the fastest?”

“At the beginning, I also believed this.” Ye Zifeng shook his head: “However, after fighting with your big brother for a long while, my way of thinking changed.”

“What?” When everyone heard this, they looked at each other in astonishment.

What was the relationship between Wang Tianzhi and finding fierce beasts?

Ye Zifeng clearly saw everyone’s suspicion and faintly smiled: “A big place like this crystal valley is not really naturally made but formed from the spiritual qi from various fierce beasts inside. However, the elephant had already died for a long time now, but why hasn’t the crystal valley experience any big changes?”

“What you’re saying is, could it be……” Wang Mengxi tried to analyze the meaning in Ye Zifeng’s words and her complexion changes as if she understood something.

“Not bad, this means that other than the Crystal Rock Elephant, there is another fierce beast that had gained intelligence inside…”

Ye Zifeng’s powerful and resonating words echoed in everyone’s thoughts as their hearts became shocked.

Actually, they had already felt it before. Other than having a strong defense, the Crystal Rock Elephant did not have any other special qualities.

But now, Ye Zifeng’s words had cleared everyone’s doubts.

“This……” Wang Mengxi was stunned. Her lips and cheeks became pale as her heart tightened.

“This also concerns you.” Ye Zifeng’s gaze gradually sharpened. He fixed his gaze on Wang Mengxi as his lips slowly made a provocative smile.

“It concerns me?” Doubt flashed in Wang Mengxi’s eyes. Her expression slightly shook as she came to a realization: “Could it be that you are hoping that I will help you?”

Ye Zifeng had already done offended the Wang Clan yet he still wanted them to do something for him, this was simply indulging in his own fantasy…

“Not bad.”

“Then let me tell you, dream on….” She responded without any hesitation.

Ye Zifeng laughed and gradually walked close to Wang Mengxi. She spoke with great decisiveness but her body couldn’t help but retreat.

“Wha…… What are you going to do. Don’t come over…” Wang Mengxi lowered her head as her charming face was colored with alarm.

“I won’t force you. I will abide by my earlier promise and absolutely not put my hands on you. However, I will help your brother use his life saving talisman and send him back to the entrance of the Scarlet Blood Valley with that miserable appearance…”

At this time, he had already walked in front of Wang Mengxi, with just a distance of one step: “You should be able to guess what happens afterwards. If the Profound Sect elders see your big brother’s currently battered appearance, would he still be able to be chosen by the Profound Sect as an exchange disciple?”

If Wang Tianzhi appeared in front of the clan elders and the Profound Sect elders in his current appearance, who would even take him? Even Elder Lin would not be able to say anything.

After all, even if he wanted to cheat, he could not do anything if such a big screw up happens.

“You… you are too excessive…” Wang Mengxi bit her lips. When she heard Ye Zifeng use her big brother to threaten her, her gentle expression changed to anger.

Ye Zifeng returned a shallow smile: “Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself, the things that I did compared to the things that your big brother, second brother and even little brother, were they excessive?”
Wang Mengxi responded vaguely. Before she had the chance to speak, Ye Zifeng suddenly threw something towards her.
She was startled but quickly used both hands to catch it. She looked down and immediately became happy.
“Refreshing Jade Pot? You are willing to return it to me?” The feeling of losing something then regaining it afterwards made happily jump up.
However, after a short while, she raised her head and looked at the sneer on Ye Zifeng’s face. Half of her heart instantly sunk.
Where on earth would you find such a good situation?
Ye Zifeng faintly smiled: “From my point, the Refreshing Jade Pot is not really that useful. But in your hands, it is able to display most of its abilities. If you are willing to help me, I will return this Refreshing Jade Pot back to you and in addition to this, I will promise to help your big brother keep face.”
When Wang Mengxi heard this, she couldn’t help but enter into deep contemplation.
Ye Zifeng’s proposal seemed to have taken care of most of her worries. She couldn’t find anything to object about.
Helping him was a win-win situation. Not helping him was eternally losing her big brother’s face.
Comparing both choices, the only choice to make was very clear.
“Then, then I’ll agree. What do you want me to help with?” Wang Mengxi’s pursed lips finally relaxed and let out a deep sigh.
Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up and the corner of his mouth let out a fantastic smile: “Actually, what I want you to do is simple. Use the Refreshing Jade Pot to quickly find the remaining intelligent fierce beast…”

I was actually supposed to end hiatus last Monday but found out a novel I was reading was actually picked up again and the amount of chapters that I had to catch up to was no joke so hiatus was extended lol

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