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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 200 – Who is willing to stay here!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 200 – Who is willing to stay here!
Translated by: Last

2nd Chapter of the week. Fell asleep yesterday. lol.

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At the entrance of the crystal valley.
A girl wearing lotus colored garments stood there inspecting the traces on the ground. Her skin was snow white and her eyes were like clear water, suddenly an amazement flashed in her eyes.
“Big sis Bingqian, quickly come and look.”
Liu Bingqian let out an ‘oh’ sound as she twirled her black hair with her fingers. Her face contained a complicated expression.
“What’s wrong? Did you find out about anything?”
Liu Ningzi saw that her sister was still staring blankly, sighed.
If Liu Bingqian was her usual self, Liu Ningzi wouldn’t have had the turn to discover the unusual condition because her sister would have noticed it with just one look.

“It seems that there were two teams that had went ahead of us into the crystal valley.”
“Is that so?” Liu Bingqian raised her head with a slightly surprised expression.
Hearing this news, she did not have a huge reaction. She clearly did not care about the current sect mission that much.
“Big sis Bingqian, what are you thinking about? From the start of this mission until now, you look so sad as if you had lost your soul.” Liu Ningzi’s expression was filled with rebuke.
She hesitated for a while and continued speaking: “Could it be because you have not seen Ye Zifeng for a few days now?”
Even if it was her, she more or less felt that her big sis Bingqian had peculiar feelings for Ye Zifeng.
“Wha, what…… kind of nonsense are you talking about. We are only friends, who follow the dao of alchemy. Don’t spread false rumors.”
When Liu Bingqian heard this, her expression changed greatly as if her thoughts were exposed.
Liu Ningzi helplessly shook her head: “Big sis Bingqian, it’s not that I want to reprimand you, but whatever you are thinking about is clearly written on your face.”
She clearly understood that although her sister’s beauty could ruin cities, she had been imparted with the dao of alchemy at an early age so she did not go out much and understand worldly matters. After growing up, she had an even lesser opportunity to come in contact with the opposite sex. As a result, she did not understand the feelings of awakening to first love.
Liu Bingqian came to her senses and returned back to normal: “Let us not talk about Ye Zifeng’s matter, okay? Right now, let us think more about how to take down the Crystal Rock Elephant!”
She intended to avid the subject. Right now, their team’s top priority is to finish the mission, so Liu Ningzi did not talk about Ye Zifeng’s matter again.

Liu Ningzi immediately nodded her head: “Okay. Then just like before, let us discuss how to hunt the Crystal Rock Elephant!”
  Suddenly, Ye Huichi, who had been silently hiding in the corner, unexpectedly opened his mouth.
“What’s there to discuss. The Wang Clan is so impressive, they might have already killed the Crystal Rock Elephant.”
The Liu Clan members looked at each other with an amazed expression.
Ye Huichi was a member from the Ye Clan, although he was not a member of the Liu Clan, the two clan was currently in an alliance. Because of this, the Liu Clan members did not make things difficult for him.
“What are you talking about. Don’t blurt out something without any reason and lower our morale!” Liu Ningzi’s beautiful eyes flashed with anger.
“Wait, little sister. His words…… are not impossible.” Liu Bingqian was slightly startled. After pondering about this, she frowned.
The Wang Clan team was undoubtedly the team with the highest chance of finishing this request. If this was true, then the Liu Clan team entering the crystal valley was a waste of time.
“Big sis Bingqian, don’t listen to him. After all, he is someone from the Ye Clan.” Liu Ningzi black brows slightly knot and reminded her.
“So what if I am from the Ye Clan, don’t make it sound like I have a great relationship with Ye Zifeng. Moreover, isn’t your Liu Clan’s Liu Yige also in a different team? The goal of everyone gathering together is to complete the mission, who could ever ignore the sect reward for this?” Ye Huichi argued.
(There is someone)
“This…… is also true.” Liu Ningzi pondered for a bit and smiled. She had previously came in contact with Ye Chen and knew that Ye Huichi’s relationship with Ye Huichi was not good. Only now did she remember this.
How could she have known that the two of them had already buried the hatchet. Ye Zifeng had even given him a hundred gold coins to help him do something before the sect mission even started.
“Since it’s like this, then which two teams do you think are inside the crystal valley?” Ye Huichi spoke with a harsh tone as if he was reciting something word-by-word without any practice.
Liu Bingqian gave a surprised sound as her beautiful eyes leaked an astounded expression. She muttered: “Was this young master from the Ye Clan always this clear and eloquent? Why do I feel like these words came from Ye Zifeng?”
Liu Ningzi was stunned and deeply looked at her sister, helplessly shaking her head.
“Big sis Bingqian, look at you. We haven’t even reached three sentences and you mentioned Ye Zifeng again.”
“I…… enough. I’m not talking to you about this anymore.” Liu Bingqian was speechless for a while. Her charming face slightly flushed. To prevent her little sister from seeing it, she looked the other way and quietly hung down her eyelid.
She paused for a moment as she sorted her feelings. Then, she raised her head with a solemn expression: “Since we are separated into different groups, everyone is fighting for themselves. Let us put everything else aside. Moreover, the Ye Clan team does not have anyone at the 9th stage of qi refining. With that kind of strength, they wouldn’t be able to enter the valley. There is nothing to worry about since they don’t have the qualifications to fight us!”
When every team begun the mission, the Liu Clan walked ahead of everyone, as a result, they did not know that the Ye Clan team only had 10 people. If not, they would have asked themselves if the Ye Clan team could even finish the first two missions.
Liu Ningzi beautifully smiled: “That’s right. Then, for the two teams that had entered the valley, one of the is definitely the Wang Clan and the other is either the Xiao Clan or the Rong Clan.”

“Oh…… then it’s probably the Xiao Clan. With Xiao Ying there, they should be far ahead of the Rong Clan.”
“That’s right. I also think it’s the Xiao Clan.”
If Liu Bingqian and the other knew that Xiao Ying, who was rarely thought highly of, had already used his life saving medallion and sitting at the entrance as an observer, everyone one of them would have fainted.
Just like this, their vigilance towards Ye Huichi decreased.
If there were three teams that entered, then they would be suspicious of something, but now they felt that there was no real need to.
From their point of view, the Ye Clan, simply did not have any strength to enter the crystal valley.
On the other side.
“Hahaha…… Ye Zifeng, the move you used to restrain me had already been broken. If you have any more tricks, bring them all out!”
Wang Tianzhi laughed loudly. Previously, he had wasted a lot of power to difficultly reverse the flow of his qi and blood, letting his qi remove the restriction. After he returned to his senses, he was already drenched in sweat.
Ye Zifeng turned his back on everybody and wrote word after word with tremendous speed on the spirit paper. Only after he finished burning all of them to ashes did he raise his head.
“Oh? Wang Tianzhi, what did you just say?” While saying this, he let out a long sigh.
Wang Tianzhi was slightly stunned as he widely opened his mouth and didn’t speak as if he lost his voice.
“You, you are still being absent minded……?”
This was not the first time Wang Tianzhi met someone who dared to provoke him. However, this was the first time he met someone like Ye Zifeng, who ignored him after provoking him.
“Bastard! Ye Zifeng, you are nothing but trash, how dare you ignore me! Fine! I will now let you pay the price!”
Wang Tianzhi had already broken the restriction of the soul spirit so he now able to move. He now had nothing to fear.
A white spirit line formed a circle around him and spread like waves. In a flash, it had blown away the qi monster that Ye Zifeng created.
Ye Zifeng waved his hand and the distant qi monster once again returned to his palms. His face let out a trace of green qi from the shockwave generated by Wang Tianzhi.
Seeing that the strength of the two sides were too far apart, and Ye Zifeng had already used his trump card, everyone gradually recovered their reasoning and began to advise Ye Zifeng.
“We’re finished. Wang Tianzhi is now truly furious. Young Master Ye, its already not bad that you have endured for this long, but you must quickly escape right now……”
“Escape? What kind of nonsense are you talking about. Young Master Ye had previously signed a blood contract stating that he cannot escape. Are you trying to let Young Master Ye to suffer the consequences of going against the contract?” Qin Lang unhappily looked at Shi Chen.
“So what if there is a punishment. At the very least it would be better than dying!” Shi Chen believed that ‘anything is better than dying’. Even if half of his body becomes paralyzed from the penalty, it would be better than dying on the spot.
Feng Di blankly stared at all this. Her beautiful eyes contained a drop of worry.
Ye Zifeng raised his head and looked at everyone. He lightly smiled and said: “Everyone, if Wang Tianzhi truly defeats me, he would immediately go and deal with you. You should take this opportunity to quickly run away. However, I will say this right now, if you are willing to stay, you are my brother. In the future, the Ye Clan would cover for you!”
“This……” Everyone looked at each other for a moment. They had a difficult time to decided.
After a while, someone finally stood out.
“Young Master Ye, I, Qin Lang, am willing to stay here!”
“I, Han Xiuming, am also wiling to stay here!”
“I, Shi Chen……. am also willing to stay here!”
“I…… Xiao Mu, will also stay here!”
Feng Di swept over everyone’s firm expressions. She clearly never foresaw that Ye Zifeng had actually won over everyone in such a short period of time.
She knit her brows and opened her mouth, about to state her position. Suddenly the situation changed!

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