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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 2 – The Declining Ye Clan

Chapter 2- The Declining Ye Clan
Translated by: Andy
Edited? by: Andy

Made a change in Chapter 1. Instead of Zifeng being a Martial Ancestor, it was actually Martial Lord.

For some reason, it is a lot easier to translate this than DOP. I can probably manage five chapters of this and 5 chapters of DOP a week(? Maybe more maybe less.) except during test weeks. (This week is my midterms week. Database System midterm tomorrow T.T)

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Ye Zifeng was forcefully pulled away by his sister into an empty place with no people at all.

“Brother Zifeng, are you insane? Why would you make this kind of bet with someone like Wang Lin? If father finds out, he’ll definitely scold you for making the Ye clan lose face again…..”

Xueyi’s face was filled with austerity, but anyone can see that she was actually worried for her brother.

“Lose face? Why would I make the Ye clan lose face? I’m going to win some honor for our clan!” Ye Zifeng rebutted.

At this time, he was almost done putting all the piece of pertaining his old memories back together. He knows that the girl in front of him was his sister and in the clan, asides from this sister of his, no one else cares about him at all.

Xueyi’s eyes widened, “You want to win honor for our clan? I’m not hearing things… right? Brother Zifeng, did they actually beat you until you turned crazy? I can’t let this go….. I’m going to get revenge for you!”

She had grown up playing with Ye Zifeng, so of course she would care for him. In her eyes, even if Ye Zifeng was a good for nothing, she couldn’t stand other people bullying him.

And now, he probably turned into a crazy lunatic from all those beating that he had received.

Ye Zifeng quickly pulled her back, “Don’t worry about it. I didn’t go crazy. My mind is as clear as it can be. From what I know, I don’t think my mind had ever been clearer than it is now! Don’t find them for trouble… You’ll only dirty yourself.”

“Okay then…. I’ll listen to brother. I’ll let them get away with it this time. Otherwise, I’ll let them understand the difference between my 8th Stage of Qi Refining and their abilities.”

While saying that, Xueyi stomped both her feet and pouted to vent her anger and discarded the idea of revenge. This cute and adorable side of hers was completely different from the ice cold girl from before. Of course, only her brother was able to see this side of her.

Ye Zifeng coughed faintly and felt warmth in his heart for the first time in a long time, “It seems like the feeling of having a family member care for you feels pretty good.” Before crossing into this world, he was an orphan and a crazy alchemist. All of his interactions with people were filled with pretense and compliance. He had never felt genuine feelings before.

‘What did you say?”

Ye Zifeng softly shook his head, “Nothing. I was just a bit moved.”

Ye Xueyi took a deep breath and calmed herself down. She couldn’t bear seeing her brother’s body filled with injuries. Whenever she sees her brother injured, her nose would feel sour as if she was about to cry.

“Brother……If only you weren’t a good for nothing…. I’m not asking for much… at least you won’t be bullied by people like Wang Lin…”

The thing that Ye Zifeng can’t stand the most is a woman’s tears. Thus, he didn’t want to explain much and showed her that he was being serious. This was because he didn’t want someone who cares for him to shed tears for him.

“Okay, let’s not talk much. Three days is not a long time. I need to start preparing right away. It’s getting late too, so let’s go home.”

After walking a few steps, he felt that something was wrong. He embarrassingly turned around.

“Right, uhhh Sis, which way is the way to our house?”

Ye Xueyi was speechless……

Twenty years ago, the Ye clan could be regarded as a large clan. They were able to compete with Wang clan in the east, the Liu clan in the west and was one of the Leizhou City’s three great families.

However, everything changed when Ye Zifeng was born.

Ye Zifeng was natural born sick person. His meridians had been check by many famous doctors and he was labeled as “A trash that only appears once every a hundred years.” After cultivating for so many years, he was still at the 2nd Stage of Qi Refining, and became the laughing stock of the entire Leizhou City. In addition, due to his sickness, it required his father, the Ye clan patriarch to repeatedly transfer True Qi energy into his body every once in awhile to keep him alive.

As for his cultivation ability, His father, Ye Chongtian, had already given up on him.

But now, this good for nothing son of his was calmly sitting in front of him, examining the teacup in his hands, and drinking it in a manner as if he was a great master.

“You…. What did you just say? You want to refine pills?” When Ye Chongtian heard this a moment ago, he couldn’t restrain himself and spat out the tea that he was drinking.

Ye Chongtian’s stared at Zifeng blankly and then looked away. He turned and looked at Xueyi.

“What happened? Your brother….. What’s wrong with him?”

“Father, Brother was beaten by some people today, I think that there’s something wrong with his head. I think that it’s because it has been a while since you transferred True Qi into his body. How about you transfer some more True Qi and help brother out right now?……”

Xueyi worryingly said. After returning home, she wasn’t the icy cold girl from the sect anymore. She basically reverted back to a little girl who is pampered by her parents. Only her brother and parents would see her like this.

Ye Chongtian furrowed his brows and shook his head, “Xueyi, it’s not like I don’t want to help him but by giving him my True Qi, my cultivation had almost dropped from the Martial Soul stage down to the Martial Practitioner stage. If I continue giving him my Qi, the one who’s bullied won’t be him but our entire Ye clan!”

“But…… Father, If you won’t help brother, no one else would help him…..” Ye Xueyi softly bit her lips.

Actually, she understood what her father was talking about. Let’s not talk about being bullied, but if her father gets anymore weaker, the Ye clan would be driven out of Leizhou City. As a fallen clan of what used to be the three great clans, they had harbored hatred and jealousy from the other clans and those clans would try their hardest to suppress the Ye clan.

In the Martial Spirit Continent, the strong devours the weak. Cultivation level was divided into eight levels: Martial Disciple, Martial Practitioner, Martial Soul, Martial Lord, Martial Emperor, Martial Ancestor, Martial Saint and Martial God. People like Ye Zifeng and Ye Xueyi who were still at the Qi Refining Stage, they couldn’t even be considered as cultivators much less help the family at all.

Although the Ye family was large, as the patriarch, Ye Chongtian single handedly carried all the weight of the family.

“Father…. Please!” Ye Xueyi blinked a few times and pouted like a cute sad dog.

Ye Chongtian waved his hands signal for her to go away, “Xueyi, stop using this move every time. This time, I will definitely not give that good for nothing son any True Qi!”

In all these years, his cultivation had been dropping instead of rising. This was because he had constantly transferred True Qi into Ye Zifeng to help prolong his life. This time, he had decided that he wouldn’t do so anymore.

At that moment, Ye Zifeng opened his mouth and said, ‘Who said I want your True Qi? Transferring True Qi into my body would only help for awhile. It’ll only make my body more reliant on your True Qi and stop developing!”

Hearing this, Ye Chongtian was shocked. If anyone else had said this, he would believe them. But these words came out of his good for nothing son’s mouth. It felt a bit weird to believe such words. Usually Ye Zifeng is very cowardly and wouldn’t even look at him in the eyes, much less talk face to face with him.

However, he didn’t pay any mind to these small details and laughed, “Zifeng, it seems like you finally understand your father. You’ve grown up. Just hold on for a bit more. After your father stabilizes himself in the Martial Soul Stage, then I’ll transfer some True Qi to you.”

Ye Xueyi couldn’t help but stare blankly at Zifeng and felt a bit angry for him.

“That’s why I said I want to refine some pills before!”

Ye Xueyi quickly grabbed his sleeves and shook him, “Brother. Stop talking back. Why are you still acting crazy!”

Ye Chongtian closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “Okay. Bring him downstairs. It seems like Xueyi isn’t wrong. He really did get beaten so much that he turned crazy!”

Ye Zifeng genuinely and seriously rebutted, “I can go down, but only after you give me a furnace and prepare the ingredients that I have written down on this paper. If you do that, I’ll leave immediately.”

Ye Chongtian tried his hardest to hold himself back. His hand shook in anger and said, “You bastard. If you keep talking like a lunatic, I’ll throw you into the cellar and have you reflect on your actions against the wall for three days.

Ye Zifeng didn’t quit and continued to ask, “Let it be then. Put me in the cellar. I’ll do whatever you want as long as you get me a furnace and my ingredients….”

“You!” Ye Chongtian slammed his hand on the table and stood up. As a Martial Soul stage practitioner he was able to release and control his power to pressure people. His glare revealed a hint of pressure that pressed down on Ye Zifeng.

“Father!” Ye Xueyi yelled from the side. It was only then did he release his pressure and regain his composure.

Seeing how Ye Zifeng was still barely standing and looking at him with determination in his eyes, Ye Chongtian was shocked.

“Fine. I’ll get you a furnace and the ingredients you want. If you have the ability, I don’t want to see you make piles of slag!”

After he fiercely replied, he turned his back to the two, signaling that they should leave.

“Okay, Brother we can go now.” Ye Xueyi pulled Ye Zifeng.

“Hold on a moment.” Ye Zifeng, took the piece of paper with the ingredients out, left it on the desk and left with his sister.

Seeing that the two had left, Ye Chongtian rubbed his temples. Because of this disappointing good for nothing son of his, he’s been having a headache for almost twenty years now. Now, his son was beaten crazy by someone else. His head began to ache even more.

It seems like the Ye clan really had fallen. He couldn’t help but sigh.

After a while, he calmed down and without knowing, he reached for the piece of paper that Zifeng had left. He shot a glance at the strong and straight writing on the paper.

“When did this kid learn to write so nicely? Every time I had him write, I would yell at him for writing his letters like drawing an earthworm. Could it be that since he knows he’ll be a trash in cultivating that he started to learn literature?”

Ye Chongtian laughed bitterly and began to look at the ingredients that his son had listed.

With after a rough glance, his expression changed dramatically. After carefully reading what was listed, his hands began to tremble. When he had finished reading the entire list, he felt as if lightning had struck him. His entire body shook and he was left speechless.

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  1. kirindas says:

    He’s shocked either because the ingredients are super cheap or immensely rare and expensive. Considering the MC’s former background, I expect it’s immensely rare. Thanks for the new chapter!

    • Aezhir says:

      or they are just moderate, but what left him speechless is the fact that trash son of his, knew those ingredients.

    • Kinglight says:

      i’m putting my money on him knowing a little bit about alchemy and recognizes the ingredients as part of a pill, but it is also equally likely that its expensive ingredients used to reshape his foundation.

  2. Anon Ymous says:

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  3. MabinogiKen says:

    This has an LLS vibe, where a person of a different place gets transferred in a body of a “trash” and has to prove himself.

    For Yue Yang it is Innate, for this guy, his alchemy, huh.

    Will be interesting.

    This stories of Wuxia/Xianxia where the MC is a reincarnation of a powerful individual is similar to The Tale of Demons and God and Chaotic Sword God (both are translated by the way!)

    • Kinglight says:

      well…. LLS was basically one kind of trash being put into another kind of trashes body, except this trash is stronger so his words carry weight.

  4. Lednacek says:

    i have to say i lost the interest in DOP. it was quite good at the start but later on i felt nothing. Even having a female heroin lost its appeal. Should this story stay funny it might be good. LLS is funny and everyone loves it.

    • Andy says:

      I’m still going to be doing DOP. I don’t think a chapter of DOP a day would affect my TL speed of this at all.

  5. Bizness says:

    Your website blows. It’s the only website for reading Chinese novels I’ve come across that can’t support reading mode on iPads. Constantly doesn’t load the entire text and the site crashes constantly causing the page to reload. Even worse than Qidan, which is extremely hard to be worse than.

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