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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 199 – Just this once!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 199 – Just this once!
Translated by: Last

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A sharp and clear sound of grinding bones came from Wang Tianzhi’s position.
As everybody stood there at a loss, countless silver lights begun to appear from Wang Tianzhi’s body. His qi suddenly rose dramatically.
The sound of bones cracking and splitting was coming from his body.
Elder Suo’s eyebrows tightly knit together as he felt this powerful energy.
“No way. Wang Tianzhi is so harsh to himself. He actually reversed the flow of his qi and blood to break through the restriction. Looking at this, it seems a disaster is going to land on Ye Zifeng, its really unfortunate.”
Elder Suo couldn’t help but deeply sigh, showing deep regret. Actually, he was very disappointed in the Wang Clan members so he favored Ye Zifeng and even wanted to help him.
However, he was the mission director, so he couldn’t show any discrimination, and remained only as an observer, continuing to observe the changes in the field.
Since Elder Suo already seen the change in Wang Tianzhi’s body, how could Ye Zifeng, who was once a martial lord, not see it?
Ye Zifeng immediately muttered to himself and thought that the tactic of making the opponent waste himself was already useless.
After all, making the qi flow the opposite direction to break through the restriction would heavily harm the body. However, the results were good. Most likely, Wang Tianzhi would be able to quickly break the restriction and fight him directly.
“Ye Zifeng, let me give you a warning. If you escape right now, you would probably be able to survive. Oh right, I almost forgot, you have made a blood contract with me so you cannot escape!”
Wang Tianzhi’s gaze was filled with pride. It was very clear that he was already impatient and wanted to go and teach Ye Zifeng a lesson. The suppressed sullen feeling, that he had since the beginning of this mission until now, was finally about to be alleviated!
“Escape?” Ye Zifeng slightly smiled and wiped the blood on his mouth.
“Be relieved. Since I signed a blood contract and got your monster crystal, then I will keep my word. Until you shout to stop, I will continue to accompany you.”
“Good, Ye Zifeng, it seems that you are still relaxed!” Wang Tianzhi was slightly startled but his gaze suddenly let out a fierce light: “With this, I will definitely leave you an intact corpse later!”
The rage in his heart could already kill someone, so he did not care about what Ye Zifeng said since he was going to kill him anyways.
Naturally, he did not know that someone was hiding in the shadows and observing their match.
Elder Suo bitterly smiled and shook his head as he deeply sighed: “Although this Wang Tianzhi’s strength is not bad, he is too impulsive and does not use his brains. Comparing them like this, Ye Zifeng is definitely more impressive. I wonder what those sect elders are thinking. They placed such a genius like this on the side and decided to nurture a few mediocre bunch. It’s no wonder that Lei Zhou City’s cultivation level is getting further and further behind.”
“Ok, since I have more or less understood the situation, I will leave now.” He made a decision and planned to watch until this point. Soon after, his soul spirit pulled back like a thread. With a whoosh, a ripple of energy suddenly disappeared from the air and went back to the entrance of the Scarlet Blood Valley.
Meanwhile, Ye Zifeng slightly squinted his eyes. He clearly noticed the moment this soul spirit disappeared.
“He finally went away, made me wait long enough……”
When he turned his head back, his expression became incredibly stern.
At this moment, Wang Tianzhi was already gradually breaking the restriction on him. However, due to caution, he still stood in the same place and did not immediately make his move.
He slightly sneered at Ye Zifeng: “Humph! Your death is at hand yet you still have the leisure to daydream. Did you think that the people behind would save you once I make my move to kill you?”
The contract between him and Ye Zifeng only set the actions of both of them and did not involve other people. So, if someone truly wished to save Ye Zifeng, it would not be against the contract.
The corner of Ye Zifeng raised into a smile. He slowly closed his eyes and ignored his words.
Xiao Mu, Qin Lang and Shi Chen looked at each other with a difficult expression.
“Xiao Mu you go up. Quickly protect Young Master Ye!”
“What nonsense are you taking about? Young Master Ye is so impressive, why would he need other people to protect him?” Xiao Mu said as he hardened his face, which was also escaping from this plan.
If they were dealing with Wang Mengxi, they would naturally not shrink away. However, dealing with Wang Tianzhi was a different matter. It was even possible that they would be blasted to death with just one palm due to his rage.
“How was it?” A few elders surrounded Elder Suo and begun inquiring the situation.
Elder Suo fixed his expression and said: “I admit that Wang Tianzhi and Wang Mengxi really have a bit of power. However, compared to that Ye Zifeng, they were still lacking by much.”
While saying this, his hand was gesturing the ‘lacking by much’ part of his words.
Elder Shen moved close and worriedly asked: “Then, have Wang Tianzhi and Ye Zifeng start fighting already yet? Did Wang Tianzhi say anything?”
“Wang Tianzhi said that he wanted to kill Ye Zifeng in cold blood. However, I feel that these words were only spoken at the moment of anger so he won’t actually do it. Because of this, I did not pay any more attention to it and returned.”
If something actually went wrong and somebody died, it would be a huge matter.

The sect people would also be pricked in the back if this actually happened so they were not willing to see this.
“Then, what if it was real?”
Elder Shen looked at him unhappily. This matter might not have any relation to anybody, but to him, Ye Zifeng’s life was linked with his cultivation realm. If Ye Zifeng accidentally died then he would fall down a few realms and waste countless years to go back to normal.
The rest of the people looked at Elder Shen with a strange guess. According to logic, he wouldn’t be someone concerned with Ye Zifeng. Could it be that there was some kind of agreement between them?
Elder Shen couldn’t help but conspicuously smile. At once, he made a decision and found a quiet place to submerge his mind.
After a moment, a cold air escaped his mind and directly flew towards the crystal valley. Previously, he had informed Ye Zifeng about the matter of Wang Tianzhi entering the crystal valley, so now, he was quite familiar with the direction to go there and quickly found Ye Zifeng’s location.
Before he spoke, Ye Zifeng already took the initiative to find him. It was clear that he had been waiting for a while now.
“No way. Ye Zifeng, you guessed that I would find you?” Elder Shen’s eyes flashed with curiosity.
“It is so.” Ye Zifeng spoke with a calm voice: “I thought that the previous soul spirit belonged to someone from the Profound Sect and he came here to check on the situation. Since he already returned, he would definitely tell everyone about the situation. As for you, once you heard that I was fighting with Wang Tianzhi, you would personally come to confirm the situation.”
Elder Shen was slightly startled. He laughed: “You are quite clever.”
He slightly paused: “Right, what is your current situation. Since you could close your eyes and speak with me, have you already escaped Wang Tianzhi and hid yourself?”
Ye Zifeng calmly smiled and shook his head: “Quite the opposite. Wang Tianzhi is in front of me right now. Moreover, I’m afraid that he would make a move against me soon!”
“What?” In an instant Elder Shen’s heart panicked. He almost spat out blood: “Then why are you still talking with me? Quickly escape!”
“I can’t. I made a blood contract with Wang Tianzhi and cannot escape.” After Ye Zifeng summarized the contents of the contract, Elder Shen’s face almost turned green from anger.
“You, you……”
Ye Zifeng smiled a bit and said: “Now, since the person responsible for monitoring us has left. Zifeng wishes to ask Elder Shen to personally make a move.”
“What kind of joke are you saying? You want me to make a move?” The corner of Elder Shen’s mouth twitched and replied with astonishment.
From the beginning, Ye Zifeng wanted to cheat and wanted to ask for his help for a bit. However, Elder Shen never imagined that the situation was this dire and that Ye Zifeng actually wanted him to personally make a move.
If this was discovered by someone, then Elder Shen would only have the conclusion of losing his standing.
“Elder Shen, do you still remember the number of bad things that we have done ever since the Heavenly Clan meeting until now?” Ye Zifeng did not wait for Elder Shen to reject him and continued to talk. He begun to take an indirect approach.
As the common saying goes, if a person wants to have a good relation, doing 100 good things could not make up for a single bad thing. Right now, Ye Zifeng and Elder Shen had already done three four bad things together already.
The two people, along with Elder Zhao in the Profound Sect, stood against each other. But they slowly understood each other and even openly curse each other. The three of them had already formed an unforgettable relationship.
Before Elder Shen responded, Ye Zifeng continued to speak: “Right now, Elder Suo had just retracted his soul spirit and everyone else are only qi refining disciples. If you make a move, no one would notice.
Elder Shen deeply sunk into contemplation. He did not immediately respond as he was clearly swaying.
“Wang Tianzhi is now staking his all to kill me and even reversed the flow of his qi. If I died……”
“Okay, I understand.”
Elder Shen gave a long sigh. He slightly squinted his eyes.
“Just this once, I will not do this again!”
Ye Zifeng lightly laughed as the corner of his mouth raised into an arc. His eyes filled with killing intent.
With his current strength, he could only fight with his opponent to a draw. Even if he won with great difficulty, he would not be able to deal with the Liu Clan members later on.
But now, he could finally free his hands!

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