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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 197 – Moving Clouds Flowing Water

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 197 – Moving Clouds Flowing Water
Translated by: Last

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When Elder Suo heard Ye Zifeng’s brazen declaration, he felt incredibly astonished.

Wasn’t Ye Zifeng’s words declaring that he had a plan to win against Wang Tianzhi so he decided to fight against him?

Was it possible that the Ashen Spirit Sect people had made a wrong report regarding ye Zifeng’s cultivation, the same as Ye Xueyi’s situation?

All kinds of doubts like fragments of snowflakes floated within Elder Suo’s mind, giving him a headache. On the other hand, Ye Zifeng’s confident smile left him a deep impression. He couldn’t help but give birth to admiration for Ye Zifeng.

“I should still continue to observe. I feel that I did not come to Lei Zhou City for nothing. Maybe I have truly picked up a treasure.” He muttered to himself and decided to continue observing.

“Stop speaking nonsense! Let me see what kind of confidence you have to actually say those word!”
Although Wang Tianzhi deeply felt astonished when the qi monster appeared, this did not mean that he was afraid of the opponent.
He roared and sent the huge palm made from qi towards Ye Zifeng.

At the same time, Ye Zifeng patted the qi monster as it raised its fighting intent. It opened its mouth towards the incoming palm.
Wang Tianzhi truly deserved to be called the number one expert in the qi refining realm.
His huge palm had slapped towards the qi monster, as if wanting to crush it like clay!
“Wang Tianzhi, you are truly impressive. It seems that only an expert could guarantee my safety……”

Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. Even Jin Peng who was a martial disciple could not do this, but in front of him, Wang Tianzhi was able to succeed. The only conclusion that could be made by looking at it would be that Wang Tianzhi was too strong.
“Hehe…… its useless even if you praised me. Let me tell you, even if someone from the Profound Sect wanted to protect you, I would still kill you!” He carelessly blabbed. He simply didn’t know that Elder Suo from the Profound Sect was currently using his soul spirit to look at the situation.
Elder Suo’s face became ashen since he was, in the end, someone who had prestige in the Profound Sect. Although Want Tianzhi was strong, he was only someone from the qi refining realm. Someone like him simply did not have any right to be violent. Forget about those Wang Clan members who had come out early, even an idiot could see that the boss Wang Tianzhi was quite easy to guide around.
Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled: “If you truly have the strength, then come give it a try.”

“Before he finished speaking, the qi monster, that had been hit by Wang Tianzhi’s strong attack, did not dissipate but instead still remained. As if maggots eating, it slowly covered the huge palm and vigorously bit into it.
“Hehe, it’s useless. Ye Zifeng, how could you even contend against my huge qi palm……”

Wang Tianzhi’s complexion let out a sneering smile. His arrogant expression made everyone slightly disgusted. However, his words suddenly came to a stop as his expression quickly changed: “Impossible. How is this possible! Ye Zifeng, what kind of monster did you let out, to actually be able to bite the huge palm like this……”
Actually, the qi monster that Ye Zifeng let out had a high regenerative ability. Even if it was on the verge of death, as long as it had a single breath left, with the help of the martial spirit, it would still be able to regrow.

“I’m sorry but it’s too late for you to realize it……”

The corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth raised into a smile. He had previously swallowed five Qi Nurturing Pills at the same time. In the eyes of others this pill was not really much.

However, by swallowing five pills like this, Ye Zifeng was able to continuously supply the qi monster with qi!

At this moment, the qi monster replenished the its energy. It recklessly bit on the huge palm and slowly shrinking it.

Upon seeing this, how could Wang Tianzhi just stand still. His power was tyrannical, even if the qi monster had entangled it, pulling it back was an easy thing to do.

As a result, his face became gloomy. The powerful qi in his entire body erupted, at the same time, the huge palm pulled back, separating from the damned qi monster.

Soon after, he took a deep breath and sent the huge palm to the sky. It seemed as if half the sky was covered in a barrier. Lights flickered in the sky and swirled in it. Soon after a destructive circle formed and once more heavily slapped towards the qi monster.


Wang Tianzhi roared as if he wanted to vent out all his dissatisfaction.

This attack was so powerful that not only the qi monster but even Ye Zifeng might be directly hit by it.

Red lights shot towards the qi monster as the huge palm was still circling in the sky. In a flash, it carried a suppressing force like Mt. Tai.

Ye Zifeng calmly smiled and used one hand to send qi towards the qi monster, almost making it materialize. His other hand directly threw a dagger, that had a string tied to it, towards the qi monster’s body. Soon after he pulled it..

The huge palm landed on the ground as dust rolled up. The qi energy dissipated and a deep hole suddenly appeared.

Before the huge palm landed, Ye Zifeng had quickly pulled back the qi monster successfully.

This move was so similar ot moving clouds and flowing water. Doing something so smoothly as if looking at an expert.

Even Elder Suo had admitted that Ye Zifeng’s reactions were even faster than his. So, as he exclaimed, his view of Ye Zifeng as higher than before.

“It’s my turn now.” Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled and casually threw the dagger in his hand. Suddenly, the sharp dagger had directly been thrown towards Wang Tianzhi’s position, at the same time the qi monster was also sent to Wang Tianzhi’s position.

If a weak person was fighting a strong person, they had to position themselves properly and not let the situation turn into a melee. Appropriately advance and counter attack after defending would frequently yield great result. Those with more experience would win, this was the principle that Ye Zifeng was deeply versed in.

Facing the approaching dagger, Wang Tianzhi did not place too much attention on it and let out a single palm strike, thoroughly shooting it down. However, the approaching qi monster couldn’t help but give him a headache.

After all, he had not yet awakened his martial spirit so naturally he would not know many things about martial spirits.

Just as expected, the qi monster appeared besides Wang Tianzhi. Without the huge palm’s protection, it opened its mouth, attempting to eat his fill of qi.

“Dammed thing, you are not enough to deal with me!” Wang Tianzhi fiercely grabbed its teeth and forced its mouth open, relying only on his physical strength. No matter how many time the qi monster attempted to close its mouth, it was unable to do so and only angrily repeat.

Although Wang Tianzhi was slightly tough, he had frequently suffered losses. But in his cultivation, due to his unrelenting spirit, he was able to move forward step by step.

“Then what if I was included?” Ye Zifeng laughed. Countless streaks of lightning came from the red lines on his arms and attacked towards Wang Tianzhi.

Wang Tianzhi was slightly startled and laughed: “So what if you are added. Laughable, do you think that you could win like this?”

“You are too careless Wang Tianzhi. Let me say one thing, I have already approached you.” The corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth raised into a smile.

“What did you say?”

A cold energy suddenly burst forth from Ye Zifeng’s body.

Before Wang Tianzhi finished speaking, his figure suddenly became sluggish, as if a kite that had its strings cut, losing all movement.

Following the pattern! Ye Zifeng had won against Liu Bingquan like this. Now, he was also doing the same thing to Wang Tianzhi!

“This……. This is……”

Ye Zifeng faintly smiled and quietly muttered something that could only be heard by him.

“It’s been a while since I’ve used this trick. Even if I wanted to save a bit more soul spirit, Elder Shen would probably curse me. However, if you are my opponent, I won’t hold back.”

At the same time, Ye Zifeng slowly walked over and used one finger to heavily poke Wang Tianzhi’s stomach. In a split second, lightning run through Wang Tianzhi’s stomach and shot out through his back.

“Ahh!” Wang Tianzhi’s expression was filled with great alarm. His expression changed and let out sounds as if a pig was being butchered, He painfully cried out.

From birth, everyone had been respectful to him and be his yes man. On the other hand, Ye Zifeng was his arch enemy and clearly would not treat him with any courtesy.

As for the qi monster, it had finally run into this good opportunity, so it would not be lenient. It wantonly bit Wang Tianzhi’s wounds and strands of qi was absorbed by it.

“Ye Zifeng, you fucker, I will kill you right now!”   

Wang Tianzhi roared. Qi instantly flowed from the ground, engulfing everything. The wind whistled stopping everybody from approaching. It even forced Ye Zifeng back a few steps until he was three meters away.

However, when Wang Tianzhi concentrated and tried to move, he discovered that he was still unable to move. A feeling of defeat inevitably swelled within him.

This was because he could clearly feel that the qi in his body was continuously flowing out, as if a sluice gate that was kept open.

“You should not open your mouth then close your mouth then shout that you want to beat me up or kill me, it would be best if you just save your energy.”

Ye Zifeng faintly smiled. When he was about to say something else, a flickering light suddenly appeared in his chest. His eyes flashed with a strange color and brought out a piece of paper.
“Oh? The people from the Liu Clan are here……”

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