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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 196 – You want to vent? I will allow it!

The Strongest Dan God Chapter 196 – You want to vent? I will allow it!
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The Elders of the Profound Sect looked at each other with a curious look.

They could faintly feel the Ye Xueyi, whose body still had remains of the Spirit Increasing Pill’s effects, was close to reaching the martial disciple realm. This discovery couldn’t help but attract everyone’s admiration.

This Ye Clan’s young miss is quite good. Could it be possible that she had already reached the 9th stage of qi refining? Elder Lin, I remembered that you told us that she was at the 8th stage of qi refining, right?”

“This…… I might have remembered wrongly.” Elder Lin was stunned and bitterly smiled.

How could he know that when Ye Xueyi took the mission she also successfully leveled up! In his heart, he blamed the person who gave him the report, giving him inaccurate information.

“Let’s ignore her cultivation for a moment. Apart from this, she had also brought with her the monster core for the third mission. She is truly outstanding. Fellow brothers, take a look, shouldn’t we also include her in the list of exchange students to the Profound Sect……” Adept Liu of the Profound Sect slightly stroke his long beard and muttered.

“Oh…… Her realm is indeed sufficient. If we add in her performance during this sect mission, I think that we should add her.”

“I also think that we should, her aptitude is really pretty good.”

Elder Lin’s expression greatly changed and spoke in a flurry: “Everybody, please think about this more. You can give anyone the slot but don’t give it to someone of the Ye Clan.”

Elder Suo repeatedly snorted. His expression was slightly bad. This time, when he came to the Ashen Spirit Sect, he was the person with the highest authority, whatever he says would carry the greatest weight.

“Elder Lin, I already offered you 3 slots, do not go overboard. We do not need you to tell us what to do. Whoever our Profound Sect wants to recruit, we shall recruit them. If you want to blame someone, blame the disappointments of the Wang Clan, who couldn’t even endure!” This was the first time he came to the Ashen Spirit Sect, so whenever he spoke he didn’t conceal his disdain towards the members of the Wang Clan.

“You……” Elder Lin’s expression became gloomy. Although he was panicking inside, he was simply incapable of refuting anything. At the moment, he could only blame the disappointing performance of the Wang Clan.

“Enough, I won’t talk to you anymore. I will personally go look at the situation.”

Elder Suo snorted and closed his eyes. A cold air leisurely extended towards the crystal valley.


Within the crystal valley.

Ye Zifeng’s eyes flashed mysteriously. He raised his head to survey the surroundings and saw an unfamiliar soul spirit flashed over. Although the time was short, he was still able to see it.

“Is it someone from the Profound Sect checking the situation of the exchange students?” The corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth faintly rose into a smile as his eyes shined.

Wang Tianzhi had previously lost his reasoning in rage but now, he had slightly sobered after his attack landed on empty air.

He understood one thing. If he were to pressure them like this, then everyone could just use their life saving talisman to escape and he would have nowhere to vent his rage.

Ye Xueyi was a good example!

If they could not beat him, then they would escape!

What Wang Tianzhi did not know was that everyone here had already given their life saving talisman to Yue Yang. Although they were calm on the surface, they were panicking inside.

“What’s wrong? Do you still want to continue?” Ye Zifeng brought out a life saving talisman and waved it in front of Wang Tianzhi, attracting his attention.

If other people escape, they would panic and lose their reasoning.

However, Ye Zifang used escaping to threaten Wang Tianzhi. Everyone who heard this was shocked.

Fearless! This was the condition for two sides to negotiate.

Although Wang Tianzhi was extremely furious, he still suppressed his rage with great difficulty as his voice slightly trembled.

“Ye Zifeng, do you the guts to throw away the mission and duel with me?”
“Duel with you?” Ye Zifeng was slightly startled and faintly smiled: “There are no benefits for me. On the other hand, both of us would be injured and the Liu Clan would be able to take advantage of us for nothing. Could you actually accept these results?”
“Wang Tianzhi waved his hand and calmly said: “I don’t care anymore. I don’t care about the results of this sect mission anymore. If the Liu Clan took advantage of our situation, then so be it!”
“Hehe…… so that’s it!”
Going against Wang Tianzhi’s anticipation, Ye Zifeng raised his palm.
Wang Tianzhi was startled and frowned. He unhappily looked at Ye Zifeng.
“Ye Zifeng, what do you have up your sleeves?”
Ye Zifeng raised his head and looked at the surrounding spirit fluctuation. He turned around and smiled: You said that you don’t care about the result of this sect mission anymore, am I correct?”
“So, what if it’s like that?” Wang Tianzhi was slightly shocked and felt as if something covered his heart. However, he looked around his surroundings and did not discover anything amiss.
He knew in his heart that the best method to deal with Ye Zifeng was to just charge ahead and beat him up, shutting him up.
But the current situation was different. If he did this, Ye Zifeng would just use his life saving talisman to escape.
He wanted to vent his anger but he had to suppress it. As a result, his expression was red with fury, his heart was clearly displeased.
“Okay. I will accept your request to duel. If you want, I can even sign a blood contract……”
Oi, sono saki wa jigoku dazo
“Are you for real?” Wang Tianzhi became happy.
Ye Zifeng’s eyes slightly squinted and faintly smiled: “However, you must give me the previous two monster cores from your missions!”
Wang Tianzhi looked at him with a startled expression. He did not expect that his opponent still wanted to take a few more advantages from him.
“What’s wrong? Didn’t you say that the result of the sect mission is not important anymore. Then, what’s the difference whether you have the monster cores or not?” Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled and patiently spoke.
After a while, Wang Tianzhi laughed loudly: “Stupid kid. Your death is at hand yet you are still thinking about treasures. Fine! So what if I give you the monster cores but add one more condition in the blood contract. Before I say stop, you absolutely cannot use your life saving talisman to escape!”
Ye Zifeng deeply looked at him: “So be it.”
“Then, I agree!” Wang Tianzhi saw that Ye Zifeng did not plan to escape, instead he was going to fight with him directly. He felt that the gloominess in his heart will finally be vent out and became incredibly pleased.
“I agree.” Ye Zifeng raised his head and turned his line of sight elsewhere. His mouth slightly moved.
The cold qi that Elder Suo let out was his soul spirit.
This soul spirit surveyed around the entire crystal valley, which is also the place where Ye Zifeng and the other are. He begun to observe everything and by chance saw that Wang Tianzhi and Ye Zifeng were about to fight.
This unexpected scene surprised him. Wang Tianzhi was Lei Zhou City’s number one expert at the qi refining realm. This matter was also known by Elder Suo even if he was from the Profound Sect.
However, when he saw Ye Zifeng, Elder Suo could not understand what he was thinking. He actually dared to fight someone at the peak of 9th stage of qi refining. Could it be that he was tired of living?
“However, if Ye Zifeng is truly able to handle ten hits from Wang Tianzhi, it seems that I must absolutely have him in the profound sect.” Elder Suo muttered in his heart and made a decision.
In the period of time that he was pondering, the two people had already made a blood contract. Wang Tianzhi followed the contract and gave Ye Zifeng the two monster cores.
“My god, what is this blockhead doing?” Elder Suo turned pale with fright. Sine he had just arrived, he did not know what unforeseen event just happened, so when he saw Wang Tianzhi gave away the monster cores that he had obtained with hard work, Elder Suo’s mind was deeply stunned.
“Ye Zifeng, I personally thought that you were a smart person. I never imagined that you would bet your life for some small benefits. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being greedy!”
Wang Tianzhi’s expression was extremely cold. He stared at Ye Zifeng with that cold expression as brilliant lights shone from his body. His murderous intent was very clear as if he was about to make his move anytime now.
“Stop dilly-dallying. If you want to make a move, hurry up and do it. There are only a few of us here and no one else is looking.”
Ye Zifeng calmly smiled and winked behind him.
When the rest of the Ye Clan’s team members looked at the scene, they all choked on saliva. They didn’t know if they had to go up and stop them or turn a blind eye to it. At the very least, they still did not want to offend the Wang Clan, offend Wang Tianzhi. If they did this, it would be hard to normally walk around Lei Zhou City in the future.
Wang Tianzhi expression became malicious: “Ye Zifeng, you’re courting death!”
  He shouted loudly as strong energy gushed towards his body from all four directions. On his palm, strong qi begun to leak out. In a split second, the qi condensed into a seemingly tangible giant palm and suddenly clawed towards Ye Zifeng!
“Come at me.” Ye Zifeng laughed loudly and swallowed a row of Qi Nurturing Pills.
Actually, the amount of Qi Nurturing Pill on him was almost used up due to the previous battle. However, everyone still had a few of them.
It had all been taken by Ye Zifeng.
He did not care about anything right now and swallowed everything in one mouth full! Swallowing five Qi Nurturing Pills was something no one has ever heard of, the only person who would dare do something like this would probably be Ye Zifeng.
When Ye Zifeng ate all five of the Qi Nurturing Pill, his entire body exploded with energy. In a flash, a dark and desolate qi swirled. A qi monster, with its mouth wide open appeared in front of everybody. It was even bigger compared to the qi monster from before.
“In the past, I was only at the 5th stage of qi refining but I had won against Liu Bingqian who was at the 9th stage of qi refining. So, Wang Tianzhi, today, I will personally teach you that victory is not necessarily determined by one’s cultivation!”

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